Mainstream Media…Harmful if Swallowed

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“This not a laughing matter. I’m sorry, delegitimizing the press is un-American.”press 1

That was the tweet let loose last week by Chuck Todd, the Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” after President Trump played BEAT the Press in a news conference with reporters at the White House in which the President spent a good deal of time absolutely blasting the mainstream media.

Todd is almost half right…it’s no laughing matter…but even that is somewhat dubious, as I will point out in just a bit.

The other half of his obtuse tweet is so 100%, dead wrong, on so many levels, that it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin.

First of all, what Chuck Todd and his gaggle of echoing mainstream media ninnies have been harping about since what should be considered one of the greatest presidential press conferences in history, is just how wrong it was of the President of the United States to step forward and say what he said…about them.

In other words…

press 2How dare the president actually point out the truth, while the press is doing everything possible to hide and alter the truth while fabricating their own versions of events so as to match up with the false narratives they have previously created.

After all, according to the mainstream media, their word should be the last word, and be believed at any and all costs to the actual truth, because truth be damned…the media has an agenda to support left wing corruption and promote socialism as the nation’s 4th Estate.

The news media has always delivered their reports with a slant, and everybody knows it. Even the once “most trusted man in America,” Walter Cronkite, long ago the anchor of the CBS evening news, was a liberal, and yet he delivered his newscasts without an obvious bias. He did however, slant the news he delivered by simply putting very little emphasis on stories that put the right side of the aisle in a positive light, and drawing more attention to the agenda of the left…but at the end of the day, he reported the news.

Somewhere along the line though, the mainstream media made a conscious decision to no longer deem it necessary to report the news, and instead made it their mission to tell press 3people what to think. That point in time, I believe, was the election of 2000, when the left wing news bias simply could not handle the reality that Clinton’s agenda would not be furthered by Al Gore.

That was the turning point, the switch that was thrown…the media then made it their goal to become the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda…and the fact that a new format of the news…the 24/7 news cycle was at hand, provided the liberal lap dog media the perfect opportunity to go all-in for liberalism…and hell-bent toward socialism.

Simply put, the liberal media had to find a way to fill 24 hours a day with their reports and it didn’t take long before they were just making crap up to fill empty time…and as long as they were going to fabricate the “news,” why not fabricate it to their agenda’s best advantage?

Since Gore lost that election, and no amount of liberal whining or recounting could alter that fact, and liberals and their various media propagandists did at least five Florida recounts…all showing that Gore had lost…something they refused to report on in their press 424/7 news cycles…the mainstream media decided to uphold Gore as their standard-bearer nonetheless, and adopted “global warming” as their official, unofficial religion…pushing the liberal lie that the world was going to get warmer because people were using hairspray, while ignoring the fact that it wasn’t.

After several of Al Gore’s “global warming” doom and gloom conferences were canceled, year after year, due to blizzards, and the fact that he wasn’t smart enough to schedule one in July…”global warming,” that everybody knew to be a joke, became “climate change,” so that the next such conference, held in February, in Minnesota, could be cancelled without making the liberal agenda seem ridiculous.

Slowly, but surely, the mainstream media began to “report” all sorts of things that would spell certain doom because of Republicans, which never came to fruition, and just as surely, but at a more rapid pace, they carried the water for each and every item on the liberal agenda which they claimed would lead to glory…except none of it ever did.

At both ends of their burning 24/7 news cycle candle, the lies of the media, and those for whom they propagandized the news, were being exposed. The 5:30 network news had press 5become too old-school to matter and the cable news had become background noise…so much so that dumbed down millennials had taken to watching a fake news show…The Daily Show…believing it to be real news…which simply added to the demise of the mainstream media.

That’s where Chuck Todd’s tweet regarding, “It’s not  laughing matter,” smacks into the wall, because The Daily Show, regarded by uninformed voters as real news, made them ill informed, and they all thought it WAS a laughing matter.

Last week, while being interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, Face the Nation anchor, John Dickerson…in a rare moment of clarity for any alphabet news reporter, agreed with President Trump’s assessment of today’s joke of a media circus, telling Hewitt, “Yes, it’s true, and it’s not because of anything obviously Donald Trump did. The press did all that good work ruining its reputation on its own, and we can have a long conversation about what created that.”

And how exactly did they ruin their own reputation?

Let’s start at NBC, where in the early 90’s, they got caught rigging an GM pickup to catch fire for a press 6“news” piece. They were claiming that the pickup was a danger to explode…to scare away consumers. Why would they do such a thing? I can’t be the only person who believes the notion, being pushed by liberals, that pickups were causing “global warming” and were therefore evil played a huge role in that bit of fake news.

