Liberals…The Gift That Keeps on Giving

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Tis the season when one’s thoughts turn toward family and friends, get-togethers, joy and good tidings and all the things that encompass Christmas, or Hanukkah…including the giving of gifts.

My thoughts, at this time of the year, always seem to turn toward…


The gift that keeps on giving.

Recently, it seems, liberals have made a transparently awkward attempt at becoming our nation’s political party of morality and the keeping of it, and I say…

Reindeer poop.Related image

After decade upon decade of liberalism supporting, aiding and abetting, subsidizing, and promoting every imaginable form of moral ineptitude and bankruptcy imaginable, and several that basically defy the imagination…like outwardly advocating for an organization that was caught, red-handed, harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies…

Liberals now seem to want to be taken seriously as our moral compass?

Elf muffins.

A scientific instrument, of such magnitude and precision as to measure the depth of the moral abyss from which liberals now want to claim the moral high-ground, has yet to be conceived…much less invented…and the actions and behaviors of liberals just continues to provide the smoke to their mirror.

Take Corrine Brown, a once high powered Member of the House from Florida…and a legend in her own mind…who will be spending the next several Christmas seasons behind bars…convicted of several counts of conspiracy and fraud related to skimming money from a fake charity supposedly intended to raise educational funds for poor, and minority students.

How many times over the decades have we all heard one liberal after another tell us all that we must do…whatever…for the sake of the children? Whatever…”whatever” was, it always came with a hefty price tag, or a substantial reduction in our Constitutional rights, but whatever “whatever” was…we had to do it…MUST do it…for the children.


Now…imagine if you will, a scam artist, a liberal…stealing money from a charity that actually never really existed…that had been sold to the public as a funding machine for poor, underprivileged, minority youth, and using it to do nothing more than pad her paycheck…which by the way, was also a product of the American taxpayer. Further consider that said scam artist was a big cog in the very party that has supposedly suddenly adopted morality as its new and improved calling card.

It’s enough to make your chestnuts roast on an open fire…isn’t it?

Then we have Al Franken-Groper, who just last week delivered, from the floor of the Senate, a heartfelt speech in which he offered his tacit resignation.

Note to liberals who want to be taken seriously as our nation’s new moral compass…

If you decide to deliver a “heartfelt” speech form ANY floor…next time take steps to deliver that speech from your heart…and not read it from a ream of unbound pieces of paper that must be turned every two sentences because, apparently, the font is so large, and bold-faced as to be readily seen from ORBIT.

During his heartfelt reading of a prepared speech that a supposed actor couldn’t have been bothered to commit to memory, Fraken-Groper said that some…SOME…of the allegations were false…and that others, he remembered…differently. He even went so far as to state that…it wasn’t him.

Really? Then who was it? Some impish appearing toad with the abject misgiving of looking exactly LIKE him in all those photos?

Franken-Groper then went the extra mile, and stated there was irony in the fact that he was being forced to leave the dingy halls of the Senate while…”a man who has bragged on tape about his history of the sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.”


A plethora of Republicans have called for Roy Moore to step aside…so that part of Franken-Groper’s heartfelt reading is a complete lie, and as for his allegations regarding President Trump…show us the evidence, and if all you’ve got is a year’s old audio tape of locker room banter…you’ve got nothing.…I’ll wait and thumb through a litany of photos of you…Mr. Franken-Groper…either fondling the various body parts of a wide array of women…or pretending to fondle those who were, at the time, taking a nap.

Drawing a finer point on Franken-Groper…we should note that after repeated calls from Republicans for him to resign…it wasn’t until his own party…the party that has propped up a dress stainer and cigar moistener for the better part of two decades, and now wants us to believe it is the party of moral righteousness…called for him to shut up and get out, that he finally made the Senate floor version of a Stuart Smally skit, telling us he was good enough, smart enough and that doggone it, people like him…but he’s leaving anyway.

Basically, I don’t give a partridge’s pair poop about Franken-Groper, his party OR their lame claim on morality.

