Who’s Privileged Now?

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Now that Obama is out of power and making between $400,000.00 and $600,000.00 per speaking engagement, once highly placed members of his regime have been sent forth to spread propaganda aimed at bolstering his regime’s misdeeds.

Valerie Jarrett, the Obama puppet master was recently at a conference where she proceeded to extol the virtues of the man who once claimed he would fundamentally transform America.

What she told the socialist collective at that gathering was nothing short of…stunning.

Jarret told the audience, who had come together in a combination of sorrow over the election loss of Hillary Clinton, outright hatred of President Trump and for a group drool over Barack Hussein Obama were three fundamental transformations that Obama had enacted that were specifically meant for black people.

Not that his was a racist presidency…no…that simply couldn’t be…but these three things were apparently not meant for all Americans…just for black Americans.


According to Jarrett, Obama had “increased funding for education.” Remember, this is what he did for BLACK Americans. In other words, until Obama threw more money at education, black kids apparently weren’t getting any.

In the mind of Valerie Jarrett, and one can suppose, the media, until Obama came along, education was only for those who suffer from white privilege, but due to a lack of funds, the line was drawn at black kids. Whatever increase in American taxpayer money that was thrown at our nation’s common core education system was earmarked only for black kids. I can say this because, according to Valerie Jarret, increasing funding for education was a boost for the black community.

As she didn’t mention any assistance it may have given to the privileged whites,, Obama’s education spending was only for one narrow segment of the population, based on skin color.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t that racist?


Again, according to Valerie Jarret, Obama brought about “universal health care” for the benefit of the black community.

This one is a real head-scratcher because the black community was already disproportionally on various, and numerous welfare programs meaning they were already sucking up taxpayer money at a disproportionate rate and weren’t paying for their own medical care to begin with.

Obamacare was also a mechanism by which those in the black community who did have their own healthcare insurance, which they were told they could keep if they wanted to, were thrown off of and relegated to Obamacare, which made their premiums and deductibles skyrocket.

Those members of the black community not on welfare programs, who were working, but just barely making ends meet (like so many in the white privileged community) were MANDATED to get Obamacare and penalized if they failed to do so.

And let’s not forget, that in this country of ours, no person, regardless of skin color, was denied medical care regardless of their ability to pay for it before Obamacare, during Obamacare, or to this very day.

But, given all of this, at least according to Obama’s string-puller, Valerie Jarrett, one of the big things Obama did for black people in this country…or according to me, one of the big things he did TO people in this country, was force down their throats, a healthcare system that was draining taxpayers of their hard earned money and using the IRS as his own, personal gestapo to enforce it.

But if Jarrett is correct, and Obama did it for the black community…isn’t that also racist? I mean, what if some president did something like that, or the education thing…only for white people…would that be racist? So why is it laudable if a president comes along and does something only for black people? Passing laws only to benefit one skin color demographic…is racist…is it not?

And third…

Valerie Jarrett told that audience, and the assembled media that covered it, that Barack Hussein Obama put into place, “a sharp reduction in the sentencing disparity for possession of crack cocaine instead of powder,” as a specific gain for the black community.

I have no real idea of what Jarret meant by this.

Is it that somehow, in the black community…specifically that part of said community that is not incarcerated, possession of the sort of cocaine that one snorts through their nose should be less of a crime than that which gets smoked or visa-versa? Or is it that she believes that more members of the black community are sentenced longer for one than for the other?

Whatever she meant by it, what she apparently believes is that Obama…once again based on nothing but the color of someone’s skin, reduced the sentence for using or possessing illegal drugs, so as to benefit black people…which if true, would be just as racist as the first two items on her absurd list.

So, let’s deal in reality and leave Jarrett’s propaganda behind.

I’m sure that Valerie Jarrett, and the mainstream media, along with gullible folks in the black community all believe that when Obama did whatever Obama did, to benefit members of a specific skin color demographic, there was nothing whatsoever wrong with doing so…in fact…he is to be revered as a champion for doing so. If a white president however, had done something which was then claimed to benefit only one skin color demographic, that is not black, that president would be immediately labeled as a racist and castigated by the liberal left.

