Time For Truth – Part 2 of 2

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

time-1In my previous article, in great detail, I outlined the reason why democrats and liberals are acting as they are in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory and Hillary Clinton’s loss as well as why they are still in such a state of disbelief over the reality of the 2016 election.

But I also said there were those, on my own side of the aisle, who are having trouble accepting reality.

While I write and broadcast commentary from the right side of politics, I have always based my commentary on facts and the truth. I can see absolutely no reason to alter that approach just because Trump won and Hillary lost. After all, simply winning the White House has never been my end game. Getting our country back to the Constitutional rule of law has…and I don’t give a happy damn who is in the Oval Office…our Founders and Framers entrusted nothing less to We the People than being honest in our political approach.

Here we go…

There are those, on my own side of the political aisle, who are gnashing their teeth, time-2wadding up their panties and spouting nonsense in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory and I, for the very life of me, believe they need a slap in the face.

On social media, in the weeks leading up to the election and in the days after it, have gone hog-wild with their calls to pray that God takes care OF the election. These are folks who believe that if Trump doesn’t toe their religious line, that Trump himself, those of us who voted for him and the country itself is damned to hell.

I have seen posts like, “Gay marriage isn’t about a man loving a man, its about the CRIMINALIZATION OF CHRISTIANITY. Gay marriage is now the “CONSERVATIVE” position. Every other perversion is on the fast track to Government enforcement, and if you don’t like it, you will be punished.” I’ve also seen posts from what I call the “holier-than-thous” that condemn Trump for saying that gay marriage is the law of the land and he’s okay with it…that Trump and the nation will be punished by God for this.

These are folks who believe, or at the very least want to believe, that our nation is some sort of theocracy and that the Bible is somehow the law of the land.


time-3Our Founders and Framers never intended for the Bible to be the law of the land and if they had, there would have been no reason to pen a Constitution. Besides, it was a theocracy they were declaring their independence from…why create a theocracy to replace a theocracy?

It simply flies in the face of reality.

Further, where gay marriage is concerned, making it unlawful goes against the real law of the land…the Constitution…as it limits the rights of some while extending to others benefits, all based on a social issue. The Constitution sees it as no different than limiting someone’s right or benefits based on skin color and the SCOTUS agreed.

I, for one, refuse to base my political ideology on pizza parlors or bakeries and choose instead to base my political agenda on the Constitution. So shoot me if I see God as a big picture deity who would see Trump as a better choice for anything from dog catcher to the president than Hillary and rather than joining in on eternal judgement on Facebook…I’ll let God handle it off of social media.time-4

Then there’s the #nevertrump folks who never saw it any different than that after the nomination. Look, I didn’t want Trump any more than they did before the nomination, but afterwards, when the only two viable choices were either Trump or Hillary, the case for me was closed.

Further, I am not one bit disappointed in some of Trump’s most recent comments, such as he may well not try to prosecute Hillary. I’m not disappointed because it’s exactly what I expected and why shouldn’t I? Leading up to the nomination, I wrote endlessly about how Trump would say whatever it took to get elected and while I wish I was wrong, I wasn’t.

I just don’t see any reason to condemn Trump or take pot shots at him based on comments he made while being interviewed by a liberal propagandist on 60 minutes, two and a half months before he even takes the oath of office. Would I like to see Hillary prosecuted for her treasonous activities? Damn right I would, as I believe those Americans murdered on what I believe to have been her orders and those of Obama, deserve that measure of justice, but justice of sorts has already been served in a way…because Hillary time-5will never be the president of the United States.

In fact, there are any number of things Trump has promised to do that he either won’t or can’t do, but if we’re being perfectly honest here, most of those things aren’t really up to him…they’re up to congress and I say it’s time we hold their feet to the fire if we really want things done and quit this thinking that all we have to do is elect a certain president and that president will do it all.

