The Case for Removing Jeff Sessions

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori  / RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS ON on American Political Radio

When the American people elected then candidate Trump to become President Trump, they did so in part to “drain the swamp,” and in part to go after both high level members of the Obama regime and to have investigations launched into high level misdeeds.

Senator Jeff Sessions quickly inserted himself into the inner circle of the Trump campaign becoming an adviser on nearly every decision or policy proposal Trump made during his campaign. And either Sessions himself or one of his team crafted and helped communicate Trump’s campaign immigration policy platform. And Sessions became the chair of Trump’s National Security Team, also helping Trump pick his V.P. running mate.

And we believe it is highly likely that in the early months of the campaign a deal was struck between then candidate Trump and then Senator Sessions that should Trump become president, Sessions would be rewarded with a high-level post, and that due to his time as Attorney General of the State of Alabama, the A.G. post would be the most likely fit.

We say this because just two weeks after the election, soon to become Attorney General Jeff Sessions let President-elect Trump know that he, Sessions, would not pursue Hillary, leading Trump to announce that he, Trump, was “no longer interested in pursuing a case against Hillary Clinton.”

What follows below is a short line item list, in no particular order, of prosecutable offenses and offenders that A.G. Sessions has no interest in going after, which means what follows are key reasons why he should be removed from his post.

Let’s start with Hillary’s private and highly questionable if not outright illegal private server set-up in the bathroom of her Chappaqua, New York home. Saying when questioned by the F.B.I. about said server and why she used it, as in “The vast majority of my work emails went to government employees at their government addresses, which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the State Department,” means in Hillary’s mind that her turning over “the vast majority” of emails equates to her having broken no laws. Never mind that said “vast majority” might be minus the emails that contain the very information that show her actually breaking the law…never mind that she most likely committed treason.

So as A.G. Sessions is now begrudgingly investigating Hillary’s server escapade because of a recent directive from the White House regarding “questions about immunity agreements that Clinton aides may have made,” it’s a token investigation at best because Sessions continues to reiterate that, “It would take a factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of a special counsel” in order for him to go forward against Hillary.

And Sessions says so even though no grand jury was ever seated to compel the turning over of key physical evidence; no matter that the D.O.J. collaborated with defense lawyers to “restrict” the F.B.I.’s ability to pursue certain lines of inquiry and examine digital evidence; no matter that immunity was given to some who should have been charged with crimes and who should have been “pressured” to cooperate; and no matter that James Comey admitted to having written his conclusion even before Hillary was interviewed.

So instead of Sessions accepting as fact that a special council or a grand jury is exactly what would have but still can put ‘teeth’ into the email investigation…he instead is trying to make ‘dirty herself’ Huma Abedin the fall guy for all Hillary things email related.

Translation: Sessions by his what amounts to inactions is doing his very best to let Hillary remain both unscathed and unprosecuted.

And he’s doing so while also letting former F.B.I. Director James Comey…the man who should have been in Sessions’ prosecutable crosshairs long ago for perjury and conspiracy not to mention obstruction of justice for his exonerating of Hillary ahead of 17 witnesses being interviewed and before like we said Hillary herself had been interviewed…remains unprosecuted as well. Choosing to do absolutely nothing regarding the corruption masterminded by Comey… corruption well known, documented, and long established…it appears Jeff Sessions does not want now or ever to do anything about it.

The hard cold truth is that had any average citizen who did what Comey did, would be indicted, charged, and taken to trial. The fact that A.G. Jeff Sessions has turned both a blind eye and a deaf ear to the unlawful acts of James Comey is another line item on the list of why Sessions must be removed from office.

Now add to that growing list the name Lois Lerner, the woman who used the I.R.S. as a partisan political weapon with which to target conservative groups, and the abject inaction of A.G. Sessions to lift a finger to indict Lerner as yet another reason pointing directly to why it’s high time to remove Sessions from his post.

Not only did Lerner use her position at the I.R.S. to mastermind the targeting of conservative groups, she also built a team to carry out the targeting…targeting that branched out to several I.R.S. offices in various parts of the country.

And then, when the walls of her cubical of corruption began to collapse, Lois Lerner lost her emails…24,000 of them…her hard drive “crashed” along with several other hard drives of those on her team, hard drives were destroyed, and then when investigators tried to ascertain who may have been in the I.R.S. building when Lerner’s hard drive “crashed,” they discovered that the security logs regarding who was in the building and when had been destroyed.

At the time all of these misdeeds were taking place, I.R.S. Commissioner John Koskinen was on the job, and by any outward appearances he was a part of the targeting scandal as well as being part of the cover up of it. And yet, to this day, Jeff Sessions has done nothing to hold those so deeply involved in such obvious government overreach, corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse, accountable.

Water under the bridge or is it just the swamp getting murkier by the minute?

