Mainstream Media – Gollum With a Press Pass

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Thanks to Project Veritas, we now have indisputable proof that CNN is everything President Trump has said they are…a fake news organization…because they, themselves, have admitted to it.

With their hidden cameras, Project Veritas has caught CNN blue handed saying that their “coverage” of the whole Trump/Russian collusion fabrication is for ratings, that it is, indeed, a BS story, and that no collusion evidence is to be had anywhere.

Apparently, CNN has all the security of Hillary’s private server and private email account, and they vet the people they actually tell the truth to the way Obama’s regime vetted “refugees” seeking to become an invasion force emanating from Islamist nations.

Last week, during a White House press briefing, Sara Huckabee Sanders more or less went off on the fake news industry which drew a stern rebuke from CNN’s Jim Acosta when he called her statements “inflammatory.”


Huckabee Sanders wasn’t having any of that, and she curtly told Acosta that basically she wouldn’t have to point out the obvious if the mainstream media would simply quit lying…which pretty well shut Acosta down…and she inferenced that hidden camera video from Project Veritas in her response to Acosta as proof that President Trump had hit the nail on the proverbial head.

Did you happen to catch that part of the video where a CNN insider refers to “all the nice, cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism schools, you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable.” 

In other words…what asylums of higher indoctrination are teaching tomorrow’s journalists today about journalistic ethics is nothing but lip service that gets tossed out the window as soon as that journalist gets a job in the world of mass media liberal propaganda.

Journalism, according to CNN, has nothing to do with accurately, and/or ethically telling the truth in order to inform the populous, but it has everything to do with the money…and pushing a false narrative to bolster the liberal/socialist agenda.

Neither CNN, nor any of the rest of the mainstream liberal propaganda needs President Trump’s help in making a mockery of what they do…they are now…self-mocking.

What CNN and the rest of the propaganda machine has done for the better part of a year now has been to invent a scandal where they know full well one doesn’t exist…fabricate a story line regarding collusion between President Trump and his campaign and the Russians that led to Hillary losing the election last November.

Through it all, CNN, and the rest of their swamp snakes have become the media version of Gollum.

“MY PRECIOUS…” in their case, was the Oval Office, and they just can’t believe that they lost what they thought was theirs for the taking.

Snowflakes are by no means limited to college campuses and the mainstream media is packed with them from ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC, but CNN is a blizzard of snowflakes melting down on a daily basis. CNN is so desperate to remain relevant in the wake of Hillary’s loss, that they are simply making up stuff with which to attack President Trump.

But, let’s be honest here, this is nothing new. CNN carried Obama’s water for 8 years, running interference for him with their propaganda to cover his unlawful acts from Fast and Furious to Benghazi and beyond. CNN has propped up every liberal fake news situation for decades by simply buying into and promoting each and every liberal agenda item that has come down the line.

While Project Veritas is now shining the spotlight of truth on CNN’s fake news propaganda agenda…CNN has been caught time and time again…faking it.

Remember, according to that CNN executive producer, journalistic ethics are…”adorable,” and as proof that he wasn’t simply providing his opinion, as CNN has stated in the wake of the Project Veritas undercover video…the set of clips above opens with a CNN reporter telling his limited audience that, “remember, it is illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from…us.”

In other words…adorable ethics be damned…the media is above the law and therefore, everything you learn you will learn from the fountain of fake news…CNN…and the rest of the mainstream media propaganda machine.

Need further proof…okay…here is MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski telling her limited audience exactly what is apparently being taught in those “adorable” journalistic ethics classes in our asylums of higher indoctrination.

Again, in other words…just who in the hell does President Trump think he is, trying to control what people think by unleashing facts regarding his proposals when the job of controlling what people think is under the sole ownership of the fake news, snowflake, propaganda machine called MSNBC…and the rest of the mainstream media?

I’m not saying we should believe everything ANY President says, or allow any President to “control” what we think. What I’m saying is that we should all do our own research and come to our own conclusions without allowing anyone, or any entity control our thoughts…especially a propaganda mill like CNN or the rest of the mainstream media.

The real question is…why does CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet mainstream media make up stories and produce fake news?

Like the Project Veritas video clearly shows…money…and out of a sense of desperation.

What CNN sees, is their liberal bent toward socialism crumbling away. CNN…Cable News Network, which then became the Clinton News Network transforming into the Communism News Network has now become the Corrupt News Network in a last-ditch hail Mary attempt to push their liberal party line socialist agenda, and because the facts don’t even come close to meeting that agenda, and because the purveyors of that agenda…liberals and socialists are no longer controlling the Senate, the House, the Executive branch or the Supreme Court…fiction and fabrication fed to gullible idiots who are just as desperate as they are has become their version of the news.

Liberal plants like Alisyn Camerota and Megyn Kelly, snowflakes who lacked a safe place in which to curl up in the fetal position with coloring books, bottles of bubbles and therapy puppies over at Fox News retreated to the Crayon rich confines of CNN where their true colors shine brightly for all the world to see.

