Wind Energy…Nothing But a Hot Air Scam

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week, soon after recovering from the spectacle of Kathy Griffin’s televised pity party, in which she, a woman who is so white she is nearly transparent played the race card in an absurd attempt to garner sympathy because she claims she is being bullied by President Trump…

I was treated to the obtuse rantings and ravings of a nearly frothing at the mouth John Kerry regarding President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate debacle.

Before I get into what’s really behind the liberal meltdown over the President’s rightful move on the climate thing…allow me to address Kerry’s absolute nonsense.

Kerry, very near the top of his unhinged rant, made sure to tell us all that “the fastest growing job, the biggest single job, is wind turbine technician.”

You can catch that remark by watching this video.

So the fastest, biggest growing job in America is that of wind turbine technician huh? Really? One might as well be a professional unicorn chasing rainbow fart smeller.

Yep…I said it, and here’s why…first of all, wind energy couldn’t even exist without the government pouring every American taxpayer’s money into it. In fact, while all producers of energy in our country get some taxpayer subsidies…wind energy by far gets the most. Wind energy wallows about in 42% of all the energy subsidies provided by our government, while only producing about 2% of all our nation’s energy…and no other energy industry is even close to that lopsided figure.

Those subsidy facts, by the way, come from the Mercatus Center at George Washington University and are backed up by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. You can read about it right here.

Oh, there’s more about it that you can read for yourselves here, and believe me, those in the wind industry, as well as those invested in it would really rather you didn’t.

Even Warren Buffett admits that the only reason there is to invest in wind farms, which he does, is for the tax credits. Without the tax credits, Buffet says, wind energy simply doesn’t make sense.

Second…no wind turbine anywhere operates without electricity being pumped to it, and the electricity it takes to operate wind turbines and wind farms does not come from those turbines and farms…it comes directly from fossil fuel or nuclear powered power plants.

And then there’s this third fact…it requires more fossil fuel power, in various forms, to manufacture, transport, erect and maintain a wind turbine than said turbine will ever produce in its lifetime.

Other facts either completely ignored by wind energy proponents or brushed aside as acceptable losses include the slaughter of birds and bats necessary to balance the ecosystem, damage to ecosystems at the hands of building maintenance roads where none currently exist, not to mention the damage done in the actual building of the turbines and the high voltage power transmission line that must be there to support the turbines…land grabs by the government or pseudo government entities disguised as eminent domain condemnations of property owners land…and the blight on the landscape caused by these monuments to stupidity, just to name a few.

What matters to the proponents of wind energy is obviously not saving the planet, because they know full well that wind farms cause more damage than they solve, and it certainly isn’t green energy, as wind energy is anything but green…it’s the money culled from taxpayers that is their main concern.

John Kerry went on to try and make some absurd point regarding the millions of jobs that green energy industries have created in the United States. Really? Millions of jobs, from companies attached to industries propped up by American taxpayer subsidies that are folding faster than a crack addicted origamist?

So, how do the purveyors of wind energy rope in the gullible to sign on for this nonsense? They promise them the sun, stars and moon. They promise additional money for school districts…economic and job growth in the region where these wind farms will be located and they promise riches for the states involved.

Job growth and a boost to the local economy? Here in my corner of the planet, the Sandhills of Nebraska, one proposed wind farm would employ one, maybe two full time employees, which can hardly be described as job growth or a boost to the local economy.

Extra money for schools? Again, here in Nebraska, whatever money is given to the school district is removed from the money provided to that school district by the state dollar for dollar, so there is no extra money for the local schools. Not only that…when the wind farm goes away, and eventually they do go away, the money the state used to provide to the local school district has long since been reallocated, and that money never comes back..

But, how is all of that working out for places that have already invested other people’s money in the wind energy scheme? For that answer, let’s hear from former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating.

What the Governor is basically saying here, is that he bought the crap and got railroaded to the manure pile. Of course, he was a bit more diplomatic than I, calling it “corporate welfare” but I tend to just call it as a see it.

Okay, we can clearly see that wind energy is not green energy, it kills birds and bats although the industry considers that acceptable, it harms the ecosystem, it damages the land and it requires government backed eminent domain land grabs and massive taxpayer subsidies simply to exist at all…but does it harm…people?

While the wind industry, and I’m sure the ilk of John Kerry would be quick to tell you that there is no information regarding wind turbine, or wind farm harm to people…I would be just as quick to differ.

