Weed Weasels, Statues and the Truth

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

So…today it’s statues that are being removed. Statues of Confederates to be precise, and why? Because some people claim to be offended by them.

It’s a conundrum really.

The terminally offended, which one can most usually find in the deep weeds of their natural habitat…on the left side of the political aisle…say that those statues, of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and the like just have to go. They must be removed because they are tangible reminders of the era of slavery.


Reminders of slavery? So, if those statues are removed…what? History is scrubbed clean of the stain of slavery?

It doesn’t work that way.

Statues or not, slavery existed in our country way back when, and it will have always existed as a matter of history. Let me provide a few examples…at one point in our history, people thought it was fashionable for men to wear powdered wigs, silk stockings large buckles on their shoes. That of course, was before they realized it looked silly, and they quit doing it…but it’s still a part of our history.

Slavery in the south was, at one point, thought to be necessary for the southern states to be agriculturally productive in order to keep economic pace with industry in the northern states. That was before Eli Whitney said, ‘Keep your cotton picking hands off my gin,’ and the south discovered they could keep right on growing economically without slavery after all.

The natural enemy of cotton production in the era of slavery was the boll weevil, and today the natural enemy of sanity is the liberal weed weasel.

Times have changed.

Today’s weed weasels want Confederate statues removed because, they claim, those statues represent a culture of slavery. What they won’t admit is that those statues actually represent their own political party’s history, as those southern states, back in the day, were all run, and populated by democrats…and those statues they now want so badly removed are statues OF democrats.

What today’s liberals are hoping you won’t notice is that they are claiming their own cultural history is offensive to them and they would rather not be reminded of it every time they see a certain face cast in bronze, or a certain flag.

The very same weed weasels who are demanding that every statue of Robert, Jefferson and Beauregard be removed due to cultural offenses perceived, are the advocates of importing into our country the flesh and blood personages of every Achmed, Mahmoud and Mohammad who represent THE most culturally offensive ideology on earth…Muslims…who by the way, are still in the business of slavery.

Remove the statues we must they say…but suggest the removal of the Muslims? Why…that would be culturally offensive and while, according to the weed weasels, we must eliminate the offensive cultural history of our own southern states…we must, at the same time, protect the culturally offensive future of every Buttcrackistanian on the planet to kill us all by bringing as many of them as possible over here to do it.

This is where the weed weasels and the Muslims find common ground of sorts…everything some of us used to be is offensive to the weed weasels, while everything all of us are, is offensive to the Muslims, and while the weed weasels want old statues removed, the Muslims want us ALL removed.

The question is, once all the statues that are deemed offensive to weed weasels are gone…what’s next in the effort to remove any and all offenses from the nation in which we live?

Crosses on churches will have to be removed because they offend atheists, and outside of a rabid pack of weed weasels, one doesn’t find very many stray free-range atheists.

Corbels…those decorative supports for building ledges and roofs will have to go due to the offense taken by minimalists.

Simple designs for simple minds.

Capitalism is most certainly on the removal list as that sort of thing offends the terminally socialist who prefer a political ideology of historical failure and collapse over a thriving economy which allows businesses to grow and people to be self-sufficient.

Naturally, the entire Bill of Rights, along with the Constitution must go, as weed weasels are horribly offended by any notion that people should be more powerful than the government, from which their every want and need is supplied to them by the very people that the removal of capitalism will render incapable of supplying anything at all.

Separate bathrooms for men and women, along with all personal pronouns will be done away with because, along with being terminally offended, the common weed weasel is also terminally confused by the scientific evidence that there are but two genders…and they are different. This also accounts for gay pride parades in which men are often seen wearing silly powdered wigs, silk stockings and buckles on their shows.

Pants are usually optional, but frowned upon at such culturally sensitive gatherings.

Public education will have to be removed by weed weasels, to be replaced by political indoctrination. Oh, wait, public education disappeared before the statues.

My bad.

Just about 99.9999% of everything white offends weed weasels and will therefore need to be eliminated. This of course includes paper, crayons, linen sales, pale Conservatives and eggs. Come on, we all know that eggs in brown shells are more expensive at the overpriced bean sprout stores because they are more culturally diverse, and therefore better for you. The only things that will be allowed to remain white will be Priuses, paint for use only by weed weasel minimalists, and the chalk used to outline the victims of black on black murders in urban areas of our country.

These of course are just some of the things the weed weasels would like to see removed lest they remain to surely offend those who seem always to be offended, either personally, or on the behalf of others…and while one statue after another is removed, or desecrated by weed weasels or by those intent on appeasing the varmints, beginning with the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville that seemed to ignite a whole new round of pretend offense, there are a few things you need to know.

Robert E. Lee was not, in any way, shape or form, an advocate of slavery. In fact, he despised the idea. He was a Southerner…proud of his southern roots and the culture of hard work, resolve, rebellion and family strength that went with it. Lee was also against monuments regarding the civil war, and while weed weasels are quick to point out that he opposed Confederate monuments, the fact is, he opposed them all regardless of blue or grey.

The overwhelming vast majority of land owners in the south, before the Civil War, were not slaveholders. Weed weasels are always quick to point out that nearly 31% of southern families owned slaves…what they’re hoping common core math keeps you from realizing is that more than 2/3 of southern families DIDN’T own slaves.

Most of the brass in the army of the south didn’t care for slavery, and again, the overwhelming vast majority of those who fought under them had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.

