The Snowflake’s Blame Game Epic Fail

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Well, the time has come to update folks regarding the Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton recounts in three states…Michigexc-1an, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Stein-Clinton was looking for voter fraud in those states…and she, or they, found it.

There was, indeed, voter fraud…on behalf of Hillary Clinton…of which those of us who pay attention to such things knew would happen well in advance of last month’s election…and the recount efforts have now exposed it for all to see.

First…let’s have a look at Michigan.

In Michigan…which was “to close to call” on election night, although in our election night coverage, Diane Sori and I officially, and as it turned out, rightfully called Michigan for Donald Trump days before it was made official…the Hillary Stein-Clinton recount focused the bright light of reality directly where Hillary didn’t want it.

In 50% of Detroit’s precincts, no recount could be done because…the numbers of the votes counted by machines was decisively higher than the number of votes cast by those who signed in at those precincts.

Oddly, if not predictably…

Those were the precincts where Hillary won by a margin of 2 to 1 over Donald Trump.exc-2

When asked, during the recounting in Michigan, why…canvassers admitted that they were aware of the discrepancies, but they offered no explanation FOR the discrepancies. Now, they’re trying to blame it all on what they claim were “jams in the optical ballots in the scanners” which, they say, caused workers to run the same ballots through the machines more than once.

Ah HA!!!

Yes…IF such a thing actually happened, those workers were SUPPOSED to RESET the counters, but alas…they failed to do so…amounting to, you guessed it, voter fraud.

Now then, according to the law in Michigan, if the numbers can’t be brought into line, they can’t be recounted and there, in Detroit, where the bulk of the fraud was discovered…the result would be that Hillary stood to lose thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes. But because the numbers don’t even come close to matching…the original statewide tally has been certified and Trump has been officially declared the winner IN Michigan.

On to Wisconsin…where more fraud was discoveredexc-3…on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

In Wisconsin…Hillary LOST 32,423 votes on day five of the recount there because of, yes, ballot fraud which actually WIDENS the margin of Trump’s victory in THAT state.

And then…there was Pennsylvania.

That’s where U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond last week ordered a HALT to the Jill Clinton-Stein…or is it Hillary Stein-Clinton recount because, he said, there were six legal grounds requiring him to put an end to it all.

According to Judge Diamond…any suspicion of hacking regarding last month’s election in Pennsylvania…“borders on the irrational.” Judge Diamond also stated that if the “Green Party wanted to pursue it further…it would ensure that that no Pennsylvania vote counts,” at all.exc-4

Diamond also stated…“Most importantly, there is no credible evidence that any `hack’ occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised.” Judge Diamond also said the lawsuit suffered from a lack of standing, potentially the lack of federal jurisdiction, and an “unexplained, highly prejudicial” delay in the filing FOR a recount.

Let’s recap…

In Pennsylvania…Hillary’s recount efforts have been ended by an Obama appointed Judge who all but told Hillary to go pound sand.

In Michigan…a stop was put to the proceedings because of outright evidence of Hillary’s own attempts at voter fraud.

And in Wisconsin…Hillary, due to the recount there, had gained all of a whopping 25 votes while Trump, when the Wisconsin recount was completed…extended his margin of victory there by 162 votes…winning by more than 22,000 votes.

exc-5So, let history show that Hillary Clinton has indeed become the first woman to ever lose the same presidential election…twice….THREE times when you consider that in the only recount that really counts…the electoral college vote…Hillary lost more elector’s votes than did Donald Trump.

Dumb-ass recounts aside…Hillary just can’t conjure up a reason why she lost…lost, and lost again.

First…she blamed Russia…who she claims is our devout enemy…for hacking our election. There is no evidence of it. SHE doesn’t have any evidence of it. None of the states that she insisted be recounted, by her proxy Jill Stein, could find any evidence of it. Obama and his regime couldn’t find any evidence that Russia hacked our election either.

NOBODY has been able to produce even a single shred of anything resembling evidence that Russia had a thing to do with our election results, but Hillary…claiming that Russia is the enemy…an enemy to whom she sold 20% of our uranium  for a deposit in her fraudulent foundation…they were the reason she lost.

But wait…since that simply isn’t panning out…Hillary has another excuse…

Fake news.exc-6

Oh yeah…fake news caused her to lose the election…once in November and again in December.

Fake news?


The woman who told the entire world that she landed in Bosnia, under heavy sniper fire…when nothing could have been further from the truth…little miss, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base…”  is blaming FAKE NEWS???

Here is Hillary landing under sniper fire…

My GOD…it’s a wonder she even survived the experience.

The woman who told us all that her grandmother was an immigrant…when in fact…she wasn’t…is blaming fake news?

The woman who, for the better part of a quarter of a century, said that she had tried to join the Marines but was told, by a recruiter…“You’re too old, you can’t see and you’re a woman,” when it never actually happened that way at all…is now blaming FAKE NEWS?

