Liberal Intolerance on Full Display

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It’s time to call them exactly what they are. 1








And yes…

Collectively, they are liberals.

call 2While our nation’s power was being transferred on Friday, liberals…masquerading as all of the above…took the time to show their truest, most tolerant colors by committing crimes on the streets of our Nation’s Capitol.

It was exactly the sort of ideological display we have come to expect from liberals and while not all liberals were either involved, or for that matter, so inclined…those who did or would not participate in the violent acts raised a deafening silence regarding it.

At least six police officers were injured, some seriously, as rioting loons of the left attacked them. Numerous businesses were vandalized, ransacked and/or otherwise disrupted. Personal property, belonging to others, was destroyed. Cars were set afire and for what, exactly?

So that the rioting lefty loons and goons would be seen as credible?

It hardly works that way.

Nearly 300 arrests were made, pepper spray and flash/bang explosives were used to break up the 3

And the terrorists? Many in DC were wearing masks, or bandanas over their faces in order to come across as more intimidating one supposes, although the real reason is much more basic…they were too cowardly to have their faces shown lest someone recognize them for their anti-American ideology.

Their motivation, their reason for all of this liberal anarchy was, they proclaimed, because our new president, Donald Trump, is a racist…a worn out, bottom of the barrel accusation always employed by liberals when they are either on the verge, or have lost, any argument. It’s their go-to, desperation hail Mary and it’s as old, and non-functional as a black and white TV with rabbit ears.

The, “HE’S A RACIST” call to action is particularly worthless when those using it to justify their criminal activity can’t produce a shred of evidence regarding its validity. As proof of their excuse, they cite that Trump was endorsed by the KKK…what they ignore is that Trump not only denounced that endorsement…HE, did not endorse…THEM. But their choice for president…Hillary Clinton…did. She stood and delivered glowing remarks, calling a former Grand dragon OF the KKK…Robert Byrd…her mentor.

The goons and loons say that Trump is against immigration.

call 4He married an immigrant…two of them in fact.

They say he hates women and call him a rapist because several women have accused him.

They have all be shown t be liars.

They say another woman is NOW suing him for sexual misconduct.

No…she’s suing him for defamation of character because she was shown to be a false accuser and he called her a liar, and she didn’t like it. You can sue a ham sandwich if you want to, but winning is a whole different ball game.

They call him a Nazi.

He was the only nominee standing tall WITH Israel.

The list of crap thrown against a wall to see what sticks goes on and on but they have not a single fact to back their accusations.

Hollow accusations from hollow liberals but the last thing these goons want to deal in, is the truth, and the truth is, they’re upset, to the point of violence and terroristic actions, because they know their free ride on the entitlement gravy train is about to come to an abrupt end.

There were a number of liberals from the halls of congress, 68 to put a point on the call 5number, who declined to attend President Trump’s inauguration because they claim he is not a legitimate president.

Some of those not in attendance at the inauguration did, however, partake of the luncheon after the event, because their self-righteous indignation apparently draws the line at the prospect of a free meal.

And why is he not a legitimate president? Because of the false allegations that aren’t sticking to any wall anywhere and because Hillary got more popular votes?

Winning because you got more popular votes, they say, is how a democracy works…and they’re right…that IS how a democracy works…but we are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic and therefore, mob rule is not the rule of law. That is something on which those liberal elected officials and their associated mobs need to get an education.

And speaking of education…the bands of terrorists who roamed the streets of Washington DC doing what terrorists do…are not the only members of the liberal collective who need to be called 6

On college campuses across the country, those who believe their educations should be free, and that they should be paid a living wage at a job that requires the wearing of a paper hat, had safe places provided for them by their liberal/socialist asylum of higher indoctrination administrators where they could gather to blow bubbles and color with crayons while the inauguration took place, because their ever-so fragile feelings had been damaged.

From sea to shining sea, college students walked out of classes and sought out their safe places because, they claimed, President Trump would…“unleash a storm of attacks” against Americans.

What, exactly, did they think their street-goon counterparts were doing on the streets of our Nation’s Capitol Friday?

The, “I Too am American” college snowflakes claimed that Trump was not their president. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

The only way that President Trump is not your president, would be if you were not an call 7American…which you claim you are….at which point, like it or not, he IS your president. Now then, if you are not an American…get out of America. If you are an American and you don’t want President Trump to be your president…you have a couple of options…either denounce your citizenship and get out of America…or wait another four years and try to vote him out.

These simpering, liberal snowflakes have been brought up by their liberal/socialist kumbaya parents and government sponsored indoctrinators to believe that their fragile, precious feelings take precedence over reality, and that in order to keep their whispy self-esteem, which could be dispersed by the slightest breeze intact, they must get a trophy and an allowance raise if they somehow manage to get out of bed before the crack of three in the afternoon.

College is not supposed to be providing them a safe place from which they can hide from reality…it is supposed to be preparing them for the reality of living in the real world…and the real world is not full of unicorns that fart rainbows.

call 8What on earth will these quivering blobs of gelatinous goo do when they have to apply for a job rather than having one simply given to them to protect and serve their feelings? How will they react when their boss tells them that deep fried pot brownies are not a menu item and that Burgers R Us doesn’t ever want them to serve “get high” deserts again?

God forbid one of these fragile flakes ever becomes the President of the United States…lest they retreat to a safe place under the Resolute Desk with a bottle of bubbles the first time their attempt to win the hearts and minds of our enemies, with therapy puppies goes awry.

If these liberals are this disappointed, to the point of nearly self-inducing their own comas…imagine what they will be like when they find out that the barbarians of the world, who want us all dead, don’t give a happy damn about their feelings.

They will most likely display the same abject look of disbelief as they do when told that America is the land of opportunity…not entitlements, or when they discover that income equality can only come about when everybody is equally 9

Either way, whether it be the liberal goons and loons wreaking havoc and destruction in the streets, or those curled up in the fetal position sucking each other’s thumbs, what they are committing violence or seeking therapy for because their agenda of socialism, where the government takes care of your every want and need and thus controls your ever thought and move is falling apart.

They claim they hate the idea of being controlled by corporations, and yet they want to see to it that everybody’s money is taken by government and then doled out only as the government sees fit…turning government into an all-controlling corporation.

They demand to be nancall 10nied by the government while they take to the streets rioting against government. They demand that others be tolerant of their intolerance OF others. They demand that they should be paid more, while demanding that everything be free. They claim to be entitled to what others have, as they destroy what others have. They want to be protected BY the police as they ATTACK the police. They hurl completely unfounded and false allegations about those they do not agree with while demanding that their feelings be protected.

They insist on freedom of speech, while also actively banning those from speaking whose opinions differ from their own.

White racism against blacks is a no no…black racism against whites is a-ok. They use their iPhones to send out tweets regarding their hatred of big corporations. They are willing to “occupy Wall Street,” with a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato…as long as someone else is buying it for them. They burn their own communities to the ground and complain that nobody is making their community 11

They have been demanding change for half a century from the same people they have been voting for, for half a century.

They abhor the thought of the death penalty for murderers, and support the abortions of soon to be born children. They don’t want to pay taxes while demanding that others pay their fair share of the taxes. They complain that there aren’t jobs while demanding that illegal aliens be allowed to take jobs. They demand more gun-free zones every time someone is shot to death in a gun-free zone.

They want a participation trophy for refusing to participate in an election, to lend credibility to their complaints about the election.

They both ignore the hypocrisy, and fail to see the irony of it all.

It’s time to call them exactly what they are. 12








And yes…collectively, they are liberals.

I will get to the liberal women’s march…on Friday…don’t miss it.



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