Perpetuating the Myth – Dead Thug Graduating

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“To the graduates, I tell you, there is no limit to what you can do. Just stay focused and put your mind to it, and you can do it.”

Those were the words spoken last week to the graduates of Florida Memorial University where hundreds of students, who had paid their tuition at the four year private college, worked hard, studied harder, and earned their degrees by the proud mother of the recipient of a degree in aeronautical science.

That particular mother’s son paid no tuition, was not on a scholarship, didn’t work hard and never studied.

That particular mother’s son didn’t earn anything because that mother’s son was…

Trayvon Martin.

Martin’s father said after the graduation ceremony, “Today was just a prime example of what our community is built on, and just watching all the 2017 graduates come across the stage, and just to share that moment with them, it was very powerful.”

One has to wonder how the rest of the 2017 graduating class from Florida Memorial University is going to feel, when or if they finally realize that their own degrees, the degrees they earned through hard work and endless hours of study were cheapened by the degree simply handed out like a bag of Skittles to a dead thug.

In 2012, Trayvon Martin was a high school kid who reportedly had a history of being something of a thief, and who dabbled with drugs. On a fateful night, he decided to become a thug when he started beating on the wrong man…George Zimmerman, who was carrying a gun.

At trial, even after being vilified by the prosecution, Zimmerman was found not guilty of wrong doing by a jury but the vilification of Zimmerman continued while the sainthood of Trayvon Martin went into high gear.

The world is full of young people who had their fair share of trouble as teens who straightened themselves out and made something of themselves, but the world will never know if Trayvon Martin would have fit that mold because his last act on this earth, the act of a thug, left him dead.

That’s not a problem in the liberal world of higher indoctrination.

Yesterday’s dead thug is today’s recipient of a college degree. It makes one wonder what’s next…

An honorary pension from United Airlines?

Colleges and universities everywhere should be looking for dead thugs upon which to bestow degrees. Perhaps some institution of higher indoctrination somewhere could make Michael Brown their valedictorian, as I’m sure had he not died a thug’s death on a street in Ferguson, he would have had some real pithy advice to impart on a graduating class.

After all, Trayvon Martin got a college degree for being a dead thug and all Brown got was a bronze plaque…that doesn’t seem very fair now does it?

How many police officers have been murdered in the wake of dead, yet sainted thugs like Martin and Brown? Murdered in ambushes because of the uniforms they were wearing. How many?

Too many…but how many of those murdered law enforcement officers have gotten a posthumous degree from Florida Memorial University, or any other university or college for that matter?

How many of our soldiers, the men and women who stood tall and fought for our country and our liberties, those who came home in a flag-draped wooden box have been the recipients of such degrees?

If Trayvon Martin killed George Zimmerman that night in 2012…would Florida Memorial University have presented Zimmerman’s family with a college degree?

What we’re talking about here, is a dead thug who got a participation trophy, without even participating, but does that come as any surprise?

It shouldn’t…because we’re now living in an upside down culture, and the torch bearer for abject liberal stupidity and foolishness seems to be our government run school systems all the way up through our asylums of higher indoctrination, including private colleges and universities.

Cancelled exams are now the norm for students so distraught over an election that said asylums are providing safe spaces, replete with coloring books, crayons, therapy puppies and bottles of bubbles to those considered to be adults.

Rather than preparing young adults to become productive members of society, our colleges and universities are preparing them to be coddled like pre-schoolers.

Students from grade school through college are demanding alterations in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe their gender is somehow open to their own interpretation and not confined to scientific, DNA fact.

As a society, we are now deep in our second, if not third generation of the entitlement mentality, where those attending asylums of higher indoctrination believe that whatever it is they want, or need, should simply be provided to them at someone else’s expense.

Gone seems to be the era of hard work leading to advancement, and in is the demand for $15.00 an hour, as a living wage, for jobs once known as entry-level or part-time stepping stones to something bigger, better, and more permanent.

We’re living in a time where feelings are more important than rights, and everybody from kindergarten through college just knows they have the “right” to never be offended by anyone.

College campuses, which were once the bastions of free speech and the diversity of ideas have become the land of only liberal indoctrination thought and those who would stray from such a carefully guarded, politically correct path are degraded and disinvited.

If, on the off chance, a Conservative shows up on your liberal campus, the notion that you might learn something by being exposed to a different line of thought than the one you’ve been indoctrinated to believe is gospel is gone, and rioting is now the way to handle such an invasion of freedom of speech.

If you don’t like the way thugs are treated in your town or city, burn part of your city to the ground, shoot a few cops, and then demand that other people be held accountable financially for the destruction you have caused. It’s what all the kids are doing these days, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a place like Baltimore, your city officials will actually set up riot zones on your behalf.

How far down the rabbit hole have our colleges and universities gone?

At the University of Michigan, Anna Wibbelman,who is the  former president of ‘Building a Better Michigan,’ a group that whines about student concerns regarding university development, said that a number of ”minority students felt marginalized by quiet, imposing masculine paneling” that is found on the inside of the 100 plus year old student union, and Harvard, this year, will hold a special black graduation ceremony, at the behest of black students, thus re-segregating the desegregated ivy league school.

We don’t have to imagine these things…college students marginalized by wood paneling, and desegregation. It’s real, and it’s happening on college campuses everywhere.

Of course, not all college students succumb to the indoctrination, and not all colleges or universities force it down their throats…take the case of another graduate this past weekend at Texas Christian University.

Carson Huey-You donned a blue robe and a mortarboard and along with some 2000 other graduates, he walked across the stage to receive his diploma last weekend. What made Carson Huey-You different from his fellow graduating seniors, was the fact that he pulled it off at the age of 14 years.

Liberal arts? Nope…not for Huey-You…he graduated with a degree in physics and minors in mathematics and Chinese. He says he intends to go forward to seek a masters in quantum mechanics.

Unlike Trayvon Martin, Carson Huey-You didn’t receive a posthumous degree for being a dead thug, he earned his diploma through hard work and endless study. While some might ask whether Carson could have traveled the same path toward self-destruction as Trayvon Martin did…I believe it is more appropriate to ask…could Martin have traveled the same path of young Carson?

Of course he could have, and so too could any number of currently dead, or soon to be dead or imprisoned thugs. While not everybody is capable of graduating from college at the age of 14, which makes Carson Huey-You something special, just about any kid should be able to at least graduate from high school, and maybe pick up a 2 or 4 year degree in some field…if they don’t consider themselves to be a victim of this, that or the other thing because it’s easier to be a thug than a scholar.

In a world where CNN, a once respected news organization, and now the top source for news on college campuses since the retirement of John Stewart from the satirical Daily Show, devotes two full segments to the unfairness of President Trump getting two scoops of ice cream with his desert while the reporters who dined with him got just one scoop each, is it just a matter of time until kids who self-identify as college grads get a diploma…out of fairness?

As a society, and as a culture, what we need to do is stop placating the lowest common denominators to make them feel special, and start extolling those who earn what others only envy…and a good place to begin that process is by ending the practice of making heroes out of thugs.

Along those lines, I believe it may well have been more appropriate last weekend, rather than to have honored the dead thug, Travon Martin, with a college degree in aeronautical science….to have bestowed upon him honorary early parole for pretend good behavior.

And even that…is a stretch.

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