Tapping Trump…The Plot Thickens

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Obama says it never happened. He says that President Trump’s claim of having been wiretapped is completely false.

Once again…Obama is flat-out lying.

Somebody apparently got wiretap permits from a FISA court…and reportedly, six different intel organizations  engaged in wiretapping and cyber surveillance of Donald Trump and his advisors since late last October…and those six agencies sought, and received permission to SHARE any information they gleaned with SIXTEEN intel agencies.

Obama had to know all about it and furthermore…it’s a damn good bet that he, himself, ordered it from start to finish.

In fact, the federally filed surveillance requests…FISA court requests…

Were so well known, that they were reported on in newspapers in various parts of the world…the New Your Times…the Guardian…McClatchy…the Washington Post and others.

Trump was surveilled.

Flynn was surveilled.

Sessions was surveilled.

OTHERS were surveilled.

It all started nearly a year ago, in the late spring of 2016 when the first FISA request was made, and turned down. It is all a matter of official, federal court records. It is as real as it gets. What Obama did makes Nixon look like a rank amateur.


All of this surveillance was done, supposedly, under the guise of spying on the Russians, so as to provide cover for the Obama regime but they made a crucial error in their handling of materials…an error so crucial that it will show, without question, that said surveillance was, in fact, being levied against American citizens.

It is legal for a sitting President to order such surveillance of American citizens, and he can do so without going through an intel agency, IF he can show a FISA court that national security is at risk…I’ll get back to that in a moment.

There is precedent for Obama’s illegal activities…as in Obama has spied on Americans, and others before…just ask James Rosen at Fox News, or ask members of the Associated Press or Angela Merklel, or Ban Ki-Moon,, or Italian diplomats, Or Prime Minister Netanyahu, or Sarkozy…the list just goes on and on….including our intel agencies spying on our own intel agencies.

Obama’s actions in this regard, against Trump and his associates, were calculated, and done with malice, but it is now about to become an epic, and historical failure that should culminate with he, and his many minions, spending decades in prison.

Of special note here is the timeline of all of this  surveillance. It started late last spring, when Obama…and Hillary Clinton…saw Trump gaining momentum in the campaign…as groundswells of Trump supporters were flocking to his campaign events, and as Trump was stacking up primary victories…and it continued at least into October of 2016, just a month prior to the general election…as per surveillance request documents.

Not to be missed in all of this is the fact that the first FISA court request…the one that was turned down, came directly on the heels of that clandestine meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in late June, 2016.

This is important because, in the spring of last year, it is now obvious that Obama, and Hillary, saw Trump as the likely winner of the Republican nomination, and after the Republican National Convention last July, as a threat to win the general election in November and they, Obama and Hillary, were growing increasingly desperate to find a way to end Trump’s campaign.

Then, the real cascade of illicit events began to take place…

At around the same time (October), as the second request to FISA, (Def Sec) Ash Carter and (DNI) James Clapper tell President Obama to dump NSA Director Mike Rogers. A week after the election, Mike Rogers makes a trip to Trump Tower without telling his superior, James Clapper; which brings about new calls (November media leaks to WaPo) for President Obama to dump Mike Rogers.

According to the Executive Order rule changes DNI James Clapper signed off on December 15th. Then, General Michael Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador on December 29th…the same day as Obama put sanctions in place against the Russians.

In January, just a couple of months ago, Obama expanded NSA sharing…“expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.”

On January 12th 2017, WaPo reported on Phone Calls and Anonymous Intel Sources just 3 short days before Vice President Pence went on Face the Nation…which led to the dust-up between Pence and General Flynn before the FBI reported nothing unlawful in content of Flynn call on January 23rd. But that didn’t stop Sally Yates (acting DOJ) from informing President Trump of a possible conflict between Pence’s stated TV version (was told by Flynn), and what Intel community communicate to Yates that Flynn actually expressed to Russia, which, in turn, led to a  White House counsel investigation into that discrepancy.

If there was no wiretap on Trump, as is now claimed by Obama…how could the FBI have possibly said there was no unlawful content regarding Flynn’s call to the Russian Ambassador?

It now seems obvious, that after being turned down in his first FISA court request, Obama went shopping for a FISA court willing to allow him to put surveillance on Donald Trump and his associates…which begs the question…what national security threat did he claim Trump posed…other than the possibility of defeating Hillary Clinton in November? Remember…in order to get a warrantless wiretap against American citizens…a national security threat must be shown…and no security breach was ever shown to have been committed by either Trump or his associates.

