And the Bronze Binky Goes To…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Lobotomized liberal lunatics are losing their last limp brain cells over imaginary or fabricated elements of racism, and the resulting meltdown is reaching epic proportions.

Does racism really exist?

Of course it does…but it exists only in the vast MINORITY of Americans, as evidenced by what transpired a couple of weeks ago in Charlottesville Virginia.

For more than five months, various racist organizations, including the Ku Klux Klan and an assortment of white nationalist idiots promoted, and advertised on anti-social media, their own websites and I’m reasonably sure in backwater trailer parks everywhere, that they were holding some sort of a rally in Charlottesville on a specified date, at a specific time.

Still with me so far?

They were calling for every white racist moron to show up and march down the street…offering plastic bamboo tiki torches at no cost, which could be kept as a souvenir after the rally ended, and after all their efforts to gather all the turds in one punch bowl…how many showed up?

Out of more than 350 MILLION people in the United States…less than one thousand came to the Charlottesville bed sheet convention.

Why tiki torches?

Because we all know the abject fear island themed nighttime picnics strike into the hearts of black folks.

We’re talking about people who mow lawns for beer and still listen to 8 tracks in their cars, and who don’t have to put in for vacation time at the office or are in any eminent danger of missing the registration deadline at their local vocational college.

For the overwhelming vast majority of the overwhelming vast minority of American white racists…other than replacing the carpet on the walls of their single-wide living rooms…they have absolutely nothing better to do THAN go to a racist rally ESPECIALLY when free tiki torches are being handed out…and yet, of the 350 MILLION Americans we know of…only less than a thousand showed up?

There are more people in this country that give a happy damn about the KARDASHIANS than there are white racists, but the liberals now seem to believe that WHITE RACISTS are a bigger threat to America than ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…therefore…statues must be destroyed and every liberal individual or organization must REMOVE anything, or anyone who might be deemed offensive to snowflakes.

And therein one finds the root of the problem…snowflakes…liberals who, upon the sudden and tragic loss of their entitled presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, last November began to curl up into the fetal position to be coddled by the liberal elite.

Since that fateful night, the DNC has fallen on hard times. They’re now in a position where they can only watch as donations to the furtherance of the liberal/socialist agenda dry up.

In fact, I rather doubt we would be seeing the level of obtuse, and mentally challenged behavior from liberals today had the DNC enough money to have continued to supply snowflakes with coloring books, Crayons, therapy puppies and bottles of bubbles to both calm their shattered nerves, and sedate them in the manner to which they have been accustomed.

Alas…the bubble bottles have run dry, and their therapy puppies have eaten their collective Crayons and pooped all over their coloring books…and there just isn’t enough of other people’s money left in the DNC coffers to restock the snowflake glaciers.

The liberal elite had to whip up a quick diversion, and with the mindless assistance of the fake news media…shazam…RACISM has become the go-to distraction for brain dead liberals everywhere.

Look, we all know that participation trophies are all the rage with today’s liberals…so here at The National Patriot…I have decided to begin presenting to individual liberals, or liberal organizations, upon judging what is the most absurd thing accomplished by them in any given week…


This week, we have two runners up that deserves at least dishonorable mention…first…Brooklyn Law School Professor Alice Ristroph, a liberal moron of the 1st degree, wrote that the Great American Solar Eclipse was…RACIST.

According to this yet to be found by a squirrel nut…the first total solar eclipse to sweep through the United States from sea to shining sea in nearly a century was RACIST because the line of totality FAILED to go over enough BLACK people.

Buried in more than 4,500 words of the magazine ‘Atlantic’ article, one finds the inane words of Professor Ristroph where she contends that the path of totality is racist because… “there live almost no black people” along that path.

Sure…it could be that the eclipse was racist…or…perhaps, just maybe it was because black people only comprise about 13% of the entire population of the United States. In order for the Eclipse NOT to have been racist…it would have had to defy the laws of physics to have meandered its way through Watts, certain parts of Oakland, across the south side of Chicago where by the way, it would have run the risk of being shot…over to what’s left of inner city Detroit, down to New Orleans and back up to Baltimore.

