Georgia on My Mind

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last Tuesday night couldn’t have gone any worse for liberals unless Megyn Kelly had showed up on CNN to try and spin the special House election in Georgia their way.

As it was, the CNN fake news brigade was a bit long of face when it was over and all the votes had been counted. The outcome was not what they had hoped for, and it certainly wasn’t what liberals nationwide had paid through their noses for.

That special election, to fill a House seat from Georgia had become the most expensive campaign in the history of the house by the time all was said and done, as liberals from sea to shining she ponied up more than $24 million dollars to try and buy the seat for their candidate, Jon Ossoff.

They failed.

Liberals thought that finally, after several tries to steal a seat from Republicans in various other special elections, they would achieve a referendum against President Donald J. Trump and set the stage for retaking the House from Republican control in the 2018 midterm elections.

In typical liberal fashion…rather than pay attention to the issues, and to the voters…they did what liberals always do when faced with…well…anything. They simply threw money at it because, in their pea-picking minds…money solves everything.

Particularly…other people’s money…and in that stream of unconscientiousness, the liberals in Georgia solicited money from liberals scattered all over the place, including California…the land of fruits, nuts and flakes…to pour into the special Georgia election.

It’s questionable whether people in California even know where Georgia is, much less do they give an empty-headed happy damn about what the people OF Georgia want. What the liberals want…the Peach State be damned…is a liberal squatter in that particular House seat.

In fact, to prove the point that liberals didn’t give a peach pit about Georgia, and all they cared about was getting a seat in the House…they sunk their money, and their own ship, by running a candidate who didn’t even live in the district he would have represented had he won.

So the burning questions are these…

Did the liberals manage to unleash a referendum against President Trump…and was last Tuesday’s special election in Georgia a harbinger of things to come in the 2018 midterms?

The answers are a straight up yes on both counts…just not the way liberals had hoped.

Despite siphoning liberals far and wide for their money…Trump won that referendum…and as for 2018…the House will most likely remain red.

Georgia’s Republican candidate, Karen Handel, who actually lives in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, connected with the 6th district voters and tallied up 11,000 more votes than squatter Jon Ossoff, because she listened to those voters, and spoke to the issues that concern them.

On the morning of the special election, Handel stated that, “voters are not interested in Hollywood and California coming in and buying this seat.” She was 100% correct, as records show that in the final weeks of the campaign, only 3.5% of Ossoff’s campaign contributions came from inside Georgia.

Let me make this point crystal clear…only 3.5% of those donating to the Ossoff campaign in the closing weeks of the campaign…gave a damn about Georgia…while 96.5% couldn’t have cared less about Georgia.

That, if anything, is the harbinger for the 2018 midterms…that liberals don’t give a rat’s ass about the constituents that they will be representing either in the House or in the Senate…all they care about is having the seats from which to pillage other people’s money to further their agenda of socialism.

Every candidate for either a House seat or a Senate seat in 2018, and for that matter, President Trump from the bully pulpit of the Oval Office, should make this special election in Georgia their rallying cry throughout the campaign.

Allow me to express what they should all express…

What we have in this great country of ours, as envisioned by our Founders and Framers, is a representative form of government of, by and for the people…not a government of, by and for any particular political party. And what we learned from a special election in the spring of 2017, in the great state of Georgia, is that the party of liberals, hell-bent on socialism, doesn’t care one single wit about the constituents.

What the party of liberals care about, is not what concern those whom they seek election to serve…but the party they serve. They proved this by running a candidate who didn’t live in the district he would have represented in the House, and they funded that candidate with money that came 96.5% from liberals whose only care was the party…who didn’t even live in the state of Georgia.

Did Jon Ossoff, that candidate care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

No, he did not, because he didn’t even live in that district.

Did his campaign funders care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

No, they did not, because 96.5 % of them didn’t even live in the state of Georgia.

Did the party of liberals, hell-bent on socialism care about the issues and concerns of suburban Atlanta’s 6th congressional district?

Indeed they did not, because they ran a candidate who lived outside that district and funded that candidate with other people’s money who lived outside the state of Georgia.

