Note to the True Deplorables…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Note to liberals…the 1960’s called and they want their self-righteous indignation back.sri 1

They seem to be a one trick pony, these liberals, who are planning protests and threatening major disruptions of this Friday’s inauguration events, but what should we expect of those who carry around the liberal/socialist manifesto, “Rules for Radicals” in their man-purses?

This is the bunch that staged a sit-in or two in the halls of congress when they failed to get their way.

We’re talking about the party that curled up in fetal positions, cried and demanded therapy puppies, crayons and bottles of bubbles in their college and university campuses while their ever-so-enlightened liberal/socialist indoctrinators cancelled exams for the terminally repressed when their anointed one, the treasonous Hillary Clinton wasn’t crowned the Queen.

sri 2So sure were liberal celebrities that Hillary would assume her throne this Friday that during the campaign, many of them threatened to leave the country, or in the case of Cher…leave the planet…should Trump actually win the election.

He did.

They didn’t.

But Meryl Streep managed to prove her own hypocrisy by slamming Trump as some sort of monster while making her acceptance speech at an award show a week or so ago. She is, after all, one of the celebrities caught on camera giving Roman Polanski…a child rapist…a standing ovation several years ago.

It seems Streep’s moral high-ground is somewhere beneath the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

In lieu of splitting the country for more socialist pastures elsewhere, liberal celebrities made You Tube videos urging Electoral College electors not to cast their votes for Donald Trump…and as a result…Hillary lost more electoral votes than did Donald.sri 3

Over the past few weeks, as we ramp up for inauguration day, liberal/socialist celebrity after liberal/socialist celebrity have stated emphatically that they will not perform at Trump’s inauguration, as though that might somehow keep Trump from being sworn in as the nation’s 45th president.

It won’t.

Rosie O’Donnell has demanded that a combination of the police and the military impose martial law to prevent Trump from taking the oath of office.

They won’t.

And other of these bone-crushingly self-absorbed, over-paid ninnies are threatening not to make any more movies until Donald Trump is out of office.

They will…because getting between $10 and $20 million dollars for a few weeks of playing make-believe is not something these morons will walk away from.

Apparently, it’s the Hollywood. Liberal/socialist equivalent of holding one’s breath when sri 4vegetables are served.

What was it that Obama once said, that all these panty-wadded nut-jobs applauded so wildly several years ago? Oh yeah…”Eat your peas.”

But there are some stark-raving, foaming at the mouth liberals out there who are taking things from the ridiculous to the downright absurd.

There is a self-proclaimed “artist” out there who is painting a giant mural…with more than 20 pints of her own blood…because blood, I suppose, is thicker than watercolors…that she says depicts the entire Trump presidency.

What makes this so-called work of art really amazing, is that Trump’s presidency hasn’t even started yet…and her mural is already finished.

No…this seer of the entire future hasn’t won the lottery…which is what I would do if I sri 5possessed her power to foretell events that haven’t happened yet.

Then there’s some doofus out there who says that he will…cut off his own gherkin (so to speak) if Trump builds that wall across our southern border.

If he lives up to the threats delivered by celebrities who promised to leave the country…and didn’t…I say we all file a class-action lawsuit against him…which makes me wonder if you can actually file a class-action lawsuit…in small claims court.


Liberals are beside themselves trying to blame every, and anybody for Hillary’s loss except for Hillary herself. Primarily, they are blaming the Russians for hacking Hillary’s and John Podesta’s email accounts to meddle in our election…even there has been no evidence that any of them have been able to present to back their claim.

WikiLeaks, the outfit that released the emails, says that Russia wasn’t the source. Russia says it wasn’t the source either. It really doesn’t matter who the source wsri 6as…what matters is that whoever the source really was…and most likely it was a DNC insider…didn’t write the emails in question…the source simply leaked whatever it was that Hillary and Podesta themselves had written, thus providing the sort of transparency the liberals have claimed for years that they produced.

What really has sandburs in the liberal collective’s Underoos is that because of the email leaks, a more informed voting populous may have gone to the polls in November, and an informed populous is the last thing liberals want.

