Charlottesville…A Perfect Storm of Perfect Idiots

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

There was a whole lot of stuff going on in Charlottesville Virginia last weekend. There were a whole lot of people in Charlottesville Virginia last weekend who didn’t actually live there. There were many different groups represented, a vast number of diametrically opposite agendas and plenty of tension.

There was also something most clearly missing in Charlottesville last weekend…


Nobody there, engaging in this march, that protest or the other thing was thinking. In fact, it may well have been the largest gathering of a vastly divergent number of brainless morons I have seen in quite some time.

The alt-right was there…a brainless bunch of idiots. ANTIFA was there…a brainless bunch of idiots. White supremacist groups were there…brainless idiots all and Black Lives Matter was there…brainless idiots all, but if you think the brainless idiots in Charlottesville last weekend were confined to the aforementioned groups…

Think again…

The roster would be incomplete without including Charlottesville’s Mayor, Michael Signer, and the Charlottesville police department.

It was, for lack of a better term, a perfect storm.

Real patriots…you know…people with brains who tend to think…don’t like any of the fringe groups mentioned above regardless of what side of the political aisle they identify with, and please make note of the fact that those groups who identify with the right side of the aisle, identify with the right side of the aisle but the right side of the aisle does not adopt them as surrogate spokespeople for their political agenda while those who identify with the left side of the political aisle are most definitely coddled by, and paid by the liberal political elite.

Liberals simply love the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter morons, and we know this because they have yet to speak out against them or their violent actions, and because Barack Hussein Obama even invited the BLM morons to the White House and told them how much he appreciated them, and that they were, “doing a great job.”

But there they were…all of them gathered in one place at the same time, and not a working brain cell amongst the lot of them. Enter Mike Signer, the Mayor of Charlottesville, who waited until the marches, or protests, or whatever started…with this group marching here, that group marching there, and all the other factions of whatever groups were protesting everywhere…before one bit of violence broke out…to declare a state of emergency.

Enter the Charlottesville Police Department and the Virginia State Police, in full riot gear, who then started pushing, and pepper spraying various brainless morons from both the white supremacists and alt-right groups…herding them directly towards the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter brainless morons and guess what started to happen.


At which point, the Charlottesville Police Department and the Virginia State Police…as the brainless are apt to do…simply walked away. Their job was done. On orders from the liberal Mayor’s office, the State Police made sure that the pale idiots were forced into the melanin-rich idiots much in the same way one would throw a bucket of gasoline at an open flame. Surprise…things got real heated, real fast and all hell started breaking loose.

To fully understand the complex stupidity of what transpired, one first has to take a step back to see the larger picture. First…one group of abject idiots, the Alt-Right applied for, and received a permit for a protest march, months ago, on the specified date in Charlottesville Virginia. Then, the Mayor pulled that permit only to see it reinstated by a federal court after a lawsuit in which even the ACLU argued in favor of the permit based on the group of idiots 1st Amendment rights.

They were given a designated area in which to hold their parade of idiots and their idiotic speechifying, which when they arrived, they proceeded to make their way to.

So far, so good but the idiots in Charlottesville, namely the Mayor of Idiotsville, should have known that when one group of idiots has the right to speak out, other idiots whose idiocy is in direct opposition to the ideology of the first group of idiots is bound to show up as well.

And they did.

Now you have to ask the pressing question…who left the bag of idiots open? And the answer is…Mayor Mikey Signer, who pulled a Hillary and told his police department, there supposedly to protect and serve, to stand down…which they did.

Naturally, upon completing HIS job on behalf of the liberal idiot elite…getting the big bag of assorted idiots all together in one place at the same time, and instructing his police to make sure they ran into one another…Mayor Mikey had just one job left to accomplish…place the blame…which he did just as quickly as some liberal idiots in the Mainstream media could get a camera and a microphone in his face.

Yep…President Trump was at fault…but he wasn’t even there. President Trump didn’t issue the all idiots in the pool permit. President Trump didn’t publicize the gathering of idiots. President Trump didn’t order the police to see to it that the powdered donut idiots ran into the waxy chocolate idiots, and regardless of all the mainstream media idiots fake news reports, President Trump not only didn’t embrace Alt-Right idiots during his campaign…he denounced them.

But…it’s all Trump’s fault…isn’t it?

After the violence, President Trump denounced, and rightfully so, all the groups involved, but that didn’t sit well with the idiots who actually embrace half of the idiots who were there. Virginia Governor, the uber liberal Terry McAuliffe also quickly blamed President Trump for fostering the hatred that caused the violence while apparently forgetting, or more to the point, ignoring the fact that for the past 8 years…it was a different occupant of the White House that did exactly that.

Add Governor McMuffin to the bag of assorted idiots.