The same woman who said…over and over and over again, that she had neither received nor sent classified emails on her private server and private email account…the woman who has twice now…since losing the election…just randomly happened to run into people…while hiking and while at the grocery…people she already knew quite well and had her picture taken with as though they were strangers…is blaming fake news?

Yes…Hillary Clinton…exc-7the woman who blamed a YOU TUBE video for the attacks in Benghazi that murdered 4 Americans…AFTER telling her daughter…on her private email that it was a TERRORIST ATTACK…is now blaming fake news for her not one, but TWO defeats in the 2016 election.

Then…last Thursday night, at a winter solstice party (because liberal/socialists would be loathe to have a Christmas party) in New York, Hillary blamed a combination of Vladmir Putin and James Comey for her two losses in a single election…because we all know that the former Russian KGB dude and the FBI are well known for working together.

“Hello Jim…Vlad here…listen…I’ll hack the DNC, Podesta and Hillary’s exc-8emails…you write a letter to congress. I’ve got fifty bucks with Bibi that says I can piss off Obama AND Hillary by 3 this afternoon…you want in for half?”

Sure…that happened…right?

What else could be blamed for Hillary’s two losses in one election?

Barack Hussein Obama got off his prayer rug-burned knees and forehead long enough to tell us that the press mistreated Hillary during the campaign.

MISTREATED…HILLARY…during the campaign?

The “press” had a collective ORGASM when she announced that she was running…they bought into every lie she told…they worshiped the water they thought she walked on and they ANOINTED her as the WINNER.

exc-9Hell…the “press” even left money on the dresser after their 40 year long, ass-kissing, one night stand with her and she deposited that directly into the Clinton Foundation bank account to be used FOR her campaign.

How exactly did the “press” mistreat Hillary Clinton?

Hillary, Obama, her staff, the mainstream media and the entire liberal village collective have also blamed sexism for Hillary losing the same election twice. They have blamed a “basket of deplorables.” For goodness sake…they even tried to blame Hillary’s losses on having too many liberal elitists running the liberal/socialist party.  They have even blamed the Founders and Framers for setting up what has become known as the Electoral College.

Oh, but here’s one of my personal favorites…Hillary and the village of idiots have tried to put the blame for both her loss in November and the more recent loos of the same election in December…on RACISM.




Ummm…for the record…Trump has never referred top a KKK Grand Dragon as the “Heart and Soul” of America, nor has he ever referred to such as his personal mentor…but…


Hillary has, over the past eight years, lied, committed espionage, committed treason, engaged in aiding and abetting our enemies in a time of war, turned her back on allies, helped to stab Israel in the back, had a member of the Muslim Sisterhood as her closest advisor, broken our laws, stalled and obstructed federal investigations, left Americans to die and the list of horribles just goes on and on and on.

Hillary accepted a hand-shake agreement with North Korea. How’s that working out. She pressed the Russian reset button. How’s that working out? She’s proud of the groundwork she laid for the Iran nuke deal…she favors the Palestinians over Israel…she loves the United Nations of thugs, thieves and despots…she ran a pay to play deal through herexc-10 foundation for political favors…she wants to continue Obama’s failed policies of killing off domestic energy production, she wants to keep Obamacare up and raising premiums until it collapses and can be replaced by a single payer socialist system…she wants to bring hundreds of thousands more unvetted Islamists to America…she’s all for open borders…higher taxes…more welfare and she has a typical liberal hatred of our military and of our veterans.

How is ANY of that working out?

I’ll TELL ya how its working out…by November, America was ready to change its undershorts because of an eight year-long skid-mark in the one’s we’ve been wearing, and Hillary offered nothing but a second skid-mark.

THAT’S why she managed to lose the same election…TWICE. Forget about the potted PLANT…the pot ITSELF is more self-aware than Hillary, the mainstream media, her staff, Obama and the entire village of liberal idiots COMBINED!!!

Liberals…America’s President, Donald Trump, will take the oath of office onRelated image January 20th, and immediately start applying Spray n Wash to our nation’s underwear while YOUR president…a pant-suited, inebriated invertebrate…will continue to pay her friends 20 bucks apiece to pose with her in grocery store selfies, and no amount of therapy puppies, crayons or bottles of bubbles is going to change that.

America is about to move on, with you or without you, and frankly, as your party’s symbol is an ass, and your symbol of solidarity is now a diaper pin…we would just as soon move on without you because the political climate is about to change, and we all know how you morons feel about climate change.

Do us all a favor, and pull the corks out of the butts of cows in California and use them as pacifiers while the rest of us goexc-11 about the business of making America exceptional again because regardless of how much you protest against it…cows are gonna fart…Trump’s gonna be the president, and for at least the next 4 years…the Department of Justice is gonna be sending “MERRY CHRISTMAS” cards to the ACLU.

Now then, liberals…off to your snowflake safe places, because AMERICA…is BACK!!!


As friend and Partner, Diane Sori, serves out her most recent FB jail sentence, I urge you to read HER op-ed today...“Leaks are Not Hacks and the Right Man for the Job” by CLICKING HERE!!!


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