Lessons Learned from Liberals in 2017

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

History is a funny thing isn’t it?

It has often been said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it, and that much is certainly true.

President Ronald Reagan once said, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

That too is very true.

So…now that 2017 is history, and because liberals are liberals, perhaps it’s time to have a look at just what lessons we learned from those who “know so much that isn’t so.”

To begin our history lesson…

Let’s go back to late 2016, when liberals just knew they were about to win a big election… there are lessons to be learned there.

If you are so unfortunate to lose an election you were sure you were going to win after…

Hijacking your political party…

Swiping the questions to a debate so as to steal your party’s nomination…

Turning your party’s controlling entity into a drive through laundromat for the money you illegally culled from a pay to play Ponzi scheme while you were heading up our Department of State…

Using a healthy amount of your ill-gotten gains to finance a fake dossier on your opponent…

Promising free crap from cradle to grave to those who vote for you and…

Bussing, people across state lines to cast more than one vote for you…and STILL lose…

Just call your opponent…the guy who beat you in that election despite all your under the table, and under the radar efforts…incompetent, and write a book called…”What Happened.”

There are also lessons to be learned from liberals in that brief span of time between losing the election, and inauguration day.

Cry…a lot…because nothing says you’re a grown up like curling up in a fetal position on various college campuses, and crying. While you’re at it, and in the fetal position, demand certain calming influences…like coloring books…Crayons…bottles of bubbles, and therapy puppies from the indoctrination administrators.

After all, your precious feelings were bruised, and as the next crop of potential leaders, nothing instills confidence in the next generation like a bunch of whiny millennials blowing bubbles, failing to color pansies within the lines being pooped on by a bunch of sweet little puppies that did nothing wrong to deserve that sort of treatment.

And by all means…when people laugh at you and your 2 year old spoiled brat behavior and start calling you a snowflake…whine about that too because that also hurts your already bruised feelings.

We can now move along to the lessons liberals taught us upon the inauguration of President Donald Trump nearly a full year ago, regarding how to be taken seriously after losing an election they just knew they would win.

Wear pink pussy hats, or dress up as a giant vagina and waddle about the streets of our nation’s capital. If that doesn’t just reek of being taken seriously, I don’t know what does. Liberals descended on Washington D.C. on that cold January day, dressed up in their liberal finery of pink pussy hats, and giant vaginas, strode about like a parade of genitalia and demanded that the media take notice.

The media did…trying to make the parade participants into some sort of national heroes while the rest of the world looked on in amusement, trying to figure out what could cause such mass mental illness.

Nobody was happier than the French, who were…tickled pink…at the prospect of viewing a fashion show more absurd than any they had masterminded before.

The lesson of 2017 history? If you don’t like the outcome of an election…don a pink pussy hat or a giant vagina costume and you’ll be the envy of the French, but do we see history in repeat mode?

In a way…yes. In 2010, liberals lost the House and in response, leaned further to the left to keep it from happening again. The result was losing the Senate in 2012, and a majority of governorships and state House and Senate seats by 2014.

Again, the response was to double down on going to the left for 2016, and look at what happened.

Now…liberals have gone from leaning harder to the left to full on embrace socialism leading towards 2018 and eventually 2020.

We await the results of that.


In the wake of compounded failures regarding the 2016 election, 2017 brought about a series of ill-conceived lessons from liberals.

Thanks to the BLM, and the race card, being severely over played, ANTIFA sprang to life and suddenly, everybody not aligned with the socialist left was labeled a Nazi. Naturally, it was the liberals who were, in fact, exhibiting Nazi-like behavior…shutting down the freedom of expression on college campuses, using thug, gestapoish violence to intimidate any who dared to engage in expression counter to the liberal/socialist agenda amid threats of a fascist styled nationwide revolt.

To further set the fascist nature of liberalism on full display, every act of violence, perpetrated by any nut who happened to have a gun brought about renewed and stepped up calls for the complete disarming of law abiding Americans.

Adding further insult to already existing insult, the liberal media went into full Nazi propaganda mode making champions of the revolting revolters, and villains out of those who want nothing more than their rights, as American citizens protected.

Note to liberals…if you don’t want to suffer the same fate as the Nazis of 1945, don’t repeat their misguided history in 2017…or do, and learn your lesson the hard way.

