Kim Jong Un…Hell-Bent on War

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

North Korea is a hermit kingdom, run by a tin-pot dictator who is not only prone to having family members assassinated on a whim, but brutal enough to kill those of his own citizens who he suspects might be dissidents and enslave their families.

From his grandfather, to his father, and now to him, Kim Jong Un has isolated his people from the rest of the world, starved them, and murdered them.

North Korea is a nation of nothingness…and yet…

They are terrorizing their neighbors, and holding the rest of the world hostage.

How can this be?


Over many decades, North Korea’s iron-fisted and brutal leaders have relied on their cold war allies…primarily China, and to some extent Russia, to amass a military potential big enough, and deadly enough, to get the job done. But the greatest assistance came from what should have been the most unlikely of sources.

A United States President…Bill Clinton…saw to it back in 1994, that North Korea would someday possess the greatest military threat possible…nuclear weapons.

That act alone set the table for today’s North Korea, now led not only by the most brutal of dictators, but perhaps one of the most unhinged dictators the world has ever seen.

During the Obama regime, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to North Korea and got a handshake agreement that the rogue nation would cease and desist their testing of nuclear weapons…a handshake as substantial as a fart in a whirlwind…and one that both Hillary and Obama knew was nothing more than a photo-op.

Today, North Korea has 20,000 artillery pieces, more than 1,000 short- and  medium-range missiles, 70 submarines, at least 400 patrol/missile boats and some 563 combat aircraft thanks to their friendships with the ilk of China and Russia through the years.

Thanks to the combination of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama…North Korea also has 10 plutonium-based nuclear warheads and a developing delivery system that while not proficient enough to reach our west coast at this particular moment…sufficient enough to reach their closest neighbors.

North Korea also has an estimated 1.2 million man army, and while exactly how dedicated they are to the aspirations of their dictator is unknown, 1.2 million military personnel is nothing to take lightly.

As Kim Jong Un ramps up his testing of missile delivery systems, and his testing of nuclear weapons, challenging and taunting the civilized world each time, it has become obvious that he is intentionally trying to provoke a war.

While his people are  literally starving to death, and afraid of their own shadows, it would seem a rather easy task to crush the Kim regime where it stands, but that will not be the case, because Kim Jong Un doesn’t give a damn either about his own people, who he will no doubt use as fodder, counting on the notion that any who try to invade and take him down will be so worried about collateral damage that political correctness will give him the upper hand…and because he also doesn’t give a damn regarding how much collateral damage he causes.

Seoul South Korea is within easy striking distance of North Korea and their nuclear arsenal, and a city such as Seoul, with its 25 million people, it a target worthy of an absolute madman. It is just the sort of target Kim Jong Un would pick first in an effort to force back any who would dare challenge him militarily, and the loss of life would be staggering.

So far, the North Korean madman has threatened his closest neighbors, South Korea and Japan, he has leveled threats at the United States and even against Israel. While he currently can’t reach either us or Israel with his weapons, he has an ally that could hit Israel…Iran…and therefore, that threat must be taken seriously.

North Korea possesses the nuclear weapons, and Iran has a delivery system capable of striking Israel. The two together will undoubtedly soon have the ability to mount a nuke on an Iranian missile and Iran is drawing ever closer to having their own nuclear arsenal thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.

The question becomes, how can Kim Jong Un be stopped?

China is one key in that regard, and as China has already started the process of distancing itself from the rogue nation, by stopping its own shipments of coal and oil to North Korea, Un should know that he won’t be able to count on his long-time ally when push comes to shove. That, however, won’t be anywhere near enough to stop Kim Jong Un.

To be sure…Kim will not back down. It is simply not within his nature. He’s insane, and because of his nuclear weapons, he believes himself to be invincible. He has become a megalomaniac who thinks he can rule the world and from what little the outside world actually knows of Kim Jong Un…it is a fantasy born of his reported addiction to cartoons and comic books. He believes himself capable of doing what the villains in his comics couldn’t…winning the ultimate war.

There really are two choices when it comes to stopping Kim, and neither is a good choice.

First…nuclear proliferation. In other words…arm all of North Korea’s neighbors with nuclear weapons in the hopes of causing a stalemate of sorts.

Bad idea, as the more such weapons are dispersed, the more dangerous the world becomes, and add to that the distinct possibility that should Kim be faced with that scenario, he would most likely lash out sooner rather than later, and if his neighbors, the targets of his nuclear weapons fail to respond in kind, Kim Jong Un would have made a statement, and set a precedent that other rogue nations like Iran would surely follow.

