God, the Socialist-Idioticus and 2 Ply Toilet Paper

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The election is over.win-1

It was a very, very sad day for socialists as they watched their hopes of changing American into a fundamentally transformed nation of drooling hand-out seekers come crashing down.

At Yale University, a professor cancelled an exam for students too distraught over the fall of American socialism to take a test..  In Arizona, high school students walked out of their classes to protest the end of a nation without borders or laws.

Look…we know that you’ve been indoctrinated to pitch a fit every time you don’t get your way, or anytime you’re faced with earning something you feel pre-entitled to, but curling up in a ball, in your safe place with a government granted therapy dog, a box of crayons and a bowl of organic, free-range tofu noodle soup while refusing to go outside for the next four years really isn’t the answer.

In Oakland California…

win-2Thugs tried to mount protests complete with arson, but their tears, shed over the loss of government protection for their lawless actions drowned out the flames.

Celebrities, dozens of them now have to decide whether or not to solidify their positions as hypocrites by staying in the United States after telling us all that they would leave should Donald Trump be elected, or will they, for the first time in their lives, have the courage of their convictions, pack up their crap and get the hell out of the country that made them rich enough to protest themselves?

It’s going to be tougher on Cher…the Moonstruck moonbat…who had said that should Trump win the presidency, she would have to leave the planet. Cher…by noon tomorrow, we expect Uranus to be on its way to Mars.

It was also a tough day for socialist-idioticus Barack Hussein Obama, as he realized that rather than being replaced by his cohort in treason and fellow dry-humper of all things Islamic, Hilary Clinton…it would be capitalist extraordinaire Donald Trump who has about as much use for Islamitization as Bruce Jenner had for menswear, who will be taking over.

Obama spoke, after the election, of the need to work together but obviously, his staff win-3wasn’t thrilled with the idea as they stood off to the side, looking as though someone had just run over their socialist puppy.

Nobody took the loss better, however, than Hillary herself….who, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, sent her trained squirrel, John Podesta, out to address the crowd at her victory rally. She had Podesta tell the assembled socialist collective that while waiting to count the votes, they should all just go home, because it was going to take until sometime the next day to crown the Queen.

Meanwhile, in her hotel room, Hillary, most likely from the bottom of a nearly empty bottle of vodka, was calling Trump to say uncle because despite being a treasonous, murdering above the law liar who had squeezed every ounce of voter fraud possible into her attempt win-4to become Obama’s third term surrogate…she wasn’t able to pull off the great deception.

I’m sure there was the inevitable Hillary tirade, replete with the oft talked about Hillary tantrum festooned with a carpet bombing of “F” words aimed at her Secret Service detail, at Bill, at Huma, Comey, deplorable Americans and just about anyone else within earshot, as the woman with as much of a political future as she has accomplishments in her political past graciously conceded to Trump.

I suspect that Hillary raised enough of a racket in her hotel to cause Bill to run pantless from his room down the hall, without his freshly moistened cigar, to see what was the matter.

It took until nearly noon the next day for Hillary to sober up enough to wobble up onto a stage and put the best tape-lifted face on her demise as possible in front of collection of sad-sacks, who by then realized that the gravy train of socialist free stuff purchased with win-5the taxpayer’s money had derailed the night before and they applauded even though, unlike the laws of our nation, the believedthe to have been entitled Hillary, had failed to break the glass ceiling.

But it wasn’t just a dismal night for Hillary and her out of the closet socialist supporters…it was also a tough pill to swallow for her conscience-free, conscience voters.

It had to be hard to see their third party or write-in dreams of getting Hillary elected dashed on the ballot counting room floors across this great nation. All their hard work on social media…all their covert actions of splitting the republican vote…all those years of pretending to be Conservatives…all of it for nothing.

One has to wonder how it feels to lose the election twice in one night, as neither their individual, vote dividing candidate amounted to a hill of beans, nor did their intended bean, Hillary, manage to get her pant-suited ample keester into the White House.

And then, there were all the sooth-sayers of unproven to exist conspiracy organizations, like the Illuminati and the Rothchilds, who supposedly had for decades picked and installed win-6our presidents from some book of predetermined dark side masterplans that never failed.

What happened? You were so sure that the master plan that never deviated, was set to make Hillary the next president that you told us all that voting wouldn’t make any difference. You told us that because of the Rothchilds, and because of the Illuminati…our votes wouldn’t count and that no matter what, by robe wearing design, Hillary would assume the throne.

Reality, like a handful of frozen Preparation H, must seem like a real slap in the face.

However, if you think my critique of Tuesday’s election is solely aimed at the drooling fools of liberal/socialism…think again…as there are others among us who need a reality check.

There are those, who for the past several months and who, over the past several days, both predicted and have been crowing about a Trump landslide. It wasn’t. These, I suspect, are people who assign the term “genius” to anything they themselveswin-7 didn’t think of and label just about anything they like as “awesome.”

