Standing United With Israel

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

iun-1Last week, my friend and radio partner, Diane Sori, wrote an op-ed regarding the history of Obama’s deplorable actions throughout his time in office, regarding Israel…and she covered a great deal of ground.

If you haven’t yet read it…you should and I’ll put the link at the end of this article.

That said…it’s my turn to air it out regarding the recent U.N. resolution and this is going to get ugly.

First of all…in no uncertain terms…

Barack Hussein Obama’s action, in abstaining from that vote so as to allow that godforsaken resolution to pass, was beyond abysmal…

It was downright Islamic.iun-2

It was so bad…so inexcusable…that so far, more than two dozen members of his own party have condemned it.

In March of 2013, Jeffrey Goldberg,a “journalist” who immigrated to Israel as a young man and even joined the IDF at one point, and who now writes for Bloomberg View on American foreign policy, said OF Obama…“The president is tired of the constant criticism of the fact that he didn’t visit Israel during his first term. He’s tired of hearing the claim that he doesn’t love Israel or that he is indifferent to Israel or even that he’s hostile to Israel.”

Goldberg then went on to state…

“I think what many Israelis don’t understand is that Obama, from one angle of approach, is probably the most Jewish president the United States has ever had.”

iun-3Goldberg qualified this bit of propaganda by stating that…”He has been influenced by Reform rabbis and liberal Jewish lawyers and his intellectual influences include many Jews, both people he met at Harvard and in Chicago and writers he admires. In a certain way, he could be placed in the spiritual and moral mainstream of American liberal Judaism.”

Therein lies the problem…American LIBERAL Jews are decidedly ANTI Netanyahu, as the Prime Minister is a CONSERVATIVE and neither Obama nor American LIBERAL Jews can even FATHOM such a thing as a CONSERVATIVE Jew.

But make no mistake…it is exactly Netanyahu’s conservative views that has kept Israel from simply being overrun by Islamists for many, many years, and God willing, for many years to come.

Conservatism, be in in America or in Israel, equals strength, and freedom THROUGH strength. Conservatism, whether in America or in Israel, means your country comes first and that those who wish you harm, or death, are the enemy…as it should be.

Perhaps above all else…conservatism equals sovereignty.iun-4

All of these things are considered evil by liberals and an anathema to liberalism itself. In fact…the very basis for Obama’s ordered abstention from that U.N. vote, was to erode, and eventually dissolve Israel’s sovereignty in favor of the Islamic caliphate.

Do not be one bit surprised, if after he is finally out of office, Obama doesn’t announce that he is “converting” to Islam.

Converting my ass…he’s always BEEN an Islamist and he soon won’t feel compelled to hide his transparency in that regard.

What Obama, and his Islam hugging band of minions is projecting this all as, is a last ditch effort to keep alive a two state solution in Israel…but to be perfectly candid…that’s a BS cover story for what the Nazi’s called…a final solution for the Jews.

Obama, whom I have called the American agent of Islam, would like nothing more than to see the Levant, and Iran’s deepest wishes of Israel being wiped from the map, to come to fruition and in his final weeks in office, he is doing all he can to push that agenda by iun-5employing THE most ANTI-Israel entity on earth, the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots, into a position to sustain the wishes of Islam.

Obama, and thus Islam’s deepest desire for many, many years, has been to see the U.N. condemn Israel in order to bring about sanctions against the only true democracy…the only nation in the entire Middle East where freedom of worship is allowed…Israel.

But let’s examine this called for two state solution for a moment.

There can never be a two state solution when one party wants nothing less than the death and destruction of the other. It’s pure madness to believe otherwise, not to mention that the entity of death and destruction, of genocide, is a 100% made up people.

There is no Palestine and never has been. There are no Palestinians, and never have been. They are Jordanians that Jordan is using as puppets to further the stated goal of Islam…the destruction of Israel…and nothing more. Every “Palestinian” carries a JORDANIAN passport. Their homeland is not in Israel…never has been. They belong, lock, stock and smoking rocket barrel…to Jordan and Jordan’s absurdly Islamic iun-6King…Abdullah…who is so deep in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood it defies description.

If there were to EVER be a two state solution for these so-called “Palestinians,” it would be in Jordan…not in Israel.

And why would Israel ever want to share THEIR home, with a people who have it in their charter, to kill every Jew? What’s in it for Israel…besides their own death and destruction?

