Bumper-Humper Terrorists and the Liberal Media

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

osu-1“America, stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak… By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.”

Those words were among the last written by Somali “refugee” Islamic terrorist, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, on his Facebook wall.

He also wrote…“Every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America!”

And yet…liberals from the halls of congress, to the media’s 4th estate, to twitter just couldn’t, for the lives of themselves, find a motive for what that 21st century college student with a 7th century mentality did on the campus of Ohio State University.

Regarding those motivation baffled liberal buffoons…

osu-2There is just some stupid you can’t even fix with duct tape.

It was only a month and a half ago, that ISIS…the church bulletin producers of the religion of peace, put forth the challenge to all of their ever-so-peaceful parishioners to go forth and engage in knife-wielding attacks against any who dare not to follow their ideology…I mean…religion of peace.

So what did the OSU follower of ISIS do?

He borrowed a car, drove it into a crowd of people on the campus and then got out, with a butcher knife in hand, and started stabbing and slashing anybody within arm’s reach…until he learned why, exactly, it’s butt-stupid to bring a knife to a gun fight.

Investigators are now describing the dead jihadi as “self-radicalized.”


What is that exactly? How does one, “self-radicalize?”

Is that the Islamic equivalent hiding under the sheets with a flashlight and a picture of a goat?

Now before any Muslims, or liberals get their burqas in a bunch and act all offended by that…I fully realize that not ALL allahu akbars out there are carrying around a bucket of bear grease looking for a short-legged camel…

Imagine what that one would do with a Buick.

What Happened at OSU a few days ago was more than a tragedy…it was a travesty…because the bumper-humper that perpetrated jihad on that campus was a “refugee” In fact, he was the same sort of “refugee” that Hillary wanted more of in our country.

The glaring problem with importing more barbarians is that they can’t be vetted. We have no idea who they are, because whatever countries they’re coming from have no idea who they are. This much we do know however…whatever Buttkrackistans they originate from are Islamic and overflowing with the followers of the Muslim Manifesto…otherwise known as the Quran…which directly calls for violence and murder of any and all who don’t believe in their pedophile prophet’s ideology.

Naturally, we have those in our country, the liberal mainstream media bobble-heads like osu-4CNN’s Alisyn Camerota who encourage all Americans to wear head scarves and burqas in “solidarity with frightened Muslims.” These are, of course, the same Muslims whose abject silence in the face of jihad condones the jihad.

But, according to the ilk of CNN’s Camerota…WE, are supposed to seek solidarity…with THEM.

I thought when you came to our country from wherever, YOU were supposed to assimilate with OUR culture…not the other way around, but today’s liberals are advocating the adoption of Islamic Sharia law so that those who wish us all dead, will have their OWN barbaric system of justice that upholds their right to be the barbarians they are.

In OUR country…we have the CONSTITUTION…which is the highest law in the land and if you don’t like OUR laws…don’t come over here.

In fact…if you don’t like western civilization…don’t come to a western civilized country. If osu-5you don’t like the way we dress over here…stay the hell over there. If you don’t care for how our women have unalienable rights…just stay where you are because we like our women just the way they are.

What’s that you say Mr. Muslim? You don’t like the way we process our meat here in the good ol’ U.S.A.? You don’t like our bacon…our pork BBQ, our ham sandwiches or our pig races at county fairs?

Then go home…back to whatever hole you crawled out of…because here in America, we like those sorts of things.

Over here, in OUR country, and in OUR culture…the land of the free and the home of the brave…OUR 8 year old girls get to be children…not wives…if you rape OUR women…YOU’RE going to prison…not them and we raise livestock as a FOOD SOURCE…not as a PROM DATE.

Oh, my…have I OFFENDED the beleaguered barbarians? Am I spreading vicious lies regarding their mating habits?

Ummmm…no…and here’s the drone footage to prove it. Be sure to watch the baa-baa-barian at the end of this pick up his date and go home.

This is exactly what future refujihadis do while their waiting to be brought over here.

Yeah, I know it’s not politically correct to tell the truth, because the truth might offend someone, but it’s high time we start telling the truth before it’s too late.

