Scaramucci – The Best Case Scenario

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Late last week, the White House press room was shaken, not stirred and suddenly Sean Spicer resigned from his dual role as the Press Secretary/Director of White House Communications, and the quick as lightning Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in, as Press Secretary…and Tony Scaramucci was the new Director of White House Communications.

What was, by all appearances, a smooth of a transition in those roles as possible, actually holds deeper meaning in the overall aspects of the Trump administration.

To begin with, let me be candid in my assessment of the outgoing Sean Spicer.

Spicer is a brilliant man, and affable…perhaps too affable when one gets right down to it. Spicer always seemed to be trying to find a middle ground during press briefings which is difficult to do considering the mainstream, fake news media trolls with whom he had to deal on a daily basis.

Spicer seemed to try and take their questions seriously, even when those questions were transparently trying to provide a gotcha moment.

As the Press secretary, Spicer just didn’t have the ability to expose the leading, fake news angled questions for the tripe that they were, nor did he possess the ability to call out the dolts who posed those questions for what they were.

As the White House Communications Director, Sean Spicer was in over his head. He was never on the same page as President Trump, and always tried to spin the message into something the afore mentioned dolts of the mainstream fake news media would accept.

To put a finer point on it…Sean Spicer was no Tony Snow, nor was he a Dana Perino, as both of them had a thick enough skin to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous purveyors of liberal propaganda while all the while coming across as straight forward, but genuinely nice people.

Spicer tried to be nice, no doubt, but he lacked the outer shell to protect his feelings from being pierced by the barbs hurled in his direction.

Nice guy…smart guy…wrong guy for the job or jobs he held in the Trump administration.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on the other hand, is about as straight forward as they come, and quick enough on her feet to not only dodge the slings and arrows, but adept enough to give better than she takes.

Huckabee Sanders, who has been more front and center in recent weeks at the briefing room podium than was Spicer, has no problem slamming the moronic questions into the dirt, and the mainstream media morons who ask them as well. She has no interest in trying to find middle ground, and she won’t be lured into any false sense of comfort with the pack of wolves sitting before her on any given day.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn’t about to play the game with the press…she owns the game, and she sets the rules, and the standards. Bottom line on Huckabee Sanders is simple…she is exactly what President Trump needs in a Press Secretary…and he’s lucky to have her.

Now then…Scaramucci…what’s the story on this guy?

As little as two years ago, Tony Scaramucci was no fan of Donald Trump…calling him a hack and worse. His past indicates that he is at odds with President Trump on both gun control, and climate change, believing more gun control laws are a good thing, and advocating for climate change legislation as a believer in the liberal religion. While both those stances taken by Scaramucci in the past seem to have either softened, or reversed themselves recently, one has to wonder where his true feelings on the topics reside.

If he’s seen the light on those topics, both of which fit more neatly into a liberal agenda than a Conservative one…so much the better…but if not…it says more for President Trump than for Scaramucci, in that Trump isn’t surrounding himself with a contingent of yes-men, and is able to work with someone whose political bias doesn’t exactly match his own.

That said…Tony Scaramucci is a brilliant attorney, having graduated from Harvard Law School, and a more than adept public speaker who comes across as a no bull, take no prisoners crafter of the messages President Trump needs delivered.

Scaramucci seems to be on the same page as the President when it comes to that message…meaning that the President won’t have to micro-manage that department in the way it seems he had to when Spicer sat in that seat.

This is very important, especially at this particular juncture so early in Trump’s administration, because there is no honeymoon period for this President like there traditionally has been for others who have come to the Oval Office.

While the mainstream media is hell-bent on fabricating, and pushing ad nauseum fake news, driving a false narrative that Trump, his family and his team were engaged in collusion with the Russians, of which no evidence has been produced in nearly a full year of investigations…and while certain key figures in both the House and the Senate, supposedly Republicans, seem to be acting in concert with the liberals to block President Trump’s agenda…the President needs a Director of Communications who can not only craft the message in a no nonsense way, but also craft preemptive strikes against one very important foe…Robert Mueller.

Make no mistake…Mueller’s task force of special investigators, ripe with the stink of Hillary Clinton emanating from their associations with her, her foundation and campaign donations to her are engaged in a war against President Trump, digging for any bit of fabricated dirt with which they can nail him for what Hillary and Obama actually did.

