Justice for All, or Just For Some?

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Collusion with the Russians.

Yes…it was real. Yes…it did indeed take place. It just wasn’t as Hillary, liberals at large or the liberal propaganda arm known as the mainstream media made it out to be.

Not even close.

At the center of this swirling toilet bowl of organized crime is a floating old turd named Hillary Clinton, but she is most definitely not the only deuce in the pot. So too are Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and of course, James Comey.

Now is the time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prove he’s something other than a nutless wonder, or he’ll be joining the rest of the spiraling turds to the sewer.

The evidence is all there…

It has, for the most part been made public, the media is dead silent and We the People are waiting…waiting and waiting for Sessions to do what must be done…what would be done were it you, or I rather than the aforementioned names.

What little mainstream media coverage all of this is getting always tries top brush it aside as a “scandal,” something minor, unimportant and not worth their time. It’s a great deal more than a “scandal” however.

What it is, is an organized criminal enterprise.

Suddenly, this is being exposed on social media by Conservatives under the heading of “breaking news,” but that would be as incorrect as labeling it a “scandal.”

Suddenly? Breaking news?

It was breaking news when my Right Side Patriots partner and friend Diane Sori and I first reported on the tip of this iceberg in May 2014 in our 4 Part Series on Government Land Grabs. We were widely questioned back then regarding the allegations of our country selling uranium to such foreign entities as China, Taiwan, Canada and even Russia…but we knew we were right then, and finally, the rest of the world is starting to catch up.

Let’s take it from the top…

Late in his 2nd term, George W, Bush struck a nuclear-cooperation agreement with Russia, but before congress could okay that deal, Russia invaded Georgia and congress put the deal on a dusty back shelf only to have it immediately revived by Obama in the early months of his 1st term.

That led to Hillary Clinton’s “reset button” moment with Russia.

Since 1992, the U.S. under President George H.W. Bush had been buying uranium from decommissioned Russian nuclear warheads and those purchases had been handled by a company called Tenex…a Russian company in Maryland.

Tenex, under the direction of Vadim Mikerin, is a subsidiary of the Russian nuclear company Rosatom, by the way, and that’s important, as you will soon see.

This Mikerin guy was actually extorting money, lots and lots of money, from the U.S. uranium buyers and he did so for years, which not only fed Russia’s pockets, and his own, but also put him in a position to further extort others down the road. That extortion came in the form of greatly inflated prices for the uranium which U.S. buyers were purchasing and Russia was literally laundering those extra funds through various accounts located in Latvia, Cyprus, Switzerland, and the Seychelle Islands, but…from time to time, the extortion funds were actually handled in cash…tens of thousands of dollars at a time.

Those extorted funds, the laundering of them, the racketeering involved and bribes paid by U.S. uranium purchasers all amounted to tens of millions of dollars through the years. The question which must be answered at this point, is…where did a large slice of that illegally obtained money wind up?

Well, we all know of the payoff money Russia gave Bill Clinton for a single speech…some $450,000.00, and that was part of it. We also know that after Tenex became Uranium One, under a quick sign-off by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, tens of millions of dollars were…”donated”…to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One…thus adding the Clinton Foundation to the list of money laundering and racketeering entities involved.

That move accomplished several things for Russia…it got them inside the inner workings of the Obama regime via their exploitation of Hillary and Bill Clinton and through their benefactor status within the Clinton Foundation…it provided the Russians with a more direct route for their racketeering and extortion endeavors…and it allowed Russia, at the wishes of Vladimir Putin, to leverage a deal to gain control of uranium from the Kazakh region’s uranium reserves which had, to that point, been inaccessible to Putin.

A Kazakh official had already sold large stakes of his region’s uranium to a Canadian benefactor of the Clintons, Frank Giustra, the owner of Uranium One in Canada and who gave the Clinton Foundation some $33 million dollars, putting it out of reach for Putin and Russia…but not so fast…Putin then used Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime to lean on Giustra and within a matter of days, Hilary, via the Department of State, and on behalf of the Obama regime, convinced Giustra to sell his stake in the Kazakh uranium to…Rosatom…which would then purchased…Uranium One.

That move accomplished a few things for both the Russians and for the Clintons…it gave the Russians control of the Kazakh uranium…and it preserved the financial benefits being provided by the Russian racketeering and extortion to the Clinton Foundation.

The Russian Rosatom purchase of Canadian Uranium One was not like buying the corner barber shop however, since both companies were in the nuclear energy and uranium business, and such purchases, especially because they were foreign based entities, with one, Rosatom, the parent company of Russia’s Tenex being based in Maryland, had to first be run through more than a dozen federal agencies…and those with the most clout were the Department of State…under Hillary Clinton…the Department of Justice…under the direction of Eric Holder, and the FBI…then under the direction of one Robert Mueller…the same Robert Mueller now heading up the investigation of Russian meddling on the supposed behalf of President Donald Trump.

Getting Hillary to sign off for the Department of State would be easy, as she and Bill were already in bed with the Russians and reaping the monetary rewards of racketeering and extortion, but getting the Department of Justice and the FBI on board was seemingly a tougher get, as the FBI and the DOJ were, at that time, actually investigating the racketeering and extortion issues tied to Tenex and the Russians.

Big surprise…the investigation by Mueller and Holder went nowhere, and all three major federal agencies green-lighted the sale.

