Liberals…Glass Houses and Dancing Doofi

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

You know what they say…

Those who live in glass houses…will have many dead birds at their foundations.

While liberals make slobbering fools of themselves regarding Jeff Sessions and his meeting with a Russian Ambassador, insisting that he either recuse himself from any investigation related to the Trump administration and the Russians…which he has done…or resign over HIS meeting with Ambassador Kislyak…they forgot to close their own drapes.

Did Sessions meet with Kislyak? Yep, he sure did.

Did he discuss the 2016 election with Kislyak? He says he didn’t, and there is no evidence to counter that claim.

Was his meeting with Kislyak illegal, in any way, shape or form?


But it is all the rage amongst the rage-ridden liberals these days to insinuate that all sorts of horrible, awful and illegal things took place when Sessions and Kislyak got together. In fact, liberals are foaming at the mouth over the mere idea that Jeff Sessions, while a Senator, met with the Russian Ambassador at all.

Those who live in glass houses…should wear a bath robe.

Let’s begin this parade of hypocrisy with the fact, and yes…it is a fact…that as a Senator, Jeff Sessions first met Ambassador Kislyak when he was introduced to him by…wait for it…Barack Hussein Obama’s Department of State.

Here is what that first…clandestine…meeting entailed…

It was in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, at an event put together by the Heritage Foundation, for which Sessions was the keynote speaker. The OBAMA Department of State invited 50 Ambassadors to attend that event and…low and behold…Kislyak was one of the 50.

After his speech, as Sessions was on his way out of the room…he was approached by SEVERAL of the Ambassadors present who thanked him for his presentation. Yep…Kislyak shook his hand and offered his thanks.

That was it…meeting finished…and covert gratitude for a well delivered speech was thusly slipped under the proverbial table.

Those who live in glass houses…have many panes to deal with.

Okay…onward…or “forward” as Obama would say…and speaking OF Obama…

It turns out that this covert operative, Kislyak, was an official visitor in Obama’s White House…not once…not twice…not 5 times or ten times…but on 22 OCCASIONS!!!

Yep…ol’ Kislyak and Obama, it seems, had lots to discuss, but here’s where the whole glass house thing comes in…what is it again that the drooling liberals are pitching a fit about with regard to Sessions and the Russian Ambassador…that they met during the campaign?

Well…the last time Kislyak was at the White House, meeting with Obama…it was September 2016…just  2 months ahead of the November election…an election Obama was shilling for Hillary, and one that I am quite sure Obama thought he, and Hillary, had in the bag.

We’re talking about Barack Hussein “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” Obama here and if you don’t think the election came up at that September meeting, than you probably also believe that Horn-Dog Billy Clinton was just shooting the breeze about the grandkids with ol, Loretta Lynch in the back of that plane on the tarmac.

Now here’s a little something odd to make note of…that first meeting between Kislyak and Sessions took place in July, 2016, at the Convention…right? Well looky here…Kislyak was an official visitor to Obama’s White house in July of 2016…BEFORE the Convention.


But it gets even MORE interesting when you have a peek at the timing of the second meeting between Sessions and Kislyak…which took place in SEPTEMBER 2016…as did Kislyak’s last arranged visit to Obama’s White House.

Now what do you suppose the odds are that the only two meetings between Sessions and Kislyak were preceded by meetings between Kislyak and Obama at the White House?

Those who live in glass houses…are providing free cable to anyone with binoculars.

Now then…let’s get into the real meat of this whole thing…

Liberal’s like Nancy Pelosi…Chuckles Schumer and Claire McCaskill have been pooping their collective pants over Sessions having had meetings with the Russian Ambassador, Kislyak, and have been demanding…DEMANDING…that Sessions resign because of it all.

Well…Chuckles is now seen in photos having a GREAT time with none other than…Vlad Putin…sucking down coffee and chomping on donuts.

Pelosi, who has claimed to have never had meetings with the Russian Ambassador…Kislyak…has been shown in a photo engaged in a fancy luncheon also attended by…Ambassador Kislyak.

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…

Those who live in glass houses…have no place to hang pictures.

And how about Claire McCaskle who, just last week, tweeted…”I’ve been on the Arned Services committee for 10 years. No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.”

Naturally, that tweet was PRECEDED by four years with a tweet stating…”Off to meeting w/ Russian Ambassador. Upset about the arbitrary/cruel decision to end all US adoptions, even those in progress.” THAT was in January 2013…and by a tweet from August 2015 which stated, in plain 140 characters or less English…”Today calls with British, Russian and German Ambassadors re: Iran deal. #doingmyhomework.”

Don’t you find it more than just a bit interesting, that McCaskill, a member of the Armed Services Committee is demanding that Jeff Sessions, also a member of the Armed Services Committee RESIGN over HIS meetings with Ambassador Kislyak…but has yet to demand that she herself RESIGN over having had meetings with Kisylak?

Ms. McCaskill…is there anything you might like to share with the class at this point…or should I simply continue with the dance of the liberal doofusses?

What is the plural of doofuss?


Anyway…Brit Hume, over at Fox News fired off a tweet a few days ago, stating that, “The last time I was in the Senate dining room, Feinstein was having lunch with the Russian Amb. I never gave it a second thought.”

Feinstein naturally ran directly over to CNN to try and get in front of this revelation and told the fake news network, “I believe he’s (the Russian Ambassador) been in my office from time to time.”

Oh really?


So, Kislyak has been in Feinstein’s office…on more than one or two occasions huh?

Now what do you suppose he was doing, from “time to time,” in the office of the RANKING member of the SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE…and A KEY CIA and intelligence community oversight member?

Oh…it gets better…

Last week, when President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress…guess who was the guest of the dancing doofi liberals?

Yep…Ambassador Kislyak…who was spotted and photographed chumming about with SEVERAL liberals AND who was SEATED with the liberals on the left side of the non-applauding aisle.

Sure…according to the liberals, Sessions MUST resign because he met with Kislyak…but Kislyak can be THEIR guest, at a JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS…no problem. SESSIONS is some sort of SCOUNDRAL…a ne’er-do-well and obvious traitor because he had a couple of brief encounters with a Russian Ambassador…orchestrated by the OBAMA regime no less…and yet coffee and pastries, lunches, meetings with, from “time to time” in their own, private offices and being a 22 time visitor to Obama’s White House doesn’t even raise their collective eyebrows.

So, should Jeff Sessions resign?

Not on your nelly…but recuse himself, as liberals demanded, from any investigation into the Trump administration as related to meetings with the Russians? Yes…and here’s why…because why get involved in investigating nothing, when his time can be better spent investigating Obama’s numerous acts of treason, perpetrated on behalf of the U.N.’s agendas 2030 and 2050 as outlined  in the investigative article Diane Sori and I co-wrote last week, which brings me to my last two brief points…Liberals…

Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it…and…those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.


Dance doofi, dance.



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