Defining the Democrat Party…Part 2 of 2

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

As I pointed out in “Defining the Democrat Party…Part 1”…they continue to repeat their ang 1failures of history, expecting a different result having not learned from their mistakes, and while on the surface, it might well seem they are stuck on stupid, that simply is not the case.

What they are, is angry, and desperate…which makes them dangerous…but what is it exactly that has them so desperate?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

The answer is both simple, and complex…it is power, or the lack thereof that has them flailing about, repeating their own mistakes.

But there is a whole lot more to it than that…

ang 2Democrats thought that losing their majority in the House, back in 2010, was an aberration, a minor setback that would, in their minds, be quickly remedied. Obama called it a shellacking and the party itself blamed it on not properly getting their message out.

Democrats felt that Obama’s reelection, in 2012, meant that they had corrected whatever miscalculations led to the 2010 shellacking, but along came 2014…another midterm election, and another shellacking in which they, the democrats, lost their majority in the Senate.

Arrogance, a democrat party hallmark, then took hold.

The democrat party thought they had the 2016 election fixed. They ran Hillary Clinton, and despite knowing of her immense load of baggage, she was, in their minds, destined to win…to continue what Obama had started, and to finish the “fundamental transformation of America” into a socialist state…the democrat party’s long time goal.

The problem was, via their actions of placing themselves above the law, by placing Hillary herself above the law, and by elevating common thugs to hero status across the country ang 3while demoting God fearing citizens and the law enforcement individuals who protect and serve to the status of common criminals…their actions displayed their true message…and that message was not lost on voters.

Hillary lost, and the most unusual of candidates…Donald J. Trump, a man with virtually no background in politics outside a short run at the presidency more than a decade ago, came out on top. Trump won because Americans had had enough of status quo politicians, and of being lied to by the democrat party. He spoke plainly, if abrasively…had virtually no filter…and ran on a promise diametrically opposed to that of the democrat party.

Trump promised to “Make America Great Again.”

Socialism was so close…Obama and the democrat party had come so very close…they had created an entire generation who believe they were entitled to what others have earned. They, the democrat party, owns the mainstream media and our nation’s system of education from pre-school through college, they had promised the entitlement generation cradle to grave government care, paid for by the American taxpayer, and their call for income equality ang 4led many to believe that under democrat party ideology, we would all be equal at the top.

The fact is, that under socialism, the democrat party ideology, we could only all be equal at the bottom, while the party elite rule over We the People…because THAT, is socialism…an ideology by which the government chosen elite mandate to the people every aspect of the people’s lives, and where the government party elite decide the worth of the people…who gets what, how much they get, and what they can do with whatever they get.


For the democrat party, socialism provides them with ultimate power, and last November, they lost their collective grip on it when Hillary lost the election.

In losing the House in 2010, the democrat party lost their hold on our nation’s purse strings. In losing the Senate in 2014, they lost their ability to control foreign policy. Losing the White House in 2016? Well, that was their last nail in the socialist coffin, because they lost the ability to run roughshod around Congress, as well as the ability to further control the Judiciary and the Department of Justice…two entities which, under the democrat party, protected the common thugs necessary to intimidate the populous.

ang 5Look deeply at the democrat party, and their core voters, and what do you see?

Self-described victims. Victims of this, that and the other thing. Individuals who have been told that they are victims for decades, and people who have been led by the nose to believe that their only recourse was to vote for democrats for decades.

While some were, decades ago, truly victims…they were really victims of democrat party politics. Let’s take the black community for example…for a century they were victimized by slavery…a democrat party institution…by the KKK, a democrat party institution…by Jim Crow laws and segregation, democrat party institutions, and by the breaking up of the nuclear family structure…yet another democrat party institution.

But it was the democrats who have promised the black community for decades, a century in fact, that only the democrat party could, or would protect them, and only the democrat party could, or would lift them up, and while they made those promises, the democrat party had no intention of following through.

The problem for democrats is not limited to race however, as their failures in regard to labor unions highlights.ang 6

While unions were once necessary to protect the working class, subsequent laws have rendered that aspect of the unions all but unnecessary, yet the unions persist, now to protect the ideology of socialism, as an arm of the democrat party.

Look at Wisconsin as an example, where a Republican Governor, Scott Walker, took on union mandated membership and won, thus leaving the unions as an option at the worker’s discretion, and what happened? People left the unions, kept more of the money they made for themselves rather than paying mandated high union dues…and in the 2016 election, the traditionally deep blue stronghold of the democrat party, turned red.

Once freed from mandated union victimization, on behalf of the democrat party, the people saw that they had been lied to and a bit of the democrat party grip on pretending to stand for those whom they themselves made into victims…vanished.

In traditionally deep blue Michigan…same thing…same result, as Michigan turned red last November. To further show this point…look at Detroit…where large parts of the black community who have relied on, and been shafted by the democrat party for decades, finally moved out of the inner city and headed to greener, and redder pastures of other cities and suburbs, thus taking advantage of the opportunities offered by America rather than continuing to be their own worst enemies. What they have found is that only by allowing themselves to be portrayed as victims, by the democrat party, were they being ang 7held back.

