American History and Pudding Head Liberals

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

As we approach a new year, full of possibilities and opportunities, I would like to take a moment to point out pudd-1an absurdity that has come to my attention.

It’s a serious mater…really it is…but its obtuseness overwhelms its ability to be taken seriously.

Over a period of years, if not decades, we have watched as our system of education has been relegated to the lowest possible common denominator. Special needs students have been mainstreamed to the point now that our best and brightest young minds are all riding the short bus and trying to eat pudding…through a straw….because we can’t give them something as dangerous as a spoon in the cafeteria and because it’s easier to mix Ritalin into pudding than it to mix it into whatever that crap is that Michelle Obama mandated to be served in schools for lunch.

As disturbing as that is, perhaps the most disturbing thing is the fact that our national gene pool has been dumbed down all the way up the ladder to the administrators of our country’s asylums of higher indoctrination.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Forget, for a moment, the bone-crushingly stupid notion that college professors and pudd-2administrators have been literally providing crayons, coloring books, therapy puppies and bottles of bubbles to young adults, who are about to enter the real world as degreed whatevers…because they’re upset over an election…

George Washington University has announced that from here on out…nobody who wishes to be a history major, at their particular asylum, will be required to take a course in…American history.

Sure…if someone wants to take an American history class…they can…as an option…but if they score high enough on their college aptitude exams…they can become history majors…and eventually perhaps history teachers…without ever having to take a single class IN American history.

This brings up a very important question…

As we have dumbed down our populous to a point where everybody passes and nobody fails, so as not to hurt anybody’s delicate feelings, how accurate are the college aptitude test scores really?

For all we know…we are sending high school graduates off to colleges and universities to become chemists and pharmacists who can’t even stir up a pitcher of Kool Aid after watching a You Tube video replete with step-by-step instructions.

But if you score high enough…as in…if you somehow, accidentally manage to get the Kool Aid packet open…on ypudd-3our own…you’re some sort of genius, and you move to the front of the line.

What I’m saying is…if you give a lobotomized Capuchin monkey enough packets of fruit punch in a room full of pitchers…sparky the organ grinder is well on his way to the George Washington University master’s program.

What exactly are they telling those kids?

That American history doesn’t count…as history? That it’s okay to have a near 400 year void in their historical timeline?

But…it gets worse…

Requirements in U.S., North American, and European history have ALL been eliminated at George Washington University.

You can be a history MAJOR…at George Washington University…without being required to take a single course is North American…American OR European history…which effectively eliminates the history of virtually half the world from the time of the Neanderthals from having to be known by our future HISTORY teachers.pudd-4

On the up side…it makes becoming a HISTORIAN a whole lot easier…if you don’t need to know a damn thing about HISTORY…doesn’t it?

But why stop at the history department?

Why not carry this absurdity throughout the entire asylum?

Why not eliminate anatomy for those wishing to become doctors and surgeons?

How about removing any required courses in the Constitution for those wishing to become attorneys?

Thanks to common core math…college students on their way to becoming mathematicians no longer need to be able to add 2 plus 2…accurately…in order to get a job as rocket scientists, or accountants…or structural engineers.

I mean, it’s not like we have a HISTORY of sending people to the moon, or having a capitalist economy to worry about…right? And who really cares if the bridge comes up ten feet short of the other side of the river? If it’s close enough, and you can explain how you did it…it’s all good and you get a trophy…right?

Here’s another great idea brought to us by liberal lunatics…pudd-5

Let’s just do away with colleges and universities altogether. That way we’ll never have to worry about FREE college tuition…just eliminate college and progressively move forward.

Here’s how that would work…in case you’re wondering…

Let’s say a kid in the 7th grade…self-identifies as a college student…according to the great liberal intellect…poof…the kid’s a college student and if he or she then identifies as a brain surgeon…he or she can pick up whatever sharp object is nearest to them and start probing around inside of somebody’s skull. What could go wrong?

Why should we expect a neurosurgeon to have any more comprehension regarding the human brain than we expect our historians to have…of history?

Hell…a white woman, who self-identified as a black woman, was the head of an NAACP branch. A woman who self-identified as an American Indian was given college and professional benefits of being one even though the closest she ever was in reality to being a tribal member was driving a Jeep Cheroke.

Boys and men, who self-identify as girls and women are, by liberal moonbat standards, get to use the girl’s and women’s bapudd-6throoms, locker rooms and dressing rooms.

Hillary Clinton self-identified as being honest and trustworthy…scores of celebrities self-identify as being relevant…liberal professors self-identify as being enlightened…Obama has, for the past 8 years, self-identified as being the moral conscience of the nation…black lives matter rioters, arsonists and looters self-identify as being voices and faces of justice…and illegal aliens self-identify as U.S. citizens who believe they are entitled to our Constitutional rights and the benefits OF citizenship.

That’s all worked out for all of them…right?

So…what exactly was the motivation for George Washington University’s asylum of higher indoctrination to drop American, North American and European history requirements from their history major program?

You won’t believe it, but I am not making this up…

They dropped those requirements so as to attract more students to their history department, which has experienced a steady decline in enrollment since 2011.

That’s absolutely both correct, and quite possibly the most butt-stupid thing about this pudd-7whole debacle…George Washington University, to attract more students TO their history program…has DROPPED American, North American and European history REQUIREMENTS so that they can graduate MORE people into the history profession that know LESS about history than they have been able to since 2011.

To the liberal administrators at George Washington University, who have been raised up on being dumbed down…this rational makes perfect sense.

To them, its not what their graduates know that counts, its just how many graduates they hand out diplomas to, like trophies in a Little League losers bracket, that matters.

And why is this important?

Because…by the time your children, or grandchildren are ready to go to school…the next crop of lobotomized George Washington University Recess monkeys will be the ones mixing, and serving them the liberal Kool Aid.

Let THAT sink in for a minute or two.

The really sad part of this is that George Washington University is not alone. In fact…nearly 2/3 of American colleges and universities no longer require courses in American history to be a history major…but GWU does stand alone in one respect…pudd-8

George Washington University…in Washington DC, has what they call, a Program on Extremism at their Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, and last August, they hired Jesse Morton, a former recruiter for al Qaeda, as their resident expert on the subject.

Now, I’ll agree that there would be few people with as much knowledge regarding extremism than a former al QEADA RECRUITER…but seriously…isn’t that a whole lot like hiring the fox to help guard the henhouse, or perhaps more to the point…like Hillary hiring the February 17 Brigade, an arm of al Qaeda to guard the compound in Benghazi?

Liberalism is a mental disease, and it is contagious…often being passed on to adolescents via libepudd-9rally infected carriers who thrive in our nations schools.

Immunize your children while you still can…disallow them to enter the germ-ridden areas where various typhoid Mary’s congregate…vote Republican every 4 years and maybe, together, we can stamp out this insidious affliction before it goes full bubonic plague on us.

For the love of GOD…I need some pudding…and a spoon. You pudding head liberals know what you can do with your straws…SIDEWAYS!!!



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  1. Great article Craig. After I retired, I took up Substitute Teaching. I substituted in the public school system for 9 years. I could not believe the propaganda be shoved down these kids throats.

    I now substitute at two Charter Schools, one of which is a Military Academy. The curriculum is so much different. They actually teach!

    Keep up the Fight, we may get lucky under President Elect Trump!

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