Turning “Radical” Upside Down

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Just for the record…

“Allahu Akbar” is NOT Arabic for…”Oops…My bad.”

I just wanted to get that out of the way in the shadow of inane statements from NYC Mayor, Bill deBla-Bla-Bla who rushed to the nearest microphone after the Islamic terrorist attack last week in Lower Manhattan.

Mayor deBla-Bla-Bla wanted to let the entire world know that just because some Allahu Akbarbarian jumps out of a rental pickup truck after plowing through a crowd of bicyclists and pedestrians, killing 8 and injuring several more…screaming in his native tongue that his misogynistic, pedophile prophet was wonderful…is no reason whatsoever to leap to a rushed conclusion that it was a terrorist attack.

Not that it hasn’t been done before…

Like on that bridge in London…but we simply shouldn’t have a knee-jerk reaction and label it Islamic terrorism. Such things must be carefully weighed, considered and evaluated before anyone should be allowed to state the transparently obvious…

That some 7th century barbarian from Buttcrackistan just went off…full-on Islam…and murdered a bunch of people.

This, of course, flies in the face of liberal’s ever-so well carefully weighed, considered and evaluated responses to any large-scale shooting…where they have a collective knee-jerk reaction and immediately blame the gun, rather than the person holding the gun.

Liberals always make a bee-line toward the media after an act of mass murder when a gun is used to demand gun control and an end to our 2nd Amendment, but after last week’s act of Islamic terrorism in New York City, did anyone happen to see any liberal demanding rental pickup truck control?

Of course not.

According to liberals…it’s always the gun’s fault, but never the fault of the rental pickup truck…and it’s never the person’s fault who either happened to be holding the gun, or the steering wheel for that matter.

That makes what happened in Lower Manhattan even more perplexing…if the truck wasn’t responsible for killing 8 people…and the Akbarbarian wasn’t responsible either…who, or what was responsible?

Certainly not Islam…in the eyes of liberals…because Islam is the religion of peace.

At least, that’s what liberals keep telling us.

I don’t think that word “peace” means the same thing to liberals as it means to people who still have at least one working brain cell.

To liberals…”PEACE” must mean the murder of anyone, anywhere in the world, that doesn’t think the pedophile prophet who commanded his followers to spread out across the lands and kill the unbelievers…as written in his manifesto which Akbarbarians call the Quran…because that is exactly what Islam dictates.

To properly define what it is to be a Muslim, we must explore all the offered definitions of Muslims, and to begin that process, let’s first have at it with the definitions put forth by liberals, politicians from both sides of the aisle and by mainstream media talking heads.

By their collective definitions…there are Muslims…moderate Muslims…and radical Muslims.

Muslims, by that set of defining criteria, are your garden-variety followers of the 7th century pedophile prophet who simply go about their daily head on the floor, ass up in the air 5 times daily routine remaining silent when some akbarbarian drives a rental pickup into a crowd of people killing 8 and injuring more.

That is your standard Muslim.

Moderate Muslims as per the aforementioned definers of the species are those Muslims who dare to say that driving a rental pickup truck into a bunch of minding their own damned business pedestrians and bicyclists is the wrong thing to do in between their head down-ass up 5 times daily routine.

And radical Muslims are the ilk of the followers of the pedophile prophet who actually place a down deposit on a rental pickup truck, take aim and then jump out shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR until some cop shoots them in the guts.

Those are the basic definitions of Muslims from the liberals, politicians from both sides of the aisle and the mainstream media’s talking heads…to which I say…

Camel cookies.

Next up to join in on the definition of what it is to be a Muslim, is Turkey’s PM (Putrid Muslim) Recep Erdogan who has stated that, “The Term ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam.”

From that, we can conclude that if there is no such thing as “moderate Islam” it would follow that there are no such things as “moderate Muslims,” thus knocking one possible definition off the table, leaving just Muslims, and radical Muslims.

Okay, we’re narrowing this down, so let’s continue.

Islam literally translates, from 7th century barbarianish to the languages of civilized people everywhere, as “submission.” Given that the “submission” manifesto dictates that all who aren’t followers of the pedophile prophet must either submit, or die…it seems we are getting a wee bit further from the actual definition of “peace” aren’t we?

