From Out of the Darkness…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

At noon today…it is over.OVER 1

The community agitator from the gun-free, target-rich zone known as Chicago is finished, short of his goal of full-on socialism. He will roll up his last prayer rug, pack away the last of the Mao holiday tree ornaments and look longingly, one last time, at his own grinning reflection in the knife he has used to repeatedly stab Israel in the back.

Our 8 year national nightmare will finally come to an end, but the damage is done, the treason, the spooning with our Islamist enemies, his disdain for all things innately American, like our exceptionalism and our Constitution will linger like the stench in an outhouse.

The end of an error…

OVER 2One Big-Assed Mistake America.

Frankly, I don’t know how we did it. I don’t know how we survived, as a nation, while that overt jerk did everything he could think of to destroy the vision of our Founders and Framers. Our national debt is out of sight. The workforce is decimated. Healthcare costs via his signature socialistic plan is outrageous. Our allies don’t trust us. Our enemies don’t fear us, and thuggishness, stoked by rekindled fires of racism being perpetrated by those who believe the world owes them something, is at an all-time high.

He spent 8 long years traveling the world, on our taxpayer dime, to apologize for our strength, for our freedoms, for our various stands against tyranny, communism and repressive regimes.

He bowed to Kings, palled around with Dictators, created vacuums of power to be filled by 7th century barbarians and he paved the road to a nuclear arsenal for Iran.

He sent his representatives to the funerals of dead thugs and he had his minions investigate the police.OVER 3

He handed weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, and to various arms of al Qaeda.

He used the IRS as his own personal goon squad to put down Conservatives.

He went so far in his hatred of our veterans as to close their memorials and turn a blind eye to them being shuffled like a deck of cards while they died before they could get treatment at our VA hospitals.

When Americans were under attack, our diplomats were under attack in Benghazi…he vanished, left them to die, and blamed a You Tube video and then flew to Las Vegas to campaign for a second term.

He had certain members of the media spied upon.

over 4He had a film-maker arrested and thrown in prison.

He released scores of terrorists from their cells and sent them back to the battlefields to kill, and kill again.

He flooded our nation with illegal aliens, released illegal alien criminals back into our cities and towns and imported unvetted “refugees” from nations where most people want us all dead.

While Rome burned, Nero fiddled. While America burned…Obama golfed.

I fail to see much difference.

He removed sanctions against Iran, and set the stage for sanctions to be imposed on Israel.

He stole nearly a trillion dollars from the taxpayers, created nearly zero private sector jobs with it, and called it “stimulus.”

His first Attorney General was found in contempt of Congress, and his first Secretary of over 5State’s private server was found hidden in a bathroom while her emails were found by hackers.

He sent the Taliban’s war council back to their respective battlefields for the return of a traitor.

He paid Iran a cash ransom so big it had to be carried on a pallet in a cargo plane.

His GSA spent our money on lavish parties while his Secret Service spent our money on hookers.

The list of his decidedly un-American activities and scandals, in what he has described as a scandal free administration goes on and on and on. In fact, at the end of this article, I’ll include a link to a full list that will make your jaws drop…a list that would have been added to at a staggering rate had Hillary been elected to serve as his third term proxy.

over 6Throughout his reign, and with the assistance of his regime, the lowest elements of society, both at home and around the world, have found protection. From thugs to terrorists, communists and socialists, dictators, law breakers, traitors and anarchists have all benefited from his 8 years in office.

Society’s leeches, those who believe they are entitled to what others have earned thrived under his watch, while those who earn and produce and achieve success have been vilified.

He has armed our enemies in a time of war, and disarmed our military in the most dangerous places on earth. He has depleted our military to the lowest levels since before WWII and he has told our enemies of our military’s plans.

That is treason any way you look at it.over 7

He has excused acts of Islamic terrorism as workplace violence, told us that we must be more tolerant of those who wish us dead and created a worldwide zone of safety for the terrorists to act without fear of reprisal from the most powerful force of freedom in the world.