That “deal” is exactly what led to 20% of U.S. uranium being sold to the Russians, with Rosatom…a company which was already assisting the Iranian rogue regime in the building of nuclear reactors…something that many in congress were privy to…so…in order to obtain a tacit okay from congress, regarding the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom…the Obama regime including Holder, Hillary and Mueller, hid the extortion and racketeering intel from congress altogether.

Real slick.

Done deal…and in my opinion, all the major players by that time had become not only accessories to criminal proceedings…racketeering, extortion, bribery, and the withholding of key intel and information from congress…but the perpetrators of a vast criminal enterprise that has, to this day, put U.S. National Security at grave risk.

Taking bribes, extorting money, laundering that money through various foreign and domestic entities, accepting payoffs and the willful withholding of intel and information key to national security from congress…not to mention…the closing of an official FBI and DOJ investigation in such and the willful ignoring of evidence pertaining to such a vast, organized criminal enterprise are criminal in nature…plain and simple.

So now the question becomes…why isn’t anyone being indicted, why has no one been charged and why on earth isn’t anyone in jail?

To get to that answer, we first have to have a closer look at the key players. There was Obama, at the head of the organized crime syndicate…Hillary Clinton, a key player and Bill Clinton…an accessory to the criminal activities who between them, and their foundation were recipients of ill-gotten monetary gains to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars…Eric Holder who despite mountains of evidence against Tenex and Rosatom regarding their bribery, extortion and money laundering…which included plenty of evidence against both Bill and Hillary Clinton, decided to withhold all of it from congress…as did Robert Mueller at the FBI.

But we’re forgetting a few other key players…first, Rod Rosenstein, who at the time was a Federal Attorney in Maryland…appointed by Barack Hussein Obama…who was also deeply involved in the squashed investigation into Tenex and Rosatom and their criminal activities.

It was Rosenstein who appointed Mueller to investigate the supposed, yet non-existent collusion between President Trump and the Russians regarding last November’s election…right? So both Rosenstein and Mueller have their asses on the line should anyone be indicted regarding all of this criminal activity…because they are as deeply involved in it as any one of the rest of the key players.

Second, Loretta Lynch who by the time all of these various criminal actions had been so deeply undertaken, had become the Attorney General, succeeding Eric Holder. Care to have a guess at what some of the tarmac conversation was between her and Bill Clinton, now that we have so much more on which to go? I’m willing to bet that Uranium One, Tenex, the bribery, extortion, money laundering, his speaking fee from the Russians and the Clinton Foundation involvement were all a big part of that little chat.

And last, but far from least…Jeff Sessions…who at the time of all the criminal activity, was a U.S. Senator. Remember, I said many in congress knew of the various illegal…the criminal activity swirling around Uranium One and the purchase of it by Rosatom, along with all the rest of it? Well, one of the first things Sessions did upon becoming the new Attorney General, appointed by President Trump, was to recuse himself from anything to do with Russian investigations. Right? So…what did he know, and when did he know it?

One has to wonder if now Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t know quite a bit, and willingly turned a blind eye towards it while a sitting U.S. Senator.

Hillary was supposed to win last November’s election, thus shielding all the rest of the key players from any investigation or from, in any way, shape of form, being held responsible…as in indicted, or convicted…but that didn’t happen.

Instead, Donald Trump became President Trump, and given that the organized criminal enterprise that we now know encompassed far more than just Hillary, and was far more than simply criminal…perhaps reaching the level of treason when one considers the fact that one of the companies they were all involved in taking money from or protecting, Rosatom, was in fact aiding and abetting Iran in that rogue regimes nuclear quest…it puts her obtuse comment, in the waning weeks of last year’s campaign in a more proper perspective.

” If that f – – – ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!” 

That is what Hillary reportedly told Matt Lauer off the air after her portion of a town hall style Q&A session.

So far, the investigation into the non-existent Trump/Russian collusion is going nowhere, because it never happened and thus, it has nowhere to go…but keep in mind that two of those deeply involved in the criminal enterprise that was the Obama regime, Mueller and Rosenstein, are the two heading up that particular investigation.

Meanwhile…the investigation, such as it is, and it is tacit at best right now, regarding the criminal activities of Hillary and Bill Clinton, their Foundation, Holder, Uranium One, Tenex and Rosatom is classified as an ETHICS investigation…not a CRIMINAL investigation. We all know that violations of the ethics variety rarely rise above such consequences relating to a slight slap on the wrist or a stern talking to.

If Jeff Sessions is, as I suspect, a nutless wonder, he’ll keep the Uranium One/Hillary and Obama regime investigation an ethics matter…but…should he decide to grow a pair…he’ll make it a criminal investigation and should it ever become the latter rather than the former…there is plenty on which to issue immediate indictments and garner subsequent convictions…including for criminal activity, all the way up to and including possible treason.

Unfortunately, the culture of Washington is dead set against current office holders going after those who preceded them out of the fear that they themselves might become the targets of such doings once they leave their appointed or elected offices.

Perhaps more disconcerting is the notion that lost is the culture of not engaging in either criminal or treasonous activities whether in or out of office thus creating nothing to be brought up on charges for down the road.

If Attorney General Sessions will not prosecute the entirety of the Obama criminal cartel, he needs to be removed immediately, and replaced by the likes of Trey Gowdy…a man with an axe to grind rather than bodies to be buried.

Remember…the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance says…”and justice for all” not just for some… excluding a select few.

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