So, to be a Muslim…as “Islam is Islam”…means that Muslims, as Muslims, must pick up their swords, or whatever might be their weapon of choice up to and including a rental pickup truck, and kill all who don’t stick their asses up in the air to honor their pedophile prophet.

But where does that leave…radical Muslims?

Ahhh…NOW we’re getting somewhere…

It seems that “radical Muslims” and your garden variety Muslims would be one and the same…doesn’t it?

Goat guano…

I would now like to offer you a very different definition of what a “radical Muslim” really is…and I’m willing to bet my last falafel that they aren’t who you think they are.

If your standard, run of the mill garden variety Muslim is the sort that would run amuck killing everybody in sight that didn’t lower their head and raise up their ass 5 times a day…don’t THEY fit what we’ve all be led to believe is the classic definition of a “radical Muslim?


So…what is the actual definition of…”radical?”

Radical: 1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

Interesting…a radical would be someone relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something…and as the fundamental nature of Islam…and thus of Muslims…is to cling to the 7th century ideology of humping barnyard animals, molesting children, enslaving women and MURDERING THOSE WHO DON’T JOIN YOUR CULT…

A “radical Muslim” would be one who advocates in favor of affecting the stated fundamental nature of Islam.

Let me now provide to you, in light of this redefinition of radical Muslims, the most radical Muslim I know of…Mudar Zachran…the Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Movement…who is working to remove King Abdullah II from his perch in Jordan, and replace him with a secular, democratic government that respects ALL religions…INCLUDING the JEWS…and which would both recognize and honor Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

In the world of Islam…in the world of Muslims…Mudar is as radical as they come…and if you ask me, what we need are more Mudars and a whole lot less pickup truck renting akbarbarians.

Maybe, just maybe…because “radical” is a relative term thus open to differing definitions depending upon whom one is trying to get through to…we should be encouraging more Muslims to be radical with regard to THEIR beliefs…not OURS.

Sometimes, it’s easier to get to the bottom of things if you turn your way of thinking of those things upside down…and when you see it in this light…it wasn’t a radical Muslim, or a Muslim extremist who committed that act of terror in Lower Manhattan…it was just a plain ol’ Muslim…and straight forward Islam that was responsible.

With more Mudars…Islam could go through a radical reformation from an ideology of death, destruction and genocide…to become an entity that accepts the religions and faiths of others and finally be thought of as a…religion of peace…

But not today.

Today, Islam is still what it has been for 1,400 years…hell-bent on the submission or death of those who don’t believe in the pedophile prophet…and what happened in Lower Manhattan doesn’t need careful, or politically correct reflection, as it was…plain and simple…an act of Islamic terrorism, and nothing less.

It also highlights the need to further separate civilized societies, cultures and nations from the 7th century akbarbarians, as they have no intention of living peaceably amongst civilized people.

As a nation, we should NOT be IMPORTING akbarbarians…we should be DEPORTING their high in the air asses back to whatever Buttcrackistan from whence they came. Liberals should have no problem at all with President Trump’s travel ban either, as liberals are the ilk who want statues and plaques removed lest a delicate few have their feelings bruised by America’s long past history of slavery…because Muslims continue the practice of slavery today.

Seriously…if they’re all about getting rid of statues that remind them of the long-since eliminated history of slavery in our culture…why in THE hell are they so insistent on bringing those whose CURRENT culture ENSLAVES other people over HERE?

It simply makes no sense.

And let me just throw this in for good measure…as long as we’re sending all the goat-humpers back to their respective Buttcrackistans…why not send the goat-humper-huggers back with them in an effort to prevent them from further infesting young minds with even more loads of liberal, self-destructive ideas?

What we need to do, in all seriousness, is get rid of that inane “diversity visa” program and replace it with an “ASSIMILATION Visa Program that ONLY invites into our country those who have the intention of BLENDING INTO OUR CULTURE…and EXCLUDES completely those with the intention of KILLING us if WE don’t assimilate into THEIR culture.

Liberals will lose their heads over such a notion…which is why I’m suggesting they go with the akbarbarians back to wherever akbarbarians came from…I mean…if they’re going to lose their heads…better over there than over here.

Those of us with a good head on our shoulders…just want to keep it that way.

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