For instance…if any white president did anything to benefit the white community of privilege…that would be racist. If a black president does something that benefits the black community…that is perfectly fine. There is, of course, a Congressional Black caucus…and that is just fine with black folks and liberals at large…but let anyone suggest a Congressional White Caucus…and those same people are going to hit the proverbial fan.

Despite the claims of liberals everywhere, it is entirely possible to be both black, and a racist.

What she was talking about, in all three cases, was not some sort of desegregation. Obama did not desegregate schools, he did not desegregate healthcare, and he didn’t desegregate sentencing for criminals. All kids in public schools either benefited or were harmed by whatever extra money the Obama regime threw at the education system. All people, regardless of skin color, were crammed into the same sinking healthcare ship, and all criminals, despite their skin color, have to do the time when they commit the crime.

What Obama did do, and this is what liberals won’t admit to, is make people even more dependent on the federal government, so as to secure them as a liberal voting bloc for future elections.

If extra money from the federal government, as in the American taxpayers, is rolled back from the education system, thus making schools rely on their state and local governments…oh, those evil white people are trying to harm your kids or prevent them from getting an education.


If Obamacare gets knocked out…repealed and/or replaced…oh those evil white people are preventing you from getting healthcare and you’re going to die because of it.


And…if you get caught with illegal drugs, whether you shove them up your nose or smoke them…and you have to go to prison for it…oh, those evil white people are locking you up disproportionally.

Rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish.

Here’s an idea for the black community that suffers from such a lack of supposed privilege in a nation of such immense opportunity…

Stay in school and get your education…at least through high school, and then either get a job and become a positive, productive member of society, or go on to get a 2, 4 or more year degree and become an even more productive member of society and a role model for the kids coming up behind you.

Guess what? You won’t need welfare, you’ll earn what you envy about others, and you will contribute to the economy making all the ships in the ocean float even higher, rather than being a constant drain on our nation by leeching off of others.

Once you get a job, you can afford to help pay for your own healthcare insurance just like other people do…maybe get a healthcare savings account…and you won’t need the government, using money from people who do what too many of you seem to refuse to do…work for a living.

And don’t do drugs. If it is illegal, don’t do it. I don’t care how easy it might seem to get away from it all by snorting or smoking various forms of cocaine, you really aren’t on the way to getting away from anything…except being a productive member of society. And if you insist on getting high…expect to get caught, get sentenced and go to prison.

Reality means taking control of your own life, making proactive decisions, being responsible for your own actions, and showing self-reliance. If you are over 18 years old…you shouldn’t need a nanny and a fairy godmother to care and provide for you.

And yet, while millions of black Americans prosper, as successes in whatever field they choose, having gotten a good education…there is a percentage of that so-called black community who don’t. Not because of the color of their skin, but because their chosen field of endeavor is voting…for the party that continues to make it easier, and profitable for them not to become a success.

What the liberals, and the democrat party is telling that particular segment of the black community is that, because of the color of their skin, they are victims…that the opportunities other members of the black community seize don’t apply to them, and that they, without the federal government being their nanny and provider, don’t stand a chance.

That is exactly what Valerie Jarrett was telling them at that event just a week or so ago…and those prone to wanting to portray themselves as victims, to reap the rewards of those on whom they want to blame for their lot in life…lap it up so that they will never have to show any responsibility for themselves.

There is no Congressional White caucus, no NAAWP for white people, no White Entertainment Television, no National White People’s College Fund, no Miss White USA, no program aimed at advancing white people above all others…you get the drift…and if there were such things, we would all hear the liberal left screaming bloody racism. Black people in our country have all of that and more.

But…according to Valerie Jarrett…and reported on by the mainstream media…Barack Hussein Obama did three things that directly benefited the black community, to the exclusion of all other Americans regardless of the facts showing the that the only real benefit was to the party of liberals and socialism.

That begs a final, yet poignant question…

Who’s privileged now?

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