Just a couple of days ago, liberal/socialist congressman, John Lewis, told “Meet the Lapdog Media” that…“I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

He also called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president,” which rehashes a worn out old liberal standby from the 2000 election after which they called Bush 43 an illegitimate president for 8 years. They have claimed ever since that Bush either stole that election, or had it handed to him by the Supreme Court…neither of which is true…because both the official recount in Florisri 7da showed that Bush had won, as did at least a half a dozen recounts of Florida done by various liberal groups.

But desperate liberal times call for desperate liberal measures, and just because their “illegitimate president” thing didn’t work 17 years ago any better than their ideology of socialism has worked anywhere in the world it has ever been employed, is no reason not to throw it at the wall again to see if it will stick this time.

It won’t.

Claiming Russian interference didn’t work. Blaming the FBI’s James Comey didn’t work. Therapy puppies, crayons and bottles of bubbles didn’t work either. Recounts didn’t work. Threats by celebrities to pack up their crap and move away didn’t work. Painting the future in one’s own blood isn’t working and neither will threatening to slice off your own pickle should Trump start building the wall.

And while I’m at it, I rather doubt the planned disruptions, by various liberal/socialist groups, to take place this Friday on inauguration day, along with the planned no-show at the inauguration by a gaggle of irrelevant celebrities and more than 20 members of congress will do anything to actually disrupt much of anything.

Sure…property belonging to others will be destroyed…traffic will be blocked…idiots wearing KKK burqas and those yelling “BLACK LIVES MATTER” will be hauled sri 8away…there may well be some looting and arson too but let’s all hope it doesn’t go any further than that, although I wouldn’t put it past some liberal/socialist goon to try something more drastic just so elected liberal/socialist moombats can call for more gun control.

Obama, who just released 10 GITMO terrorists back into the wild in the dead of night on Sunday, has vowed to let another 19 return to the Middle East battlefields for the purpose of killing as many U.S. troops and Israeli citizens as possible before they have to drag him, kicking and screaming, from the Oval Office at noon on Friday.

Obama also has only scant days left to sign his official pardon of former co-conspirator in treason, Hillary Clinton, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he nails it to the desk before he rolls up his last prayer rug.

It also wouldn’t be a big surprise if Obama, on his way out the door, spews forth a few more glowing things regarding Raul Castro, the Iranians and Lil Kim over there in North Diarrhea. He may well also take a couple of parting shots at Prime Minister Netanyahu, freedom in general and of course, at American exceptionalism.

And we, who voted for Trump, are the deplorables?

sri 9Yeah…right.

Obama already has his bobble-headed puppet, Al Anything But Sharp-ton out there telling the nation’s entitled thugs and goons, “We’re not just doing this to be doing it. We do it because it can lead to change and, believe me, there will be a season of civil disobedience particularly around the Sessions nomination. We cannot sit by and allow what we have built under [Attorneys General Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch to just end without a fight.”

And what exactly have Sharpton and Obama, along with Holder and Lynch built but an anti-police officer band of arsonists, looters and murderers that go unpunished for their crimes while law enforcement officers are investigated at the highest levels for simply doing their duty?

We can add to Eric Holder’s resume the arming of Mexican drug cartels, whicsri 10h was nothing less than a dry-run for Obama’s and Hillary’s arming of al Qaeda from Benghazi.

The “fundamental transformation” of America from a nation of laws to a nation for the lawless…from a nation trusted by our allies and feared by our enemies to a nation feared by our allies and trusted by our enemies…and from a nation of opportunity to a nation of entitlements, that Obama started and liberal/socialists wanted so badly for Hillary to finish, comes to a long overdue, but most welcomed screeching hsri 11alt this Friday at noon, and not a moment too soon.

The repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and scores of Obama’s dictatorial orders is at hand and angry anarchists along with their liberal/socialist goon squads and scads of celebrities who live in a world of make-believe, will bitterly cling to their belief that somehow, they matter, their korans and their tattered, dog-eared copies of Saul Alinsky’s manifesto.

Note to liberals…the 1960’s called and they want their self-righteous indignation back.



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