This is Why Hillary Lost

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Since the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday, after Donald Trump was declared wi-1the winner of the election, and after Hillary Clinton, reportedly crying and carrying on to such an extent that she was unable to face her socialist collective and concede with dignity…various members of the entitlement club have taken to the streets in protest.

Some of those protests have turned vile, with video of some pantless woman defecating in public on Trump signs while others have turned downright violent with a protester being shot in Portland Oregon.

What is being used as an excuse for the worst of behaviors is the protester’s claims that Trump, as the president, will destroy America. A claim the protesters make while they, themselves, destroy other people’s property, beat those who supported Donald Trump and threaten to both assassinate Trump and began an armed revolution to overthrow the government.

While mainstream media pundits, including those on Fox News, desperately search for the answers as to why their beloved and treasonous Hillary lost, and roll cameras aimed at the thugs who protest the decision of the American people…one thing is clear…

All the protests were predetermined.

wi-2It wouldn’t have made one bit of difference who won…had Hillary lost, there was going to be trouble. Had Rubio, or Cruz, or any of more than 20 Republican candidates been the nominee who defeated Hillary…there was going to be trouble.

We are seeing videos and reading reports of students in high schools around the country, exhibiting a mob mentality, taking to the streets when they should be in classes because, apparently, it’s the thing to do. In colleges, professors are cancelling exams because their indoctrines are simply too devastated to take a test.

Morons on street corners are asking any camera that approaches them…”what are we supposed to tell our children? How can we explain to the children that Hillary is not going to be the president?”

Business owners, such as the idiot that co-founded, are demanding that any employees who supported or voted for Trump resign…others have actually fired Trump supporting employees…and still others yet are begging the media to tell them how to keep their employees from being so scared of a Trump presidency that they won’t come out of hiding.wi-3

And through it all, for days on end now, neither Obama nor the defeated Hillary have come forward to tell the anything but peaceably assembled to knock it the hell off because their acting like a bunch of mindless morons.

There is a reason for this…it’s because this is exactly the sort of behavior liberalism has been trying to indoctrinate into Americans for the better part of 40 years…possibly 50 years.

In dumbing down America, from early childhood at what used to be public schools, now youth indoctrination centers, liberals have created a class of abject idiots who can’t even figure out for themselves how to explain Hillary’s loss to their children and instead, are whipping their children into a state of mind-numbing fear based on liberal propaganda.

Just as Obamacare was a policy designed to fail…the American liberal is a demographic programed to fail and the reason that neither Obama nor Hillary has stepped up to quell the riots, violence, arson and fear-mongering, is because they are ever so proud of what liberalism has accomplished.

Remember when Hillary, way back when, told us that it takes a village to raise a child?

wi-4To liberals, the embracers of socialism, the village to which Hillary referred, is the government. To liberals, who for the better part of half a century, have turned our public schools into indoctrination centers and converted our colleges and universities into asylums of higher indoctrination…it is the government who should be raising our children.

It, the government, according to the liberal/socialist agenda, should take control and tell first our children, and then our adults, what to think, what to do, how to vote, where they can go, what sort of healthcare they are allowed to receive, what to drive and how much money they are allowed to both make and keep.

Over the past eight years…America’s version of Eva Peron…Michelle Obama…even took it upon herself to tell kids what to eat and God forbid a child showed up at school with something not on the socialist menu in their sack lunch…they would be sent home.

The goal of liberal indoctrination has always been to create a demographic of Americans completely unable to think for themselves and those brainwashed buffoons, the pride and joy of the liberal/socialist collective, are now begging the village to tell them how to explain to their children that Hillary won’t be the next president of the United States.wi-5

While irony is often lost on the bone-crushingly stupid, it bears noting that the very demographic pitching fits of hysterical violence and destruction while threatening to murder Donald Trump in reprisal for Hillary’s loss…are the exact same demographic who have for years chastised those of us who believe that keeping score in a little league game is not good for the kids.

They don’t know how to explain Hillary’s loss because they have been programmed to believe nobody ever loses and everybody is a winner. Well, guess what? Hillary lost…she didn’t win…and no amount of common core math, designed to create warm and fuzzy feelings for those who can’t add 2+2 and come up with 4, can alter the outcome of the contest.

wi-6One has to wonder…if we simply gave old Hillary a participation trophy…would the rioters just go home, calm down, and be happy again? The problem…Hillary already got her participation trophy. What do you think being allowed to be the Secretary of State was all about after her 2008 loss to Barack Hussein Obama?

The mind-numbed, dumbed-down millennials are beside themselves.

America’s young adults, who thought the gravy train was going to just keep on rolling down the track are finding reality hard to swallow. One took to Twitter asking which Trump supporter was now going to pay for her birth control since Obamacare is now likely to replaced. Obviously, she was counting on never having to fork over $15.00 per month of her own money so that she could practice the breeding habits of rabbits without getting pregnant.

That, essentially, is another part of the big picture in the cause of the rioting effects…the fact that the liberal/socialist collective may well now be facing the reality that the agenda that promised to take care of their every want and need from cradle to grave has run off wi-7the rails and the prospect of having to earn what they want is so foreign to them that they just can’t see straight.