Remember too, after a Presidential Forum late in the campaign, where Hillary and Trump appeared separately but on the same broadcast in which Matt Lauer questioned Hillary at length regarding her private email scandal? After that debacle for Hillary, according to her own staffers, she went into total and complete meltdown rage stating…“If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses! What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?”

I submit that not only was Hillary well aware of her acts of treason…punishable by hanging…but she was also well aware of her involvement in, or connection to Obama’s wiretapping and cyber surveillance of Donald Trump and his associates. Hillary was not making a rhetorical statement regarding nooses…she was speaking out of fear of reality.

Two things here are blatantly obvious…first, Obama, and Hillary both thought they would get the goods on Trump via their illegal surveillance…and second…they failed to find anything illegal in any of Trump’s actions, or those of his associates. Clearly, had they found anything illegal, they would have immediately exploited it to the fullest degree possible…but there simply wasn’t anything there.

Obama’s miscalculation was epic at two levels because it would only have worked if first, he and Hillary would have caught Trump, and/or his associates in illegal activities, which they didn’t…and second, if Hillary would have won in November, thus providing cover for their surveillance of Trump for the purpose of affecting the outcome of the election, which SHE didn’t.

Both Obama, and Hillary knew full well, in the wee hours of the morning of November 9th, 2016, that their combined covert activities against the next President of the United States would not be able to be covered up for very long, and since Obama was at the very root of it all, I believe he made the unilateral decision to use whatever he had obtained, even though none of it showed any illegal activity on the part of Donald Trump or his associates, as a combination smoke screen, and disruptive influence over the new administration…hence the media leaks and take down of General Flynn…a man who both Obama and Hillary knew full-well would soon become a pitbull on a pork chop at their doorsteps.

All of this also lends explanation to some other key happenings of late…Obama’s decision to dog the Trump presidency from a DC home just a couple of miles from the White House…which is also just a couple of miles away from the headquarters of how many intel agencies? Obviously, Obama, now facing full investigation, feels the need to be close at hand in a desperate attempt to control that which is now out of his control.

Then there is the new Obama roommate…Valerie Jarrett…his long-time Islamic string puller, who is moving into the Obama house. Tell me…why exactly does a FORMER president need his closest advisor and string puller within a bent arm’s reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? Because the community organizer is in way over his head and he is going to need special handling…that’s why.

And third…who is it that is now shoring up Obama’s opposition to President Trump? Oh yes…Eric Holder…the only Attorney General found in contempt of Congress, for assisting Obama in the cover-up of Fast and Furious. Obviously, Obama knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is going to require corrupt legal representation if there is any hope at all of keeping his narrow ass out of GITMO, or some other federal prison facility.

And let’s not forget Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General under Obama, on whose watch these wiretaps and surveillance was done, who is now encouraging people to bleed and die in the streets to further Obama’s goal of the destruction of America. In other words…keep up the riots, and ratchet them up in order to draw attention away from Obama’s and Hillary’s impending doom.

In fact…Lynch’s back of the plane meeting with Bill Clinton, during the campaign, took place right around the same time as that first, turned down FISA request was made. Convenient, isn’t it?

To put it bluntly…Obama is getting the band back together. And let me be clear on something else here…it was Loretta Lynch who reportedly signed off on all of Obama’s wiretaps and surveillance of Donald Trump.

Here is where yet another gross miscalculation on Obama’s part comes into play…while Jeff Sessions has said he will recuse himself…he has only said he will do so with respect to any investigation into Trump, or his staff consorting with the Russians to meddle in last November’s election. He has NOT recused himself from investigating wrong doing, i.e. surveillance engaged in by the Obama regime, which any investigation will show that it wasn’t the Russians trying to manipulate our election…it was, in fact, Obama and Hillary doing that.

Now, cornered like rabid dogs, with Obama being the alpha dog, a massive cover-up, replete with grand distractions disguised as anti-Trump street riots, literally employing bought and paid for fodder, along with false allegations leveled against their original, and innocent of wrong-doing targets…Trump and his associates…bolstered by their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, is all in full effect.

The mainstream media, so overtly intent on taking Trump down, is actually guilty of being a willing accomplice to all of Obama’s, and Hillary’s acts of treason and their many other illegal activities…and they know full-well, that should the swamp be drained, their complicity, including their fake news agenda, will become exposed from the muck, mire and scum.

