Lady Gaga’s 13 Minute Reprieve

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, conjecture ran rampant regarding the halftime gaga 1concert to be performed this year by Lady Gaga. Speculation had it that it would be overtly political, as had been the Golden Globe and SAG Award shows.

Word on the street, which is what social media has become, had it that Lady Gaga would include a tribute to Muslims in her halftime show.

There were planned boycotts by Conservatives of the festivities, and everybody, it seemed, knew, just knew what that show was going to be.

Then, the day arrived. Super Bowl Sunday…

I too figured the halftime show would be used as some sort of political platform, because gaga 2that is exactly what we have come to expect whenever a stage, a microphone, a celebrity and an audience are present. Did I believe all the hype? The stuff about the Muslim tribute? No…but I did think a political statement, an overt political statement of some sort would be made.

I always intended to watch, to not join the calls for boycotting, so that I could report on whatever it was that she did…and what Lady Gaga did…was rise above the fray.

While many Conservatives have posted on social media that the opening of Lgaga 3ady Gaga’s Superbowl halftime show was political…it wasn’t. It was only political if one was desperately looking for a political angle to be offended by.

Rather than political…I submit it was…patriotic…in a way that both sides of the aisle could enjoy. God Bless America, blended with This Land is Your Land…and then…the call for unity…”One Nation Under God…Indivisible…With Liberty, and Justice For All.”

It was both a leap of literal and figurative faith as Lady Gaga then jumped (seemingly, though not really) from the roof of the stadium to be lowered to a platform, both above the stage, and as I said before…above the fray…from where she launched into a string of her hits.

Flash, glitter, drones with lights, fireworks, a piano, a nod to her mom and dad…and music she didn’t lip-sync to. A live performance sans political rhetoric.

A 13 minute reprieve from an entertainer who chose to entertain rather than lecture in the midst of a celebrity herd that has forgotten that they are entertainers and not lecturers.

There were two important lessons to be learned from this…Conservatives need to get out of the pre-judgeing business along with the looking for something of which to be offended business, and leave that to the liberals so that only one side has egg on their faces…and while Lady Gaga does have a political agenda…she was smart enough not to let it show during the gaga 4Super Bowl halftime show.

She was probably “Born That Way.”

The rest of the celebrity universe, that believes they are the center of the universe, should take a cue from one celebrity who, for 13 minutes, was just happy to sing and dance at center stage.

Just like the show’s sponsor…Pepsi Zero…It was…refreshing.

One thought on “Lady Gaga’s 13 Minute Reprieve

  1. Conservatives are really embarrassing themselves. I cant figure out how they think it was political. They seem to be offended if the wind changes direction these days.
    Her show was rather boring but thats just a personal view. The crotch shots or junk grabbing is not my style. I dont like that, at all. Shes a really good singer. I like what she did with Tony Bennett.
    Before the concert, she implied it might be political and I admit it ruffled my feathers. I was definitely going to ban the woman if sh

    e pulled a Meryl Streep.

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