Liberal Tolerance Now Has a Face

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Finally, liberal tolerance has a face…a lifted, plastic and surgically altered face…but a face.

Kathy Griffin’s face.

A few days ago, Griffin, who engages in false advertising by billing herself as a comedian, went to great lengths, and one can assume some cost, to have a portrait made of herself holding a bloody, decapitated representation of the head of our nation’s President…Donald J. Trump.

This was not an exercise in a momentary or spontaneous loss of class…

This was a planned, purposeful and hate-driven act of rage.

Kathy Griffin, a “D” list pseudo celebrity who is by most accounts unable to think for herself, obviously listened as somebody told her that the thing to do, in order to grab a few laughs, would be to pose, holding what looked like the severed head of President Trump.

And so she did…but in reality…it wasn’t as simple as it sounds.

There was hair and makeup to be done…there was the bloodied head of Donald trump to be created…there was a professional photographer…a small group of support people and personal assistants…and yes…a videographer there capturing every moment of the clandestine photo shoot for posterity.

Portrait made…posted for the world to see…and then, just a day or so later…

Came the “sincere” apology from a staged Kathy Griffin.

Staged? Yes…staged. Apparently somebody, possibly her manager, told her it would seem more sincere if Griffin wore minimal make up rather than her full-blown stage make up, because, somehow it would come across as more spontaneous, and therefore, more believable.

Griffin claimed, in her “sincere” apology, that she was a comedian, that she moves the line, and that she crossed the line…realizing her mistake when she started seeing the reaction garnered by her bloody, ISIS inspired portrait.

Sorry…nobody is buying your apology Griffin…and as far as liberals are concerned…the only line you crossed was the line you erased that that separated your liberal ideology from that of 7th century Islamic barbarians. You literally showed the world that between the liberal agenda, and the agenda of ISIS…there is no difference.

First of all, in saying that she first realized her mistake because of the reaction, means that she suddenly realized it cast her, herself in a bad light, and that she suddenly became worried about her own image in the public eye.

That simply does not equate to any sort of a sincere apology.

While the apology was obviously rehearsed, and not in any sense sincere, the act that brought about said apology was, indeed, Kathy Griffin’s sincere portrayal of her liberal roots, and of the tolerance of liberals everywhere.

I believe what she did was orchestrate a sincere invitation to liberals, and our nation’s enemies, to assassinate the President of the United States. Kathy Griffin engaged in a premeditated plan to incite violence against the President, but the real question is, why?


Because the anointed liberal, Hillary Clinton, lost the election last November, and all of the liberal whining, the liberal “resistance” and the liberal desperation of trying in vain to find some illegal connective tissue between President Trump and the Russians has the party of anti-Americanism reeling about like drunken monkeys.

The liberal mantra of the Russians hacking our elections has fallen flat. The liberal blame that Russians interfered with our elections has fallen flat. Their claims of illegal, or illicit ties between Trump, and/or his people to the Russians has fallen flat.

Hillary herself has blamed the Russians, misogyny, James Comey, her own staff and now, of all things, Facebook for her loss last November and all of that is falling flat.

None of the liberal’s desperate attempts to upend President Trump are working, they’ve run out of safe spaces on college campuses, collage snowflakes have run out of bottles of bubbles, Crayons and coloring books, and their therapy puppies have pooped on their vagina costume parties.

Liberals are losing elections in local and state races, not to mention special elections, their agenda is being turned back, our allies are trusting us again and our enemies are once again starting to fear us. Liberals just can’t take much more, they are at the breaking point, and Kathy Griffin snapped.

In a moment of clarity and truth, Griffin showed the entire world exactly how tolerant liberals really are.

Liberals had rabid kittens when a rodeo cowboy clown did an Obama skit. That rodeo clown will never again be allowed to work in the state of Missouri because of it.

Liberals wadded up their collective panties when somebody in Nebraska entered a parade float featuring an outhouse with Obama’s name on it.

Such displays were deemed intolerant by liberals.

But…there was Kathy Griffin…posing with what was supposed to be the decapitated head of President Trump…placing the spotlight squarely on the tolerance that liberals claim to ever so proud of possessing.

