More Than a Hate Crime – Part 2

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

By now, everybody has seen, or at the very least heard of the video, discussch-1ed in detail in “More Than a Hate Crime Part 1,” (a must read op-ed) in which a band of Black Lives Matter goons kidnapped and tortured a disabled man while live-streaming the entire event on Facebook.

During that sickening, disgusting act…the BLM goons put tape over the man’s mouth, beat him, cut him, cut his clothes, kicked him…all as the man was on the floor…they screamed at him…telling the man to say, “F*** Trump” and “F*** white people.”

They have been arrested. They have, after some deep thought by Chicago police, been charged with a hate crime.

But left wing, liberal/socialist mainstream media…is taking the side of the BLM haters.

Neither NBC nor ABC ran a segment on the crime in their evening newscasts the day it all ch-2went public. That’s a bald-faced attempt to steer the headlines away from the truth by providing cover for a mob they have so heavily invested in for better than a year.

Over at CNN…so-called “reporter” Sara Ganim wasn’t quite ready for her close-up…as during a piece on the story, featuring video of the beating, the camera cut back to her being asked a question by Wolf Blitzer and Ganim was seen…smiling, if not laughing…while watching that beating.

CNN’s Don, the drunk Lemon had a whole different take on what happened during that Facebook live-stream beating…

“I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

“Home training,” if you didn’t know, is a term used within the so-called “black community,” for parenting.

Lemon just thinks this whole thing was a case of bad parenting. It wasn’t evil…to kidnap a disabled man, tie him up, cut him, beat him, kick him, threaten him and demand that he say things like, “F*** Trump,” and “F***white people.” That, according to the Tequila Don…isn’t evil….just a case of bad

Let us extrapolate this out a bit for tequila boy…Don Lemon…

Since he is an unabashed lover of all things liberal, and Hillary Clinton, there should be little, if any doubt, that Lemon believes it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, in this case…that village is the “black community.” So what Lemon is saying, whether or not he intended to do so, is that the village is guilty of bad “home training.”

In other words…the black Don Lemon has admitted that the black community is an abject failure where parenting is concerned. When, or if he sobers up from his drunken New Year’s Eve on air mess…he might realize he’s just thrown his ever-so-precious black community under the bus but he’ll never admit it.

The real question here is…was it just bad parenting, by individual parents or by a village…or is it sch-4omething else entirely?

To answer that question…let’s have a good look at how the FBI defines…terrorism…and apply it to what happened in this particular case.

The FBI definition of terrorism is as follows: “The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Now, let’s apply it, piece by piece, to what happened in the case at hand…

“The unlawful use of force…”

Is kidnapping unlawful? Yep…it sure as hell is and this disabled man was kidnapped. Was force used? Yep…tying him up and placing tape over his mouth in the conduct of a kidnapping certainly constitutes the use of force.

“…Or violence against persons or property…”ch-5

Was “violence against persons or property,” used in this case? Yep…beating the man, cutting and kicking the man while he was tied up with tape over his mouth, along with the cutting of the man’s clothing, is a clear use of “violence against persons or property.”

“…To intimidate or coerce a government or civilian population…”

Did these goons try to “intimidate or coerce a government or civilian population? Yep…by DEMANDING that the tied up man, with tape over his mouth…while being kicked, beaten and cut…while they cut his clothing as well…DEMANDING that he say, “F***Trump” and “F***White people,” certainly rises to the level of coercion, and since these goons are outwardly part of the Black Lives Matter mob…and they were demanding that their victim say, “F*** WHITE people,” their coercion can be shown as directed not only toward a person, but to a “segment thereof” as stated in the FBI definition of terrorism.

And finally…ch-6

“…in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Was there either a political or social objective to what those goons did?

Damn skippy there was. After KIDNAPPING that man…an unlawful act…after tying him up and placing tape over his mouth…clearly the use of force…after beating the man, kicking him and cutting both him and his clothes…certainly constituting violence against persons or property…they coerced him to say…”F*** TRUMP”…clearly a political motive, and “F-WHITE PEOPLE,” clearly a social motive.

In fact, check out this video of one of the Chicago terrorists making threats against white people.

On each and every level of this live to Facebook streamed crime…those goons, by the very definition of terrorism provided by the FBI…committed an act OF terrorism.

That’s funny to you, Sara Ganim? You were caught smiling and having a bit of a giggle over it on camera. An act of terrorism is FUNNY to you Ganim?

It’s just bad home training, Don Lemon? You think this act of terrorism was nothing more than bad parenting?

