Fire Mueller? What on Earth For??

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio


Just…stop it.

Stop calling for the firing of Robert Mueller…leave the guy alone…let him finish whatever it is that he’s doing, and quit thinking that you’re helping the Conservative agenda by demanding that President Trump, or Attorney General Jeff Sessions fire the guy.

I know a good many Conservatives out there probably think I’ve lost it, or that I’m a RINO now, or possibly worse…but trust me on this…just stop wanting Mueller fired.

There is nobody in any realm of government today who is doing more to prove that President Trump has been 100% right all along, than Robert Mueller.

That’s right…you read it here first…

Robert Mueller is a blessing in disguise.

So far, in what’s amounted to well more than a year’s worth of official investigations, and throughout the time that Mueller has been the ever-so-special prosecutor on the case…it seems that the only person uncovered by all the investigations that has not been found to have colluded with the Russians, or with any other entity…is President Donald Trump…and Mueller’s investigation has unmasked more swamp dwellers than any other entity of government.

In fact…Mueller’s investigation has actually unmasked Mueller’s own team of swamp rats for what they really are…seditionists with an agenda of toppling a rightfully elected administration.

We always figured that Obama had stacked the FBI with his own shadow team to do two things…cover Hillary’s ample ass…and take down any Republican who might have defeated her in November of 2016.

Now we know we were right, and we have the proof of it…something we may well have never had were Mueller and his team of swamp rats not on the job.

But here’s the thing…I don’t believe we’ve gotten to the bottom of the swamp yet, and if Mueller gets fired, we may never get there.

I know Mueller didn’t set about draining his own end of the swamp when he took the job. He was put there to keep the swamp intact, cover for Hillary’s collusion with the Russians, and her various other treasonous activities, while throwing mud at President Trump…but in a system that leaks faster than a screen door on a submarine…it was bound not to work out well for those who created the swamp to begin with.

We have now been able to confirm, because of the leaks surrounding the Mueller investigation, that it was Hillary, not Trump, who was up to her bloodshot eyeballs in Russian collusion.

We have been able to confirm via the Mueller investigation that Billy Boy Clinton colluded with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch to cover for Hillary in a tarmac meeting.

Because of the Mueller investigation, we now know the truth regarding collusion by the DNC and Booze-Hound Hillary to fix the primary election in her favor.

Through the Mueller investigation, we now have written evidence of collusion between several FBI agents, assigned to the collusion case, in a coup attempt meant to bring down a duly elected President.

Thanks to Robert Mueller, we now also have proof that Obama and his merry band of shadow government ops were spying on Trump, and on Trump’s team illegally…that Mueller illegally obtained documents related to his investigation, that those put in place to investigate alleged Trump conflicts of interest and Trump’s alleged corruption were themselves both highly conflicted and corrupt, and that the entire Investigation into President Trump was nothing more than what Trump has always said it was…a witch hunt.

We wouldn’t know any of that for sure without Mueller in place. Oh, we would have highly suspected it, and rightfully so…but we wouldn’t have the direct evidence of it without Hillary’s old pal, Robert Mueller…the fox in charge of guarding the hen house.

Do we really want that feather spitting fox fired before he manages to ineptly expose the rest of the culprits in the planned coup?

Let me put it this way…

If your enemy in a battle is bound and determined to shoot himself in the feet, and work his way up…don’t disarm him…give him more ammo and let him do your job for you.

Right now…Mueller is about up to his own balls in that endeavor.

Stop demanding that he be fired…and go make some popcorn.

The show is just getting started.

And while we’re at it, as Conservatives, let’s quit bagging on Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from what has turned out to be a circular firing squad. Mueller has done more, faster, to expose his own team’s corruption as well as the corruption of Obama and Hillary than Sessions could have done had he not recused himself.

All of that said, I understand the harping regarding the waste of taxpayer money due to the Mueller investigation, but has that money really been wasted, considering the levels of corruption and collusion by Hillary and company that Mueller’s investigation has inadvertently brought to light?

I’ll tell you what right now would be a waste of money…hiring a second special prosecutor to investigate Mueller, his team, the FBI, Hillary and Obama.

That would be redundant at this point.

What we need isn’t another special prosecutor right now…we need a clerk and a room full of file cabinets to catalog the volumes of evidence Mueller is collecting about those he was put in place to cover for, and once Mueller quits…make Trey Goudy the guy to file charges, issue search warrants and arrest orders.

He can start with FBI Agent, Peter Strzok, whose text messages with a FBI attorney, one Lisa Page, have now been handed to a Congressional Committee. In those texts, both Strzok and Page were colluding on a possible overthrow of President Trump.

From Page, in March 2016…“I cannot believe Donald Trump is likely to be an actual, serious candidate for president. “God(,) Trump is a loathsome human.”

