Loons of a Feather

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Whenever something, like what happened last Sunday night in Las Vegas happens, two very predictable things immediately follow, and both of those things involve lunatics.

First…the conspiracy lunatics come crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches when the lights go out spreading the wildest, most hair-brained notions of how such an event could have taken place.

Let me provide an example that I saw on social media just a couple of days ago…

Some loon actually posted…”Let me get this straight…One old guy schlepped 400 pounds of weapons and ammo up to the 32nd floor of a hotel…removed two 80 pound windows…and set up two sniper’s nests all by himself with nobody noticing to kill people at a concert. Something just doesn’t make sense.”


Perhaps this particular loon has never been in a hotel with more than 32 floors and simply isn’t aware that such hotels have elevators, or that in a hotel with some 3000 rooms, people are constantly strolling through the lobby with suit cases heading for those elevators…or that once inside their room, they can do pretty much anything from watching TV, to eating a sandwich or taking a nap…to setting up a sniper’s nest and nobody would be the wiser.

As for the windows…he broke them out…he didn’t remove them.

You see…none of that makes any sense to the garden variety conspiracy loon…and for those of that ilk…it’s far more plausible to believe that no one man could do what that one man did, therefore, it had to be some double top secret, covert, black ops conglomerate of CIA, FBI, government led team of Rothschild, Illuminati strike force that somehow beamed all the guns into the room using some military industrial complex ion beam transporter that did it.

The conspiracy loons post this crap on social media, and gullible Conservatives, eager to show just how brilliant they are reach out and hit the share button because they believe such an obtuse explanation to an obvious situation shows a deeper level of thought.

I understand it’s hard to wrap one’s head around what happened in Las Vegas, or Sandy Hook, or Orlando…because to the overwhelming vast majority of us doing such horrible, awful things would never cross our minds, but the fact is…there are some horrible, awful people in the world that are so twisted, hateful and lacking in any aspect of morality that they do things like Stephen Paddock did last Sunday night in Las Vegas.

The second, predictable thing that immediately follows such a depraved act as we saw in Las Vegas…which also involves lunatics…is that liberal loons crawl from the woodwork like roaches and immediately demand legislation to prevent whatever happened from ever happening again.

Every time one individual, like Stephen Paddock goes off, snaps and does something horrific, liberals scurry up to the nearest device of communication and demand more gun control.

Oh, really?

While the conspiracy loons busy themselves insisting that the government had everything to do with a tragic and horrifying event…liberal loons busy themselves insisting the only way to prevent it from occurring again is to add yet another layer of government intrusion into our daily lives.

Before the bodies in Vegas were cold, in fact, before some of those bodies had been removed from the scene, liberals like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren…assorted celebrities and of course, the mainstream media morons were all demanding more gun control.

They didn’t even know, at that point, what sort of guns had been used…but that didn’t matter because to liberal loons…all guns are bad and need to go.

This would be a grand time to explain to liberals exactly what laws do…and perhaps more importantly…don’t do.

Try as you might…elected officials will never be able to legislate the evil intentions out of evil people. Laws just don’t work that way, and as proof I offer this for your, and their consideration…

Murdering people is illegal. We have legislation against murdering people. People are murdered everyday…because those intent on murder don’t give a flying rat’s ass about the legislation that renders the act of murder…illegal.

All sorts of things are against the law and all sorts of laws are broken every day.

Laws do not prevent crime.

It’s just that simple, but does that mean we should be without laws altogether?

Certainly not, because what laws do is set a line which should not be crossed and assesses penalties against those who do cross the line.

Liberal loons know this, but when it comes to gun laws…which in reality, are gun restrictions…the liberal loon agenda is not to prevent crimes committed with guns…it is, in fact, to make gun ownership itself a crime.

Liberals know they can’t just sweep away the 2nd Amendment, although that is exactly what they would like to do, but through legislation…little by little they can chip away at it until their ultimate goal, the elimination of the 2nd Amendment is achieved.

It is often, and rightly said, that we are a nation of laws…but that’s only the half of it. We are also, and just maybe more importantly, a nation of rights, and those rights are spelled out in our founding documents…specifically, in the bill of rights.

In that document, our 2nd Amendment rights are strikingly clear…”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” and while liberal loons always want to debate the meaning of what constitutes a “well regulated militia,” that too is beyond reasonable debate.

“Well regulated,” to liberal loons, means heavily dependent upon government regulation. To our Founders and Framers however, “well regulated” meant…well armed, and to them, the militia was…the populous.

In today’s parlance, the 2nd Amendment would read as follows…“A well armed Populous, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The question then becomes, why would liberals want to disarm the populous?

That’s an easy question to answer…so that the populous would have no way to defend themselves and therefore would have to rely on the government lock, stock and lack of barrel. Disarming the populous is necessary, only if the government wishes to enact tyrannical rule, and in our case, having the government rule over the people, rather than allowing the people to rule over the government, is…indeed…tyranny.

This is why, when such an event as what took place last Sunday in Las Vegas occurs, or such an event as Sandy Hook, or Orlando, or San Bernardino and others take place, liberal loons, never wanting to let a crisis go to waste, seize immediately upon the opportunity, while emotions and shock are at their highest level, to demand further measures that will chip away at our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Absolutely none of the myriad of gun laws on the books today prevented last Sunday’s crime, none of those laws prevented any of the other crimes mentioned and clearly no gun laws on the books today have prevented the streets of Chicago, or other inner cities from becoming kill zones.

More gun laws, more chipping away at the 2nd Amendment will do nothing down the line to prevent future crimes either.

Laws don’t prevent crimes. Laws determine the line between acceptable and criminal behavior and assign the penalties for criminal behavior. It is the combination of penalties, and people’s morality that act as deterrents to criminal actions.

The simple fact is, those without the moral compass to guide their actions, whether they be street thugs in cities like Chicago, or those who occupy a 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay, will never be stopped by laws, nor deterred by the possible penalties. Criminals never are, or they wouldn’t be criminals.

While conspiracy loons always want to interject government covert ops into even the most obvious individual actions, liberal loons always seek to interject more government into our lives as a knee-jerk response to any individual action.

Let’s put it this way…loons of a feather, flock together.

In the case of conspiracy loon Jay Stinson III, who apparently doesn’t know the difference between the front desk at a hotel, and a TSA checkpoint at the airport, eluded to the double top secret, covert, black ops conglomerate of CIA, FBI, government led team of Rothschild, Illuminati strike force when he posed this question on Facebook…”How do you smuggle hundreds of pounds of weapons and ammo past security in a casino hotel?”

Simple, common sense answer…the same way I always smuggle my Fruit of the Looms past security in a casino hotel…in my luggage….because neither I, nor anyone else has ever had their luggage searched or x-rayed when checking in to any hotel…anywhere.

And in the case of Stephen Paddock, liberal loons immediately began the ever so predictable agenda of demanding legislation against the vast majority because of the criminal actions of the overwhelmingly vast minority.

The sad truth of it all is this…between those whose lives were lost and those injured last Sunday night in Las Vegas, there was a total of 586 victims.

If liberal loons get their way, in response to the one who created those 586 victims, they would victimize the other 350 million Americans by erasing our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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