Concerts by your favorite artist aren’t awesome…Mount Everest is awesome. Whoever invented the paperclip was not a genius…Albert Einstein was a genius. Regan, in his second term campaign pulled off a landslide by winning 49 of the 50 states. Trump’s victory in 30 of the 50 states, securing the electoral college vote while actually losing the popular vote, was not a landslide.

What it was, was a landmark…a signpost marking the point on our national timeline when a rush toward the abyss of socialism was interrupted. Only the history of our future actions will tell if that signpost marked anything but an interruption in the move toward socialism.


Then there are those among us who have been busy on social media offering their praise and thanks to God for Trump’s victory and while I hate to bust anyone’s apocalyptic bubble…God had nothing to do with it and I can offer proof of my stance.

win-8Had God indeed directed our election, or if he sent his Son to take care of it, which when you think about it is the highest form of nepotism possible, why are 20 of the states on the election map still blue? As an all knowing, all seeing and all POWERFUL God, why not with a wave of his divine hand, didn’t he change ALL the states RED?

Personally, I believe God is far too busy preventing the moon from crashing into the earth, and with trying to rectify certain off moments, like the invention of the moose which He obviously created on a hangover, to reach out and touch our election process. In fact, I believe God, realizing that politics was going to be a messy thing, gave man the ability to make choices just so that HE wouldn’t have to spend HIS time making all our political choices FOR us.win-9

If God hadn’t intended for man to do some things on our own, nobody would have had to have invented two ply toilet paper, because we wouldn’t have been created with a need to poop, and had God not intended for us to think for ourselves… we’d all be liberals.

All I’m saying is that if God gave a his own damn about politics, the world stage wouldn’t be on fire right now and our elected officials wouldn’t be spending our money to buy treadmills for shrimp.

It wasn’t divine intervention that won this election…it was enough voters, casting their votes for Trump to stop a treasonous, lying, anti-American, law breaking snake from becoming the next president because, despite his shortcomings, they thought Trump would begin the process of getting our country back on the right track.

But, if those voters think that’s all they have to do, they are ignoring history and the trust placed in them by the Founders and Framers who envisioned a government of, by and for the people that could only work if the people themselves took an active role every day, rather than only on election day.

win-10aWhat we have, as a result of last Tuesday’s election outcome, is an opportunity, not a solution, to make our country, and our lives better than ever before. Only if we stay involved, only if we hold Trump’s feet and the feet of all our elected officials, at the local, state and national level to the flames, will our nation achieve greater things.

Only if We the People take control, rather than ceding control to those we elect or to those to whom we pray, can we turn this ship around, calm the choppy waters and sail her into a better and brighter tomorrow.

We held onto our freedom last Tuesday night…but in order to keep it, we have to use it, exercise it and embrace it to strengthen it against those forces intent on eliminating it from our daily lives. Taking it for granted until the next election cycle isn’t going to get it done any si-2more than continuing to be divided in our own party, the party of Conservatism and adherence to the Constitution, is going to get it done.

My best advice, over the next couple of months while we await the eviction of the Obama’s from our White House, is to go to the airport and offer to help a looney liberal celebrity with their bags as they prepare to board a plane to the socialist destination of their choice.

Who knows…your compassion and caring might just win their hearts and minds.

But don’t count on it.



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5 thoughts on “God, the Socialist-Idioticus and 2 Ply Toilet Paper

  1. I was saddened that you did not give prayer and the power of our God any place in the election results. God’s word plainly tells in in numerous places that He sets up the rulers of our nations and takes them down. I will only quote one place here and that is in Romans 13: 1,22 “Everyone must submit to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Our Creator does care about us as a nation and individually. He does have power over all things. Why didn’t the entire nation go with Trump? I do not pretend to have the mind of God, but maybe He wants us to know our enemy is still out there and we’d better humble ourselves before Him every day and KEEP PRAYING!!! He is quite able to look after the moon, the stars and the United States of American all at the same time. Thank you to everyone who prayed.

    • In fact…all the words in the Bible, aside from the 10 Commandments, are the words of men. However, if you are correct, than God himself must have seen some redeeming value in Hitler, Saddam, Ghangis Kahn and other such ilk. Somehow God had to thing THEY served humanity well. Sorry, but I just don’t buy into God controling our politics…if he did…how did we end up with the likes of Obama?

  2. It is well to credit the power of prayer for the Trump victory. I do not for a moment believe that he is God’s anointed, but I do believe that millions of committed Christians were praying for his success. I do believe that it is changing his character. I do believe that God listens to, and answers the prayers of his people. Even the selfish prayers.

    Is God a Republican, or a Democrat? Surely many Democrats were praying just as fervently for Hillary. Right? God hears the prayers of the righteous, and gives more weight to them. If a reprobate prays for rain, and a righteous man prayers for drought, there is more likely to be a drought, as long as God can reconcile such with his grand plan for Kingdom Come. The weight of collective sin in the Democrat party, has closed the Ear of God, to their Prayers.

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