Then came Dan Rather, at CBS, who bought in to a fake “news” story regarding George W. Bush’s time in the National Guard, which despite knowing there was no facts there to back it up…he pushed it on his evening “newscast” and later doubled down on it swearing it was real.

It wasn’t, and he lost his job while the public continued to lose their trust in the media.

Last year, NBC’s evening news anchor, Brian Williams got nailed making crap up…over and over again…and off he went into never, never land only to reemerge on MSNBC, a joke of a news network to begin with and now, Williams would become their most well-known clown.

And then…there is CNN.

Year after year…CNN has focused on being the liberal agenda mouthpiece, championing everything that spewed from the pie holes of the left, and demonizing everything on the press 7right…so much so that while Bill was moistening his cigars in an intern…CNN became known as the Clinton News Network…because they turned both a blind eye, and two deaf ears to reality.

By the time George W. Bush had won his second term, CNN had all but given up completely trying to be seen as a news outfit, and instead, put their efforts into being absurd…and entertaining. They set about cobbling together the most liberal, most intentionally controversial band of buffoons possible…not to deliver the news, but as purveyors of propaganda believing that the more outrageous their commentary, the better for the ratings.


Last year…HGTV had better ratings than did CNN.

It has gotten so bad at CNN that on election night…they were forced to out themselves as fake news. Watch until the very end of this short clip.

But what should one expect of a fake news network whose idea of covering New Year’s Eve has been sending Anderson Cooper, supposedly their best “news” anchor, into Times Square with the acidic Kathy Griffin, who is prone to swearing like a drunken sailor on live TV…and Don Lemon, who is supposed to be taken seriously as a newsman…into a bar to get totally wasted on live TV?

Not even Fox News is immune.

The liberals have had their potted plants embedded at Fox for years…Megyn Kelly, whose press 8true colors shone through starting with the 2016 debates…Sheppard Smith, who is now as unhinged over Trump’s victory as are Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow and the entire staff of MSNBC combined…and Geraldo “Capone’s Vault” Rivera who has a decade’s long history of attempting to make something out of nothing and calling it “news.”

And while I’m talking of Fox News, I would be remiss to leave Karl Rove out of this conversation. Rove made an obsolete ass of himself during the 2012 election night coverage, claiming there was still some way that Romney could win…if somehow the world would start spinning west to east and the magnetic poles would shift…or something akin to that.

But…according to Chuck Todd…”delegitimizing the press is un-American.”

Chuck and his fake news cronies have done everything imaginable, and some things completely beyond imagination, to try and delegitimize President Trump…calling into question his mental stability and trying to make that seem like a real concern…speculating press 9on Trump’s 10 year old son and trying to float the fake news that he is autistic. Calling our First Lady a hooker. Talk amongst the liberal media elite was the prospect of impeaching President Trump…and that line of pure crap started before the ink was dry on the last ballot on November 8th. Never mind that because liberals are in the minority in both the House and in the Senate…they wouldn’t be able to impeach a saltine cracker…much less the President of the United States.

And now that Trump has stood before the cameras that belong to the press, and beat them like rented, red headed step mules about the head and shoulders…telling the unvarnished truth about today’s media like none before him had the unfiltered gall to do…the collective left wing propaganda machine is on full manure blow.

Matthew Dowd, the supposed Chief Political Analyst for ABC, who is nothing more than press 10just another water boy for the liberal agenda said that Trump’s scorching remarks at last week’s press conference, “was reminiscent of Captain Queeg in a Caine Mutiny and somebody saying, ‘I’m going to search for their strawberries.’”

Someone needs to remind Dowd that it has been him, and his mainstream media ilk who have been fabricating strawberries from their ivory towers on the 4th Estate for decades and STRAW were not the sort of berries Trump was exposing.

He knows a room full of dingle berries when he sees them, and at that press conference, President Trump made sure the entire world knows that our mainstream media is desperately clinging to the last smelly hair on the butt crack of the liberal agenda.

The mainstream media…the MSM…has rendered themselves toxic, and they should come with a warning label…“harmful if swallowed.”press 11

To the mainstream media…you had just one job to do…report the news. Don’t go getting your panties in a wad because the President of the United States simply pointed out the blatantly obvious…that you screwed such a simple job up.

Don’t worry…he’ll carry his own water…and people like Diane Sori and I will carry the torch of truth that you discarded decades ago.



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