About That Letter of Apology…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

A few days ago, Valley High School faced off against Des Moines North in an Iowa High School State Basketball Tournament game.

Valley won that hard-fought game, at least, they won it on the scoreboard…but elsewhere, they lost it big-time.

You see…it is something of a tradition at Valley High School, that when they play in the state tourney, their fans forego the school’s colors of black and orange, and instead wear red, white and blue as inspiration, cheering on their team to something greater than just a high school behind where the weathermen stands.

It is Iowa, after all, in the heartland of the nation where patriotism grows like crops in the fields and pride in one’s country is as natural, and normal, as going to the movies on a Friday night.

It was after their victory in that game, that Valley High School did something…odd…they wrote and sent a letter of apology to Des Moines North High School…not for defeating them in the game, but on behalf of their fans.

You see, the red, white and blue worn by their fans, was deemed offensive to that team from Des Moines, because Des Moines North had a couple, or a few refugees on their team, and they…apparently…were offended by the show of patriotism.

Yes…my initial reaction was screw them, and valley should have never issued an apology for the patriotic display by their fans…but…I did what I normally do in such matters…

I marinated on it for a few days, to let it sink in, and to try and fully understand the real nature of the thing…before making up my mind to do what I feel in my heart must be done.

Rather than having a knee-jerk reaction, and after some introspection, and soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that the apology issued by Valley High School simply did not go far enough. Apologizing for their fans wearing red, white and blue to that game was a good start, but more needed to be said…so…allow me to say it.

Dear Des Moines North Refugees…

I am sincerely sorry that the fans of Valley High wore such an overt symbol of our nation’s pride while cheering on their team last week, and I am just as sincerely sorry that the refugee members of the Des Moines North team were offended by it.

I am sorry our national colors are offensive to you…that the colors of our flag are somehow abusive to your delicate feelings…really, I am.

I am also sorry that our nation welcomed you here.

I am sorry that you were somehow persecuted in your own country, if you were persecuted in your own country, to the point that you decided that you could no longer live in whatever hell-hole you came from.

I am sorry that out of the 195 countries, other than your own that exist on this earth, that you choose to seek asylum in one that supposedly deeply offends you.

I am so very sorry that you are receiving a free education here in this sadly offensive country.

I am sorry that since you have come here, that you have the opportunity to play sports which also provides you with the opportunity, if you’re good enough at it, to gain a college scholarship.

Really, I am sorry….because, it seems, such opportunities are wasted on the ilk of you.

I am sorry for what has most likely been provided to you, and to your families by our nation and its taxpayers…food, maybe lodging…a home perhaps, and money. Maybe our offensive nation also helped your parents get a job, and pay for your healthcare.

Sorry about all of that…sincerely.

It is quite likely, that whatever cesspool you came from doesn’t afford you freedom of speech. I’m am so very sorry that we do…as it is our custom, and obviously, not yours.

Perhaps where you came from, you couldn’t afford things like a car, or a TV…and maybe you weren’t able to listen to music either. Well…you can have and do those things here…and I’m sorry for that too.

It’s probably reasonable to believe that in your country of origin, women can’t walk down the street, or go shopping, or speak to a man whenever they feel like it, and girls may not be allowed to go to school and reach their full potential because they may well be considered property.

I’m sorry you can’t see the potential for greatness in women that we see in them here in this, oh-so-offensive nation of ours.

Maybe you’re also offended by the little things we tend to take for granted…like drinking water from the tap, toilet paper, grocery stores full of food and girls who wear bikinis rather than burqas, and our affinity for the companionship of dogs.

Sorry, but, oh well…

Perhaps our freedoms, and opportunities offend you…our right to worship as we please, or not to worship at all…and our system of government…of, by and for the people is offensive to you.

Sorry…really sorry you have to deal with all of those things too, but those things are the very foundation of the nation you chose to seek refuge in so…

You see…if a group of folks wearing red, white and blue is so offensive that a letter of apology has to be sent to you…I feel very sorry indeed that those kids, their teachers, principal, their school board or whoever wrote and sent that letter felt compelled, after years of being dumbed down by liberal political correctness and indoctrination, to do so…because there is nothing whatsoever wrong with showing national pride.

I am very sorry, sincerely sorry, that rather than insisting that you refugees assimilate into our society, our youth have been conned into believing that they must acquiesce to yours. That’s not the way we do things here.

To be blunt about it, and perhaps even offensive about it…here, in our country, when we take you in, feed you, clothe you, shelter you, give you our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, find you a job and offer you our freedoms…we expect a bit of gratitude for our efforts, and generally that sort of gratitude is shown by you, melding into our…society.

Those colors worn by those fans a few days ago represent the very country that took in your sorry asses and continue to take care of your sorry asses…so when you demand an apology after all this country has done for you, and your sorry asses…because you claim to be offended by the colors of our flag…

I am most decidedly sorry we ever allowed your sorry asses through the door to begin with.

And if you were offended by what those good folks wore to that basketball game…just wait a few months…because the 4th of July will most likely offend you into a coma, and even our patriotic looking desserts will offend you.

All of this begs a very important question…

If you were so put upon, by whatever toilet you crawled out of, that you had to seek refuge in another country, namely ours, why is it that you seem to insist that we alter our culture to match that from which you supposedly had to flee?

I am quite sure that there are any number of countries which share your backward, barbaric 7th century ideology, whose cultures of servitude and lack of freedoms would not offend you and be much more to your liking where you could have gone and felt right at home.

Yet…here you are…by your own choice…being offended on a daily, if not hourly basis…demanding apologies for this, that and the other thing.


If you were to decide, because you are so terribly offended by the colors we take pride in, and all of the other things about us and our great country that so deeply offend you…to pack up all the crap you have accumulated since your arrival in our horrible, offensive country…and get the hell OUT of our nation so as to return to the muck and mire of whatever god-forsaken stinking turd of a country you left…

And if each one of you pieces of offended crap were to take a couple of liberals who claim to be as offended by our nation and our patriotism as you claim to be with you…

I must admit that I would not be one tiny bit sorry to see any of you leave.

Get out…stay out, and don’t ever come back. We’ll see you to the airport and we’ll chant USA, USA, USA while your plane takes you straight back to hell.

If I have offended you just a bit with my words…I’m so very sorry…because I meant to offend you to the greatest extent possible.


Proud to be a Red White and Blue American



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2 thoughts on “About That Letter of Apology…

  1. The ingratitude of refugees for the kindness we have shown them is the way they all feel starting with Mexicans who burn our flag, murder, rape, loot and any crime that they like to commit. We are a soft hearted people but I think it is time we started looking out for our American citizens and tell these savages to fend for themselves. no welfare, food stamps. medicaid, housing, education and even social security. Bet that would get rid of a lot of them fast and either speak English or NO SERVICE OF ANY KIND ANYWHERE IN OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  2. I think we should have a “Flag Month”.
    (I actually think we should wear red,white and blue any day of any month and all day every Sunday, if we so choose.)
    IM offended that THEY are offended by the very reason we have, and show, pride in our country. IM offended they dont show gratitude by wearing now THEIR colors of the red, white and blue.
    “When we take you in, feed you, clothe you, shelter you, give you our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, find you a job and offer you our freedoms…we expect a bit of gratitude for our efforts, and generally that sort of gratitude is shown by you, melding into our…society.” (Craig Andresen)

    Yeah, screw ’em….No, wait, let me think about it, yeah….SCREW ‘EM !

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