It’s Time to Go Nuclear For Gorsuch

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

According to Chuckles Schumer, the standard for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice is 60 votes in the Senate.

According to Ronald Reagan…

“The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Before Trump even nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to a seat on the Supreme Court, Chuckles showed the liberal’s hand in an interview conducted by snowflake Rachel Maddow…“It’s hard for me to imagine a nominee that Donald Trump would choose that would get Republican support that we could support.” At which point the mad cow asked Chuckles if that meant that liberals would do their best to keep the Scalia seat open…and Chuckles responded…


Neither Schumer, nor any of the panty-wadded liberals have even entertained the notion of voting in favor of ANY Trump nominee, regardless of who it might be, and they believe that by filibustering the Gorsuch nomination, they can put an end to it altogether.


There has never been a successful, partisan filibuster against a Supreme Court nominee. Never. Not a single one…so rant on and stall on Chuckles…you’re gonna lose.

But let’s get back to that spot-on quote from Ronald Reagan and how it applies to the so often claimed 60 vote standard Schumer and his ilk are spreading around like manure in a feedlot…it simply isn’t so, and all one needs to do is have a look at history, just to prove it isn’t so.

In 1837, William Smith was confirmed by a vote of 23-18, even though he declined to serve. Then, in 1858, Nathan Clifford was confirmed by a vote of 26-23. After that came Stanley Matthews who ascended to the nation’s highest court on a 24-23 vote and in 1888, Lucius Lamar was confirmed 32-28 vote.

Okay…so there weren’t a hundred senators back in those days, and therefore, no way to get to 60 unless, of course, the vote for Lamar was unanimous…as was the vote for Gorsuch in 2006…but that’s beside the point. Let me continue…

In 1991, Clarence Thomas was nominated and confirmed with a vote of 52-48. 52…is not 60…is it?

And the nomination of Samuel Alito in 2006 was confirmed on a vote of 58-42…which again, is not 60 votes.

The fact is, that there IS NO RULE that requires 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, only a 60 vote THRESHOLD for CLOTURE to end a filibuster…which can be averted by using the nuclear option. Filibustering a SCOTUS nominee has ONLY happened 4 times in recent history, and doing so WOULD be an affront to Senate precedent…using the nuclear option, according to Constitutional scholars, would, in fact, “return the Senate to the historical practice, which is that Supreme Court nominees get up-or-down votes.”

Facts are facts Chuckles…and they’re as stubborn as a donkey, so when you claim that 60 is the standard, and that you and your liberal ilk will filibuster the Gorsuch nomination into obliteration…you’re just making asses of yourselves.

Lil Kim in North Diarrhea keeps testing nuclear weapons, and the liberals have been shrugging their shoulders over it since Bill Clinton was using an intern as a humidor. Iran is well on their way to building a nuclear arsenal, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, and the liberals couldn’t care less.

But let the Senate Republicans whisper the phrase “nuclear option” and Senate liberals have a collective mudslide in their pants.

Come on panty-poopers…before Harry Reid had the hell beat out of him by a treadmill…the nuclear option was his idea and you were as happy with it as a pig is in slop. There’s the standard you’ve been so desperately looking for…and because it was your idea, I say let’s give you exactly what you wanted back then by putting the Gorsuch nomination into the micro and turning it up to full nuke.

Now then…as long as we’re talking about standards…

The American Bar Association gives out recommendations where judgeships are concerned and the highest recommendation they offer is…”Well Qualified.” Chuckles…both you, and your fellow below the bottom of the barrel dweller, Patrick Leahy have referred to that “Well Qualified” recommendation as…”the gold standard” where federal judges are concerned.

In other words…no federal judge could be better than one recommended by the American Bar Association as, “Well Qualified.” The best of the best…top of the heap, a-number one, and cream of the crop. Well, guess what? Judge Neil Gorsuch HAS that coveted “Well Qualified” ranking designation from the American Bar Association…so Chuckles…why exactly ARE your and Leahy’s panties all wadded up in a bunch?

As a Judge, Neil Gorsuch IS the gold standard…at least according to three sources…the American Bar Association, Chuckles Schumer and Patrick Leahy… the best of the best…top of the heap, a-number one, and cream of the crop.

The fact is, all of the liberals arguments against the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch are as fake as the news on MSNBC, and hold as much water as screen doors on a nuclear submarine, but that, of course, won’t be enough to prevent the liberal orchestra from putting on a recital of lies, as they are…after all…playing to their common core voter base in all of this.

