Viva La France, Viva Le Pen

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Europe’s grand experiment, it seems, is ending. Their dabbling with, if not going hammer down toward abject socialism is coming apart at the strained seams, and with Brexit accelerating, those hell-bent on the destruction of European culture are as much on the brink of collapse, as is the European Union.

But before I delve into that, allow me a moment to pose a few simple questions to those who have been trying to send the once grand and varied cultures of Europe into an abyss from which there would be no escape…

What exactly, in the hell, have you been thinking?

Erasing your borders, allowing an invasion of Muslims, and supporting them financially while they plot and act to destroy you is nothing short of pure madness.

Who are you trying to appease with such nonsense? The cult of death and destruction also known as Islam? And to what end? Has it somehow evaded your notice that Muslims want absolutely nothing to do with becoming Europeans? Have you simply not noticed they want to kill you and remove any and all aspects of your culture’s existence?

How, exactly, can you be blind to the fact you are either close to, or perhaps have, run out of other people’s money, that you can no longer support your own, much less support those who wish you dead, and how can you not see the fact that it is those whom you have invited into your borderless nations who are orchestrating your demise?

Surely, the ilk of Angela Merkel can see these facts, which means it is not ignorance causing the downfall of Europe, it is either by design at the hands of those who, like Merkel, are working in concert with both the One World Government and have become the willing puppets of the Islamic caliphate, or it is nothing short of bone crushing stupidity.

In our country, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have finished what Obama started, the demise of America…financially, on world stage status, and culturally…but it didn’t happen. Obama was a useful puppet of the One World government elite, and Hillary would willingly have finished the “fundamental transformation” into something once thought beyond possible, and unthinkable.

France now stands where we stood, just 6 short months ago…on the cusp of either its own downfall, or at the brink of salvation. The question is, which path will France choose?

For the past 142 years, New York Harbor has been the site of a beacon of hope, and a monument to liberty, embodied in a statue given us as a gift from France…the country who was instrumental in our revolution.

Today, that statue has a voice in her country of origin, and a name…

Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, is the former leader of the France’s National Front (FN) the very party Marine Le Pen now heads after forcing her father out and distancing herself from his anti-Semitic mentality.

Marine Le Pen sees clearly what the power elite of her country tries to hide…the looming destruction of a national culture at the hands of barbarians.

For centuries, France was a nation of ruling elite, and peasants with nothing in between, but through the many centuries, France went from just another monarchy gleaning its riches from those they pretended to represent, to one of the world’s greatest, thriving cultural nations. Through science, art, agriculture, innovation and desire, France created everything a great nation needed, except for a strong military. For that, they turned to their allies in times of world war…and just as they set us free 241 years ago, we did the same for them, not once, but twice.

Today, Marine Le Pen sees that what was built, and what was saved, teetering on the brink of total destruction, and she knows exactly why.

Le Pen makes it quite clear that, “French citizenship should be either inherited or merited,” and as for those who are currently in her country illegally…”they have no reason to stay in France, these people broke the law the minute they set foot on French soil.”

During a recent campaign speech in Paris, Le Pen was quoted as saying, “If you come to our country, don’t expect to be taken care of, to be looked after, that your children will be educated without charge.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, Marine Le Pen sharpened the point…”Playtime, is over.”

While the current One World Government stooges of France are more than content with letting their own people eat cake, Le Pen has remarkably different ideas. Not only has she promised, if elected on May 7th, to do away with paying “immigrants” to destroy their civilization and culture via social welfare programs, but she has also vowed to put an end to mass immigration altogether, for the sake of ending the watering down of the culture.

As for the Islamists specifically, Le Pen has stated that she would arrest and deport any and all who preach hatred, and spur the caliphate through either their words or actions, while coming down hard on those who commit acts of terrorism.

But Marine LePen’s efforts would not be constricted only to immigration woes…Le Pen has also promised to get France the hell out of the European union, and that has the ilk of Angela Merkel sweating like Escargots à la Bourguignonne.

