Right Issues…Wrong Suspects

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Donald Trump Jr. is, apparently, the very first person connected to a presidential campaign, in the history of historic things, to take a meeting with someone who is purported to have information of some interest on the opposition candidate.

Never mind that Ted Kennedy, while making his own run at the White House, took a meeting with the KGB in an effort to get the goods on Ronald Reagan.

It’s not the same thing, and you know it.

This was Donald Trump Jr. taking a meeting with a Russian attorney…Natalia Buyadamnvowelortwowhydon’tya…whom he was led to believe had some dirt on Hillary Clinton. See…completely different from Ted Kennedy meeting with the KGB to gather dirt on Reagan. Completely different…not even close to the same thing.

It’s like comparing apples to…

Different color of apples.

Not even remotely the same thing.

Of course, there is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team was meeting with Russians, and accepting secret, phony documents that were supposed to have included dirt on Donald Trump…but that’s a world different than Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Natalia whatshername because he was led to believe she had the dirt on Hillary.

Clearly you can see the difference…can’t you?

I mean, surely you can tell the difference between red apples, and redder apples.

So Donald Trump Jr. took a 20 minute meeting with a Russian attorney because he was told she had information of interest related to Hillary Clinton. So what? Who wouldn’t take such a meeting in the middle of a presidential campaign? I’d be more concerned had he refused the meeting.

The meeting, by the way, was reportedly a bust, as all the attorney, Natalia Alphabet wanted to talk about was adoptions of Russian babies…which would have been more riveting had Donald Trump been running against Angelina Jolie.

Ask any member of the liberal mainstream media and they will tell you that a crime has been committed. The crime in question? Donald Trump Jr., a private citizen, talking to an attorney from Russia.

If only…

If only Trump Jr. had been the one responsible for letting an attorney, supposedly with ties to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin into the country even though her visa had been denied. Had Trump Jr. done that…no crime would have been committed.

Had Donald Trump Jr. ran weapons to the Mexican Drug cartels, one of which ended up being used to murder a U.S. border agent…no crime would have been committed according to the liberal mainstream media.

I mean, it’s not like Donald Trump Jr. secretly loaded a plane full of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and then had that plane flown to Iran for delivery of said taxpayer dollars. That…according to what we have seen over the years from the liberal mainstream media, would have been a no harm, no foul sort of thing. No crime involved.

I doubt that even Rachel Madcow would have found any fault in Trump Jr. had he simply erased his email thread regarding the setting up of that meeting, claiming it to have been about yoga exercises…but he released it, and therefore…crime committed.


Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Russian attorney…a RUSSIAN…our greatest enemy on this or any other planet according to the liberal mainstream media…and hence, the crime. Oh, in hindsight, he said, he may have done things differently…perhaps with 20/20 back vision, he would have simply closed a deal to sell 20% of our nation’s uranium to the RUSSIANS, who are…according to the liberal mainstream media…our greatest enemies on this or any other planet.

That clearly would not have risen to the level of a crime, or for that matter, raised a single mainstream media eyebrow.

Did anybody die as a result of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with that Russian attorney, Natalia Hotinuf?


But somebody did die after the hack that leaked the truth about Hillary Clinton…the hack we now know for a fact can from inside the DNC and not from Russia…but if you ask the liberal mainstream media, Trump Jr. committed some sort of crime while calling off the Park Police in the murder of Seth Rich was just another day in Clintonville.

Had Donald Jr. just gone about the business of registering dead people to vote, or set up bussing routs so that live people could have voted 2 or 3 times for his candidate, the way liberals did for their candidate…not even Larry Leg Tingles could have found fault with him.

And then…there’s Benghazi.

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t set up a U.S. Ambassador to be murdered by cutting out U.S. security in favor of security being provided by factions of our enemies in a time of war. Trump Jr. didn’t ignore repeated emails from that Ambassador for more security. Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t the one who was engaged in running weapons from Libyan, al Qaeda linked “rebels” to Syrian, al Qaeda linked “rebels” using the Turkish diplomats as strawmen.

Trump Jr. didn’t tell rescue forces to stand down.

But, if you were to ask the liberal mainstream media if any of that was criminal, they would provide you with a resounding, and collective no way…and yet they are just as sure that Trump Jr. taking that meeting with the Russian attorney is some sort of high crime and/or misdemeanor.

Now…as long as we’re talking about the Trumps, Russia, collusion, obstruction of justice, Benghazi and possible crimes…allow me to toss something else into the mix that I have yet to see anyone else offer up…

Directly after the attacks in Benghazi which resulted in the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the collateral murders of Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, just a couple of months before the 2012 election in which Barack Hussein Obama won his 2nd term…what happened?


The FBI was sent over to Libya to investigate and discover exactly what happened on the night of September 11th, 2012…what led up to that fateful night, and who exactly was responsible for those murders.

The FBI was then ordered to cool their heels in Tripoli…for 3 weeks…because Benghazi was simply too dangerous for the FBI.

Meanwhile…who was, for those 3 weeks, in Benghazi, dancing the Merengue like maggots on a mountain of manure without a care in the world? The mainstream media.

