Too Many Liberals…Not Enough Straightjackets

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Liberals are desperate. That’s nothing new, but their desperation is growing by the day, if not by the hour, and they’re getting their socialist collective panties all wadded up.

In fact, they’ve become so desperate that they are now willing to blame President Trump for…any and everything that they, themselves do, regardless of how transparent the lie.

Take what happened in Hawaii last weekend as an example.

Last weekend, some numb-nuts issued an incoming ballistic nuclear missile alert that resulted in panic for the citizens of the Socialist Republic of Hawaii. Then, about 38 minutes later…

Roughly 10 minutes past the time everybody in Hawaii was supposed to be reduced to ashes, or at the very least, glowing in the dark, somebody in an official capacity issued the “oops…our bad” signal.

Naturally…liberal/socialist celebrities blamed it all on President Trump.


Did Trump, in 1994, make a deal with North Diarrhea that allowed them to start their nuclear program?


Was it Trump who accepted a handshake from the government of North Diarrhea that the rogue hermit nation wouldn’t test any more of the nukes they had built since 1994?

No…that was Hillary Clinton.

Was it Donald Trump, who for 8 years, allowed North Diarrhea to work in concert with Iran to advance both of their nuclear ambitions and thus miniaturize nukes so as to allow them to fit on ballistic missiles?

Nope…that was Obama.

And who, exactly, has possession of the button in North Diarrhea that would launch said ballistic missiles towards the U.S.? Trump? Nope again…that would be the protégé Of Bill, Hillary and Hussein…Lil Kim, the Rocket Man.

And finally…was it President Trump who issued the false, “RUN…RUN FOR YOUR LIVES” alarm in Hawaii last weekend?

Once again…nope…it was some dweeb who had just come on shift who had one job…DON’T ISSUE AN ALERT IF THERE ARE NO INCOMING MISSILES,” at which he became an epic failure.

As proof of this, I offer the following…the whatever it was…the button, switch, dial, lever or knob which needed to be pushed, flipped, dialed, levered or knobbed to send out the message that Hawaii was about to become toast, was located, of all places…In Hawaii.

President Donald Trump, at the exact moment of the pushing, flipping, dialing, levering or knobbing…was in South Florida.

He was.

He has witnesses.

Therefore, the pushing, flipping, dialing, levering and/or knobbing of the button, switch, dial, lever and or knob could not possibly have been done by, or have been the fault of…President Donald J. Trump.

I rest my case.

So…President Trump had not one single thing to do with it, and yet, desperate liberal/socialists say it was all his fault…as though were it not for Trump, the Socialist Republic of Hawaii wouldn’t even need a warning system to begin with.

Honestly, the most pressing danger for Hawaii, is liberals…not North Diarrhea.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions amongst liberals. They have a fever only abject socialism will cure, and President Trump has become our nation’s penicillin.

Since his election victory over Hillary, and the dashing of liberal hopes for a sequel to Obama, celebrities have lost what little was left of their collective socialist minds. Over the past year…liberal celebrities have held President Trump to blame for…hurricanes…wildfires…mudslides, and even for weight loss.

That’s correct…Lena Dunham blamed Trump for her weight loss just a few short months ago, and Jennifer Lawrence, whose party booed God at the 2012 convention claims the hurricanes were God’s punishment for the Trump presidency.

Makes all the sense in the world, doesn’t it?

But the Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t end with celebrities, it also infects the liberal mainstream media.

Just a couple of days ago, President Trump’s doctor issued the all clear, and pronounced our President to be in great shape…which instantly gave the liberal media a case of the carpet craps. In a presser, they lobbed what they considered serious questions at the President’s medical staff like…”Does the President eat ice cream?”

Now to highlight just how absurd that question was…we’re talking about the same liberal media that, just a couple of months ago, had a case of the carpet craps when they actually SAW the President have 2 SCOOPS of…ICE DAMN CREAM!!!

“Does the President eat ICE CREAM?”

Does a short penguin has cold nuts? Do bears crap in the woods? Does Bill Clinton like a moist cigar?

Yep…AND the President does, indeed, eat ice cream.

One member of the carpet crappers society was so outraged over the pronouncement of President Trump’s good bill of health, it was demanded that a scale be brought into the room.

A scale…presumably with which to weigh our President so as to prove he must be impeached because he weighs more than your garden variety Berkenstock wearing, twig and berry eating liberal moonbat.

Again, allow me to put this into its proper context…

This is the exact same liberal mainstream media that is clamoring for ORCA WNFREY to run…or waddle in 2020.

Now, I’m not saying that President Trump couldn’t lose a few pounds, and personally, I believe he should start by dropping the dead weight of about 800,000 “dreamers.”

According to Rear Admiral, Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician, the President is a tad overweight, could use a bit more exercise, and he takes medication to assist in controlling his cholesterol.

In other words…he’s no different that millions upon millions of average Americans.

It was at that point, poster girl for TDS, one Cecilia Vega from ABC fake news piped up and posed this question…“Are you ruling out things like early onset Alzheimer’s? Are you looking at dementia-like symptoms?”

Let’s see here…in one short year, due to the Trump agenda…we’ve rebuilt our relationships with our allies, our economy is soaring, our enemies fear us again, 91% of Americans are getting a break on their taxes, companies are coming back to America, jobs are being created, the Dow is setting record after record, we’re on our way to becoming more energy independent…and all of that and more, as America become great again is…to liberals…a telltale sign of dementia.

What’s really tightened the collective colons of liberals suffering TDS is the fact that our First Lady, the lovely and svelte Melania Trump, doesn’t deem it necessary to mandate what people eat in this country of ours like that barge…MOOOchelle Obama did.

Naturally, Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant amongst congressional liberals as well, who are, by the hoards, making it known that they will boycott the President’s State of the Union address on January 30th.

Most likely, those liberals will convene at the nearest Ben and Jerry’s for Marxistberry sundaes, but the fact that they have decided not to attend means there will be plenty of room down front should President Trump like to fill their empty seats…with garden variety American citizens who are getting tax breaks, or who have received bonuses from their various employers due to the Trump tax plan.

Furthermore, were I Mr. Trump, I’d pull an Oprah, and give everybody who attends the State of the Union a free ice cream sandwich.

That should give liberals something to talk about the next day.

Just you watch…congressional liberals, especially those of color, will boycott the State of the Union…of their own accord…after which…the liberal mainstream media will again try to claim that President Trump is racist…because by and large, only white people in congress showed up.

Finally…last week, President Trump announced that he will be handing out The Fake News Awards to the losers of the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, which prompted John McCain, a liberals who pretends to be a Republican, to issue this statement:

“He [Trump] has threatened to continue his attempt to discredit the free press by bestowing ‘fake news awards’ upon reporters and news outlets whose coverage he disagrees with. Whether Trump knows it or not, these efforts are being closely watched by foreign leaders who are already using his words as cover as they silence and shutter one of the key pillars of democracy.”

Well…there’s the liberal’s dementia right there…McCain seems to believe that one of the KEY PILLARS of democracy…is a press that just makes crap up out of thin air and spreads it around like commie propaganda.

I know I shouldn’t be taking a jab at a guy in McCain’s condition, but who knew that brain cancer could make everything you utter sound like this hour’s top story on CNN?

The bottom line is this…the harder liberals, whether garden variety, members of the propaganda parade or those elected by socialist wannabes, try to find an angle to use against President Trump, their derangement syndrome makes them sound, and act, like the dolts eating Tide pods on YouTube rather than cleaning their own dirty laundry with them.

The problem is…there are far too many liberals, and nowhere near enough straightjackets.

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