That’s a dictatorship and the last time I looked, we were a Constitutional Republic with a separation of powers. I view Trump as more of a band-aid than a cure-all and while it’s going to take a long time and better doctors than we have now to make our nation healthy again, the first thing we have to do is stop the bleeding.

Finally, let me address the Trumpers, those who from the very beginning jumped on the train and ridiculed those of us basing our statements on fact rather than fiction.

You folks had every right to back your candidate of choice and jump on that candidate’s bandwagon. The problem was, that you ignored your candidate’s realities and badgered those of us who rightfully pointed them out.

To Donald Trump, you assigned some sort of gold plated, savior status and dismissed any time-6and all facts that differed from your hero worship of Donald Trump. In that way, your approach to the political landscape was identical to those who gold plated their hero, Barack Hussein Obama or gold plated Hillary Clinton.

Trump won the nomination, and eventually the presidency, based not on your concept of him but based on the fact that in the end, he was a far better choice than Hillary Clinton.

In the process, the demeaning attitude of the Trumpers did more damage to the Republican party than just about anything else could have, as it drove many to become “conscience” voters thus splitting not just the vote, but the party.

If it was your goal to split the party, congratulations…you succeeded. If your goal was to split the party so that Hillary would get elected…you shanked it. But when you act like a liberal duck, waddle like a liberal duck and speak like one too…well…quack, quack.

What we, as Conservatives, Republicans and moderates now have, is an opportunity.

time-7We have the opportunity to begin the process of taking our country back. We have the opportunity to rebuild the Republican party as a more inclusive and wide-ranging party than it’s ever been before. We have the opportunity to reestablish the rule of law spelled out in the Constitution and we have the opportunity to set socialism back a decade or more if we can come together and root for our nation over any one candidate.

Regardless of Trump’s day to day comments or his polices which may, or may not follow his promises, we, as those from the right side of the aisle, must take it one day at a time with the ultimate goal not of taking shots at a Republican president at each and every turn, but with the ultimate goal of reestablishing a government of, by and for the people.

If all the various aspects of our party can’t come together with that ultimate goal in mind, we will again be fighting this same battle cycle after election cycle thus leaving our nation, and our future, ripe for the liberal/socialist picking.

Here’s my point…

All of us on the right side of politics, myself included, need to reexamine the entire 2016 time-8campaign and election and learn the lessons an honest evaluation will provide. We need to set aside what has divided us and embrace what we have in common…our desire to strengthen our nation around the Constitution.

We have to hold the feet of those we elect, at every level, to the fire and hold our own feet there as well. Rather than looking for a perfect candidate, as no perfect candidate will ever exist, we need to identify and get behind the best we can find and weigh the differences between that candidate and the opposition from the liberal/socialist party.

Mostly, we as right-siders, cannot allow ourselves to become further divided. Our inter-party divisions nearly doomed our country this go around and we cannot afford to tempt fate like that again.

time-9If we stick to facts over fiction, reality over rhetoric and the Constitution over societal or religious divides, we will beat the liberal/socialist collective every time and with our party’s unity, coupled with a growing economy and the strengthening of our rights, we are far more apt to win converts to our cause, than alienate those with whom we share our ultimate goals.

What matters the most is that today, Hillary Clinton is not the president elect, and that on January 20th, Donald Trump will be the president of the United States with a Republican senate and congress in place. What happens after that is more up to us, than it is up to him and rather than acting like the losers, we need to start acting like we won.

While the political left devolves into chaos and shows their true colors of hatred, divisiveness and violent intolerance, we, on the political right, should seize the opportunity before us to become a true, unified voice of the people by showing our true colors of red, white and blue. By stime-10hifting today’s moderate Republican establishment to the right and by sliding those so far out on the right wing that they, as my Right Side Patriots partner and friend, Diane Sori says, are actually shaking hands with the left, a bit more toward the Constitutional Conservatives, we can all meet decidedly right of center to create a bigger tent that appeals to a broader demographic.

This is our time…let’s make the absolute most of it…and leave the liberal/socialists in the proverbial dust.



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