The media did live shots, tours of the bombed and burned out U.S. compound, interviews in the streets which included a sidewalk café interview with the purported mastermind of the Benghazi attacks…and nobody bothered them at all. The media had free rein of Benghazi, uninhibited access, a backstage pass and safe conditions in which to operate while we, and the FBI were all told it was far, FAR too dangerous to be there for the purpose of an investigation.

In fact, it was one element of the liberal mainstream media, nearly a week after the attacks and while the FBI was being stood down on the other side of the country, that found Ambassador Stevens’ personal diary in the rubble of the U.S. mission. That diary was, by the way, returned directly to the family of Christopher Stevens and not turned over to the FBI investigators…a diary which may well have contained evidence pertinent to the investigation…

A diary which may well have exposed the true crimes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Hillary Clinton infamously said of the whole Benghazi thing…”What difference, at this point, does it make?!?”

The collective of the liberal mainstream media shrugged off Benghazi like a horse shrugs off a gnat.

Donald Trump Jr. said, “yes, I took the meeting,” and all hell has broken loose in the mainstream media.

Obama and Hillary directly prevented the FBI from Investigating what happened in Benghazi and why it happened…and the mainstream media couldn’t have cared less but President Donald Trump fired the FBI director, while allowing the investigation into the Russian nonsense to continue unabated…and the mainstream media is crying like a kitten giving birth to a cow calling it obstruction of justice.

Here’s the down and dirty…

Donald Trump Jr. did nothing wrong.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama did a lot of things wrong.

Donald Jr. broke no laws.

Hillary and Obama broke a whole lot of laws.

The Trumps did not collude with the Russians to win the election. Obama and Hillary did collude with our nation’s enemies in Benghazi.

President Trump did not obstruct justice by firing the Director of the FBI.

Obama and Hillary did obstruct justice by holding the FBI out of Benghazi until any evidence that could have been found was long gone.

Donald Trump Jr. has been very forthcoming with his emails regarding his meeting with the Russian attorney.

Hillary Clinton had all her emails regarding Benghazi erased and the server destroyed.

Who, right now, is the subject, or target of a special prosecutor regarding possible collusion and obstruction of justice?

It’s neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Hussein Obama…is it?

And upon whom is the liberal mainstream media focused like a laser?

It’s not Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama…is it?

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Mexican drug cartels were gifted thousands of weapons, members of congress were bribed to pass a law which nobody was allowed to read, illegal aliens were allowed free-range status in our country, mobs of thugs were praised for their looting, arson and murderous actions, our police officers were villianized, and Iran was gifted with hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars while they were given the green light to start building a nuclear arsenal.

Under Obama and Hillary our enemies in a time of war were provided direct access to our military plans via the lips of our president, ISIS was allowed to grow and flourish, false blame for Benghazi was placed on a You Tube film maker and he was arrested, our enemies in a time of war were given weapons and others of our enemies in a time of war were hired as security for our diplomatic staff in Benghazi, our veterans were ignored, left to die in lines at the VA, American private citizens were spied upon, and the IRS targeted Americans whose political views differed from the regime in power.

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, cities that protect criminals were championed while those who stood for law, order and the Constitution were demeaned, our allies around the world were stabbed in the back while our enemies received the hand of friendship. Our military was depleted while our military in theaters of war were intentionally disarmed while our enemies benefited from American taxpayer dollars with which they could enhance their militaries and our enemies in theaters of war were intentionally armed resulting in murder after murder of our personnel.

Under Obama and Hillary, violence by thugs and criminals with guns grew to unprecedented levels in liberal gun-free, target rich zones while our 2nd Amendment was placed under a constant state of attack.

Under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, Constitutionalism was vilified and anarchy was praised. The rule of law under a Constitutional Republic was vilified while edicts and mandates from a dictator in chief were praised. Telling the truth was vilified while false narratives and outright lies were praised. America was apologized for around the world while the despotic nations of the world were put on pedestals, and success was vilified while entitlement to the taxpayer checks written by the government was championed.

Under Obama and Hillary, the American dream, for American citizens was nullified by mandates and the biggest tax hike in American history…but the American dream was extended, on the backs of American citizen taxpayers…to those who criminally entered our country illegally.

And through those 8 years of the Obama regime, who was their willing, and gleeful partner in crime, covering up those crimes and rooting for the downfall of American exceptionalism?

The liberal mainstream media…that’s who.

Now, with President Trump in the Oval Office, that same willing and gleeful liberal mainstream media has gone from being cheerleaders for socialism to being seditionists because their anointed one, Hillary Clinton, failed to succeed Obama to complete the “fundamental transformation of America.”

I say let the liberal mainstream media continue to manufacture and report their fake news…they are exposing themselves as liars on a daily basis…and those gullible enough to believe them are exposing themselves as being nothing short of abject idiots.

So…Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting with a Russian attorney…so what? This is America, and taking a meeting during a presidential campaign is not against the law. You want collusion, obstruction of justice, espionage, treason, and an investigation replete with arrests and the fullest consequences of the law?

There is 8 years of evidence of it under Obama and Hillary, but not a shred of evidence of it so far under President Donald Trump.

Liberals have identified the right issues, but they are pointing fingers at the wrong suspects to distract the gullible away from the truth.


Because neither seditionists nor their gullible idiots want anything to do with the truth.

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