Hollywood and Politics…Gropers Galore

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Over the past three weeks, one thing and only one thing has been the headline story in the news…


Lurid, unmitigated, uncalled for, unappreciated, unwanted and unprovable…Sex. Men, alleged to have had unwanted, unlawful sex with women and girls.Men alleged to have had unwanted and unlawful sex with boys.

Women, who used to be girls, and men who used to be boys have waited 10…20…30 and up to 40 years to level their unprovable allegations against people in positions of power…scampering to the nearest microphone…sometimes with their attorneys in tow…to spew forth tales of their victimhood for all to hear, and empathize with.

Let’s be clear about something here…

All of the presumed victims who have been making the headlines for the past three weeks have something in common…they all claim to have suffered horrific, disgusting, life-changing and unlawful abuse…that if it had been reported at the time it happened…could have easily been proven to have happened and yet…one after another, after another, after another remained abjectly…obtusely silent…for DECADES!!

Over that time…the now self-described victims have had their pictures taken with the predators who abused them…gone to parties and hob-knobbed with those who they claim abused them…in some cases worked with and/or worked for those who they claim abused them…had those who they now claim were their abusers sign their high school yearbooks, and watched as their abusers rose in stature, fame, won awards, and got promotions thus advancing socially, professionally and in the public eye…

All while the alleged victims of the alleged sexual predators remained stiflingly silent.

From the Hollywood Hills, to Capitol Hill…the allegations are flying left and right…the denials are be issued as fast as the allegations come in, and the media is doing more butt sniffing than one could see in a dog park on a Saturday afternoon.

Thank GOD we live in an era of 24/7 news cycles…or we might miss out on the next baseless claim of sexual misconduct perpetrated against a victimized mute.

But ask yourselves this…is it any wonder that allegations of this nature are being bandied about in two such similar realms as Hollywood and the world of politics?

Similar realms?

Oh…yes…and more so than you might think at first blush.

Sexual misconduct has been part and parcel of Hollywood since Hollywood was invented…and the same can be said of the world of politics…which is much older than show business…but both realms have a whole lot more in common than sordid affairs.

For instance…

Show business is a world of make believe. So too is the world of politics. Actors pretend to be someone they’re not and get paid handsomely to do it…while politicians also get handsomely paid to pretend they give a damn about those they represent.

Actors star in a movie, or on TV or an stage in a show about a given topic, and then those actors, based on words written by others romp about as activists for whatever cause their show was about…pretending to be experts on that particular subject.

Politicians get elected to serve…and lobbyists write their material for them while the elected official pretends to be an expert advocate on whatever topic they get paid the most to promote.

Actors will apparently screw just about anybody to get a role.

Politicians will obviously screw everybody to gain a seat.

Actors win awards.

Politicians win elections.

Politicians are famous for disposing of your income.

Actors will happily take whatever disposable income you have left after the politicians get done with you.

The general public goes to see a movie, or a play, or watches TV so that they won’t have to think for the next one, two or three hours…and that same general public elects politicians so that they won’t have to think for the next two, four or six years.

How many times have you believed the movie trailer and then come out of the movie thinking you just got screwed out of 10 dollars and two hours?

How many times have you believed the campaign and then come out thinking you just got screwed out of up to 50% of your income and four years?

This is why I like old westerns…at least the horses are honest.

What politics needs is more horses, and fewer horse’s asses.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the actors from the politicians. The most famous to cross from one realm to the other was, of course, Ronald Reagan who went from being an actor, to being the President of the Screen Actors Guild to becoming the President of the United States…but hell…even the guy who played Cooter on the Dukes of Hazard went on to become a politician.

Michael J. Fox is a liberal actor who played a Republican on Family Ties…John McCain is a liberal politician who plays a Republican in the Senate.

Michael J. Fox was more believable in his role than McCain.

Politicians are infamous for making lots of gaffs…Hollywood is famous for their abundant use of gaffer’s tape, and should the latter use that tape on the mouths of the former…we’d all be better off.

Celebrities, who applauded when Bruce Jenner, who sports a package under his dress, was named “WOMAN” of the year, also thought nothing of it when Michelle Obama, who also sports a package under “HER” dress became the First “Lady.”

Politicians, who legislate who should use what bathroom, and don’t give it a second thought are the same politicians who don’t give a second thought to calling it discriminatory when the BOY Scouts barred GIRLS from joining their club.

Liberal politicians said absolutely nothing against liberal actor Jerry Seinfeld when he was 39 years old and dating a 17 year old girl…but liberal politicians are having a hissy fit over the allegations of a 32 year old Roy Moore going on a date with a 17 year old girl.

Liberal celebrities, who said absolutely nothing against Bill Clinton when he stained Monica Lewinski’s dress and dipped his cigar in her…humidor…had hissy fits when Donald Trump said he’d like to grab some woman’s…humidor.

