Comey Go Homey

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

So…it’s been an interesting week.

France, more than half a century after the end of WWII finally surrendered to Germany and President Trump finally fired FBI Director, James Comey.

The former has Islamists dancing on the Champs Elysées and Angela Merkel now running two countries without borders…while the latter has Hillary Clinton sweating like Britney Spears on Jeopardy.

Liberals, being the socialists that they are, are overjoyed at the prospect of an even more socialistic France crawling with assorted, but unvetted Islamists, but their heads are exploding over the firing of James Comey.

It’s the difference between Moulin le Boom…

And Comey go Homey.

One by one, the liberal elite in Washington rushed to the nearest microphone to exclaim how wrong it was that Comey found out about his dismissal from news reports on TV. It’s WRONG the cried, and decried…to find out you’ve been fired from a TV report. He deserved to find out with a phone call, or some other, more official way…but NOT from a TELEVISION report they say.

Funny…they never had a problem when Obama claimed to have learned just about everything from television reports…but COMEY…that’s a different story.

Comey was in Unicoriforniafornia, addressing FBI agents when news of his ash-canning flashed across the TV screens in the room. As reported…he chuckled…and continued to address what were, by then, his former employees. After that, as reported, Comey went into a private room to, I suppose, find out if or not he had really been fired.

He was to have spoken to a room full of FBI recruits Tuesday evening…which never happened…so we can deduce that Comey by then had discovered that he was, in fact…unemployed.

News helicopters then followed the Comey job funeral procession down the L.A. Freeway system, as it was led…and followed…by Sheriff’s deputies, as it made its way to the airport where cameras caught the FORMER Director of the FBI shaking a few hands of deputies before boarding his private jet to fly back to DC…I’m sure to pick up the box of his stuff from his office which, by the time of his arrival, was probably packed for him.

Confirmed liberal/socialist congressman, Elijah Cummings is now demanding an investigation into the firing of James Comey…and John McCain, the so politically and ideologically confused senator that he doesn’t know which bathroom to use…the one with the elephant on the door or the one with the jackass…is calling for a special investigator.

Good grief…investigate the firing of a guy who gave incompetent boobs a bad name?


Let’s just have a look-loo at the expanded timeline in all of this, shall we? Hillary blamed Comey for her losing the election…liberals demanded Comey be fired by Obama…Comey GETS fired by Trump…and liberals now demand an investigation INTO his firing.

Yep…that’s about it…so as far as I’m concerned, those liberals can save their fake crocodile tears over the draining of this particular corner of the swamp.

Liberals, of course, say it’s an attempt to cover up all the illegal shenanigans Trump was involved in with the Russians, of which during six months of official FBI investigations, Comey had found exactly zero evidence of…so that’s nothing but a smokescreen.

Want to know what’s really got the liberals panties wadded up?

Comey seemingly was the only brick wall preventing Hillary from being indicted…from Huma being indicted…from Loretta Lynch being indicted, from Susan Rice being indicted and possibly even keeping Obama from being indicted.

While Comey being told not to let the screen door at Quantico hit him in the ass on the way out slammed the door on that protective asset of the Obama regime…it opened several other doors that could very well clear the way for said indictments to be handed down.

Ironically…the window-dressing letter outlining Comey’s firing made his treatment of Hillary last year the last straw…as in Comey acted against the scope of his office in releasing information about Hillary and the investigation into her illegal email activities.

While Comey’s release of facts surrounding Hillary may, or may not have affected the election, it’s fair to say it had a greater effect on the outcome than the Russians did, but Comey also refused to recommend prosecution, which meant in the end, he actually helped Hillary.

With one less snake in the swamp, Hillary, by now, must be on a bender. She’s got to be more nervous than a former Bill Clinton’s intern at a blue dress fashion show.

While Comey never floated the notion that Hillary didn’t break the law…what he did say was that he could find no INTENT on her part to break the law.

Well, there’s a crock-o-crap.

There is NO statute that says that there needs to be PROOF of INTENT before a pant-suited law breaker can be recommended for indictment…and Comey damn-well knew that, but he couldn’t find intent? Hillary INTENDED to get her own private email account, and she INTENDED to have it hosted on her own private server. Hillary INTENDED to hire he own private IT guy AND she INTENDED to get that guy a gig INSIDE the Department of State so he could watch over her private set-ups.

Hillary clearly INTENDED to use her private email account, on her private server, to conduct ALL of her official Department of State business…and she INTENDED to allow ACCESS to said private emails to just about anybody she had ever come into contact with, including a wad of people with absolutely NO clearance to even catch as much as a GLIMPSE of classified documents.

Hillary most certainly INTENDED to erase more than 30 THOUSAND documents and emails from her private account…and she JUST as certainly INTENDED to have her private, government employed IT dude hose he hard drive with BLEACHBIT and SCRUB it clean of any incriminating evidence.

Hillary, without a doubt INTENDED to claim there were NEVER any CLASSIFIED documents ON her private email account or on her private server…she INTENDED to alter that false claim if she missed any…which she did…because she did…and Hillary INTENDED to make sure that she had Comey in the back pocket of whatever pant suit she fainted in at any particular time.

Don’t even get me started on what she INTENDED to do regarding her pay to play Clinton Foundation/Department of State illegal activities or the fact that Comey gave everybody involved with Hillary’s illegal activities immunity from prosecution.

So Comey couldn’t find any intent in what Hillary did?


Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while…which means Comey was worse off…perhaps akin to a blind, quadriplegic, brain-dead squirrel who wouldn’t have been able to locate his OWN nuts if they were hanging from the middle of his furry little forehead.

Now THAT’S a mental image for ya right there.

But liberals are hoppin’ mad. They’re all waded up to the point where they don’t know whether to play in the street to try and stop traffic, or dust off their vagina costumes and parade up and down the sidewalk over the firing of James Comey. How DARE Trump do such a thing.

Of course…I don’t remember a single liberal, whether in Washington, or inhabiting the mainstream media getting in any kind of a snit when Bill Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions back in 1993. Nope…they were as quite as a mushroom in a bucket of bullcrap when that happened.

There is one liberal who isn’t making a big stink over the firing of James Comey…

Bill Clinton.

Think about it…He’s been cooped up in the same house with Hillary for the past six months…watching her swill gin and pretending to be the president…holding news briefings in the kitchen and butt dialing Angela Merkel. Six long months of having to make believe he’s the First Lady and listening to Hillary moan and cry in the guest room while assuring her than Lincoln did once sleep there.

With Comey gone, Bill knows the path is now clear for a possible indictment of the Hildabeast that is cramping his style, and he’s got to be secretly thrilled at the prospect because six months is a long, long…LONG time for a horny old goat like Billy boy to go with a barrel full of dry cigars.

Look…I have no idea who will become the next Director of the FBI as there are a bunch of great manes in the nomination hat, and frankly, I don’t really care, so long as whoever it is can accomplish two things…

Indict Hillary…

And find their own nuts.

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