Our 1st Amendment says that our citizens have a right to follow whatever religion they choose…but it doesn’t say that every Tom, Dick and Ahmed that gets flown over here on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime has a right to follow whatever IDEOLOGY they want to…and Islam is NOT a RELIGION…it’s an ideology.osu-6

For the past 8 years, the more willing you were to ignore our laws, and the more uncivilized you were…the more protection you received from our nation’s highest office. That’s about to change and most of us don’t give a happy crap how offended you are by that fact.

We need to spend a whole lot less time worrying about which village is going to raise our children and a whole lot MORE time worrying about which village these so-called refugees are emanating from so that our children safer.

If the 99% of the members of your culture that we ever hear about are running amok, acting like 7th century barbarians…expect us to think that everyone in your culture IS a 7th century barbarian and if you won’t speak out or take action against those who wage jihad against innocents here or elsewhere…guess what? We’re plenty justified in believing that YOU’RE a 7th century barbarian too.

If you’re a Musliosu-7m in our country…YOU are NOT a victim anything that WE had anything to do with. WE don’t OWE you ANYTHING except maybe a one way ticket back to wherever you came from.

If you happen to be a follower of the ideology of Islam and you also happen to be an American citizen…you need to know that WE know the two are incompatible so scrap your warped ideology, follow our laws, assimilate into our culture or get the hell out of our country.

If you want a driver’s license in this country…you don’t get to cover your head and face with a bucket and a veil. Don’t like it? Don’t drive.

And speaking of such nonsense…

There are places in this country that are so liberal, that they will give you a crown in a beauty pageant even though you’re wearing a burqa and a veil…just to show you how osu-8tolerant they are of you…but know that for the vast majority of the rest of the country…you ain’t nothing but a hairy woman dressed up in a garbage bag while your boyfriend is spending his time getting’ busy with a goat.

But let’s talk about the triple “M” for a moment…the mainstream media morons…

Did ya notice, when the first reports of a “gunman” on the OSU campus came out…the triple “M” was all over it like ugly on Mooochelle Obama…but as soon as it was reported that the “gunman” was actually a MUSLIM with a BUTCHER KNIFE, following the ISIS agenda…they dropped it faster than Bill Clinton drops his pants an an inter interview?


Because they’ve been so busy promoting snowflake safe places in the wake of Hillary’s loss and hyping that nobody on campus was safe from Donald Trump…that when the attack came from exactly who Trump and Conservatives warned everybody about…they…the triple “M” just couldn’t take suffering any more embarrassment.

Liberals everywhere had said that Trump was the enemy…that Muslims were our friends and that Hillary had the election won.

cry-1And then, last week on the OSU campus…reality set in.

Trump was right…Muslims want to kill us and Hillary is on the verge of becoming the first woman in history to lose the same election twice.

If you really want to know exactly how butt stupid liberals are…consider the order tweeted out by OSU to their students as the first reports of a “shooter” on campus came out.

“Run, Hide, Fight.”

Here’s the official protocol according to Obama’s Department of Homeland Insecurity…“Your first defense should be to evacuate if possible. If not, the next course of action is to find a safe place to hide and stay out of view in silence. As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger, you should take steps to incapacitate the shooter and “act with physical aggression.”

Isn’t that something?cry-2

All I can say is…thank GOD there was a much less than black COP there…with a GUN…in a gun free zone…apparently unaware of the official Obama protocol…who shot and KILLED the much less than WHITE, imported from Somalia, ISLAMIC terrorist.

Conservative protocol ONE…liberal pussy protocol zero.

Now then…in the off chance there is even a single Muslim, or a lone liberal out there I haven’t managed to offend with this article…let me take one more shot at it.

Remember that Islamic tool, at the end of the last video, who picked up his goat and went home?

Well…I would like to introduce you to his grandfather…and his son…

Making America Great Again starts on January 20th…and we can all help by hiding our livestock.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the mainstream liberal media eventually blames what happened at Ohio State University on the notion that the Islamic terrorist’s goat was cheating on him back home.

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