The Rain Forest, the Recount and Reality

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It seems hard to believe, in this day and age, that there are places where people live that are so remote, so isolated that those people have never had contact with the outside yano-1world.

But such is exactly the case with a small band, about 100 people, who live in a village in Brazilian Amazon, near the border with Venezuela.

They are the Yanomami…an indigenous people to the region.

These are people who have never seen a telephone, much less heard of a cell phone. They have never seen a television and therefore, have never heard of the Kardashians.

Lucky for them.

The Yano have never eaten food from a can. Never seen sliced bread. Have no idea what a car is. Never seen a computer, locked a door, opened a window or went to a store.

The Yano have spent their entire lives, over thousands of years, cut off from the rest of the world in 100% total isolation.

And yet…

yano-2One wouldn’t be one bit surprised if each and every one of them voted for Hillary in Wisconsin…which is why Jill Stein, a socialist, Castro-loving shill FOR Hillary has raised MILLIONS of dollars, one suspects from numerous other isolated, indigenous, uncontacted people living in some remote region of some forgotten corner of a rain forest somewhere, to finance a recount IN Wisconsin.

Simple logic leads me to this conclusion because, at least as of now, we have no idea who sent Stein so much money.

Jill Stein was a 3rd party…the Green Party…candidate who, by paying for a recount in Wisconsin, and is supposedly on the verge of financing recounts in other states…has outed herself as nothing more than a split-the-vote shill for Hillary as Stein, having garnered but a few votes herself in the grand scheme of things, hasn’t a snowball’s chance in the place where Fidel Castro now resides of winning anything herself.

Obviously, she’s not recounting anything on her own behalf, because nationally, she only got about 1% of the vote…she’s doing it for Hillary just as she ran to split the Republican vote for Hillary.yano-3

In Wisconsin, state law requires a recount if, and only if the candidate asking for it can pay for it to be done and although Wisconsin has never done a recount before, the nearest guess as to the cost of doing one now is about $1 million dollars. Since Stein has raised, by several reports, much, MUCH more than that…one can guess that whatever is left over will go directly into her bank account.

Oh…here’s a shocker…Hillary has joined with Stein to demand the recount.

That’s right…the same Hillary Clinton who, when Trump was being evasive as to whether or not HE would accept the election results, opened her socialist pie hole and stated that NOT “respecting the election results would be a direct threat to democracy.”

Not only that, but this IS the same Hillary Clinton who CONCEDED the election…the morning after pitchinyano-4g a reported drunken, vile, and somewhat violent hissy-fit from which she had to be sedated, on election night when it became apparent that she would not serve as Obama’s surrogate third term to finish the fundamental transformation of America…into a socialist third-world country.

One of the other states in which Stein, on the behalf of Hillary, is eying a recount, is Michigan, where Trump won the state by about 13,000 votes.

But there’s a few problems regarding a Michigan recount…

First…Michigan already DID a recount and Trump’s margin of victory went from 10,000 up to 13,000 votes because of it.

Second…according to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, “there is no evidence of any hack or voting system manipulation.”

And third…as there is no evidence of a “hack…” and because the Yayano-5no in the Amazon have never even seen a computer, it is highly unlikely they had anything whatsoever to do with the final tally in Michigan.

Besides, all the Yano voted in Wisconsin.

But Stein isn’t the only one who wants a recount in Michigan…so too does Michigan’s head football coach, Jim Harbaugh, who seemed a bit miffed over the result of the Michigan, Ohio State game last Saturday.

For the record…Michigan lost by 3 points…and Hillary lost IN Michigan, by 13,000 votes.

But…there’s the Green Party spokesman George Martin, who is out there insisting that, yano-6“the American public needs to have it investigated to make sure our votes count.”

Allow me to translate that from propaganda to plain English…what Stein is saying is that both she and Hillary thought they had enough dead people, illegal aliens and indigenous Yano people lined up with pre-cast ballots to pull this election off and now that the counting’s done…they just can’t, for the very lives of them, understand how their pre-determined vote count came up short of the needed mark.

Apparently, there were several things grossly underestimated by Hillary’s campaign staff…

The number of yano-7registered voters who were sick and tired of Hillary being above the law…the number of registered voters outside of socialist strongholds who didn’t want anything to do with socialism…the number of voters who would have rather had Donald Trump as the next president of the United State and the number of dead voters and Yano voters it was going to take to make Hillary the Queen, along with the amount of temporary face-lift tape necessary to pull up the bags under Hillary’s eyes the morning after the election and the volume of vodka she could consume before passing out sans the need for medication on the night OF the election.

The other of the three states in which Stein…aka Hillary Clinton wants a recount, is Pennsylvania, but there are a few things standing in her way there. Primarily…in Pennsylvania, a candidate cannot simply “file” for a recount. As per Pennsylvania law…a candidate can APPEAL a vote count…county by county…to each county’s election commission, BUT…in each case, again county by county, that candidate would have to present a “prima-facie case” SHOWING that voter fraud took place in each county where such an appeal is made.

In such prima-facie” cases…Jill Stein-Clinton would have to prove, in court, that voter fraud was “probable,” which would, of course, open the door to finding voter fraud on the part OF Hillary in Pennsylvania.yano-8

In Pennsylvania, this will be made even MORE difficult because, Marc Elias, Hillary’s lead campaign attorney has stated that Clinton’s own team, “had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology,” which has been backed up by none other than Barack Obama who said,  “the government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber-activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on election day.”  Obama went on to state that…”the election was “free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

Now then…to wrap this all in a neat and tidy bow…

Since the deadline for filing county by county appeals in Pennsylvania was yesterday, Monday November 28th, 2016…and because the margin of Trump’s victory in Michigan, according to Hillary’s own campaign attorney, Marc Elias,  “well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount,”  and because there just aren’t enough unaccounted for indigenous Yano in all the rain forests on earth to alter the vote outcome in Wisconsin…why DID Jill Stein Clinton go to her website and request recount donations?

In my opinion…to line her own yano-9pockets with money that once belonged to gullible socialists.

While this ridiculous recount business has many on the right tied in knots…the final result will be that Hillary lost the 2016 election…not once, but TWICE.

Blissfully, the Yano in the Brazilian Amazon, are unaware of it all, and so much the better for them.


As Friend and partner Diane Sori is once again in FB jail…please read her personal account of a Glimpse Into Castro’s Hell by clicking here!!



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