Ever wonder why the democrat party is so against the Constitution…why they especially, over the past eight years, felt the burning need to do an end-run around it? It’s because the Constitution affords the same opportunities to all Americans and places the people above the government.

Democrats simply can’t have that sort of mindset take hold among the people if they are to keep making people believe they are victims. Make no mistake…in order for the democrat party to exist, they must have victims, and where they can’t find real victims of something…they are more than willing to create pretend victims of everything…in order to hold onto their uninformed voting blocs, and thus maintain some grip on the power necessary to “fundamentally transform America,” into a socialist state.

As their once lock-step voting blocs erode away, the democrat party is forced to conjure up new batches of pretend victims, by making them believe that Republicans are the enemy, which is why we see the democrat party desperate to flood America with illegal aliens, make them crap 1abelieve they are dreamers and victims of Republican oppression, extend to them the right to vote in our elections and convince them, as they are uninformed, that only the democrat party will protect them.

Same for all these so-called “refugees” from countries where the vast majority of the population wants us all dead….flood America with those who will gleefully ignore our laws, insist on their own sets of laws, and who cares if they harbor enough hatred for America to go out and murder Americans…as long as they believe they are victims of the Republicans and thus vote for the democrat party.

For the democrat party, their end game of socialism is an abject failure, their agenda of creating victims whom they only pretend to stand for is failing, their policies have led to gross unemployment only tempered by the mas numbers of former workers who have left the workforce altogether, and they, the democrat party, have created artificial economic bubbles that they have controlled for the past eight years as a way of controlling the populous, as well as growing the hoards who now rely solely on the American taxpayers for their every want and need, as the entitlement generation.

But it’s all slipping away.

The democrat party is out of the stage of denial, they still have their abject arrogance, but they are now desperate. They know, that over the next four years, perhaps eight years, if things get better for those they have for decades buffaloed into believing they were victims…they’re through…finished…and obsolete.

Democrat party protests demanding free speech have now become democrat party protests demanding anything but free speech.

The democrat party, self-billed as the party of inclusion and tolerance, is showing itself to be anything but.

Democrat party acts of civil disobedience have become democrat party cries for civil war.

The democrat party’s old calling card of being the party of peace, has now become a calling card for political assassinations.

Where the democrat party used to have organic protests…they now have to pay people to show up and cause trouble, incite riots, commit violence and arson, and destroy private property.

Why?ang 9

Because their scam, a decades old scam, is no longer working…and they are desperate….unglued and unhinged…so much so that they will stop at nothing to force what is left of their tattered dreams of socialism, via anarchy, on a nation of laws.

Once protected by the White House and a corrupt Department of Justice, the democrat party, via bought and paid for thugs on the street, must now unleash their venomous hatred they pretended not to have on the law abiding out of desperation.

And finally, there is one more very important part of their desperation that needs to be exposed…

While this is all being masqueraded as an anti-Trump movement, as transparently Astroturf as it is, know that this exact scenario would be in place regardless of who was in the White House…any old Republican would do.

ang 10All of this is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ the American socialist manifesto, as a disrupt, divide and conquer strategy. Hillary Clinton, in fact, wrote a college paper on Alinsky…“An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,” as she saw him as a role model. This was always their fallback strategy, should things not work out with Hillary in 2016, or down the road regarding any Republican who might win the presidency in the future.

It is strictly…by the book.

Neither Donald Trump, nor the American people are of any concern to the democrat party…only their hold on power is of any meaning to them, and that is clearly evidenced by their actions both during the Obama regime, and now during the Trump Administration.

The democrat party succeeded, as well they could, for decades by simply lying to their voter base enough to keep them locked in at the polls, and when that went south, as it has over the past seven years, they were left with only desperation as their plans unraveled.

This only makes them dangerous, but not stuck on stupid, as they now will employ any tactic to draw an official response both from We the Conservative People, and/or from any ang 11Republican Administration…with the best they can hope for being enough mayhem and chaos to draw a National Guard response to their paid for violence.

If, or once they get that…they will, no doubt, attempt to pin it on the current Administration, and on Conservatives at large…hence the preemptive trial balloon of calling us, and President Trump…fascists. It’s all very transparent as they, the democrat party, tries to lure those who stand for law and order, into a catch-22 position.

I have a warning for both side as the democrat party spirals into an abyss of desperation fueled by their own abject hatred for the very foundations of this great nation…

First, to the Trump Administration and Conservatives at large…be very careful…the rabid dogs of the left are cornered and extremely dangerous…do not fall into their trap…give them enough rope to hang themselves, make sure they are forced into the most public and irrefutable displays of their actions and then act to put an end to it in a way that cannot be twisted in the court of public opinion.

And my warning to the democrang 12at party, and their various paid purveyors of violence and chaos…

You’re going to lose…because our Founders and Framers, the Constitution and those who are proud to uphold it have been far more resilient over the past 241 years, than you have been clever.

If you are going to insist on acting like terrorists…don’t be one bit surprised if you end up being treated like terrorists. And that, as they say…is that.



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