A hate crime, Chicago police?ch-7

Do you really think this act of terrorism should be classified as a hate crime? THAT’S as high up the ladder of crime as you feel compelled to go here? A hate crime?

This case doesn’t belong in a Chicago court room, or in an Illinois courtroom for that matter. This was a clear cut act of terrorism and it belongs in a federal court. Since there is no doubt as to who perpetrated this act of terrorism, because they are clearly seen on their own video during the commission OF this act of terrorism…the goons involved should be sent directly to GITMO upon being found guilty.

But this case is not, nor should be alone in this.

ch-8Whenever a mob riots, takes to the street as the Black Lives Matter mobs have done…destroying property, looting, burning businesses to the ground and beating or shooting people…those caught by the police should be tried on charges of terrorism…as their actions are clearly directed by both political and social motives.

But we are not done here…

Those who shoot at or kill members of law enforcement…are equally as guilty of committing politically and/or socially motivated acts of terrorism as are those who streamed their beating of that man in Chicago. When goons target our police officers…when they shoot at and/or kill officers of the law under the guise of any political or social motivation…those are acts of terrorism meant to coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives,” and therefore, are clearly acts of

Our 1st Amendment protects a citizen’s right to “PEACEABLY assemble…” and protects one’s right to “freedom of expression,” but it does NOT cover or protect ANYONE from committing acts of violence, the making of violence threats, inciting riots or…most specifically to this instance…“The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

You think we’re done with this at this point…well, think again…

By sending armed para-military personnel to a place like the Bundy Ranch…to coerce and ch-10intimidate those ranchers in what was clearly a politically motivated situation…by using the tactics involved over the course of that standoff, and the one in Oregon as well…Obama…by the definition of terrorism provided by the FBI…perpetrated acts of terrorism. By sending his minions to the funerals of thugs who died while threatening officers of the law…Obama was condoning acts of terrorism.

By ordering both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to launch federal investigations into police departments where police involved shootings of, or deaths of thugs led to acts of further terrorism…Obama attempted to use government force to intimidate or coerce segments of the populations into bowing to social and political compliance, thus committing acts of terrorism.

The Mayor and Prosecutor in Baltimore…by setting up riot zones, where those hell-bent on committing acts of terrorism could freely, and without lawful interference commit those ch-11acts of terrorism…and by prosecuting the officers in the Freddie Gray case, in order to coerce and intimidate other officers of the law from acting in the best interests of the community…by the definition of terrorism as supplied by the FBI…should also be brought up on such charges.

Our point is…if we are going to define terrorism…that definition needs to mean something and it needs to be applied evenly across the board, regardless of race or anything else. It must also be applied evenly to the general populous and to our elected officials no matter how high up the ladder they might be.

What hapch-12pened at Ft. Hood was not workplace violence…it was an act of terrorism. What happened in Ferguson and places like Baltimore weren’t protests…those were riots, replete with arson, looting and terroristic actions. Cops being targeted and killed from coast to coast are not acts of social disruption…they are acts of terrorism.  Orlando, San Bernardino, the Navy Shipyard, Little Rock, Chattanooga, Boston, Moore Oklahoma, Garland Texas and now, Ft. Lauderdale…all acts of terrorism and what happened in Chicago last week, where four goons streamed their actions live on Facebook…was terrorism as

It’s time to quit making excuses for this sort of trash, and start making examples of them.

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, there is plenty of available space in GITMO and the repopulation of it should begin with the terrorists from Chicago. We don’t care if eventually the terrorists, foreign and domestic, are stacked 20 to a cell…lock them up, and throw away the key.

And while we’re at it, let’s add a little something to the books of federal law…

Mandatory life sentences for terrorists, with no opportunity for either parole…or executive ch-14pardon…so that no president, regardless of party or ideology can turn their ilk loose to commit another act of terrorism, anywhere in the world…ever again.

No more excuses. No more free passes. No more slaps on the wrist or second and third or fourth chances. You want to act like a terrorist?

GITMO will be your mailing address…for the rest of your sad and sorry life.



Today, Tuesday, January 10th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori present a special report on the horrific videoed attack on a white young special-needs man by four black thugs.

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  1. I cannot bear to watch the video. Those things tear me up and, consequently, I am so angry now, I quit watching television news. About the time I calm down and pray and decide to start over with a calm demeanor, it happens again. I hate those black thug bastards and everything they stand for. They don’t belong in our society. They ALL belong six feet under.

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