The NFL Can Take Knee and Kiss My…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

An open letter to the NFL…

Dear owners, coaches and assorted uniformed thugs, miscreants and felons,

For the past several weeks, we, the people who spend our hard-earned money on things like tickets, merchandise and the products you pretend to like and use…in other words…those of us who pay your ridiculous salaries…have a little something we’d like to share with you, but first…a question…

Just what is it you are protesting?

You claim it’s got something to do with the police, or injustice toward deeply tanned people by the police, or something else along those lines…right?

You do realize that more white people are killed by the police than black people…don’t you?

You do realize that the overwhelming majority of black people killed in this country of ours are killed by other black people…to the tune of about 93%…right?

Now we realize that, from time to time, you claim that your National Anthem protests are a show of unity…but we, the people who have made you millionaires many times over…just can’t figure out what you are attempting to unify with…exactly.

You seem to claim that you’re showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter.


What exactly has Black Lives Matter done regarding the onslaught of black against black violence in some of the inner cities where your teams are located? What have they done about that in Chicago? What have they done about it in Oakland, or Los Angeles, or Detroit, or Atlanta?

For that matter…what have you kneelers done about it?

Well…let’s see…you have shown your solidarity with thugs, arsonists, assaulters, killers and vandals who have shown their support for the ilk of thugs like Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and a handful of others.

What courage you have shown…what fine examples of core values you have exhibited and what great role models you have chosen to embrace.

Oh, we get that you don’t much care for the cops…what organized gang of criminals does after all?

Judging by the arrest records of some of you ‘take-a-knee’ activists, you’re really no better than the thugs, dead or alive, you and taking a knee for.

Now…we have also heard that some of you kneeling morons seem to think that black people in this country are oppressed. By whom? No…seriously…by whom are they being oppressed? By white people?

Would those be the same 83% of white people that make up your fan base and the same 83% of white people who have helped make you, and your bank accounts anything BUT oppressed?

Okay…enough of the questions…here is our solution to your problem…

We’ll just stop coming to your little games and stop buying your jerseys and the products you pretend to like and use, but we wouldn’t want you over paid thug-huggers with rug-burned knees to go about the business of concussing yourselves to empty stadiums…so…

We suggest that in the name of solidarity, or unity, or whatever…you, your teams and your team’s owners sell the seats to, and ONLY to…Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA goons…at depressed rates for the oppressed ingrates.

Seriously…it’ll be great…there you’ll be, every Sunday afternoon, Thursday or Monday night with the cop-hating, anti-American, white-hating mobs of slobs you are so eager to identify with.

And not a cop in sight.

Don’t be a bit surprised though, if a few fires break out, and a few people get shot. In fact, you may want to switch from pads to Kevlar because you just never know where stray bullets will go. We, your fans and former financial backers will just sit in the relative safety of our livings rooms and watch what happens.

Feel free to make other changes too…like the league MVP can change from ‘Most VALUABLE Player’…to “Most VIOLENT Player’ which will, until court records indicate otherwise, be given every year to Pacman Jones who is currently boasting 10 arrests for a wide variety of crimes.

It’ll be great fun watching you guys running serpentine routes downfield, dodging semi-automatic weapons fire…which as we understand it happens every day and night on the streets of Chicago.

No more hotdogs, nachos and beer at the concession stand either…you’ll be wanting to switch to pot, crack and Colt 45 for the enjoyment of your in-stadium guests. Sorry…no fried chicken as Colonel Sanders was a white guy from the south…Church’s sounds too religious for your crowd and Popeye’s…well…Popeye was a white member of the military and we know you don’t give a damn about those who served in uniform…real or cartoon so…

Now then…cheerleaders…a sideline mainstay since sidelines and cute women were invented…that’s gonna change too.

Perky dancing cheerleaders will be replaced by entitled welfare mothers and their assorted gaggles of welfare spawn searching the crowd for any number of their baby-daddies who owe them back child support.

For all we know…some of their most-wanted might just be out there on the field and we can’t think of anything much more entertaining than watching you trying to run away from them in the middle of a play. Who knows…one of them might just be what it takes to get  some 6-4. 360 pound offended tackle to break 4.3 in the 40.

One more thing, and this is very important…

There will be NO playing of our National Anthem before your games…because we know how much you despise that particular song and everything it stands for.

Instead…THIS will be played before every game.