The 2017 lesson liberals have been trying like all hell to teach in this regard, is no matter what you accuse Conservatives of being…be that to the nth degree yourselves as that must be the way to further your agenda.

So…as black people who were never slaves themselves, fighting white people who were never Nazis over a bunch of Civil War statues put in place by liberals who were feeling butt-hurt over the loss of slavery because of a white, Republican President while blaming it all on President Trump wasn’t working out so well for the liberals…they decided to try and teach us all a lesson in what to do when everything else they were doing was abjectly failing…


This, in fact, was probably the main lesson liberals were, in 2017, and are continuing to try and teach now that we’re into 2018.

Resist…but resist what, exactly?

Resist reestablishing our commitment to our allies…like Israel.

Resist taking a hardline approach towards our enemies…like ISIS.

President Trump, before 2017 was out, had patched things up with Israel, going so far as to do what we should have done decades ago, and declared that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and started the process of moving our embassy there…and he, without telling ISIS what was coming or on what date it was coming, employed our military to all but end ISIS in Iraq.

Resist putting pressure on China where trade and international issues were concerned.

Resist getting out of the idiotic Paris Climate Accord.

Resist the obtuse agenda of the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots.

President Trump, in spite of the liberal efforts to teach us all to resist doing the right things for our nation, did those things and many more in 2017, and it looks as if he’s going to continue doing what’s right for America in 2018 and beyond.

Here on the home front, liberals tried to teach us lessons in resistance when it comes to capitalism.

Resistance against growing the economy.

Resistance against tax cuts.

Resistance against our Constitutional rights, which by the way, includes resisting Resist freedom of expression.

Resistance against job creation, against a Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution rather than to legislate from the bench, against putting America first, and against putting an end to programs that import more, and more, and more people who would rather see us all dead than assimilate into our American culture.

The father of the resist lesson plan is one Congressman Jerrold Nadler, a liberal from New York’s 10th District who, in 2016…right after the election loss by Hillary Clinton…wrote a tome on his website called, “How We Resist Trump and His Extreme Agenda.”

And what, exactly was Trump’s “extreme agenda,” according to Nadler?

Ahhhh…here is where Nadler inadvertently told the truth when he wrote, “Anti-normalization is the first key step to long-term eroding of Trump’s support.”

Anti-normalization huh? In other words…liberals must be against…must RESIST…anything NORMAL. And why resist anything considered to be normal…like all the things listed above that liberals have been resisting? Because…socialism, which hasn’t worked anywhere it has ever been employed, and has always ended in disaster for the people of any country in which it has ever been employed…is ABNORMAL…and abnormal…socialism…is exactly what liberals thought Hillary would achieve after 8 years of Obama’s groundwork for it.

And how is the abnormal resistance working out for liberals?

The stock market is soaring. Tax cuts are passed. Businesses, including Apple are coming back to the U.S. just as Trump said they would. Other companies have ditched their plans to leave the U.S. just as Trump said THEY would. People are about to see more money in their paychecks. People’s 401k’s are going up, and up, and up some more. We’re becoming more energy independent. Business owners are expanding, more people are going back to work, and “Refugee” admissions, especially from countries where we’re not liked at all are down by 70%.

The GDP is up, consumer confidence is up, private sector spending is up, and private sector investing is up.

Taxes are down, unemployment is down, government spending is actually down, despite what the liberal media says, and illegal immigration is down.

On the world stage…

We are once again standing with and for our allies, and they once again respect us. We’re standing against our enemies, and they are once again fearing us. We are employing diplomatic pressure against rogue regimes, we are forming new alliances that will put even more pressure on shared enemies, we’re no longer propping up ridiculous U.N. resolutions and international programs that bleed us financially dry while not providing us any benefit at all…and we are leading from the FRONT…rather than from behind.

Put simply…what liberal Congressman Nadler labeled “Trump’s extreme agenda,” is making a mockery of the entire abnormal resist lesson plan.

Reality is making a mockery of liberals, their agenda and the lessons they are so desperately trying to teach the rest of us.

But fear not silly liberals…we are learning a great deal from your lessons of 2017…we’ve learned to pay close attention to the lessons you are trying to impart…and to do the exact opposite in order to achieve the best possible results for our nation, and for the American people.

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  1. I love the way you whittle it all down to just the facts, and embarrass the hell out of libtards (or piss them off, whichever comes first). Another slam dunk, Craig!

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