All of that aside…liberals, the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t all the rage in Washington this year…but they are IN a rage…over NOT being invited to President Trump’s White House Hanukkah party.

Get this…

Invites to Jewish Democratic lawmakers weren’t lost in the mail…they were never on the list, and the little liberal snowflakes aren’t taking it very well.

According to Debbie What’s-Her-Name Schultz, “I think it’s an unforced error on the president’s part and a missed opportunity.”

What’s-Her-Name Schultz went on to state… “Why would you make partisan decisions about invitations that are entirely not partisan? Hanukkah is something that’s important to all Jews; the tradition is to invite the Jewish members of Congress. My feelings certainly aren’t hurt by not being invited but the few opportunities that we do have to come together certainly should include a celebration like Hanukkah.”

No…her precious, melting snowflake feelings weren’t hurt…not at all…she just wants to know why Republican Jewish members of congress WERE invited…and SHE…WASN’T.

Well, let me see if I can clear this up for her…Debbie…you spent the last 2 years trying to run Donald Trump into the ground, to the point that you became such a liability to your own party that you were forced out as the head of the DNC…and you wonder why you weren’t invited to the White House Hanukkah party?

Just wait until congressional Republicans get a pony for Christmas from President Trump…

And Debbie DOESN’T.

Then there’s the fact that congressional liberals stood shoulder to shoulder with the closet Muslim Obama for 8 years as he…and they…did everything imaginable to help 7th century barbarians wipe Israel from the map.

That may have played a role in the invitation snub.

In fact, I can think of a number of reasons not to invite What’s-Her-Name Schultz to a party, not least of which is the fact that the snippy poodle is up to her beady eyeballs in the Awan brothers scandal, but the fact that no liberal congress members of the Jewish faith were invited to President’s Trump’s first White House Hanukkah party is nothing more than evidence that Trump is, once again, out thinking the liberals.

Liberal boo-hooing over not being invited and placing the blame on Trump’s partisanship is as transparently false as is the liberal’s supposedly new-found sense of morality. Those snooty-patooty liberals were just looking for a way to use the opportunity of an invite to unleash a tirade of some sort against President Trump.

Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, all but confirmed my theory when she said, “Let me just say this, not to be a hypocrite, I wouldn’t be going to any party at the White House with him. If you think about it, all members should probably be invited. We were all invited to the Christmas party, we should all probably be invited to the Hanukkah party.”

She wouldn’t be going to ANY party at the White House with him…not the Hanukkah party, OR the Christmas party…all she, and ostensibly they wanted, was an invite so THEY could snub President Trump. They would have declined the invitations had they received them, and they would have used the opportunity to launch some new, baseless political attack against our President. As it turned out, Trump beat them to the snub, and simply didn’t invite them.

Why so many Jews in this country are members of the Hate Israel liberal party of newly discovered moral enlightenment I’ll never know, but that’s another reason not to invite liberal congressional Jews to the White House Hanukkah party….the last thing you’d want at a celebration like that, is a bunch of yahoos wearing little pink pussy protest yarmulkes.

Liberals…the party of newly discovered moral enlightenment?

Not by the short hair from which dangles their last holiday-hating dingle berry.

Liberals are to morality what “Palestinians” are to the peace process…counterproductive. While the Palestinians want to fool people into believing they’re actively seeking a peace accord, liberals want to fool folks into believing they’re interested…after all these decades…in seeking the moral high-ground.

The only people either is fooling is themselves…but it’s not all that difficult to fool…fools.

Let’s just have a little look at a few OTHER members of the party that is now trying to convince us that they are the new guardian of our nation’s moral well-being.

There’s Captain UNDERPANTS…John Conyers…who “retired” after it was disclosed he held official Senate office meetings in his UNDERWEAR.

Anthony Weiner…the PETER TWEETER who had been sending selfies of his elfies to under-aged girls.

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who ditched her “white privilege” and pretended to be a Native American for academic benefits and jobs.

