Cause and Effect…Liberalism and Violence

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Naturally, after the shooting in DC a couple of days ago, liberals quickly took to social media to blame the gun. They blamed the gun, laws that protect gun rights, lawmakers who support the laws that protect gun rights and of course, the 2nd Amendment itself.

More prominent liberal elected officials just as quickly called for more gun control, which also came as no surprise, because that is what liberals do…they attempt to seize on any tragic event for political purposes.

There is, of course, a distinct reason for the knee-jerk reactions of liberal jerks…they have an immediate need to try and deflect the blame for such events away from the real, root causes and a political need to try and attach their fabricated blame to others in a desperate attempt to bolster their political agenda.

On Wednesday…

A 66 year old man opened fire at a baseball practice field where Republican lawmakers were getting ready for Thursday night’s annual Republican vs the democrats game in Washington DC…the 66 year old shooter managed to wound or injure a few people, and he managed to get himself killed in the process.

Of course, now that the shooter is as dead as a door nail, it becomes impossible to determine what his true motivation was…but there are certainly clues to be analyzed, and while his social media posts should not be taken lightly, or ignored, those are only his most recent warped thoughts.

To really crawl through the shooters stinking, putrid mindset, one must look deeper, and further back, to try and paint a more accurate, and bigger picture of the man who perpetrated this crime.

I suggest the place to begin, is with the man’s age.

He was 66 years old…which means he was born in or about 1950…and that provides us with a point in time from which to begin putting together this puzzle.

Born in or about 1950 means that his real formative years, his early teen through late teen years, would have been found in the 1960’s, and that period is significant I believe.

As a young teen, this guy would have well remembered the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He would also have been affected by the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., and Bobby Kennedy. There would also have been the University of Texas tower, and the Manson family killings that would have been in the news as high profile cases in his formative teen years.

True, lots of people were in those same formative years back when those things were happening, and splashed across front pages of every newspaper in the country and leading the 5:30 news every night…and certainly very few people, thankfully, had the possible internal processing of this guy who opened fire on Wednesday…but it is hard to imagine that those events didn’t get the ball rolling in this particular shooter’s head.

People who do what this guy did a couple of days ago, are wired differently that the overwhelming vast majority of folks, and they tend to process things in a vastly different way than most folks do…that means that those wired as this guy was obviously wired…at some point, like a time bomb, will go off.

For the vast majority of people, events like the ones mentioned above, are remembered for the people who were killed. The assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK for instance, and the abject brutality of events like the Texas tower and the Manson family killings…but I suspect that Wednesday’s shooter remembered them for a quite different reason.

He most likely didn’t fixate on JFK…he more likely fixated on Lee Harvey Oswald. He probably didn’t fixate on MLK…more likely he fixated on James Earl Ray. It most likely wasn’t RFK that got his utmost attention…it was Sirhan B. Sirhan.

The University of Texas tower? It wasn’t the victims so much, even though he most likely identified with them…it was Charles Whitman, and it wasn’t the Tate or LaBianca victims that grabbed this guy…it seems much more likely he was somewhat enamored with Charlie Manson and the family.


Because Oswald, Ray, Sirhan, Whitman and Manson went from being society zeroes to infamous by killing people. Until they committed their high profile crimes, those people weren’t even on the radar of the American public…but after their various crimes…everybody knew their names.

Wednesday’s shooter may not have verbalized it back then, he may not have even told people in those formative years that he was a fan or that he admired those killers…but I suspect he did.

As Wednesday morning’s shooter grew older, he adopted the liberal agenda because it seemed, to him, to be the anti-establishment agenda that he closely identified with, and over the years, that agenda of masked intolerance, cloaked hatred and abhorrence of personal responsibility became rooted within him.

Jump forward, to the most recent past 8 years…the Obama regime…and what do we find?

A very important person…the President of the United States…making heroes out of society’s zeros. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” The championing of the ilk of Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray by sending high profile representatives to the thug’s funerals. Obama’s bolstering of the Black Lives Matter thugs and miscreants.

Were Trayvon Martin, or Freddie Gray, or Mike Brown household names before their demise in the pursuit of thuggery put them on the front pages and made them the lead stories in a 24/7 news cycle?

Nope…but once they were made into heroes by Obama and liberal elected officials, those thugs, and many more just like them were infamous…taken from zero to hero status by the liberal agenda…an agenda the shooter on Wednesday claimed as his own.

And what about that Wednesday morning shooter at that baseball practice park? Was he some sort of household name on Tuesday night?

Nope…he had spent 66 years in obscurity despite his lengthy police record including various acts of past violence…and while most people, the vast majority of people have no problem with obscurity…going about their daily lives, going about their own business…the vast majority aren’t wired the way I believe the shooter was wired.

Through 8 years of the Obama regime, through a lifetime of watching liberals assign blame to everyone and everything except those who were actually responsible, after having his short-circuited wiring validated by Obama himself…this particular zero, the obscure man whose past violent acts had never been elevated to the heights of liberal hero worship, decided to propel himself to infamy the same way the obscure zeros of his formative years had done.

Killing people in a bar, or on a street, or in a place of business…done and done…this guy wanted to make a bigger splash…so he went to Washington DC. I’m willing to bet that in his mind, killing a national elected official would have immortalized him in the same way he most likely immortalized Oswald, or Sirhan…at the very least, if he could kill enough, in his warped, festering mind, he could be the next Whitman, or Manson.

It’s a fair bet that the shooter on Wednesday saw Hinckley as more of the victim than he did Reagan.

Baseball practice…the Republican team from the House of Representatives…lots of elected officials…national news…headlines…

Infamy to be trumpeted by each and every liberal media outlet that has for years promoted the liberal agenda of hate aimed at Conservatives and Republicans…the same people the shooter was aiming at on Wednesday morning.

He chose a gun-free zone, as per liberal logic knowing it was target rich…and he opened fire.

What he didn’t expect was that there would be security there carrying their own weapons who would engage him, and kill him before he could see the results of his long-held hate, his long-held admiration for other killers, and his long-held belief that he too could become a household name, come to fruition.

Make no mistake…

His gun was not responsible for what happened on Wednesday morning at that baseball practice park…the shooter himself was responsible 100 percent…and he was driven by a lifetime adherence to the liberal agenda which was validated, in his mind, by the last 8 years of Obama and his minions.

Washington DC is a gun free zone, and the last thing we need is more gun control mandates that infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights to stop this from happening again.

What we need, when you get right down to the nitty-gritty of it…is more liberal control…because if you take liberals out of the shooter mix in this country, you eliminate about 90% of such shooting events.

While liberals have little to no use for the facts…facts are stubborn things…and the fact here is that once again liberals, one of your own is completely responsible for what happened on Wednesday morning…lock, stock and smoking barrel.

Guns are not the problem…liberal mental disease is…and now you liberals have one less advocate.

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