All indications at this point show that Mueller and his team of Hillary supporters are about to wage a ruthless liberal induced war against President Trump, and Scaramucci, as a former democrat and Obama bundler of sorts might just make for the best tactician to go on the offensive against the Mueller/Clinton army.

That would make Tony Scaramucci something of a mercenary, but sometimes an effective mercenary is exactly for what the situation calls.

As Mueller and his troops ready their assault against President Trump, who better than someone who knows their tactics to launch preemptive truth strikes from the White House Communications Office aimed at putting the special investigative unit in a position of defending their fabrications?

Spicer would have failed miserably in this regard.

With someone like Scaramucci at the helm of White House Communications, crafting the messages that could counter whatever offensive advantage Mueller and his Hillary supporters, along with the “never Trump” factions of both the House and Senate think they have, an effective wall of truth that may well upend the investigation’s false narratives could easily be established…giving President Trump and the rest of his team the room necessary to further the pro-America agenda on several other fronts.

In that regard…Rex Tillerson can go about reestablishing our diplomatic ties with allies Obama stabbed in the back, while also building new relationships that will once again place the United States back into our rightful place on the world stage.

General “Mad Dog” Mattis will be more unencumbered in his pursuit and destruction of our nation’s enemies, sans the political infighting which would hamper those efforts from inside the beltway.

And what of President Trump himself?

Having someone on the same page as he is, crafting the sort of communications he himself would craft but with more polish and more narrowly, precisely targeted than he has himself shown to be a master of, allows President Trump to get back to doing exactly what it was that won him the nomination a year ago, and the general election last November…connecting with the “forgotten” base of voters who rose up and sent him to the White House.

In other words…Scaramucci can target the beltway foes of the President, while Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes on the liberal mainstream fake news media…Tillerson will have the unfettered ability to reinvigorate our nation’s alliances around the world, “Mad Dog” Mattis will be freer to engage the enemy with military force and precision wherever they might run to hide…and President Trump can go about the business of swaying public sentiment as only he can by making his case for economic, domestic and foreign policy directly with the American voters who elected him to serve as our 45th President.

But there is also another very important sidebar to this approach that others seem to be missing…

While a guy like Scaramucci will be busy exposing the Mueller machine for what it is…a politically driven witch hunt…President Trump will be able to rally the Conservative base leading up to the 2018 midterm elections as one by one, those in congress who stand in the way of making America great again expose themselves through their stalling and roadblock to the Trump agenda tactics.

What this change in the White House press office shows, is that while President Trump doesn’t necessarily make the right appointments for key cabinet positions from the word “go,” he’s not at all adverse to making changes rapidly and that’s a good thing. Sean Spicer looked good on paper, but reality exposed him as not the right guy. Sarah Huckabee Sandesr seemed at the onset to be a good backup to Spicer, while reality sent her over the top in the role of Press Secretary and Scaramucci…maybe, just maybe…despite his democratic and early Trump bashing stands…could be the best guy for the Director of Communications gig.

In fact, it almost seems that President Trump is moving from an interior circle meant for transition, to get him up to speed on the nature of the job, to a more hard-core permanent team designed more for his hard-hitting style. In that respect, don’t be a bit surprised if, in a short time frame, Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions and H.R. McMaster are the next three bubbles to burst.

If, and I will readily admit if…the scenario is along the lines of which I have outlined in this article, and Scaramucci has been hired to take on Mueller and his “investigation” et al, the hiring of Scaramucci will prove to have been the right thing to do, not only for the President, but for the whole of the Conservative agenda. However, should his past as a democrat and his criticisms of Trump become his own personal agenda thus hindering the President’s ability to further the Conservative agenda, it will prove to have been a case of the wrong advice taken, and the decidedly wrong guy for the job.

For more background on Tony Scaramucci, and the rest of what it takes to make a full assessment of the man as it pertains to his new position within the Trump administration…I encourage you to read the Op-Ed written by my friend and Right Side Patriots partner, Diane Sori which is available by clicking here.

Only time will tell whether my scenario, or Diane’s will play out as reality, but I suspect that the truth may well reside in a combination of the two…the big picture as it were…regarding just who Tony Scaramucci turns out to be.

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