Sessions, DeVos and Liberals Are Nuts…All Confirmed

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

dev 1It’s been quite a week for liberal moonbattery and they’re writing IOU’s for marbles, as they have long since lost their last one.

Nancy Pelosi, whose head is a sanctuary void for senseless remarks, sputtered that she just can’t find any way to work with…President Bush.

Obviously, the Botox has seeped in a bit too deep. Bush hasn’t been the President since January of 2009…and that’s assuming she was talking about Bush 43 and not Bush 41.

Then there was Maxine Waters, who insisted that President Trump’s actions are what led Putin to invade…KOREA.

In the first place…

Trump wasn’t even the President when Putin invaded KOREA…and in the second dev 2place…Putin didn’t invade KOREA…he invaded CRIMEA…which is a whole different pot of Kimchee.

Then came the classic…

Elizabeth Warren, who hasn’t done a damn thing for minorities outside of impersonating one…stood on the floor of the senate and read from a letter penned way back when, by Corretta Scott King, impugning Senator Jeff Sessions.

Spewing Bull was told to can the bean juice, but she wouldn’t…and then…rule 19 showed up. Rule 19 is basically the Senate’s version of “shut your pie hole” and quit leveling accusations at another Senator…which she just wouldn’t adhere to, and so Mitch McConnell edev 3xercised his newly forming spine and had the wigwam wombat removed from the floor.

Naturally, Warren pitched a fit over being ushered from the podium, but hey…rules are rules, and unlike the past eight years…they’re now being enforced….and she was sent to her teepee without any dinner.

But Faux Feather wasn’t the only liberal having a hissy fit over the past several days…

Liberals were busy saturating their collective panties over the confirmation of our new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos….the woman whose family has given some $1.2 BILLION dollars to charities over the years…calling her a monster.

It seems the liberals have their socialist colons all puckered up because DeVos has given hundreds of millions of dollars to…wait for it…CHRISTIAN organizations…including various CHRISTIAN schools.

Christians…you know…those scoundrels who believe in forgiveness, and morals, and the Ten Commandments. That group of people who believe in love, and redemption, good deeds and a shot at heavenly eternity.

God forbid any of that sort of thinking might rub off on our nation’s 4

Liberals are also peeing all over each other over the obtuse notion DeVos has that FOUR is the only correct answer to, “what is two plus two?” You see…Betsy DeVos has no use whatsoever for common core anything. She doesn’t believe that our nation’s school children should all be demoted to the lowest common denominator. DeVos is an…educator…not a vending machine for participation trophies.

But it was the reaction to the confirmation of DeVos by C- and D list celebrities that was the most highly entertaining.

Josh Gad, whoever he is, tweeted, “The U.S. Senate Republicans who just put through the most unqualified Education Secretary in our history have just betrayed our kids. F#*k U.”

Beth Behrs, whoever SHE is, penned, “I am sick over #DeVosvote. My mother is an amazing teacher in the public school system and I am heart broken for our children.”

dev 5Marlee Matlin, the actress said… “I will fight as much as I can on behalf of children with disabilities. We can NEVER give up,” as though DeVos wants to somehow do away with educating children with disabilities, but when has a liberal ever needed any facts to back up their accusations?

Hollywood director and liberal nut job, Joss Whedon threw in this mindless opinion… “Rejecting DeVos was the GOP’s easiest way to say ‘Mr Prez, let’s take this slow, we got 4 yrs’. Instead they declared war on our children.”

War? We’ve declared WAR on our children? How exactly…by allowing them to eat whatever they want for lunch, or by allowing their parents to send their kids to a private school that doesn’t specialize in government indoctrination?

And then, there was perennial moonbat Rosie O’Donnell who said, “FOR GODS SAKE keep Betsy DeVos away from public schools.” To which I, and just about anyone with a working brain cell says…for GOD’S SAKE…keep our public, government indoctrination centers away from our KIDS!!!dev 6

It’s true, that our new Secretary of Education has no classroom teaching experience, and while the liberals claim that to be a negative…I see it as a plus. What it means is that our new Secretary of Education hasn’t been moved up the ladder of liberally educated purveyors of big government nonsense. She hasn’t been brainwashed into believing that a government education is the only proper education for young people.