Now around the same time as the Lois Lerner/I.R.S. issue was going on another little deal was taking place, a deal that became known as Uranium One. But what is not known about that deal was that a parcel of 600 acres of land…land encompassing roughly a square mile…is land that A.G. Jeff Sessions just happens to own. Sitting adjacent to the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge… Sessions does not just own the physical land itself but the all-important “subsurface oil and mineral rights” to said land…land that just happens to sit atop Alabama’s uranium deposits.

That’s right…the state of Alabama is home to a belt of uranium that runs clear across the state and Sessions…the man who recused himself from existing D.O.J. policies concerning drilling and mining relating to environmental issues…just happens to personally hold “mineral rights”…including drilling and mining rights…to some of Alabama’s uranium.

And Sessions kept silent on this little uranium fact when appearing before his confirmation hearing.

So why is this important…because when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set-up and then President Obama approved and announced the sale of 20% of our uranium stocks to Russia, that sale itself dictated that said 20% had to be replenished in order to bring our country’s uranium stocks back up to 100%. And where would that uranium come from…some might just come from the up-to-this-point unmined uranium deposits in Alabama…maybe even from under the ground Jeff Sessions owns the mineral rights to. Possibly then making Sessions one very rich man no matter his department’s recusal from drilling and mining issues, this could be yet another reason why he will not take sides on G.O.P. demands to probe “years-old matters” connecting Hillary Clinton to Russia.

And dare we say could this be the real reason why Sessions recused himself from any and all things Russia, after all one supposed meeting with the Russian ambassador seems an unlikely reason to do so.

Now let’s move on to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and two episodes she was involved in that A.G. Sessions has said he has no intention of investigating.

The first was her clandestine meeting on the tarmac and inside a private jet with former President Bill Clinton, the husband of the target of an ongoing investigation. And while all attorneys learn from the get-go that they must do everything in their power to avoid even the slightest notion of impropriety, there was A.G. Lynch in Phoenix, holding a secret meeting with the husband of the target of a D.O.J. investigation. That meeting surely violated at the very least D.O.J. ethics regulations and probably quite a bit more than that.

The other event was when A.G. Lynch told then F.B.I. Director Comey not to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton as an “investigation” but instead to call it a “matter.” This then saw Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University calling that bit of wordplay a partisan intrusion” by A.G. Lynch on behalf of Hillary Clinton…quite possibly part of whatever else was discussed on that Phoenix tarmac. But we’ll go a step further and call it a violation of the Hatch Act…the act which states that, “(a)…an employee may not—(1) use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election”...proving that Lynch was intentionally trying to soften the language used in regard to her chosen 2016 presidential candidate.

And while this was a clear violation of the Hatch Act, and while violations of the Hatch Act are not criminal in nature but only rise to the level of firing a federal employee, it still leaves one to wonder who else was a part of that particular decision making process, who is still employed at either the D.O.J. or the F.B.I. that was a part of it, and why Jeff Sessions is doing abjectly nothing about investigating it.

And know that Jeff Sessions also remains noticeably quiet on Benghazi…a scandal that does indeed “make a difference” no matter that Hillary Clinton herself said it was “time to move on” after Trey Gowdy’s congressional report produced no new evidence pointing to wrongdoing by the former secretary of state forever to be known to we conservatives as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi.’

And by his saying that specifically there continues to remain “an insufficient basis to launch a special investigation of Hillary’s actions regarding Benghazi,” A.G Jeff Sessions has turned his back on bringing to justice those responsible… as in Hillary Clinton and of course Barack HUSSEIN Obama…for the 2011 deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Shaun Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

In fact, just this past August, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta, ruled that Loretta Lynch’s D.O.J. had not been “sufficiently thorough” when responding to Freedom of Information requests by Judicial Watch for the 348 Benghazi related emails…348 out of the 30,000 not turned over emails Hillary sent via her private email server. And that ruling, by of all things an Obama appointed judge, seems to have been pushed to the side…ignored actually…by both Sessions and his D.O.J. neither of whom to date has done anything of substance concerning Hillary’s covering up, let alone helping to orchestrate, the 2011 attacks on the Benghazi compound.

Then there’s Jeff Sessions’ stance on immigration…illegal immigration in specific. When he was the junior senator from Alabama, Sessions twice helped to block comprehensive immigration reform but now says ending illegal immigration is his “signature issue” at the Department of Justice. In fact, in 2006 when the Bush administration first tried to overhaul our even then seriously flawed immigration policies…including his trying to “tighten” border security…it was then Senator Sessions who lead the opposition to Bush’s proposed bill, and who continued to oppose anything but his version of said reform, that is until he became one of the first to jump on the ‘Trump train’ that is.

And while we understand Sessions’ reasons for opposing both Bush’s proposed reform and the 2013 Gang of Eight…saying neither went far enough…not doing anything even knowing that changes and amendments could later be added on…is exactly what allowed illegals to continue to enter our country because border security remained understaffed and overwhelmed. Not understanding that immigration reform has to start somewhere…all or nothing is no longer a viable option…Sessions cannot be trusted to follow through on what he says is now his “signature issue.”