With the UK beating a hasty exit from the EU, and with what’s left of Spain’s economy in tatters, a French breakout would all but doom the entire European Union, as suddenly, the socialist, borderless collective would find itself shattered, and broke.

Make no mistake, Marine Le Pen is not alone in her ideology…and she has a bevy of close allies in the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), Austria’s Freedom Party (FPOe), Belgium’s Flemish Interest (VB), Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Italian Northern League (LN)…all populist, and all nationalist parties throughout the whole of Europe. A Le Pen victory in this weekend’s election in France would bolster the parties of her allies and the people who would vote in their elections.

Naturally, not all these groups are what Le Pen is, and some are decidedly not what’s best for their respective countries, with at least one party head, The Italian Northern League’s leader Matteo Salvini, openly singing the praises of Benito Mussolini. Le Pen, on the other hand, while far right on immigration and social welfare, is somewhat moderate on social issues, thus carving out a hybrid niche for herself that appeals to an even broader spectrum of French voters.

Because of Marine Le Pen’s wide-ranging appeal, due to her wide-ranging ideologies, should she win this weekend, she would most likely become the template for others to follow. The fact that Le Pen appeals wildly to anti-government, anti-globalization and anti-mainstream politics as usual is unusual because she also champions the workers and the nation’s farmers.

Le Pen is unique, outspoken, strong-willed…and she is right, straight down the line.

As Le Pen rises in popularity in the days leading up to the election, her rival, Emmanuel Macron and his progressive followers, including the French version of our mainstream media, are desperate to stop her, and have launched accusations of plagiarism against Le Pen for using the same words in her May Day speech, as one of her former rivals, Francois Fillon, used in mid-April.

It’s a hollow accusation, as the words both used in their respective speeches came from a book published in 1997 by Paul-Marie Couteaux, who…by the way, supports Le Pen and has stated he is not at all displeased that both candidates used his words.

Macron seems to embody the American liberal personality, in that he is quick to level accusations and labels against his opponent, without providing either facts to back up his attacks, or any substance to push his own points. In fact, during a debate just a couple of days ago, Macron said if Le Pen, “The high priestess of fear stands before me.”

More like the torch bearer of reality if you ask me.

Macron is pro-Muslim “immigration” which is as much as being in favor of the Muslim invasion, and he is also very in favor of a one world government solution, which means, that should he win over the weekend, France’s socialistic fate will be sealed once and for all.

On the other hand, Le Pen has quite a different vision for the future of France, and its one that is appealing to a very broad spectrum of the French people. In that same debate, Marine Le Pen said, “I am the candidate of that France we love, who will protect our frontiers, who will protect us from savage globalization.”

Le Pen continued with an absolute fact in her apt description of Macron, “You are complaisant toward Islamist fundamentalism. We’ve got to eradicate fundamentalist ideologies. You won’t do it because they support you.”

Marine Le Pen is both polished, and as gritty as gravel all at the same time. Her voice seems to resonate with the people of her country at a time when her people seem fed up with the government, economic and coexisting status quo. She is strong, ambitious, and she is driven.

She is also not above using her words like a knife, and showed that cutting talent a few days ago when she spoke of her opponent’s recent meeting with Angela Merkel. Le Pen made it all quite clear when she said that Macron’s meeting with Merkel was to “seek the benediction” of the pro-Islam, pro-open borders German Chancellor, but she went a step further, or a cut deeper when she stated, in no uncertain terms, “Either way, France will be led by a woman; either me or Madame Merkel.”

On May 7th, the people of France will decide which path they will follow…one that leads directly to their own demise as a culture, and as a people…or a path that leads to a renaissance by way of liberty from the world’s barbarians, as well as those who plan the world’s demise through globalization.

We may well have the statue, but France has their own Lady Liberty in Marine Le Pen.

Viva la France. Viva Le Pen, and here’s to the onset of the end of the European Union.

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