DeVos is also no fan of the teachers unions, and that too has liberals all wadded up. For some reason, DeVos believes BAD teachers shouldn’t be protected to spread their bad teaching around by some liberal union goons.

Is there really anything wrong with hat line of thinking? What we need, are GOOD teachers. What we DON’T need, are bad, union protected indoctrinators filling the heads of children withdev 7 liberal propaganda rather than knowledge and DeVos has no misconception that RHETORIC is one of the 3 “R’s.”

Here’s what DeVos had to say regarding public education… “We are beneficiaries of start-ups, ventures, and innovation in every other area of life, but we don’t have that in education because it’s a closed system, a closed industry, a closed market. It’s a monopoly, a dead end. And the best and brightest innovators and risk-takers steer way clear of it. As long as education remains a closed system, we will never see the education equivalents of Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Wikipedia, or Uber.”

She’s not condemning it…she wants to REFORM it…and there’s a big difference, but liberals don’t WANT our education system reformed…they like it just the way it is…under-performing.

DeVos believes that public and private schools should be on an even playing field, whereas now, charter schools are subjected to choking regulations and most public schools aren’t. She wants to either cut the oversight that is killing off charter schools, or better yet…cut it back a bit and then add that same oversight to all public schools and give parents the option of where to send their kids to get their educations. If that sort of reform can be brought about…bad schools, private or public, get shut down and only the best schools, private or public will be teaching our children.

Naturally, that leads to liberals calling DeVos an elitist, and yes, those are the exact same dev 8liberals who were more quiet than a church mouse farting under a pew cushion, when Obama and Hillary were sending their respective spawn to PRIVATE schools rather than the PUBLIC schools of Washington DC.

Maybe the most insane accusation leveled at Betsy DeVos by liberals, is that she’s in favor of sending kids into forced labor.

I am not making this up.

HuffPo claimed that the Acton institute, a group for which DeVos was a board member for a decade, and a group to whom she donated money…was in favor of forced child labor…but here’s the truth…

It was Joseph Sunde, a project coordinator at Acton, who wrote an article years ago, arguing that children should work…that TEENS should get a PART-TIME job, at a fast food place or bagging groceries…to learn a good work ethic.

Oh the horror…oh, the humanity.

Sunde also made idev 9t quite clear that he was NOT argueing for forced, child labor, when he wrote in that same article… “I do NOT endorse replacing education with paid labor, nor do I support sending our children back into the coal mines or other high-risk jobs, nor do I support getting rid of mandatory education at elementary and middle-school ages.”

The next thing you know, Betsy DeVos is going to insist that our children learn to read and write…to study history and write book reports.

Will DeVos urge schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance…which would me smile and make liberal heads explode?

Good golly I hope so.

And finally…there was the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as our nation’s next Attorney General, which of course, was met by even more liberal 10

You know, as well as I do, that as soon as any liberal feels that they’re losing any argument, they start calling their target…a racist…and that is exactly the case regarding Jeff Sessions. Liberals far and wide, from stinking gutter to stinking gutter across this land of ours have been calling Sessions a RACIST since the moment he was nominated for the position by President Trump.

The problem is…he isn’t a racist.

Let me ask you this…how many racists have received an award from the NAACP?

dev 11Yes…I know that the NAACP has a bit of a problem distinguishing between a white woman and a black one…with regard to Rachel Dolezel…but they simply are not in the habit of handing out awards to racists, and they did give an award of excellence to Jeff Sessions, for his outstanding work, back in 2009.

And what was it that Sessions did to earn that award?

He worked tirelessly to financially bankrupt the morally bankrupt KKK in Alabama…and there’s the problem for liberals right there. Sessions was trying to destroy a liberal institution…a racist organization founded and run by liberals since its first day…so naturally, liberals are calling HIM the racist.

That’s liberal logic for you.

Look…it’s all part of their hissy-fit mentality. They lost the House, then the Senate, and now the White House and all they have left is to put on a show of absolute idiocy…dev 12which is not going to serve them well in 2018, when several more of their seats are up for grabs in the Senate.

While liberals are busy masterminding their own self-destruction, and while their party speeds toward the abyss of oblivion…we on the right side of the aisle can sit back, make some more popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Go liberals go…you’re doing great…don’t let ME stop ya.



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