And why…because of his recent words regarding sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, and the DACA/DREAMer situation.

On sanctuary cities…last year Jeff Sessions “urged” the 300+ sanctuary city mayors to rethink their policies regarding protecting illegals or else face the withholding of millions of dollars in federal assistance if their local governments could not prove that they were cooperating with federal authorities. But that “urging” turned out to be just talk.

How so…a couple of weeks ago the D.O.J. ramped up its “urging” to now “threatening” 23 sanctuary cities with subpoenas if they failed to provide documents showing whether local law enforcement officers shared information with federal immigration authorities or not. And yet even that remains mere words for what are threats and/or subpoenas if they are not followed up with actions…and to date no tangible actions by Jeff Sessions or his D.O.J. against sanctuary cities has been taken.

So while Sessions made it one of his top priorities to crack down on sanctuary cities, he has done absolutely nothing regarding the even more grievous issue of sanctuary states…states that have become a free-for-all haven for illegals… states that actually legally cannot exist as a sanctuary for anyone as it’s the federal government who sets and enforces federal immigration law and nothing or no one can change that fact.

Now as for DACA and the DREAMers…A.G. Jeff Sessions did state that, “The program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama Administration is being rescinded,” which is a good thing, however, he was the one who recommended that the Trump administration begin rolling back DACA in phases instead of doing away with it in whole. And why is this counterproductive to overall immigration reform, because with the no change to the policy that determines what information DACA recipients provide to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is shared with immigration enforcement, and with DREAMers only facing the “risk of deportation” not deportation itself, Jeff Sessions has proven how ineffective he is on the very issue he still claims is his “signature issue.”

And the line item list for A.G. Sessions being replaced continues and includes the fact that Sessions has a rather checkered past with regard to racism. And while Sessions claims that allegations related to racism were and are false, nonetheless, those allegations prevented him from being appointed as a Federal Judge in 1986, and the sting of that, and the fact that such allegations continue to haunt him, may well play a role in his refusal to prosecute Obama, as well as Obama’s willing puppets.

Could it be that Jeff Sessions is terrified of having the race card played against him, so much so that he is unwilling to go after those who broke the laws of our nation because either those lawbreakers themselves are black, or because their puppet master is black? If so, than that alone is reason enough to remove Sessions from his position as our nation’s attorney general. Justice is to be blind, but an attorney general who allows the color of a lawbreaker’s skin to weigh into his decision as to whether or not to launch an investigation, indict, bring charges, or go to trial, is not at all the right man for the job.

And even with all listed, the line item that can never be ignored is that given all of the corruption, collusion, misdeeds, breaking of laws, and the transparent abuses of power already mentioned, we know that all of it was under the direct control of just one individual…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…and Sessions knows this yet he has no intention of doing thing one about any of it.

Remember, as President Trump began his presidency he traveled to many foreign nations, and set new policies in place as per his Constitutionally derived powers, and there was Obama, shadow traveling to the same foreign nations, meeting with the same foreign leaders, and ostensibly working to undermine U.S. foreign policy. Also, remember that the Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

And said disputes can be identified as anything from armed military action, to trade disputes, or simply disputes regarding the direction of foreign policy matters. Therefore, Obama has been acting in violation of the Logan Act in addition to all the unlawful acts he committed during his eight years in office with some rising to the level of treason. And while violations of the Logan Act are relatively minor by comparison, but with any violation of the Logan Act still being a felony…and while only two such cases have ever been brought with no convictions…that is no reason why Sessions shouldn’t be employing his D.O.J. with regard to the Logan Act now.

But again A.G. Jeff Sessions has no intention of pursuing any case against Obama using the excuse that prosecution could create something as serious as a Constitutional crisis to merely being a violation of protocol, but we believe there may well be something more to it than just that. Remember, Obama’s being the head of the snake and the master of the swamp did not end on January 21, 2017 when President Trump was sworn in as it continues unabated to this very day via the puppets whose strings he still pulls.

But even that does not answer specifically why Attorney General Jeff Sessions won’t even consider appointing a special council to investigate Hillary Clinton or Barack HUSSEIN Obama…or why he continues to say that there is an “insufficient basis” to launch even a special investigation into just Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans alone when evidence abounds everywhere.

And so based upon all we have stated, we believe Jeff Sessions should be removed from his attorney general position post haste. The last thing our country or our president needs is a weak and ineffectual individual as our nation’s ‘top cop’ for his actions…or lack thereof…prove that Jeff Sessions is nothing but a savvy political operator who was a bit too fast to jump on the ‘Trump train’ and who carefully strategized his rise within the Trump inner circle while actually working to protect those persons who should be in prison for life.

And while we believe he is silently working against the very man and agenda he claims allegiance to one has to wonder why he would do so…why…we also believe that A.G. Jeff Sessions just might be a ‘Deep State’ operative…a plant…we cannot say it any plainer than that.

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