Naturally, a good deal of the protesters and rioters, are doing their best to be disruptive and destructive because somebody…George Soros…is paying them…just as they were paid to engage in disruption and destruction since the invention of Occupy Wall Street.

The rioters are spouting off about white privilege, women’s rights, income inequality and just about anything else they’ve been told is part and parcel of Trump’s agenda of supposed doom and gloom, but ask a protester what it is specifically that they are protesting against, which specific Trump agenda items have brought them into the streets for the purpose of raising general mayhem…and they are dumbstruck.

One faction of the liberal/socialist collective is bent because they’re going to have to pay for their own birth control…another is bent because they probably won’t get to go to college for free…another is bent over the idea that they won’t be able to serve lobster and steak with their food stamps any more…but there are others, bent for entirely different reasons.

On prime display in the “Not My President” anti-Trump gatherings of thugs and arsonists, are the Black Lives Matter goons and the illegal alien crowd who, after 8 years of being coddled by and given carte blanch by the Obama regime…a free pass to act above the laws of our land that they knew would continue in a Hillary regime, are now faced with the wi-8reality that Under a president Donald Trump…the laws of our land will once again be enforced.

Starting in January…the Attorney General will no longer be investigating entire police departments every time a cop shoots a thug with a gun. No longer will ICE agents be ordered to look the other way while illegal aliens pour across our nation’s borders. No longer will sanctuary cities be funded by American taxpayer dollars so as to set up safe zones for those who break our laws by entering our nation illegally. No longer will the president of the United States be sending members of his administration to the funerals of thugs in order to make heroes of the criminally inane.

Under a president Trump, it will be the police who will be protected, not the thugs. It will be our nation’s immigration laws that will be protected not the illegal aliens, and it will be the rule of law that will be protected…not the anarchists….so naturally, the anarchists among us are spitting mad.

What these various anarchists knew, was that had Hillary won the election, they would continue to be the protected class…what they are too stupid to realize is that anarchists have always been used, as a tool in the march toward socialism, to drive the law abiding into begging the government to save them from lawlessness. Once that happens, in any and every onset of socialism, the usefulness of anarchists to the ruling class ceases and they are put down by the government.wi-9

Obviously, these brain-dead tools of the liberal/socialist collective are protesting, rioting, causing disruptions and destruction because they were all led to believe that Hillary’s victory was a done deal and that their entitlement mentality and behavior would continue unabated. What they just can’t wrap their heads around…is why she lost.

Let me answer that oh-so-tough question for them…

Hillary lost because enough Americans had had quite enough of your entitlement mentality and behavior that they voted for Donald Trump instead. Over the past 8 years, your behavior has gone from foolish, to belligerent, to violent. Over the past 8 years, you have flaunted the laws that the rest of us must abide by. Over the past 8 years, you have gone from being an annoyance to those of us who believe in the rule of law to acting out violently against us.

wi-10For the past 8 years, you have gone from taunting the police who serve and protect the law abiding to targeting and murdering the police. For the past 8 years, you have gone from living in the shadows as illegal aliens to being the champions of the Obama regime while the rest of us have had to pay your way for you.

For the past 8 years, those of us who struggle to earn a living and pay for the things we and our families need, have watched you take from our pockets as American taxpayers and live better than we do, and being upheld as examples of success by the liberal/socialist government leaders while those of who achieve success based on our own self-reliance are demonized for our efforts.

You have falsely called us racists for opposing policies and not skin colors, you have called us terrorists because we want to take a stand against those who terrorize innocent people at home and around the world, you have labeled us intolerant because we think for ourselves, you have spit on our patriotism, you have spit in the face of our veterans, you have stomped on and burned the very symbol of the country that ensures your right to express yourselves, you have told us that only one color of lives matter and that we are wi-11some sort of bigots if we say that ALL lives matter and you want lawless behavior protected and then condemn us if we want the lives of soon to be born children protected.

We have watched you applaud the deals made with our enemies and applaud the turning of our nation’s back on our allies.

We watched you launch personal attacks against a candidate who wasn’t the first choice for many of us, trying to label him as things you have no proof of because he was as politically incorrect as possible while you embraced a treasonous snake with a near 40 year record of corruption as your candidate of choice, and last Tuesday, we did what civilized people do in a civilized society governed by the rule of law and the peaceful transition of power as prescribed in the Constitution…

We voted…because of your behavior over the past 8 years, to prevent Hillary Clinton from protecting and offering championship status for your behavior for the next 4 years.

In other words…while you are violently dismayed that we voted to put an end to your agenda…it was exactly your agenda that drove us to do it.

After all of this, if you dear liberals and socialists still can’t find a way to explain to your children or to ninnified adults curled up in a fetal position, the outcome of last week’s election…allow me to offer to you two quotes from the corrupt and treasonous, wi-12anti-American snake who has allowed and embraced your vile actions and rhetoric for the past 8 years…

“You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don’t break it. Don’t break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That’s not being faithful to what this country’s about.”

While he was gloating at the time…that may well be the only thing Obama has ever said that I agree with.wi-13

And…“Elections have consequences.”

Possibly the only honest words he has ever uttered.

Liberals and socialists…just know that both Obama’s and Hillary’s lingering legacy, along with your own, will always be the election of Donald Trump as the next president of these United States.



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