Prime Minister Netanyahu once said…”If the Palestinians were to lay down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel were to lay down HER weapons…there would be no Israel.”

The Prime Minister is 100% correct, and Obama, his minions and the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots damn sure know it as well.

Next…let me point out something very important when it comes to this Islamic threat masquerading as a U.N. resolution which condemns Israel for building settlements…in Israel…

iun-7Jerusalem…all of it…each and every stone, pebble and grain of sand of it…is the Capitol of Israel and any or all who try to project otherwise, are full of camel dung up past their eyes.

Jerusalem has been the Capitol of Israel for more than 3,000 years. That is, by the way, more than 1,600 years longer than the political ideology called Islam was as much as a fleeting thought in the addled and warped mind of a 7th century, barbaric pedophile.

That is an indisputable fact.

House speaker, Paul Ryan issued a statement last Wednesday saying, “After allowing this anti-Israel resolution to pass the UN, Secretary Kerry has no credibility to speak on Israeli-Palestinian peace,” but speak Kerry did, in a transparently buffoonish attempt to defend the vote that allows the United Nations to now open sanctions against Israel.

At one point, Kerry said that the U.S. “did in fact vote in accordance with our values.”

That’s as bald a faced lie as could be told because, in fact, the U.S. did not vote at all…abstaining…thus allowing the perverted resolution to pass. What Kerry said would mean that our national values are those of a damn coward. To be blunt about it…those are Obama’s damn values…not those of our nation.iun-8

Kerry said…“The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation.” To which I ask…why shouldn’t Israel be allowed to occupy their own country…but I’ll get back to this in a moment.

Kerry prattled on for better than an hour, spewing forth nothing but ass-covering propaganda, but one thing he uttered, may well have been the most butt-stupid thing to drop out of his absurd mouth for years…he said of Israel “it can be Jewish or it can be democratic.,” but not both.

Let me clear this up here and now…

Israel IS a Jewish state and always has been, and Israel IS a DEMOCRACY…in fact, the ONLY democracy in the entire region…and it always has been. Israel can certainly, and clearly, remain both Jewish AND a democracy and no amount of manure from John Kerry’s mouth on behalf of his puppet master, Obama, can alter that fact.

iun-9Now then…let me get back to Kerry’s line regarding, “The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation.”

The land belongs to Israel. It has for better than 3,000 years. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and has for better than 3,000 years. Israel IS a sovereign nation and that is a fact.

There are no “Palestinians.” There has never, in the history of the world, been a country of Palestine. ALL of the so-called “Palestinians” carry JORDANIAN passports.

Therefore…if anyone is occupying anyplace within the borders of Israel…it is the so-called, but non-existent “Palestinians.” They are within the Borders of Israel ONLY because Israel has bent over backwards to accommodate their sorry, barbaric Islamic asses. Israel has tried, over and over again to foster some sort of peace…it has always, ALWAYS been those Islamic barbarians who have shut the door, attacked their host country and then demanded, with the approval of the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots, more, and more, and more land to be taken FROM Israel so that Israel’s enemies could gain more, and more of an advantage from within the borders of those they have made clear they want dead…Israel.iun-10


That is quite damn enough.

With a great amount of pure evil combined with arrogance, Obama and the U.N. conspired to both scorch and salt the Middle East before Donald Trump takes office on January 20th. It’s a move that will come back to bight them in their collective Islamic asses.

I predict that Trump, with a willing congress, as well as Netanyahu, will move to defund the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots leaving the body crass enough to have Saudi Arabia, among other such boils on the buttocks of humanity sit on the Human Rights Council struggling for the pocket change of their beloved 3rd world dictators, and don’t be one bit surprised if Trump doesn’t make a move to banish the U.N. from United States soil.

You want to drain the swamp Mr. Trump? Well…the world’s snakes and vermin are occupying OUR soil…and it’s high time for them to go.

Finally…the two state solution…Absolute rubbish.

Neither Obama, nor hisiun-11 Islamic pals, nor the United Nations has one damn bit of interest in any two state solution. What they all want, is a ONE state solution for their beloved “Palestinians,” and a FINAL solution, ala the Nazi’s, for Israel.

Screw them.

As far as I am concerned…they can ALL go straight to hell…and I will stand with Israel.

Link to Diane Sori’s “A Lame Duck with a Backstabbing Knife.”

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