A Reign of Tyranny and Treason

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The speculation is over.

He knew.

Barack Hussein Obama knew full well what was going on with regard to the Clinton email probe, and with regard to the Mueller investigation into supposed collusion between President Trump, and the Russians.

To be clear, no such collusion ever existed, and according to newly released texts between FBI agent, Peter Strzok, and his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page, Obama wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

And here’s where it gets really interesting…on September 16th…that’s before the 2016 election, and about the time when that fake Steele dossier was in full use, Page wrote to Strzok about prepping then FBI Director, James Comey because…

“potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Both Strzok and Page later worked for Robert Mueller on his fraudulent investigation into made up collusion between Trump, and the Russians.

It is impossible to believe that Obama wasn’t pulling the strings, especially now that we know, as fact, that the information in that fabricated Steele dossier…a dossier bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and the FBI (under Comey, who was keeping Obama appraised of everything) relied on a combination of fabricated dirt provided by the Hillary campaign…and by Russian spies.

You want your collusion? There it is. Hillary Clinton was conspiring with Russians to provide fabricated dirt on then candidate Donald Trump…and conspiring with a former foreign spy, Richard Steele, to undermine, and rig the 2016 presidential election in her favor.

Add to that, the now known fact, that along with the Hillary campaign funding said collusion, so too was the Democratic National Committee…the same DNC that rigged the primary so Hillary would have an advantage over Socialist Bernie Sanders in the debates.

If that’s not enough, the FBI…Obama’s FBI, was also paying for that manufactured dossier, as well as keeping Obama informed every step of the way…but that’s not the end of it…

Obama DOJ…his Attorney General and her highest level operatives, Bruce Ohr, and Rod Rosenstein, also played a key role in this covert, corrupt deployment of collusion.

The FBI, under Comey’s direction, which included his 2nd in command, Andrew McCabe, while keeping Obama informed on everything they were doing, knew, beyond any doubt, that the information contained in the Steele dossier was nothing but partisan political manufactured crap, gathered by a former British spy, from the Hillary campaign and Russian operatives…the DOJ’s Attorney general Lynch, Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr knew it was all a bunch of fabricated nonsense as well, and yet both Lynch and Comey vouched for Steele, omitted the key components of where the supposed information came from, and used their deception to garner FISA warrants to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page, who was nothing more than a low level advisor to then Candidate Trump.

The fact is…Carter Page was such a low level advisor, that he has never once either spoken to, or emailed Donald Trump in his entire life…but he was in Russia, as a paid speaker at an economics forum…his area of expertise…on behalf of the University for which he worked.

Page’s trip to Russia, and his reason for being there, had not one single thing to do with Donald Trump, both the FBI and the DOJ knew that, and if they knew it, so too did Hillary Clinton and her campaign, so too did the DNC and because we now know that the FBI was keeping Obama fully informed as to everything they were doing…Obama also had to know that the whole thing was a fraud.

And who exactly is Bruce Ohr?

He was AG Lynch’s chief Deputy at the DOJ, and Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, the same company as Richard Steele, who compiled the fraudulent dossier.

It was another of Lynch’s chief Deputies at the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, who also knew everything that was going on, who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate President Trump for make believe collusion with the Russians.

And the hole goes even deeper…

Since the FBI, under Comey, and the DOJ, under Lynch had full knowledge that the information in the Steele dossier was nothing but a fraud, and because they both knew exactly where that information came from in the first place…and omitted that pertinent information when they made their FISA warrant requests…time and time again…they lied to a FISA court…committed perjury…in order to obtain those warrants…and Obama had to know that too.

Let me be 100 percent clear in this…

The fact, not speculation, that Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Obama’s FBI (including, but not limited to James Comey and Andrew McCabe) Obama’s DOJ (including, but not limited to Loretta Lynch, Bruce Ohr and Rod Rosenstein) and because Obama was informed every step of the way, knew all about it and did nothing to end any of it, and because Robert Mueller were all in on obtaining false information, and supplying false information to a foreign, former spy, and paying for a dossier to the tune of at least $12 million dollars, to be used first, to usurp and rig a United States presidential election, and later to undermine a sitting, duly elected President of the United States for the purpose of toppling his administration…means that all involved should be brought up on charges of both espionage, and treason.