Then, on Monday, President Trump proceeded to call out by name only those groups with some idiotic white affiliation, which was most definitely wrong, because if one was to believe that only one side of the whole stupid thing was to blame…one would also have to believe they were fighting only amongst themselves…which is patently false.

So…let’s have a look at the violence that took place that has every liberal idiot’s panties in a wad.

There were nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded.

A 26 year old man was the victim of a drive by shooting and pronounced dead at the scene. 3 people were killed in a neighborhood on the east side of town….a 17 year old boy, a 22 year old man and a 24 year old woman. They were apparently shot by a homeowner when they tried to break into the man’s house.

34 year old Emmanuel Fleming, and 46 year old Michael Swift died when shots were fired at them by 2 people who were supposedly just walking by. A 25 year old man was minding his own business on the north side of town when somebody wearing a hoodie opened fire from the inside of a car.

27-year-old Demica Porter was found dead in a pool of her own blood in her own neighborhood, and a 20 year old man, who was fighting with 2 other men was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Add to all of that, another 30 people who were wounded in the weekend of violence and you have the final tally. Oh, I know that the mainstream media only reported 3 deaths as a result of what transpired in Charlottesville over the weekend…and that would be correct, because all of the killings and woundings I just mentioned took place in Chicago at the same time as the bag of idiots was being reported on nonstop in Charlottesville.

You see…black idiots shooting at, wounding and killing other black idiots in Chicago isn’t news, but conjure yourself up a mix of black and white idiots, make sure they’re all assembled on one place at one time and ensure contact between the factions by using the police to herd them on the same specific area…bingo…you’ve got breaking news.

Let’s have a look at the Charlottesville deaths over the weekend. There was the crash of a Virginia State Police helicopter that claimed the lives of 2 troopers who were monitoring the events on the ground. Here’s how the bastion of fake news, CNN, reported it: “Both Virginia State Police troopers died Saturday when their police helicopter crashed and burned in Charlottesville, as they patrolled near the site of clashes between white nationalists and counter protesters.”

The Washington Post called it this way: “The Bell 407 helicopter Cullen piloted crashed at about 5 p.m. in the city where protesters clashed with neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members.”

Regardless of where one looks in the mainstream media, one finds “KU KLUX CLAN, WHITE NATIONALISTS and/or NEO-NAZIS…and…protesters. Those “protesters” were, of course, the always violent Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA…but they’re never brought up by name…because they are the liberal’s very own little darling idiots.

Then, there was the death of 32-year old Heather Heyer who was killed by a car being plowed into a crowd of people by 20 year old, James Alex Fields Jr., in what is being billed as a race riot terrorist attack. The videos of the car ramming into the crowd, along with the still pictures of it all show that the vast majority of those run down were, in fact, white…and that the driver of that car was also white…so it seems rather unlikely that his actions were purely racial…doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong…James Alex Fields is, by any account…an idiot of the first degree as he, like the BLM thinks about the color of his skin from dawn until dusk and dreams about it from dusk until dawn. But what of Heather Heyer?

She was an idiot of the 2nd degree, as she went to the scene of the mowing down as a “counter protester” in what someone who was a paralegal should have known would be a volatile situation…as her particular bunch of chosen idiots are always at odds with his bunch of chosen idiots and everywhere ANTIFA goes…violence ensues.

If you ask me, Heather Heyer was the domestic equivalent of international idiots who think it’s a grand idea to go hiking in Iran, or on a scavenger hunt in North Korea.

I’m not saying by any means that she deserved her fate, but what I am saying is that both she and the driver of the car that mowed her down were white, and between the 2 of them, with millions of sperm trying to get to the respective eggs that hatched them…it was the ones riding the short bus that got there first resulting in both of them being idiots.

Look…I’m no fan at all of racist idiots of any color or ideology, but there is nothing in our Constitution forbidding one from being an idiot, and even idiots have the right to peaceably assemble…which those with the permit were doing. Where the Constitution draws the line is when violence breaks out, which is what happened when those idiots without a permit showed up.

To be clear, nobody involved in what happened in Charlottesville last weekend had the moral high ground. Not the Alt-Right, not ANTIFA, not the BLM, not the white supremacists, not the mainstream media, not the Mayor nor the Governor a nor even law enforcement officers who were there. Absolutely nobody.

If the mainstream media idiots knew what was about to happen, and they did because they were all there with their live satellite trucks and producers, than surely the idiot Mayor of Idiotsville had to know what would happen the minute he imposed a state of emergency before anything happened…ordered his police to push one group of idiots into the other group of idiots…and then ordered his police department to stand down.

If you really want to assess blame…look no further than those who did everything to ensure the dueling idiot’s ideologies clashed fist to face, and then did nothing about it.

Welcome to Charlottesville…the perfect storm of perfect idiots.

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