The problem for the viewer impaired CNN is they thought they had scored big-time by hiring Camerota and Kelly away from the viewer saturated Fox News…never realizing that Fox’s audience wouldn’t follow the out from undercover hosts to the Corrupt News Network.

Camerota jumped the shark the day she stated, “Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim.  Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something.”

That’s correct…Camerota actually compared Muslims to the victims of cancer and suggested that non-Muslims, like non-cancer victims adopt the same look to be in solidarity with them.

Then, reality set in, because later that same day…the day Camerota made her abjectly absurd suggestion…Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a 7th century barbarian living in the 21st century, used a car and a butcher knife to try to kill Ohio State University students.

Karma…Camerota. Camerota…karma.

And as for Megyn Kelly…CNN spent weeks, if not months hyping her arrival in their fake news headquarters and in the midst of their trumped up nothing burger fabricated Russian collusion soap opera, debuted her new show with an interview of none other than Vladimir Putin Himself. What happened? Well…Putin laid waste to Kelly’s and CNN’s false narrative, going so far as to suggest that rather than sending President Trump or his campaign staff to jail…it was Kelly herself who should be sent to prison.

But how were the ratings?

Kelly’s heavily hyped scoop with Putin rated lower than that week’s rerun of 60 minutes on a rival fake news network, and her ratings have declined from there.

Fox news obviously saw the writing on the wall and realized that should they keep Camerota and Kelly, they were on the verge of losing ratings so, they sent them packing to a network that didn’t have any ratings to speak of to begin with.

Then there is the case of Greta Van Susteren over at MSNBC…a fake news network with lower ratings than CNN. MSNBC took possession of Greta’s “On the Record” from Fox News…changed the name to “For the record,” and after 6 months with the former highly rated Fox investigative anchor…they fired her last week due to ratings that even THEY were ashamed of…which were well below even their pathetic standards.

Then, late last week, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski did what liberals do when the facts don’t support their socialist agenda…she went on a personal attack against the liberal’s current favorite target, President Trump. The liberal media has enjoyed taking pot-shots at elected Republicans for decades and up until now, those elected Republicans have all but encouraged it by never returning fire.

Up until now…because now, their target has the balls to engage…and President Trump did just that by firing off a tweet aimed not over the bow, but directly amid ship at Brzezinski which neither Brzezinski nor the rest of the fake news mainstream media appreciated, and because thanks to Project Veritas and their series of videos taking apart CNN’s narrative regarding Russia, and in the process, dismantling the rest of the fake news outlets fabricated Russia stream of pure fiction…fake news now has a new mission…

Portraying themselves as victims and martyrs…on behalf of Brzezinski.

Victims and martyrs? Really? The same flame throwers who have attacked President Trump, his wife, Melania, their son…11 year old Baron, the President’s daughter Inavka and so on and so forth are now the victims? They have called the President “repulsive” his wife a hooker, his son autistic, launched attack after attack on Ivanka’s business success and suggested that President Trump do as Musilini did and have his son in law executed…and now the precious little snowflakes are now melting because the President has the unmitigated gall to turn up the heat?

Poor Mika Brzezinski…

Greg Gutfeld, on the Fox News show, “The Five” exposed the hypocrisy brilliantly.

Funny, I don’t remember the rest of the mainstream snowflakes raising hell when Morning Joe Scarborough was being Trumpesque…even when he threatened to backhand poor Mika, but let Trump go Scarborough on Mika…and they becomes a parade of hypocrites.

Shame on President Trump? For what, exactly? Badgering a poor victimized snowflake via a tweet…or for having the balls to expose fake news organizations for what they are…a bunch of whining, hypocrites who have lost their “precious?”

The problem the mainstream media faces isn’t President Trump, regardless of how much or how hard they try to make their shrinking, shallow end of the pool viewers believe it it…their problem is themselves.

Obama, for 8 years, tried to make America just as desperate and as destitute as the rest of the world, and the mainstream media not only adopted that agenda, they embraced it and immersed themselves in it. American journalism used to be a cut above the rest of the world’s journalistic efforts. Telling people the truth used to be what mattered to the media in this country while the rest of the world’s media tried to control their corner of it with state approved propaganda.

Take any anchors, or talking heads from any of the mainstream media, and even some from Fox News and collectively…they have all become Baghdad Bob…Saddam’s shill who was reporting that there were no American troops within 300 miles of the capitol city…while American troops were literally surrounding and entering the building.

Neither MSNBC nor CBS, NBC, ABC and certainly CNN, the Corrupt News Network are journalistic entities any more. The state of our mainstream media in this country has gone from a propaganda machine, trained by Alinsky-inebriated professors at asylums of higher indoctrination under Obama, to what can only be accurately described today as seditionists, and they’re making absolute fools of themselves in pretending that their attempts to unseat our duly elected President via the propagation of lies is somehow truthful, ethical and above reproach.

The mainstream media is Gollum with a press pass…and its “precious” has slipped from its grasp. Trying to get it back rather than reporting real news will be their undoing.

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