What Obama had was his own cabal, his own secret, political faction that’s first goal was to ensure that his own policies would be expanded under a president Hillary Clinton, that’s second goal was to keep in place the key players so as to cover up their high crimes and misdemeanors, and later made it their goal to attempt to pin their own high crimes and misdemeanors on a sitting president, Donald Trump, in a desperate effort to overthrow his administration.

To accomplish these goals, Obama, with full knowledge of everything that was being done, brought tyranny upon these United States, and upon American citizens by weaponizing, for nothing more than partisan, political and personal gain, the highest levels of our nation’s law enforcement…the FBI and the DOJ.

The Democratic National Committee, also with full knowledge, and as a willing participant, helped to pay for, and to supply bogus information to be used in the pursuit of their goals.

Hillary Clinton, obsessed with the notion of power and political gain, also willfully participated in the tyranny, espionage and ultimately, in the treasonous activities.

Between the entities involved, U.S. taxpayer monies were used, campaign donations were used, donations to the Ponzi scheme called the Clinton Foundation were also used to pay a foreign, former spy, and Russian operatives for the dirty deeds, and I can’t even begin to put a finger on how many laws were broken just in the monetary end of this situation.

Need more?

On September 28th, just a month or so prior to the 2016 election, Strzok emailed Page this message:  “Got called up to Andy’s [McCabe] earlier.. hundreds of thousands of emails turned over by Weiner’s atty to sdny [Southern District of New York], includes a ton of material from spouse [Huma Abedin]. Sending team up tomorrow to review… this will never end.”

This sounds like the point where McCabe, Strzok, Page and Comey knew they were in deep trouble…so deep in fact, that McCabe was sending a “team” to NY to see what was found. Make no mistake, he wasn’t investigating anything, he was doing a damage assessment.

If there is any further doubt in anyone’s mind as to the level of the damage they all, including Obama at that point, were about to face, on Nov. 13, 2016, Page wrote to Strzok, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.” In other words, they knew they had broken numerous laws, committee high crimes, and the walls of their house of cards, no longer to be protected by one who was in on those crimes…Hillary Clinton…were about to come crashing down.

Adding to their full, and willful participation in tyranny, espionage and treason we now have Page’s text to Strzok on November 14th, 2016: “God, being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.”

And what was the “OUR task” Page was texting about?

The task of fraudulently trying to pin their own high crimes and misdemeanors on then President Elect Trump…a task that would use the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, along with their ever-willing propaganda force of the mainstream media, to generate, promote, and install into the American thinking, more fake, more fraudulent and more manufactured dirt on President Trump for the sole purpose of diverting attention away from themselves, and their own misdeeds.

There can be little, if any doubt, that the “OUR task” was a direct reference to what Strzok had called…”an insurance policy.”

All these people…Mueller, Comey, Ohr, Hillary, Lynch, Rosenstein, McCabe, Steele and more up to and including Obama, using federal agencies like the FBI, the DOJ, and the NSA conspired to rig a presidential election, lie to federal courts, obtain fraudulent FISA warrants with which to spy on, and smear a private American citizen, and undermine a presidential candidate…not to mention later trying to overthrow a sitting U.S. President.

Let me, at this critical juncture, add in a bit of give and take during an interview a couple of years ago, between Fox News host, Chris Wallace and then occupier of the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama…

Chris Wallace: “Mr. President … some people I think are worried whether or not — the decision whether or not, how to handle the [Hillary email] case, will be made on political grounds, not legal grounds. Can you guarantee to the American people, can you direct the Justice Department to say, “Hillary Clinton will be treated as the evidence goes — she will not be, in any way, protected”?

Barack Hussein Obama: “I can guarantee that. And I can guarantee that not because I give Attorney General Lynch a directive, [but because] that is institutionally how we have always operated. I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it.”

“I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case.”

Obviously, he was lying…but with that lie, Obama inadvertantly took ownership of what was happening. And, it got worse in another statement that we can now prove, due to the exchanges between Strzok and Page, to be yet another lie pertaining to this whole thing.

This is from December 16th, 2016, in the last days of Obama’s time in office, and some 3 months after we now know he was being fully informed by James Comey regarding the investigation into fake collusion between Trump and the Russians.

The scope of this is staggering, and the desired outcome, had they been successful, would have been an administration, under Hillary Clinton, and vicariously run by Barack Hussein Obama, which would have as its very foundation…tyranny.

Justice must be both swift, and severe, and brought to bear against any and all who orchestrated these acts of tyranny, espionage and treason.

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