Have you ever heard of infrasound? Not that you can actually hear infrasound, because you can’t, but it does exist, and the ill effects of infrasound on people is documented whether or not the wind industry wants to admit it…and they certainly don’t.

Watch this video…

Infrasound effects the barometric pressure…in the cases shown here, up to more than a mile away from a single wind turbine. Imaging a whole field, or farm or wind turbines and the barometric pressure effects of that day in and day out…night after night, after night…7 days a week, 365 days a year. But does it really have a tangible effect on those who are forced to live near these things?

Yep…it does.

In fact, there is plenty of documentation regarding the effects of what is called “wind turbine syndrome” from research groups, scientists and medical professionals around the world.

John Kerry doesn’t want you to know about this…the wind energy industry doesn’t want you to know about this…certainly those who are about to start cashing checks written to them on the accounts of the American taxpayers who have invested in, or signed contracts with the wind energy industry don’t want you to know about this, nor do they want to hear about it themselves…but it is real, and it is a matter of scientific fact.

And if the ill effects of wind farms, wind turbines and wind energy are bad for people…it is all just as certainly bad for domestic animals and livestock.

But wind produces affordable, low-cost energy…at least that’s what the hucksters of the industry want you to believe…it’s what John Kerry wants you to believe and it is what Europe is begging us all to believe…but is it true?

Obviously…the pitch for wind energy is nothing but crap.

From the picturesque landscape of Scotland, to the rolling Sandhills in Nebraska, the gold-rush by wind energy industry charlatans and those who have been taken in by their promise of magic beans, the wind industry simply isn’t worth a sneeze in tornado.

And then there is the absolute myth, told by the wind energy industry, that wind energy is affordable. No, no it is not, and while the whole of Europe pretends to be riled by President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord…last year, Germany decided to pull the plug on it’s wind energy subsidies, of which that had already paid out more than one TRILLION dollars…because wind energy is too unreliable, and because it simply costs the consumers far too much. And because Germany will no longer prop up the industry, those in the industry rightfully admit it will collapse.

You can read about it here.

Germany is not alone in this revelation…as Denmark is also now pulling the wind energy plug, as because of their wind energy push over the years, Danes are now paying the highest energy bills in the world.

You can read about that…here.

The Institute for Energy Research also has some interesting data on the subject of costs, especially when one compares wind energy to traditional fossil fuel produced energy. They say that “the idea that wind power is cheaper than coal power falls somewhere between a meaningless statement and a myth,” and they have the facts to back that up…which you can read right here.

Sure, the windy people will tell you, smugly, that such renowned sources as Forbes is now saying that wind energy trend is finally competitive with fossil fuel energy…and they are…but what the windy people would rather you not know is the rest of the story from Forbes which goes like this…”However, this trend may reverse as the percentage of variable renewable energy (VRE) – energy that isn’t available on-demand but only at specific times, such as when the wind is blowing – reaches high levels. Countries such as Germany that have integrated significant amounts of wind and solar have already seen price increases.”

You can read all about it here.

Okay, I promised to tell you what’s really behind the liberal panty wadding over President Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Climate debacle, and so here it is…climate change is a false religion invented by globalists, hell-bent on a one world government, specifically designed to separate people from their money for the expressed purpose of global socialism…nothing less.

As for Kerry’s nonsense regarding wind turbines and their technicians…it’s an industry 100% driven by socialist mandates, financed by the theft of American taxpayer dollars, and bolstered by tax credits given out like Halloween candy to billionaire investors that matter of factly could not survive on its own, harms the environment, kills birds and bats, makes people and animals sick, hides soaring costs, puts people out of work and fails to even come close to delivering on its bogus promises…all so a very few can line their pockets at other people’s expense via a vortex of taxpayer dollars.

Now that I have sniffed out the unicorn’s rainbow fart…can I have my check please?

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  1. This story should be on the font page of every newspaper in the country with dozens of indictments handed out because wind is a monumental government and corporate fraud. Unknown to the public is that virtually every battery (including cars) in the country is being charged with other reliable energy sources. Being a wildlife expert, that is not a member of the corrupt Peer Review Club, I can prove many times over the wind industry/Interior Department collusion and nonscientific research fraud that has been taking place for decades.

  2. Another bullseye, Craig! You always know how to uncover globalist bullshit! Kudos to your excellent writing and research.

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