A New Low in Public Education

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

In the politically correct society, which is being shoved down our throats daily by liberals, a few things have become commonplace…like participation trophies.

These are the trophies handed out like candy on Halloween to kids who simply show up at any given competition because we just can’t have only the winners getting some sort of an award…it hurts the feelings of the losers, and yes liberals, in life there are winners, and there are most certainly losers.

As adults, even in jobs that require the wearing of paper hats, one is expected to perform whatever task they’re assigned to a certain level…which means that flipping a burger when it is half done cooking is considered winning, while slapping said slab of meat on a bun half raw, is considered…losing.

Or at least, that should be the case, but…

The plaque on the wall by the door most often indicates that the employee of the month…Mikey…is the same guy who needs pictures of the food on the cash register keys and an assist from said register to tell him how much change to give back to the customer who hands him a $5.00 bill for a $4.95 Happy Meal.

It also accounts for the adult customer who asks for a different toy because he already has that particular rendition of the latest figure from the “Icons Movie.”

By the way…ever notice the clear plastic jar on the counter bearing the name of some charitable organization that is usually about half full of spare change? It didn’t get that way solely by the good will of people not capable of making their own lunch…those are the nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies deposited there by people who would have no idea how to count out enough change from their pockets to give the employee of the month, Mikey, $2.14 in order to spare him from having to figure out which are the nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies to give them back if they handed him 3 one dollar bills.

That’s right…Tiny Tim’s new leg brace is being paid for by liberal idiots.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Our schools in this country are of primary blame for a lot of this nonsense…and we are all now privy to getting, either by U.S. mail, or via social media…graduation announcements…for kindergarteners.

That’s correct…kindergartners are now, by liberal politically correct standards of government indoctrination, graduating from kindergarten….based, one supposes, on their successfully completing the curriculum of eating paste, picking their little noses and occasionally peeing in their tiny chairs.

Those graduating from kindergarten at the top of their class are, by the way, the ones who didn’t eat their boogers….just the paste.

So…what does this method of indoctrination lead to later in life, for the graduates of some kindergarten class not so very long ago?

Apparently…while eating paste may not be a college major…yet…sniffing glue…is…and while my own reading of books is somewhat limited to the musings of Mark Twain, biographies of people who have made a difference in the world…auto or otherwise, and the odd science or historical tome related to places and subjects that hold a point of fascination for me…that I do, indeed read, is probably why I have never been named the employee of the month.

All of this leads me to a situation I find obtuse, if not downright disgusting, and again, it deals with our government centers of indoctrination that liberals refer to as schools.

In Sioux Falls South Dakota, their school board just gleefully informed parents that they are expanding a certain indoctrination program, “that teaches social and emotional skills to students.”

The program, called Tier 2, “aims to take a proactive approach to addressing an increasing number of behavioral issues.”

I know what you’re thinking…and you are probably wrong…

This particular program, “brings students into a separate classroom to work with a teacher on building social skills,” which is the obtuse part of it…and those skills include…wait for it… “following directions and accepting “no” for an answer.”

Let this sink in…and while you do, know that I suspect this program, or others similar to it are being implemented not just in Sioux Falls South Dakota, but from sea to shining sea.

Parents…your recent paste eating, booger picking kindergarten graduates are being instructed…by liberals who graduated from Alinsky saturated colleges, how to “follow instructions” and “how to take no for an answer.”

Substitute “INDOCTRINATION” for the word, “instructions,” and that part of this program becomes more than clear…but it is the other part that leaves one scratching their heads.

Little Paul, who is allowed to dress like little Paulina and use whatever bathroom it so chooses, because the liberal administrators of your local indoctrination center deem it necessary for Paul(ina) to develop normally…is being instructed on “how to take no for an answer,” by the same village of idiots that have refused to take…”No…Hillary did NOT win the election”…for an answer.

Yep…the exact same squishy invertebrates who refuse to tell the little league team…”No, you didn’t win the game,” or…”no, graduating from kindergarten isn’t a special enough life moment to earn a graduation ceremony…all boogers aside,” or…”no…the correct answer to what does 2+1 equal is not 5, and I don’t care what your explanation is for how you came up with that result,” are now teaching your little geniuses “how to take no for an answer.”

Oh…it gets better…

Last year, in Sioux Falls South Dakota alone…HUNDREDS of kids took the program…HUNDREDS…which means that out there, in an upper Midwest city, there are HUNDREDS of parents who have FAILED to teach their kids “how to follow instructions,” or “how to take no for an answer.”

Now…when I was a kid…by the time I went to kindergarten, I…and my classmates, had a reasonable ability to follow instructions.  If we were instructed to sit down, we sat down. When we were instructed to stand in a line, we stood in a line. If instructed to be quiet and settle down, we settled down and got quiet.

We had our parents to thank for the basics of following instructions, and our teachers expected us to have that particular skill set before we moved on to the first grade…without a ceremony to commemorate the momentous event.

For that matter…as kids, when we were told “no,” we learned pretty quickly that “no” didn’t mean…”maybe”…it meant “NO!” Oh sure, we all tried to push the envelope…we all tried to find a loophole…but if we ultimately failed to “take no for an answer,” there were consequences.

Consequences, for liberals who might be reading this…did NOT include a “participation trophy” just for showing up.

Today, it seems that parents aren’t expected to teach such things to their children, as it has now become the job of governmental…heavy on the mental…indoctrinators to cover those most basic of bases, and rest assured, it doesn’t come free.

The cost of this Tier 2 program, in little old Sioux Falls South Dakota…is a staggering $614,000.000 per year.

Let me do the math, sans common core for you on this.

The report states that HUNDREDS of kids in Sioux Falls South Dakota took part in this programing last year…so let’s just pick a middle of the road number…500…and go with that.

At 500 kids, and a $614,000.00 price tag…it cost the taxpayers of Sioux Falls South Dakota $1,228.00 per booger picker to be taught “how to follow instructions” and “how to take no for an answer.” Now…while you let THAT sink in, and while you think of better ways for a school system to spend $1,228.00 per student in a given year…so successfully I might add that they are expanding the program to include even MORE kindergarten graduates…allow me to let you in on yet another bit of whimsical news regarding this whole thing.

How do the kids get into that program to begin with?

Why… at the recommendation of their teachers,” naturally.

Well…according to the liberal rules regarding the raising of a child by a village, one can’t SEND the little malcontents to such a program…or ORDER them to such a program…they instead must be RECOMMENDED to the program by an indoctrination specialist…lest their wee, itty-bitty feelings get bruised.

This, of course, leaves it up to the parents who failed to teach their own spawn to follow instructions or to take no for an answer to decide whether or not Paul(ina) is to be so thusly indoctrinated…but leaves out the most important of questions with regard to such an expenditure of the taxpayers money…

If the little paste eating, nose picking varmints can’t follow instructions, and refuse to take no for an answer…by the time they have graduated summa cum laude from afternoon organic, free range bean sprout snack time…it doesn’t matter HOW much money you throw at the program…

They are destined to get a special parking place, a plaque at the door and a gold star on their paper hats for half-assed half cooking somebody’s burger.

The only good outcome of all of this is that eventually…Tiny Tim will walk again.

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