Since Hollywood became an industry…from Rudolph Valentino, to Rock Hudson, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have all stuck their franks and wieners where they don’t belong.

Since Politics became an industry…from Ben Franklin to John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spencer, John Edwards and Larry Craig have all stuck THEIR Barney Franks and Anthony Wieners where THEY don’t belong.

Should anyone be even a little surprised by the behavior of Al Frankengroper…who entered the world of liberal politics from the realm of liberal Hollywood?

None of this is meant as an excuse for the behavior…only as a compare and contrast exercise related to the vast similar nature of the two realms. The point being…nobody should either be, or act surprised by any of it, from either realm. But I suspect there’s more to all of it, all of a sudden, becoming front page news.

Hollywood, being dominated by liberals, has seen liberalism losing on all fronts in the political world, and Washington, now in the control of Conservatives from the halls of congress, to the White House and all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, is struggling to do ANYTHING that the elected Republicans PROMISED to do IF they were only elected.

Both Hollywood, and Washington need a distraction…and what’s more distracting from an ongoing slew of bad movies made by bad actors…or ill-fated laws made by bad politicians…than lurid allegations…unprovable as they are…against people from both realms?

The fact that almost NONE of the allegations can be proven, also means that almost none of the allegations can be DISproven either, and that is exactly why the media is having a field day with ALL of this abject nonsense.

Obviously, the mainstream media is suffering from a case of transparently fake news…and since making up their OWN fabrications has proven to be a ratings debacle…they’ve taken to headlining false allegations that OTHER people are making up.

Remember the whole Watergate scandal, and how long it took for members of the media to go to press with it? Why? Because they had to VERIFY the allegations BEFORE they went public with it. There had to be some THERE…there…and if the media couldn’t come up with the proof behind the allegations…they left it to fish-wrapper tabloids who were notorious for claiming that Abe Lincoln was an outer space alien, and Elvis was his own twin.

Today, an illicit allegation is all that’s necessary for the mainstream media to wet their pants in their rush to fill time in a round the clock news cycle. The more scandalous the better, and the more unprovable the allegation, the more time they can fill by reporting on it.

If Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the rest of the growing numbers of that realm actually did what they are now…decades later…being accused of doing…those whom it was done to should have come forward, leveled their accusations at the time of the offense…taken it to court with actual evidence and the bad actors should have been locked up.

If Judge Roy Moore actually did, what he’s alleged to have done decades ago…those to who HE did it should also have come forward back in the day, pressed charges and presented the actual evidence and Moore should have been locked up.

So, what’s the bottom line in all of this?

The realms of Hollywood and politics, where sex and allegations are concerned, are identical and while prostitution is referred to as the world’s oldest profession, I suggest the blurred line between Hollywood and politics means neither are any bit different than a gaggle of hookers, with the mainstream media acting as their combined pimps…exploiting sex for profit.

Further…driven by a far too abundant reliance on social media, far too many members of the public have become addicted to allegations, and completely disinterested in provable facts or actual evidence. A society that can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction…between promises and track records is apt to believe whatever they want to believe based on nothing more than what suits their own personal, or political agenda.

It’s the difference between a court of law, and the court of public opinion, and far, far too many people are overly concerned about the opinions of others than they are about standing on what either can, or cannot be proven.

Too many Republicans in congress are terrified that if they don’t stand for the women making completely unprovable allegations, they will, in the court of public opinion, be labeled as anti- woman…thus…they run to a microphone to tell society that they believe the women making the allegations. They need no more proof than does the public.

But it’s more than a slippery slope…it’s the edge of an abyss.

If we become a society that takes decades old allegations, backed up by no evidence or proof whatsoever as hard, irrefutable fact…no member of society is safe…and justice will no longer be available, even to the truly innocent.

While the overwhelming vast majority of men in our society exercise self-control, thus preventing their peckers from being placed in prohibited places, the vast, overwhelming majority of women don’t make baseless, unprovable allegations decades after they claim they were made victims…instead…making a case of the situation in a court of law at the time OF the unwanted occurrence.

If we are to disallow anyone alleged of having an inappropriate sexual encounter from ever making a movie, or from being elected to serve…there will never be another movie made or another law passed…and while I’m not entirely sure that’s a bad idea in either case…and while I am pretty sure sexual escapades, whether lawful or otherwise will always be a part of both Hollywood AND politics…just as they always have been, and there’s virtually nothing we can do about it…we can, and must rely on salient facts, rather than salacious rumors in deciding who is, or who is not guilty in both the courts of law, or public opinion.

I’m just waiting for a movie about Judge Roy Moore, produced by Harvey Weinstein, staring Kevin Spacey with Bill Clinton Al Frankengroper as  technical advisors to be the subject of a CNN special report.

Don’t feel too bad for Frankengroper…if he gets forced out of the Senate…he can always get a job at the airport with the TSA..

Copyright © 2017 Craig Andresen / thenationalpatriot.com

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