Why Liberals Hate Columbus Day

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Ahhhhh…Columbus Day.

A holiday celebrated in many countries in the Americas and elsewhere which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

The day is also celebrated as “Día de la Raza” (“Day of the Race”) in many countries in Latin America, as “Día de la Hispanidad” and “Fiesta Nacional” in Spain, where it is also the religious festivity of la Virgen del Pilar, as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Belize and Uruguay, as Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) in Argentina, and as Giornata Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo or Festa Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo in Italy and in the Little Italys around the world.

Around here…

It’s just plain old Columbus Day but whatever the name of the celebration, it has been celebrated since the 1800’s and officially as a National Holiday in the U.S. since 1937.

Liberals hate Columbus Day, which isn’t all that surprising, as liberals hate pretty much any traditional celebration.

In fact, most liberals want Columbus Day stricken from the calendar, and from our culture and want it replaced by Indigenous People’s Day.

To understand why liberals want Columbus Day replaced by Indigenous People’s Day, one first has to have an understanding of exactly what Columbus accomplished.

Christopher Columbus…Chris to his friends…sailed the ocean blue in 1492, eventually arriving in the Americas which he promptly mistook for India…hence…the Indians.

It has been widely circulated for hundreds of years that Chris had “discovered” America…which would be a tough sell since he was met upon his arrival by the indigenous people’s welcome wagon…not to mention that we now know that at the very least, both the Chinese and the Vikings had already “discovered” America.

To be completely clear…the indigenous people discovered nothing…they were apparently here all along unless you count a few stray nomads who crossed the Bearing Straight believing that the new land was just a continuation of the old land.

What Columbus did do however, was prove that one could sail past what was considered the end of the earth and find land that wasn’t supposed to be there. It was at that point that the world was known to be round, and not flat, much to the chagrin of certain brands of the Holier than Thou who…to this day…believe the world to be as flat as a pancake.

What liberals hate about Columbus and his special day is that eventually, Columbus would be mean to the Indians. He enslaved some of them and tried to wipe out the rest of them. He spread European diseases unknown to the Indians amongst them and became the bearer of bad tidings.

Liberals see Columbus as a conqueror whose trips led to the Pilgrims and eventually to the settlement of America by nasty, land hungry Europeans who fought wars against the Indians and eventually forced the Indians from their land, and onto reservations.

I see Columbus as Mr. Bean’s long lost ancestor.

That is why liberals hate Columbus and Columbus Day…because historically, Columbus tried to wipe out the Indians and enslave the Indians.

When it comes to Columbus Day…liberals do what liberals always do…they embrace that part of history which fits their agenda, and ignore those parts of history which make their agenda inane.

For instance…

Liberals embrace the historical fact that Columbus enslaved and attempted to wipe out the Indians because that fits their agenda of doing away with Columbus Day…and yet they completely ignore the historical fact that Columbus didn’t do anything to the Indians that the Indians hadn’t been doing to each other for centuries before he ever got here.

If that’s not hypocritical enough for liberals, who are most always hypocritical…consider this…

As I said earlier, both the Chinese and the Vikings got here before Columbus…that much is historical fact…but the Chinese didn’t stay because upon their arrival, they too found indigenous people…but…the indigenous people weren’t wearing much in the way of clothing and the Chinese saw no need for Chinese laundries.

The Vikings didn’t stick around either…because they wore lots of clothes and couldn’t find a Chinese laundry anywhere.

Columbus on the other hand, came, went and came back several times because Europeans in his day weren’t so concerned with having clean clothes but did see the need to establish a presence in the new world for the sake of trade…or to compile riches…which eventually led to settlements by those seeking to escape European persecution.

Columbus thus can be looked at as the first immigrant to America.

Now think about this…liberals are always trying to label Conservatives as being anti-immigration…but it is the liberals who want to do away with a day that celebrates the first immigrant to America.

Hypocritical much, dear liberals?

Now then, Columbus borrowed money from Spain to finance his explorations didn’t he? Explorations that liberals say were culturally insensitive…and liberals always have a bone to pick with cultural insensitivity…like the insensitivity Americans showed to the Chinese during the building of the transcontinental railroad for instance. But, we’ve made up for that by borrowing money from the Chinese just like Columbus borrowed money from the Spaniards.

And while Americans never did anything bad to the Vikings, we did give them their very own professional football team…which hardly any Conservatives are watching this year because we prefer both our Vikings, and our Redskins to stand during the National Anthem.

