A Memo to Moonbats

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Dear Liberals…lib 1

Either you’re lying, or you’re as dumb as a box of bricks.

I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

The entire world is watching your complete and utter meltdown and third world regimes that are holding on by a thread are laughing at you. You want to become the Emperor and yet you continue to run amok stark naked believing that everyone is admiring your make-believe cloak of tolerance.

You’re not fooling anyone.

To you, the entire world exists in 140 characters or less, and in your world, your actions only have a shelf-life of a nanosecond, or as long as it takes for your Twitter feed to scroll down because ten other people either tweeted a photo of themselves in a bathroom mirror, or they tried to abbreviate a series of monosyllabic words into a bag of barfed up alphabet soup with a hashtag they hope beyond hope will catch on.

Oh…I’m just getting started…

lib 2While you certainly hope the rest of humanity will forget your last, mindless utterance, because the people you associate with have the mental retention of a common, yet spastic squirrel…we live in an age where everything you write or say has a good chance of being preserved for posterity.

For eight years, you got away with acting like thugs and condoning violence because you had official cover being provided by a common thug who lived in the White House. He elevated your ilk to hero status and relegated those who serve and protect to the status of the thugs he, and you so dearly revere.

Well, guess what?

Same town…new Sheriff…and now that your smoke screen has been blown away…you are exposed.

Your truest colors are showing in the blinding light of reality and your bent toward hypocrisy is now in full view for everyone to see.lib 3

Come on liberals, admit it…you were only pretending to be the party of tolerance. You’re only tolerant of those who think the way you think, and you are 100 percent intolerant of any view that differs from your own. Well, excuse the rest of us who just aren’t limber enough to get our own heads up our own keesters in order to obtain the same world view as yours.

That’s right…the entire world is now watching your party of tolerance calling for military overthrow of the government…calling for political assassinations…committing acts of terrorism on the streets of our cities and urging other like-mindless morons to go forth and commit various acts of violence.

Ahhhhh…the party of tolerance indeed.

Here’s what got your socialist collective panties all waded up…

You got shellacked in 2010 and lost the House.

You got shellacked again in 2014 and lost the Senate.

lib 4Then, in 2016, due to your own intolerance, combined with your abject arrogance believing that you were above the law because your candidate was above the law…you got exactly what you had coming…a third coat of shellack…and you lost the White House, along with the enabler.

You thought you had it made. You thought you had enough illegal alien votes, enough dead people votes and enough people voting in more than one precinct, or more than one state, to cement the deal and continue to be covered for your intolerant actions. But you thought wrong. You liberals didn’t have enough of any of that where it counted, and people who were sick and tired of your ilk, sick and tired of being told not to believe their own eyes and their own ears…stripped away  the curtain of hypocrisy and you just can’t take it.

Now, you have reverted to what you liberals always revert to when you’re losing the argument…name calling and false labels. We know it and so too do you.

lib 5PRESIDENT Trump is not a Nazi, and you know it.

PRESIDENT Donald J.Trump is not a fascist, and you know it.

PRESIDENT Trump is not a a white supremacist, and you know it.

He doesn’t hate women. He doesn’t hate gay people. He isn’t any of the other false labels that you liberals have tried to slap on him either, and you know it.

The problem for you, is that he’s also not a condoner of violence, Islamists, terrorism, socialism, racism or hatred. He doesn’t think America needs to apologize for anything, he’s not at all concerned with political correctness, he doesn’t believe that government should hold power over the people, he loves our military, both active and our veterans, he’s not trying to make friends with our enemies and he will not turn his back on our allies.

PRESIDENT Trump believes in opportunity, but not in entitlements.

PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump is everything you liberals aren’t…he’s pro-American.

But…you’re angry, and we get that. Hell, we’d be a bit pissed ourselves if the money we lib 6were being paid to commit acts of terrorism, not so cleverly disguised as protests, wasn’t enough to cover our bail, much less our court costs. And you know very well that Soros isn’t going to do your jail time for you.

Your panties are all wadded up because your eight year march toward socialism failed, you ran out of crayons, coloring books, therapy puppies and bottles of bubbles, and your community organized, anarchists stay out of jail free card has been declined.

Without Hillary to provide you with third term Obamaesque cover, you just can’t hide it any longer. You liberals are so desperate now that your only recourse is to put on display, your truest colors…of hatred, bigotry, violence, divisiveness, intolerance and disgust for anything and everything inherently American.

You thought you had it in the bag, but the old bag lost.

You wanted to finish the lib 7fundamental transformation of America,” but America is going back to its fundamental principles.

You wanted a socialist pony for Christmas and all you got was a pair of red, white and blue socks.

So…now you liberals are employing your worn out tactic of labeling Conservatives as being everything that you actually are…racists, bigots, anti-immigration, Nazis, fascists, haters…you know the list…but it’s not working because your actions are speaking louder than your attempted labeling.

The heat is on and you precious little liberal snowflakes are melting.

Your innate liberal hatred has blinded you to the irony of being the party that has pretended to be all anti-gun and pro-gun control, now being the party calling for assassinations and armed resistance in the streets.

Your innate liberal stupidity has you applauding Starbucks announcement that they will hire 10,000 Muslim “refugees”…who use their hands instead of toilet paper.

Enjoy your next $10.00 venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular), no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of splenda, 1 sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon that Mahmoud from Buttcrackistan serves you at the coffee shop you destroyed at Berkeley last week.

And you can forget about getting that hummer Madonna promised you for voting for Hillary…she ain’t puttin’ out…because she’s as full of crap as you AND your coffee combined.

Finally…just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ by employing the true liberal agenda of lib 8destruction on your party’s bullet train to oblivion and let’s just see what happens, because the next time you decide to burn your own communities to the ground in one of your terrorist attacks, don’t be one bit surprised to discover that the 1st National Bank of socialist/anarchist blank checks from the accounts of the American taxpayers to rebuild what you burn down has gone out of business.

If you want to make your bed of ashes…you need to be prepared to lay in it.



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