It’s all a matter of historical fact, available to any who are open to facts rather than being convinced by propaganda.

The Confederate flag, so reviled by weed weasels, was revered by southerners, but not because it stood for slavery…because it stood for perseverance. At the end of the Civil War, why did so many former slaves stay in the south, when they could have just as easily headed north, or west? Because they wanted to adopt for themselves the culture that that flag stood for.

The Confederate flag is not the flag of slavery…it’s a regional thing that stands for pride in a way of life different from any other in this country to this day. There was then, and is today, a politeness in the south that is plain, but not politically correct. There is a sense of kinship there that simply doesn’t exist north of the Mason Dixon line. Southerners then, and now, have a rebellious nature that doesn’t include going with the flow, being highly suspicious of everybody they meet, being cold or uncaring and thinking that the government has all the answers.

Northern democrats manipulated southerners before the Civil War into believing they would lose all aspects of their individually should they not secede from the nation, because it was northern democrats, in concert with southern democrats who felt entitled to the hard work of others…the business of owning slaves…rather than having to work for what they wanted. In fact, northern democrats wanted to revive slavery in the north, and felt the best way to do it was to keep it alive in the south.

Even after the Civil War, until this day, it was, and is democrats who insist that black people be held apart from the rest of society.

For 100 years after that war between the states, it was democrats that clung to the notion of slavery and segregation exactly the way they today claim Conservatives cling to their Bibles and guns. Jim Crow laws, segregation, the KKK and the relegating of black people to the status of 2nd class citizens were all the conscripts of the democrat party. It wasn’t until they realized it would be politically advantageous in the mid 1960’s that they claimed to be on the side of black people and for equality.

But were they…really?


What democrats have done since the mid 1960’s with regard to black people isn’t anywhere near as brutal, or overtly dehumanizing as was the slavery they embraced before the Civil War, but it has been just as unethical, and subsequently as covertly dehumanizing in a very cloaked way. Today’s democrats have carefully fostered a black culture dependent on the democrat party, and sustained by the democrat party in exchange for the votes of the black community.

Democrats have claimed that black people couldn’t get an education, or a job, or access to the things that would improve their lot in life without things like Affirmative Action…a democrat party institution. Today, democrats have convinced far too many black people that things as simple as a voter ID are racist in nature because they say, blacks and people of color, lack the ability to get such an ID card. Black people in inner cities, have for decades had their housing subsidized, their food subsidized, their medical care subsidized and their educations subsidized to the point that far too many black people now believe that without the democrat party, they simply could not survive.

This of course flies in the face of all those black people who not only survive, but thrive by ignoring the democrats preconceived and thrust upon them idea that only democrats are looking out for them, will provide for them, and protect them.

The plantations of history are big, old homes with stately grounds in the south. Today’s plantations are the democrat party, welfare programs, the NAACP and other democrat organizations…but far too many black people are just as enslaved today as they were before the Civil War…and by the same political party….but rather than admitting it, they choose to blame the same party they went up against in the Civil War.


Because it’s more politically expedient to falsely assess the blame, than it is to accept the responsibility.

To be politically direct…black people today are as disrespected by the BLM, the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus and ANTIFA and the democrat party as they are by the Alt-Right, the KKK and any other white nationalist organization, all morally reprehensible to some degree as all are various forms of racist organizations, which brings us back to the removal of Confederate statues.

While American history tells a completely different story, weed weasel propaganda is blaming slavery on all white people, and on the whole of the south, and insisting that any visible signs of their own malfeasance and inhumanity toward their fellow man be removed from sight lest anyone under their thumb be bold enough to discover the truth.

And what exactly is the truth?


Racism isn’t something that flaps in the breeze any more than it is a bombing target for pigeons. You can’t forge racism in bronze or carve it from stone, and racism isn’t bound to any one skin color. Racism is a thought process, and it’s nothing new. It wasn’t invented by the Civil War…it’s been around since the dawn of humankind, when the first human-like creatures ran into others who looked different from them.

You can’t remove racism by removing statues or flags. In fact, there is no way to remove it at all. Removing a statue of Robert E. Lee changes the landscape, not the thought process of people.

While racism is morally repugnant, it is legally allowed in this country because we all have the right to feel how we feel, but if the Civil War is to be ground zero for it in today’s national dialogue, know that it is tied, inexorably to one political party…the party of the weed weasels…the democrat party.

You want to rid the country of that element of racism, the Civil War element of it? Then rid the country of the democrat party by relegating it to our future’s history…but leave our present’s history, statues and flags be…just as we should leave what should rightfully be tomorrow’s history of the democratic party be…as a reminder of the not so good ol’ days…and as a promise that we can, and will do better.

Putting a razor’s edge on it…the party of weed weasels doesn’t need a statue as a flashpoint for their morally bankrupt thought processes…all they need is enough money to pay people to show up and fan old flames and a few busses to get them to the scene of the next riot.

The proof that what I’m saying is true, is clearly evident…while the statues disappear from view, racism remains in the thought processes of the people from both sides of the violence that took place in Charlottesville.

I get that weed weasels don’t like Robert E. Lee…after all…he lost the war they wanted to win, so if they must insist on removing him from the park, quit using racism as the excuse, and admit the truth…but why did they take the horse?

The horse had nothing to do with it…but that’s a bunch of jackasses for ya…calling a guy who wasn’t a racist, a racist, and blaming the horse he rode in on too.

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