For 8 long years, the shining light on the hill has dimmed, flickered, and now barely glows…

But it has not been extinguished.

This is America and America is resilient.

Despite all his efforts, America has survived, less than she once was, but not gone. OVER 8Weaker than she once was, but not dead. Stooped, but not on her knees.

Despite his efforts, and his agenda of fundamental transformation, America’s soul was not crushed…it remains, and has been awakened.

Leadership from the front is at hand and gone will be his leadership from behind. American exceptionalism is about to take center stage once again and gone will be his dream of an America as a third world dictatorship.

The rule of law will once again be front and center while the coddling of the lawless fades away, and the Constitution will once again be the law of the land, rather than the socialist manifesto that he and his ilk adhered to, a tome by Saul Alinsky.

Today is a new day, full of opportunity and hope for a better, brighter future, but it comes with a warning…OVER 9

Neither November 8th of last year, or today’s inauguration are the key to that better, brighter future any more than a new president is that key. We must learn from our past, lest we repeat that past and the lesson is clear.

No one election…no one president can or will ever be the answer to what plagues our nation. It is not who gets elected that matters…it is those who elect them that count.

Today is for cheering, for celebrating, and for knowing that we have averted a plunge over the abyss of no return. Today, is today…but tomorrow and every day thereafter is when we must do what our Founders and Framers entrusted us to do.

We the People must take control and hold all those whom we have elected OVER 10accountable…not to our individual sets of standards or to our individual morals…but to the Constitution. If we have learned anything at all from the past 8 years, it must be this…that a government of, by and for the people cannot be allowed to be overseen by the government itself, and that only our active participation in it, at every level, from our towns, cities and state governments to our federal government, will stave off a repeat of the past 8 years.

We can no longer simply cast our ballots and walk away, complain about what those whom we elected are doing, and wait until the next election cycle to roll around to try and elect others to fix our messes.

Remember, the power to effect change is vested in the people, not in the government, and the true power belongs to the states and not in Washington DC. Our Founders and Framers envisioned a system by which the people, in close contact with their elected state officials, would set the standards state by state, and where the federal government would control national, international and defense policy.OVER 11

The situation in which we now find ourselves did not spring from nowhere in just the past 8 years. It has taken decade upon decade of indifference between election cycles to bring us to this point, but we can, and must reverse that downward spiral.

We the People should have never allowed the federal government to become so powerful that they own nearly half the land in the western part of our nation, or so powerful that they believe they own the rainwater that falls on the roofs of our homes.

Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Finally, on this day of new beginnings, I call upon those we have elected, from the halls of congress to the White House not only to remember, but to act on an important agenda.

We are both a nation of laws, and a nation of freedom. Act to reverse the lawlessness of the past 8 years, and to restore our freedoms but do not limit those actions just to the past 8 years. Our Constitution makes it clear that the people have rights, and that the government is to be restricted…not the other way around.

OVER 12I call upon all our elected officials to remove the restrictions placed on the people by an overly bloated government. Get the government out of our daily lives and out of our personal and private business. Restore to We the People, the freedom from government restrictions and regulations that hold back our ability to become exceptional, to grow, thrive and achieve success and reinstate the restrictions on government as our Founders and Framers both envisioned and demanded.

To our elected officials…that is your part of the deal and We the People promise to hold you accountable to uphold your end of that deal…for that is, and must be, our part of the deal.

Today, at noon eastern time, Barack Hussein Obama is out, and Donald J. Trump is in, but it will change nothing if We the People stand by, with indifference, until the next election cycle rolls around.over 13

But if we remain engaged, as engaged as we were on last November 8th, every day, at every level…America will not only be great again…she’ll be more exceptional than she’s ever been…that is the opportunity we have before us and one from which we can ill-afford to turn away.

From the darkness…the light on the will will shine once, and forever more.

Here is that link to Obama’s anti-America misdeeds:



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