On the off chance you might be thinking that Griffin’s display of liberal tolerance was a one-off…think again.

Remember, in 2006, when a movie, “The Death of a President” was directed by Gabriel Range and produced by British public-television outlet Channel 4? That piece of trash was made as a “documentary” regarding the assassination of George W. Bush…and the liberal Washington post offered up this review of it: “Is it politically provocative agitprop or merely a cynical, exploitative stunt? Probably the latter, but one that has been performed with unusual dexterity. Structured like an installment of ‘Frontline,’ ‘DOAP’ often has the taut urgency of that PBS series, with witnesses providing a detailed tick-tock of events as they unfolded. Indeed, ‘DOAP’ is so convincing that, like most he-said, he-said documentaries, it eventually suffers from a fatal, talking-head inertness.”

In liberal circles, that was the movie to see and it even garnered an award at the Toronto Film Festival that year.

Let’s do a bit of comparative recapping here…

Rodeo clown spoofing a liberal president…horribly intolerant…according to liberals.

Making a movie about assassinating a Republican President…give that movie an award…was the liberal response.

Parade float featuring an outhouse with Obama’s name on it…abjectly intolerant…according to liberals.

Liberal “D” list pseudo celebrity posing for a portrait with a mock-up decapitated head of a sitting Republican President…that’s art…according to liberals.


Yes…that is exactly how liberals billed Griffin’s portrait…as art…until the blow-back started, at which point, the uber liberal CNN had to take a day to “evaluate” their response since Griffin has become infamous for dropping “F” bombs on their New Year’s Eve broadcasts.

Of course, after having evaluated what I highly suspect was not the act itself, but the fallout should they allow Griffin to participate in their next New Year’s Eve broadcast, CNN cut her from the program, thus making her ceremonial firing as sincere as Griffin’s apology.

Having put their tolerance on full display, Griffin has become a conundrum for liberals. Their desperation is losing them ground, as nothing they rant and rave about has any merit to it, so what are they to do now that one of their own festering lumps of gelatin has outed their true agenda?

How about the response from yet another liberal…close friend of Michael Moore…Roseanne Barr?

Now, before you even give golf applause to Roseanne…you need to realize why she made such a statement regarding Griffin’s portrait of liberal intolerance. ABC, the network that just up and canned the Tim Allen Conservative leaning comedy “Last Man Standing” and has received such a backlash for it including boycotts of advertisers…is about to reboot “Roseanne” with all the original cast in 2018.

It seems pretty obvious that Barr, and ABC, are launching a “sincere” preemptive, ratings oriented slap at Griffin, as she, Griffin, has never been anything more than a “D” lister at best and is therefore now sacrificial in the eyes of liberals.

Don’t be one bit surprised if, over the next few weeks or months, Kathy Griffin makes the rounds of daytime and late night shows playing the part of apologetic victim seeking redemption that will no doubt include appearances on The View, with Oprah and possibly an interview with Barbara Walters….replete with the question…”what the hell were you thinking?”

It’s all about ratings, and seeking acceptance for the most vile of actions.

But, as I stated at the very opening of this article… Finally, liberal tolerance has a face…a lifted, plastic and surgically altered face…but a face.

Kathy Griffin’s face.

Poster girl for the true hatred of liberalism.


Just a few quick observations regarding Kathy Griffin’s televised pity party earlier today…First…seeing as it is such an oppressive thing for Griffin to have her checks signed by “old white men,” were I the owner of a club that hosts comedy shows…I simply wouldn’t hire her, thus relieving her of that oppression.

Second…According to Griffin, the President has “mobilized his forces” to send her death threats. Oh really? I hope she has proof of that as she has just opened the door to slander lawsuit if she doesn’t. One would think her attorney would have stopped her on that one…if that attorney even understands the meaning of slander.

And third…Griffin laid the race card on the table at least three times during that absurd pity party…claiming to have been oppressed by “old white men” and at least once by stating she is white. SERIOUSLY? The RACE CARD? I hate to break it to her but…she’s so white she’s damn near TRANSPARENT herself. Good Lord what a fart box.

Here’s the full video of Griffin’s pity party remarks.

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