So…what did that candidate, Jon Ossoff care about? What did his money machine care about? What did his liberal party care about? Buying a seat in the House of Representatives for the sole purpose of advancing their party regardless of the issues that concern the voters. That is all. Nothing more.

The fact of the matter is this…not even liberal voters count when it comes to the party of liberals. The concerns of liberal voters don’t mean a thing to the party’s collective elite. Just the seat matters…issues be damned. Businesses don’t matter to the liberal party, economics don’t matter to the liberal party. Agriculture doesn’t matter to the liberal party. Veterans don’t matter, minorities don’t matter, other than their bloc vote, taxes don’t matter except for how much more of them they can wring from your bank accounts…nothing but the seat matters and most clearly, none of the constituents matter or else they would choose as a candidate someone from within the area to be represented…someone who is familiar with, knows and gives a damn about the things that effect the people in that specific region.

Ossoff wasn’t picked from the shallow end of the political gene pool by liberals to represent the people…he was chosen to represent the party elite’s socialist collective agenda.

That is the message that Republicans must deliver at every campaign stop, every campaign rally and the message that President Trump must hammer home every time he speaks of the upcoming midterm elections.

Shout it from the rooftops, tweet it and make it the centerpiece of the 2018 elections from local, state and national elections.

But why did Jon Ossoff lose, and Karen Handel win in Georgia earlier this week…other than what’s stated above? What happened? Was it a lack of money? Clearly not. Was it a lack of mainstream media water carriers? Of course not, as the liberal propaganda branch of the party that doesn’t give a happy damn about anything but the seat used all their power to summon up the liberal voting bloc.

So, what went wrong?

Well, according to uber liberal talking invertebrate, Rachel Maddow…

It rained.

Yes, that is correct…apparently during the special elections lost by liberals in both South Carolina and the one earlier this week in Georgia…it rained…and that prevented liberals from getting out and voting.

Seriously? It rained? Only on liberals, one must suppose because whatever rain that fell on those two special elections didn’t seem to dampen the get out to vote spirit of Republicans. Maddow didn’t even try to explain it further…it rained…and that, apparently was enough to cause liberal candidates to lose.

Maybe snowflakes melt in a warm, late spring rain. Perhaps dead people don’t vote if there is a chance they’ll be moistened in the process. Perchance, liberal voters just didn’t want to take the risk of their coloring books getting wet.

Frankly, I’m surprised Maddow didn’t try to blame it on the Russians, or at least blame the Russians for making it rain only on liberals.

Obviously, liberals have learned nothing since the 2016 election…the election where Hillary ignored about half the country, didn’t care about the issues that mattered to them and thought she, by virtue of being a member of the party of liberals was entitled to the seat in the Oval Office. They haven’t been able to figure out why the lost then, and they can’t figure out why they’re still losing now.

But…what have we, as Republicans and Conservatives learned?

We’ve learned that issues matter, and that the concerns of the voters matter, but what we need to be mindful of going forward is that liberals are becoming more frustrated, and more desperate which makes them more dangerous.

They will stop at nothing, and their inability or refusal to connect to the issues and constituent’s concerns means that their personal attacks, and attempted character assassination agenda, supported by their propaganda arm…the mainstream media…will not only continue, but become more aggressive as we head into 2018.

The only way forward for the liberals…the only way to win…is to ramp up their offensives and attempt to keep Republicans, both candidates and voters on the defensive. This is exactly why the strategy I outlined earlier is so important, because it puts the liberals, both their candidates and their voting bloc in the position of playing defense.

For now, the liberals are 0 for 4 in special elections since last November’s general election and their barometer, the talking heads of the alphabet networks look as if somebody has just run over their collective therapy puppies.

Just because there is no joy in Mudville…is no reason for us to celebrate. There is plenty of work to be done and while liberals continue to search out a referendum against President Trump, it’s up to us to seal the deal with a referendum against the entire liberal agenda.

As we look ahead to the midterms of 2018…it’s okay to laugh our Ossoff…just a little…but it is very important that we keep Georgia on our minds.

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