In response, Strzok texted, “Yet he may win.”

By August 2016, as things were looking better for Trump to win the nomination, Strzok texted Page…”I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 . . . . “

Apparently, the FBI’s number 2, Andrew McCabe was the “Andy” referred to in that text, so he was in on it too.

Remember, Strzok was the number 2 official in counterintelligence, and helped lead the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He was also deeply involved in the investigation into supposed Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Page was briefly on Mueller’s investigative team as well.

Strzok was, and we should guess still is, very pro Hillary…as he texted during the campaign, “God Hillary should win 100,000,000-0.”

He also texted, “Congrats on a woman nominated for President in a major party! About damn time!”

Trust me, it got a lot worse than that, and in all, some 90 pages of their texts were turned over to the Congressional Committee.

So…what went wrong? How did all of this come to light? Well, for a look at the answer to that, we have yet another of Page’s texts to Strzok as evidence…”So look, you say we can text on that phone when we talk about Hillary because it can’t be traced.”

They had no concerns regarding what they were texting…an effort to collude in a smear campaign aimed at ousting a duly elected sitting President of the United States…their concern was about getting caught doing it.

And how did they not know they needed to put an abrupt end to their subversive texting?

Oh…this is where it all gets real fun…

Remember when President Trump renovated the West Wing of the White House…the wing where all the official Presidential meetings, replete with all the official and off the record conversations take place? Well, I’m willing to bet a dozed Diet Cokes a day that a big part of that renovation included the removal of all the bugs Obama’s FBI put in place between the time Trump won the election, and Obama moved out.

Just as Obama had turned the IRS into a weaponized tool employed against Conservatives, he also weaponized the FBI as a tool to be employed against President Trump.

Who questioned Cheryl Mills, a former Hillary aide, regarding Hillary’s emails?

Peter Strzok.

Who questioned former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, without an attorney present by the way, regarding conversations with multiple ambassadors, including the Russian Ambassador?

Peter Strzok.

Who set up that line of questioning with General Flynn…by lying and claiming it to be routine measures regarding White House security?

Andrew McCabe.

Who edited the exoneration into the final report on the Clinton email investigation, well in advance of Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI?

Peter Strzok.

Who knew of the Michael Steel written fake Trump dossier that led to the bogus Russian Collusion investigation?

Obama’s head of the FBI, James Comey.

Who offered to pay Steele to keep adding to that fake dossier?

James Comey.

Obviously, the FBI wasn’t the lone weaponized governmental entity in all of this, as so too was Obama,s Department of Justice weaponized in the attempt to cover Hillary’s collusion, racketeering, money laundering and extortion regarding Russia, the election primary rigging and the whole sale of 20% of our nation’s uranium to Russia.

Who knew of and covered up Hillary’s Uranium/Rosatom deal? Who wrote the “Mikerin Plea Deal” which ended the RICO, extortion, and fraud investigation that was holding up Hillary’s deal with Uranium One and Rosatom…in which Hillary herself was deeply involved?

Why…that was the Obama DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein, of course.

And who appointed Robert Mueller?

Rod Rosenstein.

And who, exactly, placed a gag order on an FBI informant who knew all concerning the whole Hillary, Uranium One deal so that he could not testify…under threat of being arrested for criminal activity if he did testify?

That was Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

It should go without saying that the liberal mainstream media has been weaponized for decades, although now, they’re in full deployment, denial, and fake news development to keep us all distracted from the truth.

The point is…most of what we know today, with evidence to back it up, we know because of the ineptitude of Robert Mueller, and his band of corrupt, seditionist fellow swamp dwellers so we should really stop calling for his firing.

The best part of it is, liberals now have us right where we want them, and proof of that can easily be found in Obama’s former “ethics czar,” Walter Shaub, whose tweet a couple of weeks or so ago threatened “taking the streets” should President Trump fire Mueller over the Christmas break.

“This weekend I’m stocking up on portable phone chargers, warm clothes, & gear needed for when we take the streets. I’m concerned the assault on the rule of law is coming over the holidays when we’re distracted. It‘ll be a defining moment for the Republic.”

In fact, the only way Mueller gets fired is if Rod Rosenstein reads this article and realizes the danger to his fellow swamp rats should Mueller stay on the job, or if President Trump fires Sessions and replaces him with someone willing to fire Mueller…which wouldn’t happen without Senate confirmation which wouldn’t happen until well after the first of the new year.

Trust me…the longer Mueller investigates, the more liberal corruption will be exposed…and the 2018 midterms are now less than a year away.

Think about it…why would we want to fire the head lemming when he’s about lead liberals over the ledge?

More popcorn please…this is gonna be good

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