Mad Maddow Goes Mad Cow

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Liberal Derangement Syndrome now has a poster boy…Rachel Maddow from MSNBC…and if any but liberal loons were in charge of the mainstream media, Maddow’s broadcast on Tuesday night would officially be listed in a coroner’s report as a suicide.

For hours before going on the air, poster boy Maddow hyped her show by claiming that at 9pm eastern time, she would be releasing President Trump’s tax returns, and she punctuated her hype with the word, “seriously.”

No kidding…”seriously.”

“BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC. (Seriously).”

Obviously, Maddow is desperate, as is MSNBC as a whole, to get a ratings point ahead of that of a three day old wiener on a gas station weenie roaster. Maddow claimed that an investigative reporter, who turned out to be David Cay Johnson, a Pulitzer Prize winner, had found…in his mailbox…

President Trump’s tax returns…which later in her zeal to hype the breaking news story, she admitted were but a portion of his 2005 tax returns.

Maddow then went on air, and began a deranged diatribe regarding various conspiracy theories involving the lunatic left’s desire to discover something, anything linking Trump to Russia, or not ever paying his taxes, or something…anything…that might stick to the wall.

Maddow blathered, and blathered, and blathered…teasing her audience of tens of people that she would, in seconds, reveal the truth about Trump and his taxes.

24 minutes later, after a commercial break…she let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag…but it was far, far too little, and way too late.


MSNBC and apparently Maddow had given the White House the heads up…that they had a copy of Trump’s 2005 return and would be exposing it live on the show that night…it was their way of thinking, in their deranged state of mind, that they had something on the President at long last.

The white House however, knew exactly what was in that return and while Maddow was busy building hype, by offering one goofy conspiracy theory after another…Trump’s people released what Maddow and MSNBC was teasing, right under their unsuspecting, delusion blinded noses.

In fact, as Maddow prattled on about nothing, waiting for another ten people to join her audience, Tucker Carlson and Fox News took the release from the White House and ran with it on the air, going so far as to mention Maddow, and MSNBC by name, and point out the fact that Maddow had not yet released what they, at Fox was already talking openly about.

By the time Maddow broke her breaking news, the report she had been hyping for hours, and blathering about for nearly half an hour…the White House had made fun of her…“You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago,” Donald Trump had made fun of her…Donald Trump Jr. had made fun of her…“Thank you Rachel Maddow, for proving to your #Trump hating followers how successful @realDonald Trump is $ that he paid $40mm in taxes!” and Fox news had made fun of her, covered the big, breaking story, and already moved on to something both more important, and far more real.

In fact, had Fox News at that point gone live to the gas station and interviewed the rotating weenie…it would have been more relevant than anything Maddow or MSNBC had covered.

So…what was Maddow’s big “we gotcha now Trump” news???

That Donald Trump, in 2005, made $150 million dollars…and PAID somewhere between $36 million, and $38 million dollars in taxes.

No link to the Russians…no dodging the tax man…although the $900 million plus loss he took a few years earlier would have allowed Trump NOT to have to pay ANY taxes for 18 years…nothing obtuse…nothing nefarious…nothing illegal.

In fact, the IRS 1040 Maddow had in hand showed that Trump, in 2005, paid a higher rate than did Romney, Bernie Sanders, or Obama….or for that matter…MSNBC’s parent company…ConCast.

Did Trump pay less in taxes, as per tax rate, than other people did or do? Sure…but he also paid more than a lot of others have or do, and Trump paid every cent of his taxes in 2005 as per what the law required him to pay.

What’s wrong with that, and who doesn’t pay as little as they can get away with?

I mean, let’s be clear about this…while Trump only paid 25% as a tax rate…Bill Clinton deducted the cost of his underwear so…

To be perfectly blunt, and bluntly honest…Geraldo found more in Capone’s vault than Maddow found in those two pages of a twelve year old tax return, and if MSNBC gave half a crap about real news, and had someone at the helm with half a working brain cell…Maddow’s show would have gone dark…interrupted by the live feed of that procrastinating giraffe who’s impending labor has been over-hyped for at least the past two weeks.

The real question regarding Maddow’s revelations is…how did David Cay Johnson get his hands on those returns…considering it is a felony for anyone other than the tax filer to release such information?

Ahhh…THERE’S the real story.

Since the two pages of the return in question were stamped…“Client Copy,” it is now being speculated that possibly Donald Trump himself, is the source of the leak and that it was the President who sent those two pages to Johnson.

Could be, but if true, it exposes a Pulitzer Prize winner as a hack who doesn’t check his sources and just runs with something he thinks might be salacious…and Johnson himself, sitting there with pretend urinalist Maddow…even made that speculation. “It’s entirely possible that [Trump] sent this to me.”


It’s entirely POSSIBLE…which means either the Pulitzer Prize winner, Johnson, has no idea who sent it to him, and therefore, no way to check or vet the information…or he’s lying and does know exactly who sent it to him and he’s just covering somebody’s butt.

Here’s something else this exposes…

Either Maddow was hyping a story, Trump’s tax returns that she hadn’t laid eyes on…because if she had, she wouldn’t have done a hit piece that she had to know would prematurely detonate in her face…or she did know exactly what was in those returns, and that all it proved was that Trump made a bunch of money and then sent a bunch of money to a criminal enterprise…the IRS…in which case she is a bigger idiot than I’ve given her credit for being.

By engaging in this act of ratings desperation, born of Liberal Derangement Syndrome, Maddow has shown that she isn’t fit to empty the waste paper baskets at the local penny flier, and Johnson has put the PU in Pulitzer.

For the past eight years, Maddow and her moronic minions in the mainstream media have ignored every act of treason and espionage committed by Obama and Hillary…not one investigation, not one question regarding the cover ups of their activities, and not a single shadow cast over their illegal, and illicit transgressions.

But get a shot at exposing President Trump’s 2005 tax return, unvetted, unverified, and unhinged…hold the presses…fire up the Twitter account and make a mad dash through the flames of hell wearing gasoline-soaked boxer shorts…no problem.

Meanwhile, in the real world, where real news still matters…

We are mystified by people who have been watching a live YouTube feed of a fat giraffe for weeks on end…in a gas station somewhere, a weenie rolls toward immortality…and Rachel Maddow still has a show on MSNBC.

Well…there’s really no mystery in the weenie…if you want to be honest about it.



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