The time to launch a congressional investigation, with subpoena power is now, and I suggest that the best man for the job, is Trey Gowdy. It is also time for a few other measures to be taken as well…reinstate General Flynn as the National Security Advisor and let him clean out the NSA and other agencies of the ilk Obama put in place as his insurance policies…starting with McMaster.

The other thing that I believe must be done with all due haste, is the seizing of the passports of Obama and Hillary, along with those of various heads of intel agencies involved in this illegal activity until a full investigation is 100% complete, as they are all flight risks.

Illegal? Yes…illegal, as it now appears obvious that 1) Obama, or somebody VERY highly placed had to LIE and manufacture some reason to obtain a FISA court permit to spy on American citizens…2) because it now seems quite obvious that there was never any threat to national security associated with Donald Trump or his people and 3) because it was all done for purely political reasons thus constitution a gross overreach of presidential authority.

And President Trump needs to clear the decks of any and all Obama operatives in our intel agencies…sweep the system clean of any Obama regime holdovers so as to remove any and all who might still be working on behalf of their former boss.

Now, adding both confusion and credence to all of this illegal activity, the spying on American citizens for the purpose of first, effecting the election, and now, trying to undermine and overthrow the Trump administration, is the fact that James Clapper, Obama’s NSA head, has denied that any such FISA court requests as outlined earlier in this article, were ever made and the fact that Comey…Obama’s FBI chief, who is still on the job, is begging AG Jeff Sessions to NOT investigate the matter at all.

IF there was no FISA request, as Obama and Clapper now claim…what were six intel agencies doing collecting info on Trump and his associates, and then sharing it with sixteen other intel agencies? That seems like a whole lot of man hours expended over something that Clapper says never existed. And…if it didn’t happen…what is it that Comey is now begging Sessions NOT to investigate?

It certainly seems there are a whole lot of people with a great deal to hide.

And finally…

While mere technicalities in how FISA court law is written may, or may not provide cover for Obama and his spying on Trump…there is one thing which stands out like a sore thumb…on October 31st, 2016, just days after Obama’s FISA court request was granted…Hillary tweeted that “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump organization to a Russian-based bank.”

That means that PRIVATE CITIZEN…Hillary Clinton…was somehow privy to something discovered via Obama’s supposedly non-existent FISA request…in other words…Obama SHARED intel info…CLASSIFIED info he deemed so hush,hush that he may well not have even let the NSA or FBI know he was doing it…with a PRIVATE CITIZEN…and that, in and of itself, is illegal, and Hillary tweeting it would be a felony.

And…if Obama somehow convinced a FISA court that Trump and his associates WERE a threat to national security…why was the info gathered, being classified, being leaked to the media which then ran with it like a pack of scalded lapdogs?

That too is highly suspect, if not illegal.

And, it seems that the FBI was denied access to hacked servers by the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election process, which begs the question…why? It is well known that the DNC system was, indeed hacked…so why wouldn’t the DNC want the FBI to examine their server? Simple…there are things there that the DNC can’t afford to have discovered and it is a better than fair bet that those things pertain directly to the illegal surveillance activity that would not only implicate Obama…but Hillary as well.

Let’s be clear here…if a full investigation is done, by Sessions or anyone else…it will eventually come to light what was being hidden by the DNC and why, exactly, Comey doesn’t want any investigation to be done. My guess is this…if a full investigation is done, headed by Trey Gowdy, the results will be as devastating to the whole of the democrat party as they will be to Obama and Hillary.

The only proper procedure to follow is…investigate, indict, arrest, try and convict…letting the chips fall where they may, and no…I don’t give a happy damn what the cost of such an investigation will be in dollars, as I know the ultimate cost of not doing it is the Republic itself.



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  1. I’m so very grateful to Trey Gowdy and all those patriots who help bring Obama’s traitorous mis-deeds into focus !!!!!! It gives me HOPE that our form of government is the right one when people like Obama and Hillary are NOT SUCCESSFUL in putting their own selfish agenda before that of the nation! Their TRUE motives are shown and they have not been able to carry out their subversive plans !!!! What a stark contrast to Donald Trump’s efforts for the good of our nation !!! He puts the nation FIRST in his efforts while Obama and Hillary put THEMSELVES first. We should all be on our knees thanking God for our great president, Donald Trump. History will show him as the savior of the USA

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