In fact, if one takes the nutty Professor’s line of thought seriously, about the only way for the eclipse NOT to have been racist, given that Black Lives Matter can’t even defy the laws of physics…would have been for the path of totality to pass over that section of America known as…AFRICA.

Eclipses are not racist…and as obtuse as this particular moronic professor was in trying to make the case that this one was…she falls short of getting the very first BRONZE BINKY AWARD!!

Our second runner up is none other than…Mitt Romney who, just a few days ago…endorsed ANTIFA!

Obviously, Mitt is desperate to gain street cred by trying to get his inner thug on. Romney actually tweeted that he stood with ANTIFA over white supremacists because they were, “not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

So…according to Mitt…ANTIFA…the loosely organized mob of goons who attack free speech events with weapons, commit arson, advocate for the murder of police officers, and destroy property…all while wearing black and keeping their faces masked…because if it’s good enough for ISIS, its good enough for ANTIFA…is of a higher moral standing than less than a thousand trailer park rejects with plastic bamboo tiki torches who idolize Hitler.


The problem with Mitt, the Mormon moron, is that he’s either off his meds, or he’s suffering delusions of mediocrity. While it seems only a matter of time before Mitt posts an Instagram selfie holding a “KILL WHITEY” sign in Harlem, sadly, he too falls short of the coveted first ever BRONZE BINKY AWARD.

The honor, and it is quite the honor, goes instead to a liberal organization that does its very best to promote insane behavior through the wide world of sporting events nationwide…


While one wouldn’t think a sports network to be abjectly liberal in its presentations, ESPN is something of a standout in the media world…reporting the sports with a tortured slant toward the left. In doing so, and to maintain good standing in the membership of liberalism…ESPN made the bold choice, amid the fabricated hoopla of RACISM spurred by the removal of statues that damage the ever-so delicate feelings of snowflakes…

To remove from broadcasting a Virginia football game a fellow by the name of…ROBERT LEE…lest having him calling a game be deemed racist.

That’s correct…to avoid being labeled a RACIST network…ESPN removed from the booth…ROBERT LEE…who just happens to be of…Asian heritage.

Robert Lee, as far as we know, is not a racist. There are no statues of Robert Lee that would offend people with delicate sensibilities, and as far as we can determine…the sports announcer is not a white supremacist. HE’S OF ASIAN DESCENT.

As absurd as this seems to be on its face…it is perhaps a wise move by ESPN after all…because liberals on the whole are so butt-stupid that they could well easily confuse Robert Lee with Robert E. Lee and storm the ESPN studios wreaking all sorts of havoc.

In fact, for his own safety, I would suggest that Mr. Lee masquerade as a transgender and abruptly change his name to Chanelle Helm, a self-described Black Lives Matter organizer for the Louisville chapter, and the woman who wrote a recent list of ransom demands aimed at white people which includes a directive that, “white people with no descendants should will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.”

“Generational poverty” by the way is the liberal Black Lives Matter street slang for “entitlement mentality.”

Were Mr. Lee to heed this astute advice, not only would he be welcomed back in the broadcast booth in time for the Virginia football season…as a transgendered Asian whose name is closely associated with a movement of thugs and miscreants…he…I mean she…would have a genuine shot at becoming ESPN’s V.P of Black Asian Transgender Superfluous Harebrained Imbecilic Tediousness outreach…otherwise known as the head of the sport’s network’s BATSHIT division.

Congratulations to the cranial-rectal brain trust at ESPN…who had to completely fabricate a pretend crisis and then adeptly avert it in order to insert themselves into the fake news, cry baby dialogue regarding pretend racism for winning the first ever BRONZE BINKY AWARD…you bunch of liberals are dumber than dirt and now you have a trophy to prove it.

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