We’re betting you won’t take a knee for that.

Now then…are we saying that ALL black people are like those you’re showing solidarity with? No, not at all…but you’re not showing any solidarity with those in the black community who love this country, stand with our police officers and know they’re not being oppressed….and guess what…they’ve had quite enough of your ungrateful antics too.

The facts are these…the vast, overwhelming majority of Americans love this country, and respect both the flag and our National Anthem. The vast, overwhelming majority of Americans also support law enforcement.

Sure, we know there are a few bad cops, and we want them dealt with according to the law, to the fullest extent of the law, but we also know something else…that statistically speaking, there is a lower percentage of bad cops on our nation’s streets than there are bad people playing football on Sunday afternoons, or Monday and Thursday nights.

Yes, you have the right to protest, to make your opinions known…nobody is denying that, but we simply ask that you find a better way, and a better time to air your opinions than during the playing of our National Anthem because taking a knee, for the sake of publicity and your own self-aggrandizement during the playing of our Anthem is an abject sign of disrespect for each and every man and woman of any color who has fought for, and died for the freedoms we all hold dear…including your freedom to make absolute asses of yourselves on national television.

The truth is…we, the vast majority of Americans, and as those who pay your way through an anything but oppressed life, value our nation, our flag and our National Anthem far more than we value you. We can live without watching your sorry, disrespectful asses either in person or on television but we cannot live without the freedoms, and opportunities offered by our nation, protected by those who wear our nation’s uniforms or who protect our cities, towns and streets.

Furthermore, our flag, and our Anthem are symbols of those liberties which mean a great deal more to us than you, your teams or your game.

When we sit at home, or in a stadium, we are rooting for a team, or a player…for uniform colors, not for skin colors or for those who pretend to be oppressed on behalf of those who only oppress themselves.

Now…let’s get to the REAL reason you’re taking a knee…

The thugs that represent you, and that you claim solidarity with, don’t like President Trump, and claim that he’s a racist elected by racists. That’s really what this is about, and you just can’t get over the fact that your candidate lost the election last November.

You poor little snowflakes. You’ve run out of bubbles, your box of Crayons is empty and your therapy puppies ate your playbook. Well guess what? As black people in this country are but roughly 13% of the population…white people have elected EVERY president we have EVER had…including the last one, and last November, there were only two choices…BOTH of them being white.

President Trump, regardless of your idiotic beliefs, is not the cause of the divide in this country, which is, in fact, political and not racial…he is the RESULT of it.

You over-priced yahoos take a knee in what? Solidarity? In unity? Really? You think giving the one finger salute to the nation, to our veterans, to those serving and those protecting is a sign of unity? Have you even bothered to step outside your ivory towers to see that your actions and far more divisive than unifying?

Colin Kaepernick…who was raised by white parents, recruited by white recruiters and paid nearly $20 MILLION bucks a year by a white team owner and had the complete lack of intellectual integrity to wear a Fidel Castro T-shirt to a press conference to bitch about how oppressed black people are in our country has, by the way,  never bothered to ever cast a vote in an election.

Have black people been doing better, making more money, getting better educations, getting off of welfare, strengthening the family unit, getting more opportunities or opening more new businesses since that “B” rated idiot, Kaepernick took a knee? Since YOU took a knee?

Nope…and would you like to know why? Because you millionaires haven’t lifted anything but your middle finger in any sort of effort to encourage them to take advantage of the mountain of opportunities that exist today for EVERY American. You’re not extolling the virtues of an education to them, or the value of earning what you want and need. You’re not out there on the streets trying to calm things down, you’re kneeling on the sidelines of life urging them to be punks and thugs just like you.

Our National Anthem was written for those who refused to take a knee, and stood up to make this country stronger and better…to make it into the sort of country that would eventually present opportunities to every American and to give every American the ability to be better than ever before.

No wonder you bunch of thugs and miscreants would rather seek entitlements that seize those opportunities…it’s easier to pretend to be a victim than to actually achieve something.

Come to think of it…maybe on your knees is the best possible position for you…because from there, it’s a whole lot easier to kiss our America and National Anthem loving, former NFL watching asses.

This Sunday, we’ll be watching the cowboys…not the team…the old westerns with John Wayne…now there was a guy who respected this country.

You NFL America hating kneelers ain’t worth the crap his horse left in the dirt.

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