Matt Lauer, now the FORMER anchor of NBC’s Today Show, who apparently has been for years, if not decades, the poster boy for misogyny while also being the poster boy for the whole of the liberal mainstream media’s propaganda machine had to pack up his office full of sex toys and take the subway home as his wife skipped the country.

And just blindfold yourselves and toss a dart at the roster of Hollywood elite…you could hardly miss perforating a pervert there. By the way…on the whole Hollywood topic…remember when the perviest guy we knew about in that particular enclave was Pee Wee Herman…who, by the way…only groped HIMSELF???

Now, I’m not saying that the right side of the aisle is lilly white in all of this, as there clearly have been issues with certain bad actors in the Republican party…but…when they surface, the call for them to get the hell out are immediate.

On the other hand…it was Boner Bill Clinton who DEFINED the lack of morality liberal agenda for DECADES…and now, just to try and prove their newly discovered morality, liberals are tacitly throwing HIM under the bus.

The question is…depending on what the definition of “is” is one supposes…have the liberals really, suddenly become…morality enhanced?

Nope. Not even close, and the proof can easily be found if one knows under which rock to look, and turning over that rock is easier than you might think.

Ask yourselves a few simple questions…

Have liberals suddenly turned their backs against…abortion…against socialism…against raising taxes…or against appeasement of our enemies?

Have liberals suddenly turned in favor of the 2nd Amendment…in favor of lower taxes…in favor of building a wall to enhance border enforcement, or if liberals will now…suddenly…be placing manger scenes in city parks?

All of these examples reflect a certain sense of morality in America, and yet liberals have not exhibited one elf’s eyelash of regard for any of those things. The ONLY exhibition of ANY scintilla of newfound morality amongst the liberals is their willingness to throw under the bus…any other liberal they now deem expendable, and replaceable based on what? Claims of sexual misdeeds…with or without any evidence…it doesn’t matter.

The point of doing this, is a desperate attempt to be able to say that THEY went after THEIR own…but when it comes to Trump…we’re not willing to go after OUR own, and use that against us in both 2018 and 2020 elections.

Liberals don’t mind one bit if they have to get rid of a few of Hollywood’s elite or a handful of deep blue state Members of Congress, so long as it serves the furtherance of socialism. Captain Underpants and Franken-Groper are easily replaceable by a new wave of even more socialistic liberals…and Boner Bill became completely irrelevant when he couldn’t deliver the Queen of Uranium sales to the White House.

This new moralism in the liberal machine isn’t a new leaf…it’s just the same old calculating worms under the same old rock.

By the way, it’s already backfiring on them…Roy Moore’s accuser, the one with the media-seeking missile attorney, Gloria All-Washed Up has admitted to forgery where Moore’s supposed inscription in her dusty old yearbook is concerned, and last week, Republican Trent Franks admitted to a boneheaded move with a couple of women on his staff and resigned…EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY…rather than in a few weeks like Franken-Groper and Captain Underpants.

Don’t be fooled…the party that’s stood for, promoted and advocated for every amoral plank on the platform, from slavery to Jim Crow laws, and from socialism, to treason to wetting one’s cigar in an intern is just as sleazy and amoralistic today as they’ve always been.

Liberals pretending to be the pillars of virtue and morality are a lot like monkeys trying to hump a football…they’re both a hoot to watch, but at the end of the day…neither is going to find the satisfaction they’re all hot and bothered for.

Case in point…the day AFTER President Trump issued formal recognition of Jerusalem as the rightful Capital of Israel…and on the day OF the White House Hanukkah party that Debbie What’s-Her-Name wasn’t invited to attend…congressional liberals tried, but failed in an epic fashion, to IMPEACH President Trump.

The vote against the attempt in the House was a staggering 364-58.

In the same week that liberals tried to impeach President Trump…they lost Franken-Groper, Captain Underpants AND Matt Lauer.

Ahhhhh…liberals…the gift that keeps on giving.

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