The other option when it comes to stopping the ilk of Kim Jong Un is a massive conventional war against North Korea, which of course has its own serious drawbacks.

In size, North Korea is relatively small geographically, and we know that a good deal of the artillery they possess is on rails making it easy to move. Those rails must become one prime target in any conventional attack.

We know that Kim’s warplanes must have runways and refueling posts…those too must be included in any devastating first strike, but what is unknown is whether or not China would allow North Korea to use their airfields, and if so, would we, or any coalition force be willing to move against airfields on China’s side of the border?

Also a must in any strategic plan related to a first strike against North Korea would have to be any, and all nuclear sites in that country. Any Missile launch facilities, any research facilities, storehouses or depots where nuclear weapons might be kept. And let’s not fool ourselves here…Kim Jong Un is most likely hiding his nuclear arsenal in high density, residential areas where any strike against them would be either tempered by political correctness and worry over collateral damage, or where fallout from any nuclear material released in such a strike would cause mass deaths within North Korea itself.

Next up on the must target list…Kim Jong Un himself, and as much of his military command and control personnel and structures as possible. In other words…cut the head off of the snake and leave his military as devoid of command, and communication as possible.

This is where an ally like Israel could become a very important player, as Israel has the world’s only confirmed, working EMP device, which would virtually end all communications, and nearly all of North Korea’s ability to use any but its most basic military assets.

If…and it is a big IF…such an attack against North Korea could be set into motion, it would need to all happen at once. Rails, airfields, planes, command and control facilities, launchers, stockpiles and even North Korea’s nuclear facilities and their weapons would need to all hit in the same, virtual blink of an eye, so as not to allow Kim Jong Un or his faithful military leaders even so much as a minute to launch any sort of counter attack.

Naturally, any such first strike against North Korea could be launched and coordinated by remote control, but ground forces would have to be sent in immediately, further coordinated with air strikes and intel being provided from reliable entities inside North Korea itself.

Make no mistake, a ground war is messy. We’ve been so engaged in North Korea before, and it can easily become another quagmire. That would be the last thing we would want, and the one thing that Kim Jong Un may well be counting on.

But let me be very clear about something…any such strike, and war against North Korea could easily escalate into a world war. China, Russia and Iran are North Korea’s allies. Both China and Russia have been supporting North Korea for more than half a century, and let’s be honest, it is a drain on both their economies. Russia would protest such an action against their ally, but would be unlikely to get involved from a military standpoint. China is a wildcard. We simply don’t know what they would do or how they would respond.

Iran is North Korea’s most dangerous ally, and by far, their most unstable ally. Any action against North Korea would be highly likely to draw a response from the Iranians and their military, which would most likely target Israel in such a response.

Therefore, it seems, that any such action as described against North Korea would have to be coordinated with very similar action against Iran, and as Iran and Russia are also allies…that could draw Putin into the resulting war, even though Russia and Israel have become quite close over recent years.

There are other wildcards to be considered.

The North Korean people, while certainly not equipped or in any shape to fight, they could, and likely would, simply flee…trying to get out of the way…which would cause problems for both China and South Korea in the short term.

In this video, watch and listen as a young girl, Yeonmi Park, who has somehow managed to get out of North Korea recounts tales of absolute horror.

The North Korean 1.2 million man army. Would they stand their ground and fight tooth and nail, or would they react as Saddam’s forces reacted and simply surrender for the promise of food and care? That we simply won’t know until the time comes.

And dare I say it…one of the biggest wildcards may well be our own military. After 8 years of the Obama regime, our own military is reportedly at its lowest point of capability since WWII, having been decimated by Obama’s cuts to military spending. Our Navy has the fewest ships since WWII, our Air Force has the fewest planes since WWII, and our army is suffering from old and worn out equipment that the Obama regime simply allowed to fall by the wayside.

Kim Jong Un however, would be making a grave error were he to believe that Obama’s downsizing of our military left it unable to wipe him out. He would also be making a mistake to believe that President Trump would be flimsy where collateral; damage is concerned. Trump may well try to have such damage minimized, but he appears to be the sort that knows the first rule in any war, is to win it.

While I would like to use the word “if,” it is more likely to be when military action against North Korea takes place, liberals will, without a doubt, try to assess all blame to President Trump for getting us into another war, but that would be a bald-faced lie, as it was the combination of Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary, and Barack Hussein Obama who set the table for what is now, all but inevitable…military action against North Korea.

With North Korea, and Kim Jong Un hell-bent on war…President Trump is only the guy who will have to clean up the mess the Clintons, and Obama made.

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