Okay…cultural sensitivity…that’s another part of the whole liberal agenda that’s based in hypocrisy.

Liberals say celebrating Columbus Day is culturally insensitive because Columbus tried to kill as many Indians as he could and tried to erase their culture to replace it with his own. How DARE we have a holiday to celebrate such cultural insensitivity.


Although it is these same hypocritical liberals who INSIST that we import as many MUSLIMS into our country as possible and what is it exactly that the Muslims want to do?

Kill as many of us as possible and erase our culture only to replace it with THEIR culture.

The whole Muslim thing is but one side of the cultural insensitivity coin that liberals are all too happy to embrace…here’s the other side…

Liberals are madder than wet hens over the notion that Chris Columbus would come over here in 1492 and try to replace the culture of indigenous people’s sense of freedom with European culture…and here liberals are…trying to replace our culture of freedom with European socialistic culture.

While liberals HATE Columbus Day…liberals LOVE cultural diversity…right? Then why on this round earth would liberals want to do away with a day that celebrates cultural diversity?

Like it or not…like HIM or not…Christopher Columbus did bring cultural diversity to the Indians whose only previous notion of cultural diversity was trying to kill other Indians from other tribes who were diverse from themselves.

But Columbus Day is just one day that liberals hypocritically want done away with…there’s also Thanksgiving…that day when the Pilgrims sat down with the Indians, in a show of cultural unity, and ate until the Indians had to loosen their loin clothes and the Pilgrims had to unbuckle their shoes before retiring to the den to watch football.

That was, of course, before there was a national anthem so every player stood during the playing of whatever it was they played before the game.

Liberals want to do away with Thanksgiving too…because they claim the Pilgrims eventually led to the demise of the Indians.

I thought it was Columbus who did that, but I suppose since Columbus led to the Pilgrims…liberals want both holidays gone.

Yep, liberals have their collective panties all wadded up over Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, but Black History Month is all the rage in liberal circles…because unlike Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, which liberals claim celebrates man’s inhumanity toward man, slavery and genocide…Black History month celebrates the history of everything from black people selling other black people into slavery in Africa to today’s extreme rate of black on black murders which accounts for 93% of all black people murdered in our country.

There’s not a land mass on earth, nor a people on earth which haven’t, at some point in human history, been conquered or enslaved, but to try and erase those events from any country’s history is as much a disservice to the people affected as were the events themselves.

Sure, Columbus got a lot of things wrong, and he and his men did a lot of wrong things, but Columbus also did a lot of things right. He used cutting edge technology to navigate as no sailors had done before, went farther than any before him had gone, he proved the ancient Greeks right in that the world was round and he was the first European to establish colonies in what to them, was the new world.

The fact of the matter is…had it not been Columbus, someone else would have soon made that journey, and established a permanent presence in the new world which would have inevitably led to same outcome for the indigenous peoples who were already here. That’s not to say that what happened here more than 500 years ago was right, but only that it was inevitable.

American culture is what it is because of all the various and differing cultures which have added to it…good, bad or indifferently and the only way to set history straight, would be to eliminate all cultures from our country other than the culture of those indigenous peoples…which frankly…would be the very last thing liberals would want to do.

And why is that?

Because the indigenous peoples of our country had no use whatsoever for all the things that come with liberalism…specifically…being controlled and forced into being politically correct. If liberals today are all bent out of shape over the control Columbus exerted over the Indians, why in the hell are liberals so keen on controlling everybody else?

Besides, we celebrate Columbus as an explorer..not as a guy who pillaged the indigenous people….in much the same way that liberals celebrate Bill Clinton as a President, and not as a guy who pillaged an intern.

After all, it’s all part of history and history can’t be changed by trying to make it more politically correct…regardless of the size of the wad in the collective panties of liberals.

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  1. Right on, Craig! Liberals are intent on making everyone in this country insane. Do this, do that, no! not that!

    Why aren’t the dimwit liberals doing anything constructive? All I’ve seen, so far, is their hard line movement of destruction of every monument, flag, statue, etc., in our country? That destruction includes people, also. Especially, white people. Muslims hate us and want to kill us all, and liberals support them. Black power groups hate us and want to kill us all, and liberals support them. Mexicans want to take over my beloved state of Texas, and liberals want to let them ALL in without going through immigration channels.

    Do these liberals dick weeds not understand that most of them are white also? Do they think that when the fighting starts, they’ll be allowed to live? I try not to think of it anymore. Why give stupid people any of my time?

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