And speaking of the crapola concerto…leading the band is Tom Perez, newly minted maestro of liberal manure, in the wake of the downfall of Donna Brazil. Little Tommy Pez Dispenser went off on a rant the other day and he had a couple of real pithy things to say…

Right from the top…Tommy said, “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values.”

Outside those expressed in Marx’s commie manifesto, liberals HAVE no values unless you count wanting everybody to spoon with potential terrorists, rolling out a welcome wagon stuffed with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for every Tomás, Diego and Hernando that enters our country illegally, not knowing which bathroom they should use, a despicable desire to force-feed our children their propaganda at both youth indoctrination centers and asylums of higher indoctrination, and a deep-seeded psychosis that results from not getting a participation trophy they all feel entitled to which results in the need for coloring books, crayons, therapy puppies and bottles of bubbles…and those are their REDEEMING values…from there, it goes downhill faster than the Marianas Trench.

Then there was Perez’s other blathering point aimed directly at President Trump, which not only leads directly to the afore mentioned psychosis, but directly validates Reagan’s quote at the beginning of this article…”You didn’t win this election.”

Gee…it was in all the papers. Somebody needs to enlighten the cranial-rectal poster boy that the pant-suited drunk with the private server loaded with classified documents and a list of You Tube videos to blame her various acts of treason was the one who failed to win this election while the guy with the $500 dollar, 3000 thread-count boxer shorts in the red hat actually DID win.

Relax Perez…as long as you’ve still got Obamacare…your pre-existing mental condition is covered.

My point in all of this, is that liberals, with Schumer leading the pack, are going down the rabbit hole with every last bit of baggage they own on Trump’s FIRST Supreme Court nominee, and for that matter, his first nominee to any federal court. They’re throwing whatever they can at whatever wall is handy, in pure desperation, and nothing is sticking anywhere.

News flash Chuckles…Gorsuch might be the first one out of the chute, but he ain’t gonna be the last one, so once you’ve engaged the circular firing squad on this go-round, what are you gonna do for the next one, and the one after that?

Right now, you have a liberal, activist Justice sitting on the highest court who is about 3 decades older than Whistler’s great, great grandmother. What’s your grand plan when she doesn’t wake up from her next State of the Union nappy…go full-on weekend at Bernie’s with Ginsburg?

For the love of GOD…KIETH RICHARDS is in better shape than she is.

Let’s take stock of where the liberal/socialist party of Chuckles Schumer is, at this point…shall we?

They are blaming Russia for what it didn’t do, while letting off the hook their losing candidate for what she did do. They held a march for women’s rights, where everybody was wearing vagina costumes that was led by a Muslim woman who believes in the rule of Sharia law. They are heavily invested in Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and back in the day, they invented the Ku Klux Klan yet they are calling everybody else a bunch of racists.

Liberals are pro-Muslim, and say we must tolerate THEIR so-called “religion,” but just try to put a manger scene in a park at Christmas time and they have no tolerance at all. In fact, they have no problem complaining about Conservative Christians clinging to THEIR guns and religion, but has anyone ever heard them complain about Muslims clinging to their guns and “religion?”

They do everything and anything they can think of to prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns, and yet in their gun-free zones, they want to do nothing about the criminals who are the only ones WITH guns.

Liberals hate the cops, and make heroes of the criminals, claim they stand for the oppressed and yet are pro-abortion, hate the rich while operating businesses that charge ten bucks for a cup of coffee, offer sanctuary cities to illegal alien criminals and take the money of law abiding citizens to make sure the illegals have more than the law abiding.

For crying out loud…we’re talking about a party that claims voter ID laws are racist and that we don’t need them because there is no voter fraud in America, while at the same time INSISTING that RUSSIA committed voter fraud in America.

This is the party that claims that every bone-crushingly stupid thing they do, has to be done “for the children,” and at the same time…proudly supports the abortion of soon to be BORN children and the selling of their body parts.

Look…I don’t want to burst their therapy bubbles, but Elizabeth Warren isn’t really an Indian, Rachel Dolezal isn’t really black, Al Franken really shouldn’t be taken seriously, boys who wear dresses who want to pee in the girls bathroom aren’t really girls, participation trophies are for losers, 2+2 doesn’t equal 7, Islam is not really a religion, people who enter our country illegally really are criminals, global climate warming change is really nothing but the weather…Hillary lost…and Trump won.

Judge Neil Gorsuch is the most qualified for the position since John Jay, and if liberals want to continue to self-identify as abject idiots…let em. Let’s go nuclear, but before we do…somebody get a mirror up next to Ginsburg…maybe we can do this as a twofer.

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